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1441 - HMMM?
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Posted by: JP HOGAN @ 7:29 pm

You could call her a great crusader.  She can be labeled as inciting.  Her ways, though, were they yours?

Our United States of America has been grandly contradictory at times in our history - I don’t have a specific contradiction in our past to rival recent support for rebels in Libya while being of an administration at home to contrary “rights” more to a centralized usurpation and “terrorist” tagging of home grown grassroot political peaceful protests. 

How did we get from WAG THE DOG to ODYSSEY DAWN - from 1992 to 2000?

If we start a new school year, all, with an attitude that we already know all the answers will you judge the National Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial as a thirty foot tall man of fully finished business - so so tall?

What about Martin Luther?  Will you think, besides offering an ability to buy forgiveness, that he might suggest that the United Kingdom now become Catholic - Roman Catholic?  Would you see him as at least thirty feet tall as well?

Her ways, though, were they yours?  She can be labeled as inciting.  You did call her a crusader?

Story was that back when Clinton Administration was losing some of its support that helped them become electable in 1992 they also but afterwards began to lose more due to impeachment issues considered necessary and just.  Some may even remember prosecution about such even was said to have desired and considered charging for a disbarment of First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton as well - as somehow important and involved in the “impeachable” lying.

Her ways, they were his - he couldn’t have told that early lie without her? 

How did President Obama accept candidate Obama’s earlier strategies re: Clintons - regarding the “BIG LIARS” that half their thought “sure thing” (as per campaign funding and “Hillary for President” support) “friends” that rated maybe as most publicly decreed “liars” kept around yet in our United States of America history?

Shouldn’t Kenneth Starr have also moved same mountains against the other of “Clintons’ two-fer”?

Have they not even tried to buy forgiveness as marched by Martin Luther?

Have they not even tried to explain how by 1998 they were supposedly for regime change for Saddam Hussein but hadn’t had a Martin Luther King Jr. march planned to free Iraqi majority?

Sure Columbus was about around 1492 - but not as blue as some wanting reformation and forgiveness?

But what about Bush 43 and Tony Blair PM and 1441 & 678?  What about Bush 41 and moving on Saddam Hussein and maybe into a global ambush maybe a snare set by SH when considering he might be able to keep Kuwait?

She was an inciting crusader.  She was most pronounced American political candidate as a “BIG LIAR”.

President Obama kept the strategy of candidate Obama and all the way to such that we now consider as our post some describe as often needing a “professional liar” - but such a “BIG LIAR” and publicly uncontested one for such as his actual “DIPLOMACY”?   

How could he keep her around more than a year - He got her out of the way of Senators much considerable as a 100 of our most politically ambitious - he got her out of their way, politically - but not out of his own way as President Obama.

Her ways, though, are they yours?  And how were Clintons by 1998 for regime change and yet it was President Bush 43 who was said not to have a plan - how have Clintons been left unjudged for not having left next President a way out or a way in - while for regime change?  How did their ways leave us to 1441?

Is Martin Luther King Jr. well etched and chiseled to remind of all of unfinished business?

More than half way through “A JOURNEY” - TONY BLAIR MEMOIR - I have found confirmation I think that 1441 wasn’t too soft and hadn’t accidentally left out an important or necessary phrase or sentence. 

How did we get here?   How are we still of inciting “crusader” “Hillary” somehow not to contradictory to President Obama’s “Hillary”?  Did he go too far, honestly, to thinking he needed a “professional liar”?  How about his speech “TO THE MUSLIM WORLD” that is his CAIRO SPEECH supposedly of saying leaders shouldn’t act as First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton did with her global dictates specifically targeted at radical Muslims and regions home to variations that our “establishment” clauses also thought meant to check?

But what about Saddam Hussein and 1441 - seems at least the Clintons’ administration should have left at least three different “options” or “plans” for entrance and exit as per a supposed “covered it” politically, still, about everything pre 9/11/2001, Saddam Hussein, and Iraq majorities and minorities - why did we even need a 1441 if the Clintons are actually still to get political gain for 1998 positions for “regime change” popularity?

Why did President Obama keep the strategies of “candidate Obama” even past his first year - She couldn’t shake such “BIG LIAR” tag - how could he let a year pass so as President Obama so public to a need then to irrefutable “professional liar” necessary for his DIPLOMACY?

And so we now may regret maybe as much as Kenneth Starr that Clinton impeachment wasn’t a “two-fer” prosecution to disbarment for both.  How much might Martin Luther have gotten?

So 1441 didn’t need reformation - it just needed original intent and some President taking credit for being of thinking regime change as judiciously necessary that actually came up with a plan?

Right?  Like I mean how can Clintons be popular of “regime change” and yet not have made a plan, and not have left at least at left one when they had to leave office for term limits not politics?

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Posted by: JP HOGAN @ 9:11 pm

We have a hurricane coming our way - I am sure many of you likely will see some or much of it before me.  Am thinking todays’ Yankee game with three grandslam homeruns may have to hold them for the next few days with scheduled games closer to Irene.

Mayor Bloomberg is making all sorts of news with preparations for this and preparations for the 10th Anniversary of 9/11 in New York City. 

If any “faithful” are to be excluded it best be the CLINTON FAITHFUL still blind or defensive to so much wrong as per faith and justice in decade before 9/11/2001 that was specific to the judgement and practices - political practices - of such First Couple - inseparably.

Their former National Security Council member Philip Bobbitt anchored some of this soundly with his TERROR AND CONSENT book.  Much of points to follow will be more my own, from experiences and thoughts back at least to days of closing out the PERSIAN GULF WAR. 

The Clintons did take first steps after their election in Middle East too political and partisan and with requests of leaders around such region to like JUST BLAME THE REPUBLICANS.  The Clintons still seem busy to a global partisan politic even though we don’t have government structures yet for such with checks and balances like we have here in the U.S.A..

Just my earlier blogged columns here help lift the cloud of ignorance much still about any a CLINTON FAITHFUL.  But the 400 off line and 227 before that hidden have been regular and steady about such, even more.  

It is not as simple as they wanted you to believe - and their choice of Warren Christopher (like “warring Christ o fers”) hardly their biggest problem - though a little questioned obvious taunt or something.  For sake of space it is better to skip to the Clintons and their political soldiers and operatives after 9/11 laying blame on the American people instead of themselves.

Simple JUSTICE a bigger issue still of 9/11 than issues of faith.   The Clintons idea of JUSTICE in Middle East vs. at least AL QAEDA ideas of how much JUSTICE he at least wanted Saddam Hussein brought to for not just his invasion of Kuwait - like.

Though the Clintons wanted to be elected and reign for being like the smartest people, and maybe smartest to ever graduate Yale Law - after 9/11 their defense was near that they just did what the American people asked them to - so like it was the American people’s fault.

Politically speaking it is still Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton that benefited most of all Americans supposedly leading due to events of 9/11.  She got a complete pass a most junior Senator past its traditions of seniority - because she had become suddenly a global sympathetic (female) figure as GROUND ZERO SENATOR.  I could go on - but mostly I would be repeating myself unnecessarily - but that she did as a carpetbagger to NYC surge past so much New York political tradition and tribulations and all the while it still more notable that 9/11 made global politics more difficult for then actual President Bush especially as to his and Republicans still held ideas about seeing Saddam Hussein get at least some JUSTICE.

Just because it is a 9/11 coincidence doesn’t mean it is all about religion and not more simply about a radical opinion that could have been aired differently and successfully just more about how the Clinton’s 8 did not effect any JUSTICE nor hardly enough upon Saddam Hussein. 

Simply put as per this anniversary and globally - who wasn’t a victim, a victim of failed governance and excess of the Clinton First Couple - inseparable so?  I have been since the first years of their administration of consistant belief that we only shouldn’t have given Saddam Hussein 2-3 years to fully comply - they gave him their full eight and nearly a full pardon/escape from JUSTICE.  This was specific to them as Democrats and such that were asking it to be political and partisan, globally.

Unless, I am mistaken the attacks are documented as having been in planning and plotting well during the Clintons administration and in years and times where it actually looked like Vice President Al Gore was a shoe in to be the President by 2001.  But lets keep this about the Clintons and JUSTICE.

As per faith issues (there are and were many as Operation Iraqi Freedom discovered) we still have the old official policies and politics of the CLINTON FIRST COUPLE as having been not of avoiding of “establishment of religion” governance as they were regular to specifically about Iraq that one sect there was better than the other - as near officially with declarations so “establishing” much with near:  IRAQI SHIA ARE NOT CAPABLE OF GOVERNING THEMSELVES.

The Clintons were inciting especially with First Lady crusading in region with American dictates on how they all should treat their women and girls as she said. 

The Clintons were inciting especially as officially inappropriately in the new order of a post COLD WAR geopolitics to being PRO-SUNNI undiplomatically and much quite to an Un-American. 

Was 9/11 not about religion specifically but a call for justice to respond to the Clintons personal official failures to actually dedicate themselves to such sufficiently or to some - maybe at all?  It is their former NSC advisor who documented that AL QAEDA formed itself first to try to be a Saudi response to Saddam Hussein and the invasion of Kuwait. 

And so about that region also far less “religious” as well we still have the remembered political ploy by new Clinton leadership of asking Middle East leaders to over simplify issues and much ignore the whole COLD WAR GEOPOLITICAL angle and just give themselves a clean slate as a new admin with their remembered request that leaders there be held to their honor not then to blame Clintons while in office that was fixated into their remembered request that such Middle East leaders just blame it (& anti-American sentiment) on Republicans.

We can maybe separate religious issues from alot of 9/11 but we cannot and shouldn’t have attempted to about Iraq.  Clintons took the lead as per JUSTICE for Saddam Hussein and at least didn’t bother much about it - while others closer and more at risk had hands tied to do much or anything themselves while Clintons had the lead.

Mayor Mike Bloomberg, I think this is enough to follow on my facebook post notifying that I had something to say about your partly learned of recent comments.  The Clintons were violating our First Amendment most of their entire 8 years - the did practice “establishment” for religions and yet not as they suggested of like having done what the American people asked them to do.  ”Hillary” clearly is the American politician that benefited “politically” from 9/11 attacks - and oddly as a carpetbagger at that. 

She should have resigned a long time ago.  She has not been making us safer.  She and Bill have been obviously UNCONSTITUTIONAL a long time - especially if you know of their early starts around Middle East that came before here years crusading with American dictates so seemingly inciting across a region known for religious cultures.

But who do you call when it is a First Couple and now Secretary of State of UNCONSTITUTIONAL past and present tendencies and historical complexity?


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Posted by: JP HOGAN @ 7:41 pm

OOh, but where to start?

We could get silly and suggest on to of an earlier punditry that she is of President Obama’s “Oedipal” complexity and necessary as a surrogate “mom.”

But really, today, we seem most of “SOCIALISM” - the GOOD Socialists and the LESSER Socialists.

How can she be a GOOD Socialist for Americans if her other half - the other one in their “two-fer” complexity so of alterations to one union of two halves as instead a pragmatic political “two-fer” of two ones- is a half or other one running a Clinton Global Initiative outside of her state socialism and obedience to her leader?

We could suggest this isn’t feminism of any reasonable or rational modern American but more a clearly arguable case of a political nepotism.  It could be an advancement more often of case considerations around sexual harassment or sexual favors for advancement - well if we only knew if she was half of a one or otherwise just one of a two.  As per “Bill’s” foreign policy and experience and her’s - who slept with whom to get it — can they really both be qualified yet both not be term limited?

Oh, but where to start - how can I keep it “summer lite”?

A GOOD and obedient czar of President Obama’s administration, an also “socialist”, must be to an expectation to some global balancing and judging of other state socialists - clearly Americans were ready to have a “socialism” if actually necessary only if one that redistributed from wealth of other nations extreme wealthy into our dire labour and common needs at least as much?

Since Clintons’ Global Initiative has been allowed to co-exist as either a half again or just a one of two separable in a contractual inseparable of an air and agreement of vows to let “no one set asunder” then one or the either is necessarily a LESSER socialist — Must it be the adminstration (not intimate?) around their “two-fer” - the Obama administering?

With former President William Jefferson Clinton of such transition expense requests “for life” (life after small office holding of our Presidency?) so extent to GLOBAL INITIATIVES and coy financing that is at least of the story of his original requests for NYC office rentals in the Carnegie Hall Tower building next door to Tiffany’s and THE RUSSIAN TEA ROOM, if my memory serves me correctly, then we may have the obvious one not the LESSER of two so entwined but supposedly not in at least a CLINTON AUTOCRACY INITIATIVE, maybe?  We certainly have that original NYC real estate rental story of asking for each year “for life” a rental that alone in just the first year was a rental sum greater, reportedly, than all past Presidents combined.

Oh, but where do we start?  How did that get by Senate ethics just during campaigning pretense that may just have been actual political nepotism for former First Lady Hillary Clinton, a carpetbagger to New York State and New York City?

So we now essentially have either a GOOD socialist and a LESSER socialist both in the Clintons’ “two-fer” that oddly isn’t supposed to be any longer a celebration as two grand halves united as a hopefully glorious one.  But how do we now actually judge the Presidency of Barack Hussein Obama with Clintons both being ones that seem to lay claim to being world top Diplomat? 

Oh, where is the humanity?

Could it as well be a confused socialism of “Hillary” a replacement or surrogate socialist to replace President Obama’s mom?  Is it yet actually compromise even in more ways with two in National Security concern mixed up in an Oedipal?

I know it is a little late for us to be starting on this -  But where do we start?

How are they GOOD socialists - the odd lot that is troika of sorts, inseparable, by our laws and ethics - if we are not at least discussing that we of America and it Powers of “We the People” are not actual LESSER socialists now better to wait at least until one of these three (or is it two?) show us that uberwealthy around the world are contributing their fair share to our inequalities?

I know, it is a little late to start.  I tried.  I tried when I was encouraging a focusing around a general woe and Ford with common “beg all ah”-ishness so set around villes and cars for all or those that could afford such about car villes - they weren’t supposed to take it here - take my marketing fictions and non-fiction anywhere near here though all of a focusing once necessary to carry the day(s) for better jurisprudence and fairness and positive change for all that goes back to be of a humor one day of heading off as a guest to an exclusive club with the daughter of one member and suggesting I would park my blue collar 1988 Ford F-250 4×4 Pick-up truck on its front lawn and with a big sign with his last name anchored in its bed. 

It may not be too late to save America yet - I hope not, they weren’t supposed to interpret my marketing fictions anywhere near like they have, not even as such daughter still had a Greenberg as competition (a standard at least for her to be as good or better than) for my heart even while thinking such club dinner would seal the deal for her. 

God life is complicated - but YIKES!!!  Hillary is really COMPROMISED isn’t she?

Oh, Harris Wofford where have you gone too - do you remember the early days then against Thornburgh with Begalla and Carville and maybe Greenberg also on your side?  Did you know that President Nixon of Saddle River New Jersey likely was a member of above mentioned club, even then - and that I still was more a Republican nationally and a Democrat locally?  Oh, and that it seems some members of Hearst family also members then, at least, while I there as invited by a friend of my sisters I had previously thought more a DC American “Cinderella” story for having been renting on the poorer side of F Street NE? 

She wasn’t supposed to be a member of such associating as I was intentionally working hard to avoid such company for more years than such suprised discovery any longer allowed.  Ours days to be two or one by then on a necessary wane - Amy and I were part of something far larger best not of further proceeding even as separable as “inseparable” of Clintons either each a half of one or a one of two and back when I was realizing America needed more pieces on the board of our global and domestic politic and that remembered Clintons could play a dispensable temporary role, for maybe actual national security purposes.

Well maybe we all know better now - but YIKES!!!  Hillary really is COMPROMISED and of a political nepotism than most have avoided considering or judging or attempting to consider or understand.

How did I do on “summer lite”?  I tried to be a rising tide that lifted a whole lot of boats - but did even then think it best that known Clintons stay more unknown and so temporary as to be like disposable political pieces.  I think but for all this LESSER new socialism much of hours, days and years spent working to positive change and more equal rights more equally and globally, as a writer/marketer, have left alot improved for many - more if Clintons hadn’t found ways to stay around and work to make much of it work for fewer and work more selfishly just for them.

As you may have gathered by now times in the 1990s were far more dangerous and complicated than the Clintons were addressing and maybe for they were compromised already trying to prioritize a rise of the other half (other one?) above concerns expected by Americans with oath of office swearing.  Is she “compromised” even for a plotting near political nepotism that was seemingly a real distraction and dominant focus of the Clintons’ 8 in our 1990s?

But how can they all be “socialists” if their isn’t actually a bureaucratic hierarchy with “Bill” still dominant and globally, at least on top?  Is President Obama actually a LESSER socialist of two more than a one way?

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Posted by: JP HOGAN @ 9:28 am

So you know me, mostly, already as a Citizen Rosebud. That said do you know how to read or re-read these following paragraphs now presented out of original order and all from just before collapse of U.S.S.R.?

August 1991 had me of two political letters written to Washington and following on a letter to the editors from June 1991, attached so though original to New Haven, CT market/readers.  That said something written for New Haven with Yale so much of such can be said by those who at least attempt such to actually be knowingly have been written though as of New Haven as really a useful global metaphor.

The trick in starting out to challenge our current politicians and our media of such day was much in part to intentionally avoid yellow journalism. I may have erred to much to another extreme with some flattery or golden journalism, not quite yet earned by those seemingly being spotlighted.

President Obama was about such time, still hardly out of Harvard Law School and much an unknown Russian Studies Love Child named Barry, maybe more of the dreams of his mother than his father.  I don’t recall where he was living by August of 1991.  He was born to salt and pepper parents as collatoral from their shared passions then from meeting as students engrossed in Russian Studies. He may have had an Oedipal need to RESET with the Russia of his weening while his Secretary of State had a personal an autocratic need for her two-fer sustaining.

So for me to still avoid Stockholm - a syndrom that would have me now liking and needing the Clintons that should be avoided:

From 1991 and the pen of J.P. Hogan - then a little known closet poet:

*Have you considered that Bush may not want to be reelected; at least not with one hundred or probably even eighty percent conviction.  He, himself, shortly after his election visited the Lincoln memorial and said something to the effect that he wondered if he too would be tested by the fire as was Lincoln.

Now like Lincoln he has and he has come to international fame for helping to unite the world, not just a nation.  We have a new world order and now our nation needs to undergo a type of reconstruction.

I am at this moment reading KINGS OF THE HILL by Cheney.  The chapter on Thaddeus Stevens.  At the top of page 63, Cheney wrote: who had given the president the right to determine the terms of reconstruction?  Stevens wasn’t alone in thinking the matter belonged to the Congress and in resenting executive incursion.

*With the reconstruction needed in America to ready it for the increasing global competition the Executive will need the ability to work effectively with the Hill.  We need a strong democrat.

*New Haven is a great city, with problems yes, but none that the culturally diverse and talented peoples and businesses of the greater New Haven area can’t address and solve together.

*It is getting tiresome to listen to the candidates for mayor speaking of an either/or world, one in which the problems are seen in black and white simplicity.  There is a NEW WORLD ORDER emerging and what it amounts to is that if we, the people of the greater New Haven area, are to survive let alone prosper in the world economy we have to, out of economic necessity, resolve our differences.  We don’t have to like each other but we do have to learn to respect each other and our different backgrounds.  It is our great cultural diversity in New Haven that already make the city great, regionally.

*It is no wonder then that campaigning has become negative when the democratic party and the republican party instead of worrying about the needs of the community, state and nation have instead focused on how to make themselves appear different and better than the other party.  It is about time that they realize the voters want substance in their representation.  We know what we need, and we know what we want.  So Candidates, if you want to succeed show us you know how to listen, and know how to lead.  In a Democracy we aim to elect the candidate who will best serve our needs. [Yes, this is out of place in original letter for being of a GLOBAL or NATIONAL while structure of letter seeming just about a mayoral race]

*It is because of our successes as a nation that the dollar sign is such a powerful and important symbol.  It is a pity that so few people know where we got this symbol.  It is nothing but the abbreviation for out nation… It represents capitalism, its successes as well as its failures, but most importantly it represents our leadership in the world.  The power behind the dollar is WE THE PEOPLE, the democratic ideal. {I learned of dollar sign origins from reading Ayn Rand}


*(FLATTERY???)  Personally, I think you are the only democratic candidate that can defeat George Bush.  Though I want to help you accomplish this feat, I’ll wait until later, after I have proven my usefulness, to take up such an ambition.  For now I’ll just try to offer encouragement. (Yikes, this is one of the funniest political sentences I may ever have written so slanted to be about Rep. Gephardt yet statistically because he was the only one that had run before still left from Democrats A team to not seem maybe an afterthought.)  (I was a Reagan and Bush supported then and much of concerns mentioned in blog before this one.) (My use of lower case democratic when a upper case Democratic seemingly desired and vice versa was intentional and poetic/telling not a typo.)

*Unless we get a democrat in office we are likely to lose our role as leader in social structures.  Now that the world is copying our example our job becomes more difficult.  We can no longer rest on our laurels, other cities, states, and nations are now closing the gap and are eager to try to show the U.S.A. a better way.  We are history if we lose this lead.  Unlike our position in the market which we can regain, I fear our social lead if lost would be lost forever.  Let us never fail to be the greatest union of peoples united through self-interest!

*It seems people are getting tired of hearing about our great international relations and benevolence.  WE THE PEOPLE will soon demand to know what’s in it for us. I just hope it is a Democrat who can tie the big picture together and communicate it to ‘we the people’.  To borrow a phrase: We must think globally but act locally, in the cities and the states.  (Maybe even funnier.  My hope for it Democrat not to favor a Democrat over President Bush and Republicans but specifically because our greatest threat may have been that the Democrats seemed furthest from and near incapable of such at such time.)

*New Haven, Connecticut is a city to watch.  There is a subtle movement underway that might just set an example for all cities to follow.  The people are standing up for their rights and beliefs and are striving to improve their lot.  The city is becoming a team which is also just starting to recruit the suburbs. The Greater New Haven Area is just starting to realize the issues are not as simple as black and white.  There seems to be a growing understanding that in order to protect our local economy we will have to all work together as a team to compete globally.  The local paper has gotten behind this effort.

Note:  I have now finished KNOWN AND UNKNOWN and appreciate that such memoir neither confirms nor denies nor walks all over or walks much at all over my story from same years.  My story does fit uncontested yet untold around all that I have just read.  My story though is complicated for all of above was written to play politics, Democrat Party politics, for my Dad and my sister then on Senator Dodd’s staff, without my playing politics, and bipartisan and Republican politics being a hindrence to my efforts to help them enhance and improve so politically at risk, and while the Mayor of New Haven was its first black mayor and like me also a Villanova University alum. Bud Connolly was Joseph V. Connolly Sr.’s son and a Block Island Times columnist those years he and his wife (bride) Violette hosted me summers as their SUMMER SON.  Bud Connolly had a big band while his father was still alive and running much of Hearst during those years around dramatization of CITIZEN KANE, but I had already been at least a year into calling myself: More a Citizen Rosebud than a CITIZEN KANE.  Joe’s (Bud’s) father JVC Sr. suggested there were not enough old successful drummers for his son to keep up his (successful) big band leading days as a real career - Joe’s father died early, and maybe from efforts trying from turning around Hearst in the years its founder was fading and passing and being treated as he was with CITIZEN KANE. If you want to understand CITIZEN ROSEBUD better you may have to ask both Patty and Anne Hearst and about hopes and alliances for good kept since near about 1983, I can only give you my side. 

Oh, yeh, Donald Rumsfeld, and, Bush Admin were offered this collection drawn from here, in complete, both to help America after 9/11 and as well to fix so much that the Clintons had gotten wrong, and dangerously wrong. It wasn’t an ordained solution already ready but it was American and reusable from days of its original conception as about mostly same balances and issues around days of PERSIAN GULF WAR.  We may have known who our enemies were by 9/12 and maybe a already worked out once way to check their ambitions and strategies. 

Once written and shared, though, the above was best to be kept from ever helping my Dad or sister try to pull rank on me, they just think differently and may be incapable of understanding all its nuance at once.  Such though is more a real criticism of political skill specifically deficient in Clintons, and their mea culpas.

Also:  Recently it was Senator John Kerry who seemed to actually confess to war crimes in a Senate hearing with him near of (to Republicans & world): You have us on our drone use and lack of due process.

Democrats and Republicans are very noticeably different and distinctly so these days, thankfully.

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Posted by: JP HOGAN @ 10:57 am

Stephen L. Carter documented a grand societal leveling with his EMPEROR OF OCEAN PARK - I am not sure that my copy of such doesn’t still have a book mark 1/3 to maybe 1/2 the way through such.  I have been to Martha’s Vineyard at least three times and kept trying to remember actual streets and houses seemingly important for such story of proud blacks.

When Candidate Obama in transition to President and early days contested against the Clintons and their vast selfish political machine did think he just could have as easy a time as Clintons did with their 8 he didn’t factor in them as a “LUSITANIA” or blind beneficiaries unable themselves to author a “repeat” of much thought CLINTONESQUE of their 8.  When President Obama started off on inauguration day as “President Elect Barack Hussein Obama” with near “we need a new Declaration of Independence” he may have gone farther than a President Hillary Clinton would have but still as per our economics, now, his speechifying later that day, with his inaugural, would have necessarily needed to be as much of a cover-up attempt for Clintons as Dem Obama was himself.

Campaign speechifying that “it is all Bush’s fault” suddenly became “lying” and as of “cover-up” attempt when issued in orations by a newly sworn President.  Considering it is insufficiently considered that Clintons old late entry into 1992 race for President isn’t and wasn’t much of actual praisable natural political instincts of either Clinton we then can peel back the covering that has suggested Clintons could repeat.  That the Clintons actually entered the 1992 race at all is still maybe one of biggest issues now.

It was August of 1991 and most Democrats were running away from running - especially their seeming TOP DOG - Al Gore - their presumptive front runner.  Al Gore was so of a attitude inappropriate for his days and leadership role, so, that he not only was running away from running as the United States of America was becoming a sole-superpower, but that he was to doing such with proclamations near “Bush deserves a second term… so I am not running” as so also as if a dictate that no Democrat should challenged or offer a real challenge to a new like “annointing” of Republican President George H. W. Bush.

When I jest with “EMPEROR AMABO” or “MADNESS OF KING AMABO” and such about President Obama with his named spelled backwards I am harkening back to days about such high proclaiming by Dem Leader Senator Al Gore that were days of “MADNESS OF KING GEORGE” heckling of President Bush.  Senator Al Gore, offered up a Constitutional problem when suggesting as a Democrat in such era of the United States of America still embroiled about PERSIAN GULF WAR and now to adjusting to a new status unplanned for, mostly, and unexpected, much, as SOLE SUPERPOWER OF THE WORLD — the last thing GOOD for America in 1992 would be to see our President re-elected without a challenge — such really became an issue - a Constitutional issue - during August of 1991.

When the Clintons got in finally for 1992 challenge, they were not setting a good example by natural political instincts but were accepting proding and encouraging to step up and try to become something they had not really yet been or work to become, politically speaking.   They were encouraged across partisan lines and much for security - national and domestic security concerns.  They were encouraged and even propt up and made electable with much effort - if they had the instincts for these times now they would have had them earlier in 1991 and not have been of a scrambling by America to find someone that could offer President Bush a real challenge - our country depended on them learning to be people they were not naturally.

My THE CHARGE OF NEW FEDERALISM is a still shared but unpublished collection of political spin doctoring mostly written as political poetry for most of above concerns and with much from decades already then with thinking of concerns for a strategy (as a hobby) for America if and when it did become a sole-superpower.  It is still rather pointless to see it published while Clitnons and especially “Hillary” want to be beneficiaries of it in ways it specifically was meant to protect many and guard many exactly from/against.

She and Bill have shown that the “repeat” they wanted shouldn’t work and isn’t working - and that President Obama likely would have been better not bringing in at least most of the same “economic” team as Clintons would have to more directly attempt such “repeat” just for themselves.  Her “feminism” is quite warped too and dangerous for many since her sense of entitlement to higher office holding under her own name seems still exactly too much still a “feminism” with a proposition that she is entitled to such a turn because her husband has already had his turn. 


I don’t know about you — personally that is, I for one am largely still fighting just to keep the Clintons for taking credit for stuff they naturally are not instinctive to and which largely isn’t theirs and not so available for a “repeat” by any Democrat.  We may be here because this is the natural instincts - natural political instincts of the Clintons, more even than their whole party - here because this is all the real Clintons really know. 

If they had the political instincts for these times they would not have entered the 1992 race so late — the Clintons’ late entry into 1992 race is not an exception likely again tolerated and not much an example for any time not quite a time of real crisis and vulnerability that was the early 90s for Americans.

There was much madness about our politics in early 90s - but none maybe more mad than presumptive Dem challenger and expected front runner Senator Al Gore much or at all of “BUSH DESERVES A SECOND TERM… SO I WON’T CHALLENGE HIM” like and while so much himself about heckling near then regular of “THE MADNESS OF KING GEORGE”!

King Amabo — what are we fighting for?  Why are you still so madly defending and covering up for the Clintons?


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Posted by: JP HOGAN @ 4:59 pm

We have a road problem - we have bridge problems - Clintons knew of levy and bridge problems but chose a surplus over helping levies and bridges on or near CONDEMNED list.

We have a vacation problem - we still have GREEN ALARMISM of GLOBAL WARMING ALARMISM - we cannot now acknowledge a big road problem - though Dems may finally admit and toast a timely but very late attention to levies and bridges.

Once upon a time in a southern state not too far away - far away at all from the Administration of Clintons - we found years later and too late that their SURPLUSES were of a knowing gross negligence for not having afforded our Army Corp the funds found lacking as “gross negligence” for Presidents back maybe as far as such in 1983.

Those were the days - the days that may have earned First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton a due title as “ICE QUEEN” for having no heart for MR GO and Mississippi with funding for levies for New Orleans near CONDEMNED already - for MR GO their Mississippi River Gulf Outlet system that it seems her “feminist perspective” and “First Ladydom” stood a cold shoulder too just to chase political popularity for unexpected and thought impossible as responsible SURPLUSES.

Those were the days - Oh! Oh - how many times did they rent out the Lincoln Bedroom?

Yes, I have taken to calling POTUS @BarackObama black bus ARSENAL ONE.  Here though I play with it as a vacation spot like Ocean Park.  Stephen L. Carter your book is on my shelf - I may now move it up on my summer reading list - KNOWN and UNKNOWN ahead necessarily and maybe TRUMAN — A JOURNEY - My Political Life, may well so be too.

Amabo is like “Harpo” as “Harpo” is “Oprah” backwards like “Amabo” is “Obama” backwards — still though I have taken to calling Obama’s (Amabo’s) bus “ARESENAL ONE”.

We do maybe actually still have a bridge and levy problem - and one we aren’t supposed to mention much as then the whole CLINTONS’ SURPLUS gives First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton quite a deserved “ICE QUEEN” moniker.  So many Presidents between now and 1983ish date at issue in ruling of Army Corp negligence regardling MR GO in Mississippi and yet the Clintons were basically the only then or still that chose cutting our two trillion in available government spending instead of allocating enough for MR GO and bridges on or near states’ CONDEMNED lists.

For ARSENAL ONE while EMPEROR AMABO is afoot around “Ocean Park” and Chapaquidic and Edgertown it is Ted Koppel at Mark Twain House to speak not Walter Cronkite long known of such Martha’s travails and trials.

For ARSENAL ONE while EMPEROR AMABO is afoot we may accept an ”INFRASTRUCTURE BANK” and inaugurate long overdue shame upon the Clintons’ Administration so — we may argue to make roads better and smoother and agree that the Clintons’ were both as found negligent with the MR GO “gross negligence finding for Presidents back to 1983ish.  But not without GLOBAL WARMING ALARMISM.

Oh me!  Oh my!  Oh gosh golly - if we fix roads now GLOBAL WARMING ALARMISM must be a farce.

ARSENAL ONE may be riding high and smoothly and as a gas guzzler with exceptions, President exceptions/waviers of GREEN PRIORITIES - but to mass market rolling out our road equipment now ten years before it may be arguably GREEN ENOUGH to make roads made smoother discourage consumers from new and more efficient new vehicles - OH MY!

If we make the roads better now in these days of taking down more government dam projects to save our environments & these days of a GLOBAL WARMING ALARMISM then we now are making even less “political” sense than we did with the CLINTONS’ SURPLUSES and there avoiding “INFRASTRUCTURE” on or near CONDEMNED lists, at least.

We may all be better to treat AMABO as a wrench in the gears of our economy and infrastructure problems but yet now near as much as deserving as “wenches” needing removal that is still the Clintons and their “politics” — If we fix the roads old cars will seem to be running better and so faster and so with more gas and less of “55 saves lives” and so with more polution than if we don’t fix roads, maybe, quite.

If GLOBAL WARMING ALARMISM priorities and messaging to be still believed, at all, how can we argue for a roads priority that will mobilize vast sets of industrial vehicles still far from efficient enough or examples enough for lower polutants?   We were inaugurated to a concern near that “THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT WAS ABOUT TO END” and that we all were if buying gasoline were knowingly killing polar bears with each purchase and usage.

If we can remove these “wrenches” from the workings and gears of our economy - it may suddenly and surprising restart and surge - and surge - and surge - and maybe even “start humming again.”  They do seem to be the ones trying to say don’t start your cars while saying we should fix the roads - while killing their starters by trying to start their industrial vehicles already idling and poluting with wanting for political gain if they don’t have to explain how wrong they already have been and for how long so.

EMPEROR AMABO - can you tell us you have saved the entire planet already, in just two years, from the feared and all dangerous GLOBAL WARMING that was set to as stated END THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT and soon?

Oh, judge thee all as you may — yet really the CLINTONS and their near two trillion in cuts to a trillion near in SURPLUSES have the burden of guilt for all Presidents for MR GO and collapsed bridges all the way back to say 1983ish.  They are the cold hearted selfish political “two-fer” that chose cutting available federal dollars for political popularity over at least these examples, and many roads and schools all maybe on or near our and our states’ CONDEMNED LIST.

It really does seem that if we just remove these “wrenches” that are President Obama and at least his Secretary of State and Vice President the otherwise surgeable economic engine might start to hum and even take off.

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Posted by: JP HOGAN @ 8:27 am

For a dollar a year, let us reconsider - let us look at a fair valuation.

We have “Joe The Plumber” plot of a another “Joe” - JOE THE VICE PRESIDENT - whom now, himself, has avoided enough snooping and value questioning of his President that even he may owe Americans an agreement to work the rest of his term for a dollar a year.

For a dollar a year - and no more new buses - let us consider a value of @BarackObama - the Democratic President who wasn’t up to creating “shovel ready jobs.”

For a dollar a year - “Joe” too? 

We have our “Joe” - our “Joe the Vice President” - oddly not a “Joe The Plumber” himself.  We have a Vice President “Joe” not snooping or sufficiently questioning the value of a younger superior.  It has been said that a President (any politician) than cannot create “shovel ready” jobs it quite at the edge of qualifying to a label as a “politician.” 

For a dollar a year - President @BarackObama wouldn’t look like he was taking Americans “to the cleaners” with his near $400,000.00 salary before perks, benefits and even new buses.

The plot hasn’t thickened - our “Joe” - our “Joe the Vice President” - has failed to question the valuation of his younger superior - he has failed to seize the day and even call for committees and hearing to question his vulnerable younger superior on competency for office - or at least Presidential “POLITICS”!

Is our “Joe” - the “Joe” not a “Joe The Plumber” also these past two plus years not of the minimum political skills too - the expected unquestionable and irrefutable skill of our “politicians” that creating of “shovel ready” jobs the lowest bar?

For a dollar a year Mr. President @BarackObama?  A return on our investments too for the past couple years - retro-active - for you and your carbon copy “Joe”?  How has he not called for committees and tried to get your job - is just another wonder for our current “Politics” like our Democratic “Politicians” not being up to creating “shovel ready” jobs.

Has our “Joe” - our “Joe” himself not a “Plumber” - always of having been so pro REDISTRIBUTION and while near 51% of Americans don’t pay into our Federal Revenues as reported as of that near 51% that don’t pay taxes?  Why hasn’t the plot thickened - @BarackObama seems so vulnerable?

The “IMPEACHABLE JOE” now too for some at least as much for such unthickened plot.

The “IMPEACHABLE JOE” now too for a dollar a year - and retro-actively?

The “IMPEACHABLE JOE” now too as his younger superior asks America to ask their politicians to stop being “POLITICIANS” and join he and “Joe” at a low bar?


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Posted by: JP HOGAN @ 7:56 am

“BACK TO SCHOOL” (in America?) now as much of our current politics as our concerns about a new nationalism gone a rye.  Welcome to a new format and specific venue for my political blogging.

My blog color are meant to resemble parchment more than “Pepto” — Are our schools soon to welcome back all still under studies “AMERICAN” here at home?  We have among many other recent news issues that text books and “histories” - contested. Surely we are likely still with old versions, mostly as this new year readies, around - how though are we to consider so much that conflicts with RACE TO THE TOP?

Having just added a summer “checks” to my “READ” list for Arianna Huffington’s THIRD WORLD AMERICA and Stephen A. Ambrose’s UNDAUNTED COURAGE I have a renewed appreciation for interpretations of even Thomas Jefferson and his days.  I don’t know what our schools are teaching though, these days.

Arianna harkened those getting through her biased but well written and constructed book with its thought provoking selective statistical review back to days of our founding fathers and Thomas Jefferson as per all suggestions in use of “Happy” in our “Pursuit of Happiness” — or is it really “pursuit of happiness”.

Ms. Huffington puffed out bookishly that our “PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS” is best and maybe only meant to be interpreted in light of scripture usage as “HAPPY” a quality or condition only afforded those that show mercy to/on the poor.

Will school year starting have sufficient texts to support that “greed” is not the “happiness” of AMERICA and with lesson plans to bulster THIRD WORLD AMERICA and its suggestion that we all should withdraw our deposits and savings from BIG BANKS and find small SAVINGS AND LOANS in our communities?  I don’t know.

With Obamacare likely to be overturned are our Governors, to the one of them - the all of them, now to a new exposure at least as grand as foreign leaders of sovereign nations as large as their states or even much smaller been fronted by this new nationalist set of Democrats of and under President Obama?  And with that asked:  Are we now to 2012 contests and studies with our local administers of our town or county wide governance deserving as much respect as our governors and now with that far more than the excessive attention so many foreign leaders have been promoted with though of much less relevant duty or comparable constituencies?

Can corporations be “GOOD” & “EVIL”?  Are they really much, and yes, with their “lobbying” actually just another form of collective democratic expression and exercise - not the “all evil” in selective statistical and due thought provoking eruditions within THIRD WORLD AMERICA?  — AND YOUR TEXT BOOKS?

Our vacations (unexpected unemployment?) this August vacation season celebrated most by those all of a BACK TO SCHOOL set have us corrected, politically, seeming with enough confidence for WALL STREET too — we seem reset to a new semester, unexpectedly for some/many again as BACK TO SCHOOL IN AMERICA - still as AMERICANS.  The destructive new nationalism seems to have been checked politically and economically as inappropriate and unaffordable at a federal level - WALL STREET seems confident enough that Obamanomics so long endured and suffered is no longer a real barrier to a growth economy.

With CORPORATIONS also naturally of “flocking” of like-minded tied by pursuits and economic likeness and so as “democratic” bodies of “collective” efforts best represented at times by some “lobbying” - I and many still may have no certainty that WALL STREET is actually confident enough that Obamacare and Obamanomics will be over-turned such that a GROWTH ECONOMY with job creation can really commence yet.  Corporations can be GOOD and democratic agents of a like minded “Happy” collective maybe well represented as very “Happy” in the sense, historical sense, even Arianna Huffington professed due to corporations long and known history of many, many, pro-bono and volunteer activities and sponsorships specific to her telling of “happy” as descriptive and certainly meant only certifiable to those that show mercy to the poor.

Maybe Michele Bachmann should try using Tom Petty’s FREE FALLING?  Maybe since it seems liberal artists and musicians objections have been set with a basis that all corporations may be BAD.  Maybe as 2012 may be to a full restoration of the music and beat of a growth economy that President Obama’s administration has been putting a beat down upon - I don’t know if WALL STREET is yet confident enough that growth in 2012 is safe - that Obamanomics and its severe anti-business practices of a new nationalistic want is sufficiently arrested.

I have mentioned a noticeable bias to THIRD WORLD AMERICA statistical selectivity.  With that said let me be clear its is a well written and structured book that is “thought provoking” for its times.  It however is very inadequate to our current understandings related to our down economics as the Clintons’ 8 and the Clintons both specifically are naturally greatly at fault.

President Obama did “inherit” a mess but some much and largely quite just because he took his CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN to his chosen and full embrace of the Clintons.  Bush did inherit a bigger mess and that only later text books will likely adequately press - as among many things the CLINTONS’ SURPLUSES did justify the BUSH TAX CUTS.

The best lesson plans now, age appropriate lesson plans, for this and future new school years may be to emphasize that without the unnecessary and oddly conceived “SURPLUSES” that were a great and gross inadequately considered underfunding and unfunding across our federal budgeting President Bush likely wouldn’t have “inherited” such a mess, the mess that became specifically apparent on 9/11/01.

Our economist may be best to ask students so focused to consider how much longer and more expensive OPERATION IRAQI FREEDOM became because current supporter of President Obama’s RACE TO THE TOP - Senator John Kerry, was so specifically and loudly to a general dumbing down of very complex Middle East issues and Iraq conflicts to a anti-war single issue “drum beat” to CUT AND RUN.  We looking to 2012 should be asking how much long it took because at least Senator John Kerry put a real fear in the air across Iraq that America would soon cut and run, and so early that it seems most took to fearing it as a reality and taking to personal decisions to avoid standing up earlier with OPERATION IRAQI FREEDOM.

From my own summer reading so far, and with an eye to 2012 and new school year:  I see at least from reading THIRD WORLD AMERICA that there are ways to make Bush administration and Republicans look at least as bad as Clinton administration and Democrats.  And still that Iraq was never as simple and wrong as Senator John Kerry took to with single noted dumbing down of issues easily ten times more complicated and real, and contrary to the Clintons’ PEACE DIVIDENDS falsities.

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