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Posted by: JP HOGAN @ 9:46 pm

The gore about all the desired mining of major find of necessary rare earth minerals needed for anyone’s green energy program is an issue more for one …stan more than any other.  It is difficult to say American foreign policy and judicial hands haven’t been giving guns to drug dealers in such country as well as Mexico - and more difficult to suggest there hasn’t been a greater loss of American and coalition states brave while about Hillary’s Afghan.

For the sake of argument and useful rationalization about all this we still have the economy - the economy it is.  How far from “key o’ to” of Demos sexy Green Rock are we now?  David Frum detailed parts of President George W. Bush first term as of decision points about democrat environment eco expressed with concern that if he embraced their “Kyoto Accords” he would be to a collapse of our economy quite like what we have later come to witness and experience.

Sure you may now be stuck trying to figure out where and when Adam must have gone wrong, or not.   It is Solomon more though I think about a concerning “pound of flesh” for if such a judgement to removal of hide it must be that a “pound” precisely required multiple cuts and frequent weighing — Just a pound officer - just a pound - just one more slice please.  You can decide or argue yourselves about Shylocks about all this - if Secretary of State Clinton isn’t one can she be said to be doing the job needed under Obama’s evangelism and global renditions?  If we are to believe them and that “Bill” is indispensable - Says whom? - America if stuck to needing an autocrat is likely better to one with a shorter personality yet not too Napoleon.

Really!  A shorter personality likely of more personality beneficial and maybe necessary to a workable socialism of an Autocracy for America - maybe someone about the size of President Assumed V. Putin, even.  How do we assure those people of lands full of rare earth minerals gore has been spread much over - much more over since Obama-Biden-Clinton excised political behavior globally far more neocolonialist than President George W. Bush administration good practices and humility soundly of trading school and road construction in return for rights to trespass upon their sovereignty to chase about 50 wanted foreigners of small camps involved in 9/11 attacks?

Some how Demos got elected with the fog of 2008 maybe one of our greatest in history for being of a misinformed electorate voting and false history - history as told improperly by many not Republicans.  It is difficult still to process how wrong most general thinking was heading into 2008 races and through the elections.  It fed to regular hysteria of an opposition and then somehow to an avoidance that their was a wanting among Demos that President Al Gore had been the administer of 9/11.  Officiating Gore afterwards to a new Vietnam in Afghanistan, at least as confidence in Democrat war making allowed confidence - Officiating then while actually the person most of the world expected to become and be President all the while 20 seem to have been living the Clinton American Dream within our borders, preparing for a full exercise of their rights, quite, quite up until the moment their free play acting became more concerning.  But how did we go from trading school and road construction projects under President Bush to a sudden rapid increase in troops without yet a stated mission but “chase” that then had area of conflict spread and spread and spread to where ever it was they chase the few that was about fifty too?

So is Cain’s father named Adam?  Is Hillary too kind a shylock for responsible governing with American tax dollars?  Are we getting nothing in return for all the money her “lending” is to actual gifting and even more guns/weapons to those in drug trafficking than just her Fast and Furious oversight “diplomacy”?  You haven’t forgotten her special …stan that is her Afghan. of  huge discoveries of most of rare earth minerals needed for anyone’s green energy programs development and construction?  How about them apples?  Haven’t consider something as confusing also a fog of misinformedness of 2008 decidings quite other than administrative lapse that was to rushing in a green energy and conservation austerity without setting a ceiling or exposing a floor.  See it was like Senator John Kerry all over again as when he of near “if you don’t do your homework you will end up in Iraq” but now to a dictate to become green and conservationist as quickly as possible with uncontrolled celebration of their “mission” to a real austerity with only a “limit” suggested to “but not so green that you wander hills and live off your ancestral lands and actually live in caves” so that really a bar, low bar implied as desired by Demos Administers “to for then we will be hunting you and killing you first and then asking questions.”

Do you miss the FREEDOM AGENDA yet?  Do you feel these current set of excise excessives that were want to raise new armies of tax collectors have been taking from you slowly that “pound of flesh” - too slowly?

Is Mr. Clinton too tall to last as an autocrat, anyways?  Has Mrs. Clinton just been playing along too much too long?  Should a good shyster have been getting us some return from so many outlays, hers?  Ours by representation but obviously much less, as idealist set grabbed hold and took off?  Some how it seems the bad inheritance the Clintons left was expected by most to have been left for Al Gore, a President assumed, himself?  Why did the want a new Vietnam all over again but in Afghanistan?  Why did they grossly increase gore and losses with a sudden troop increase and “chase” orders without a real entrance or exit plan?

We know Clintons lied and lie - we know many soldiers have died — but why Kyoto - why K - Y - O - T - O ?  And why a place that uses the same letters for its titling as  T - O - K - Y - O ?   And, again what about President Bush decision points of his first term as reported to avoid their KYOTO out of fear it would collapse the economy then?  And why as well did the Clintons not leave the Bush administration at least three options (with bite?) as per Iraq and Saddam Hussein each with fully worked out entrance and exit plans and contingency planning that a reasonable person may have expected and assumed essential to governance of their eight years above a “negligence” bar?

And so it came to be, in the lands of …stans, with Hillary’s Afghan more about feminism as First Lady crusading years earlier had been with her American superiority complex and regular rants dictating to likes of Taliban that they should change as she said to ways she said and how - and to free their women to become Hillary’s devotees, like.  And so it came to be that we weren’t just after fifty trespassers but were again after her touchables.  And yet her rants and crusades in such a region where 75% to 90% are considered illiterate even in their own colloquial local dialect.  If only, if only Demos hadn’t worked without a net and encouraged “green” sudden obedience and change so such that the only limit for Americans and their homework to compliance was an assimilation more with cave dwellers, proud and self reliant?

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Posted by: JP HOGAN @ 4:05 pm

I could allude to you now being in a haunted house just wondering what scary room awaits you next. 

You may be.  I mean you may be if especially you have been about reading TIME Magazine HALLOWEEN ISSUE that just came out celebrating lack of transparency and much masking.  You know the one with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on the cover with her “costumed” anew.  “Flip-flopper” - though applicable and much “historically” even when compromising intellectual honesty, is a fit yet now as much as say “artful dodger” or “cover-up queen” or yet even “Secretary Makeover.”

We know President Bush worked tirelessly with a standard operation procedure globally to spread equal rights more equally and with Iraq and Operation Iraqi Freedom a necessary starting point to his FREEDOM AGENDA - his agenda now back out for discussion with the much anticipated release of Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice memoir NO HIGHER HONOR.  The real Hillary Clinton was intimate to an acceptance of longer reigns for Middle East leaders less of the horrible ilk that was Saddam Hussein - the almost released from Clintons’ “bite” side of United Nations sanctions and general “justice.”  The new Hillary is quite arguably much to all costume and dress up.

I have a long history with both Bill and Hillary since they polled me while near a first grader at play in school yard after school hours while they walked by not yet married or even engaged.  It was then that I told Hillary essentially that if she wanted to become President she should run first.  It is more complicated how such isn’t answer she has lived - and more for past and future columns than this one.

I am moved by so much of these JOBS stories now.  Back before Clintons braved an entry into politics specific to 1992 races I was busy writing and strategizing even to those involved in RISC - reduced instruction set computing.  I was a weekend after Thanksgiving back I think in 1990 and with a pitcher of IBM’s CFO’s whiskey sours at his home that I was already of having read recent ECONOMIST magazine article that reported IBM was “being out innovated by blue jean entrepreneurs.”  I was likely already changed into the brown pair of Church’s wingtip shoes I inherited as a perfect fit from my maternal grandfather and there as another something his daughter had dragged home - heading off to dinner.  I was a blue jean entrepreneur who had some independent study Tandy time in HS and a Pascal Programming class at Villanova that wore jeans as a Home Improvement Contractor with a Ford F-250 4×4 full size Pick-up truck.  I was a blue jeaned owner of a Connecticut S-corp volunteering with Jaycees, Special Olympics and the Eli Whitney Museum much while starting my business.  I was a blue jeaned business man who saw ways for IBM to copy his own “change” and business model and to countering articles like in Economist and to a better direction for IBM.

While at home starting my Connecticut business mostly from my parents basement while converting the spacious third floor to a seeming stand alone apartment I was exposed regularly to Democrat Party think and writing and DLC magazine mostly through my sister but while dad was an regular echo of Democrat Party think.  Dad was much engaged and busy with efforts in New Haven to make it better as a private practice lawyer with serious volunteered time and duties.  Those who may have ever heard him try to explain with “he got into politics because of his sister” likely heard it a way he believed it that wasn’t and still isn’t accurate.  The only way my involvement that was following on hearing them and reading what they were reading had me “in politics” with better thinking and fuller strategizing was quite because their “party line” thinking never seemed strategically to be operational to the ends such was supposedly party think to accomplishing.  My involvement into politics was far more uniquely my story and of at least a decade of intellectual efforts and considerations to such but then with me moving up my schedule much when others seemed to be struggling.  I got involved because I saw ways to adapt my more Republican thinking and interests long to be like a caboose to the Reagan Revolution to some help for Democrats who seemed then to be more dangerously heading to the mess we are in and far sooner.  My Citizen Rosebud story is of staying ahead much of both my dad and my sister and later as well parties needs more about IBM and politics.  I was quite doing a time warp guessing to what would be needed to help assist Democrats like my Dad and my sister and coyly and with entertainment networks to hide as much as I could that help to my sister was coming from one of last places she wanted - her younger brother.  They only way “he got into politics because of his sister” is accurate from my perspective is because even the Clinton DLC magazine focus showed nonsense thinking that would get in the way of so much it seemed to be for and then as well so much that I was already busy working to.

No, that can only be a “costumed” Hillary - for what I know about the past couple decades has me consistent and regularly of involvements with thought and writings in ways much of a paper trail and an actual logic that explains much of our history over past years far more clearly.   I am looking forward to reading NO HIGHER HONOR.  I am looking forward to no longer being defensive against Democrats about maintenance of my years of contributions and real strategizing that integrated, following on my grandfather Arthur M. Menadier’s career as a top Ad man of Madison Avenue, on purpose even though adapted in times of need, a head of my original schedule, not because of my sister, yet far more complicated than necessary, and maybe two-fold so specifically because of so much my Dad and my sister were involved in themselves and of ambitions further much their hopes.

Me and my Citizen Rosebud complexity started much about 1983 - and my sister has in many ways meant kept moving more towards my plotting and related industries since then.  I was about trying to be a just tide to lift many and most of my friends and good acquaintances made over those years - my sister was just one ship like my dad another - I likely helped them more than they helped me, it was what I was trying to accomplish.  I needed their networks to help them though less to help myself so there will always be a whole lot of confusion about all this that no one should have time or reason to dig into.

I have absolutely no idea why TIME Magazine did put Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on the cover of their Halloween Issue.  I did later have a whiskey sour with Philip Bobbitt while he had whatever his usual was then, then after having heard him speak in Ruth Wedgewood’s class at Yale Law School that was “open to the public” due to hosting of a guest speaker - so then back in mid 90s when he was still a Clinton National Security Council member.  I told him afterwards that there was a time warp of sorts set about the advice many had used from me and especially the parts the Clintons were attempting to own as theirs that I was and am best still to disallow and keep as mine - the very stuff I told them they couldn’t use anymore while they were running in Dem national primaries, but really much much more, mine.

It is arguable that TIME was giving her enough rope to say “hang herself” politically with more selfish grandstanding and giddy to rabid moments seeming happy with maybe getting away with say highway robbery to a revival for Bill and so then herself much too, again.  That I can also suppose about, though.  There have been more stories to Clintons seeming more in control of Obama Administration than our elected President, since, but I can’t say TIME isn’t also giddy about such and involved, in what some could report as a divided house or coup.

There are monsters about, that I can be certain in saying, politically.  Yes IBM did go where I had already been going and as I suggest to the CFO IBM could also go - I did stay, after choosing to let his daughter bring home different company, to my unexpected integration of changes at IBM into all I was already working around my Dad’s efforts to improve New Haven, my own, and as well much my sister and so so many others were also of hopes towards, where ever.

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Posted by: JP HOGAN @ 1:47 pm

It may be only two degrees out there - such converts to being quite concerning.  Our current domestic campaign environment is past “warm” as a primary concern and far to arithmetic and summations regarding “change” too public.

We will likely hear from Obama’s counsels that indeed the jobs he did create were for below middle class wages and at a government cost of near or over $250,000.00 per job.  They will likely have to admit to submissions incontrovertible as established accomplishments.

Which reminds me of my many months back in early 1990s near about his graduation year from Harvard Law School that had me involved in local and national political writing also integrated much about business - global multinational marketing change - and how for many months and much of the winter I think of 1991-92 I nightly canvassed with petitions across Connecticut first for Connecticut Citizen Action Group and then Connecticut Public Interest Research Group.  (I think I have remembered the right order and years and that I did walk such canvassing near 6 months with each.)  I was busy with my political writing and closed down my Connecticut S-Corp for Home Improvement Contracting to find time and so found minimum employment to bring some funds in and in a way that involved me with more people and their current political thinking and concerns.  We canvassed to raise awareness about consideration to a Canadian style health care reforms and cleaner air, for the most part. 

While we wait to hear from Obama and his counsel or czars for next many months we behoove ourselves to remember the granny that walked across America to lobby while and then after walk finished on Capitol Hill - she who walked across our nation to lobby for campaign finance reform.

This Halloween it may already be to only too near two degrees - two or even one degree of separation of Obama Stimulus outlays returning washed as too near “public campaign financing” as dollars to an easy billion dollar re-election domestic warring chest.  If it actually nearer six degrees of separation such probably was worked to by intent.

I do wonder where from and how easily from so a Democratic Party warring chest for President Obama re-election a BILLION as expected can be.  I did meat the above mentioned “granny” while she was around Capitol Hill after her walk,  somewhere I even have pictures of us together.

I did spend most or all of that past winter around my thinking and writing and strategizing about my THE CHARGE OF NEW FEDERALISM out and about thought not that I remember with Connecticut temperatures as low as the seeming limited degrees of separation of Obama re-election campaign dollars than being laundered cleverly to avoid public financing of campaign limits. 

I leave it for you the jury and the experts to decide how close and how few degrees renders a need and cause for fairness that could be a guarantee of matching funds for his opponents. 

As it is it looks like for 700 billion spent he can get 1 billion back - but I am no expert on these critical campaign and democracy matters.  But since it doesn’t seem to have gone to jobs as stimulus for jobs and yet got distributed:  TRICK?  OR  TREAT?

*As a note it was back then that I thought that our county systems and regionalism across our nation could and  would be better place for prototypes for broader coverage in health and that a national country solution maybe the last solution to attempt at least until local ingenuity had been given chance to stand up regionally and competitively for itself across all our states.

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Yeh yeh yeh - so what - yeh so a person acting in their own self interest blah blah blah?

Well Ok!  So you like Stalin?  Did you hear yet that Moscow wants some of its past grandness back and now while near about one third its old size?  If you like Stalin and just want to be part of a greater socialist system it seems President assumed Putin is looking for more citizens.

He is likely not the greatest threat to America right now so a move there under Clinton “RESET” “overcharged” sympathetic “diplomacy” - Altruism may actually be an idea threatening the global economy more now and freedom as collateral damage.

Russia is arguably now higher on Iran’s “anti” lists if you consider historical developments and “losers” that had Iran in past believing they would be winners.  Now does seem a good and fair time to move to a new Stalinism by Putin - reports are he has the most number of billionaires in his smaller city than any other in the known world.

Yeh, but Governor Cuomo may usher a new CCCP for New York staters now as never before and not even pushed or attempted by carpetbagger Senator Clinton.  Soon he may have no choice but to finally attempt to compete with Massachusetts and their Romney Prototype and maybe with a CCCP - Cuomo Compromised Coverage Plan.

Well that would be interesting - are you already in New York - are you sure Putin can’t or won’t offer you more home and Stalinism though?

You have heard of Adam Smith and his “Invisible Hand Theory” of Economics and his arguments for rational and free people that a pursuit of self interest is best way to global peace and fair trade and freer markets?  If you have heard that not all of it may actually be attributable to Adam Smith.

To simplify lets attempt to look at a very complicated con now on going seemingly as necessarily organized altruism - let us us the dangers of a CLINTON GLOBAL INITIATIVE for example.

It simplifies some of these issues to reference supposed “altruism” of CGI that it isn’t seemingly allowed by charter to operate domestically.

It has been a while since I once tried to compare and contrast some of Adam Smith and many others especially Ayn Rand and originate an thinking some new and some anewly specific for different times.  That CGI seems to be a Virtue of Selfishness and therefore a global and/or American “greater good” means that it may as well be more dangerous and a vice of selflessness.

Yes, I believe they do have skating and skiing in Moscow area - I know USSR had such but don’t know their actual geography and amenities locations.  I have no idea about the state of their schools today.

Well these times are different with different vices apparent related to unique opportunities tempting at least those educated enough to see them.  We know that Clintons must be selfish and of a selfishness political in their calculated appearance as altruists.  We know that while Senator of New York Hillary Clinton was not of local federalist efforts to get state communities busy finding county friendly alternatives or state options to avoid a centralized socialized nationalized health care entitlement.  We know from many other moments in our history that Clintons have been heavy booted to a political selfishness and another, yet again, arguably unearned “comeback.”

You still awake? 

You betcha.

So about Bill Clinton with CGI appearing to be altruistic when it was basically the last footware to heavy booted Clinton expansionism left him - when it was his last and maybe only option to selfishly hold onto as much executive global power as they could try to manage:

What now - pick your “Stalin” - pick the “greater of the two evils?”

Ok, you are definitely awake.

Well, on economics this rare appearance of otherwise less explainable “altruism” has to be “selfish” behavior by political power couple (”two-fer” if you prefer) masked as selflessness.  It exists aberrant to our economic structures and general foundations - it unbalances a normal and common main street fairness with willful clouding.

So Putin as Stalin better than Bill as Gandhi?

You’re funny - we should have started hanging out years ago.  So you see that for all the altruism of CGI it is maybe the most selfish attempt to appear selfless and economically stands unbalancing a global think of hold that used to hold markets together and nurture economic growth?

How is it even legal?  I mean how is it lawful for such to exist while his spouse - his other half of “two-fer” the “one” not a “half” as they like to legally suggest to a Descartian “separation” to allow them unbefore imagined legal latitude on otherwise unreasonable propositions - while “Hillary” is Secretary of State?  Shouldn’t one have recused themselves or the other ceased and desisted?

Hey we should put this up on the net at least in a gallery of writing somewhere.

So are you going to move to Moscow instead?  Surely President Assumed Putin can offer a better Stalinism, right?  I get that the Clintons have been acting much extra Constitutionally to compete with such and by selling themselves of a selflessness have been of a “vice” to such more a selfishness and dangerous economic and political thought for Americans — but clearly they have been losing ground to Putin as socialists, and well our United Peoples of these United States of American don’t need to or seem in a majority to want to move to a future globalness as competitors needing to prove themselves all to be better Socialists.

Maybe for the summer months - do you think Moscow and Russia will welcome us all - and with open arms and equality?

Let’s not complicate this just yet.  Gotta go for now, been a pleasure.

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Posted by: JP HOGAN @ 11:31 am

If this starts to read like a disconnected stream of Facebook posts that may be because I am now quickly trying to artfully say again what I have this morning spread around so.

There is effrontery to Speaker Boehner’s Congress and its Foreign Policy Committee now live and agitated not enough with Madam Secretary of State Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton in hearings before them.

This is so much more “SMARTS POWER” than “SMART POWER”!

It was taken just the other day with her comments and pleas to all to not ask her to look backwards and consider the past and more quietly but harkened - her specific past hands on the tiller - to be highly political and globally political even though she fronted an absurd posture that she wasn’t “in politics” because she wasn’t the TOP DOG in Presidential politics.

It was at first considered effrontery to former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and the Bush administration with a claim she isn’t now in “politics” yet with such timed to hit and hit hard at new book about Bush FREEDOM AGENDA and coming release of memoir looking back from Secretary of State perspectives of Condoleezza Rice.  She is now set up to and in hearing to spread her hopes for an alternate history that doesn’t have to fully respect the actual past or partisan divides about her new varied tale of history.

There she is again - in public spewing “we” when a “we” different and not the “we” just before or the “we” is just afterwards with her lawyer “we” as a member of bar too much of a trial lawyer global caste maybe most dominant even than the “we” of pride power mixed in of inference not meant to be seen or interpreted by laymen of her intimate Clinton “two-fer” “we.”  She has a lot of “we” being spewed to “record” seemingly as a united and checked whole fully of our Constitution - yet that cannot be conclusive to full matters to which she is exposed and espousing about.

She and Bill could not be serviceable by the International Criminal Courts, maybe, for their “we” of this financial mess of having willfully been our first “Hedge Fund First Couple Presidency” and so of their regular and serious willful burning of most people’s economic candles from both ends.  She is now before Congress dirtying our hallowed halls and one of its cavernous rooms with her “we” confounding so partisan and actively partisan in a new and still insufficiently considered global way.   President Bush is hardly reasoned to at risk for global financial fraud so as Clinton “Two-fer” “we” of today - by Pelosi Congress he was not allowed to be - they held him to Clintons’ willful constructs around their SURPLUS and so to an inability to fix economy without proving or just asserting that the Clintons’ SURPLUS was to blame and even ridiculous — President Bush was left to fix per Speaker Pelosi all this without being allowed to spend where and how Clintons were of asserting cuts by a trillion by their “we” were not dangerous and irresponsible and reckless to negligent.

Yes it is effrontery!  It is effrontery to “Hillary” now that Congress is daring to ask her about the past - well if they actually ask her about our past and the real past and not lightly play to only asking her about her manufactured, somehow, alternate and more partisan and polarizing, seemingly unavoidable, rendering of her “we” and our “we.”

I think I am managing to avoid seeming like a stream of Facebook postings here - but then I haven’t even gotten to three or four of them from this morning that could bolster and enforce against her confounding “we” and other “we” and even yet other “we.”

She is establishing that the Clintonomics and hedging by Clinton “Two-fer” “we” still has plot and motive to it very personally political and very polarizing.  It is effrontery to our Congress that she said so recently that no one should dare ask her about the past or look to the past for answers from her.

Her “we” of elite lawyers and trial lawyer caste may better to be able to explain how Clintons in this economic climate may be within reach now of our International Criminal Courts for their willful and selfish attempts to get world to burn their own economic “candles” from both ends simultaneously so Clintons could use their original and inside understanding of such to a global familiar dominance and sustenance of an unearned acceptance of Clintons’ “we.”

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Posted by: JP HOGAN @ 11:22 pm

THE GREAT DEPRESSION is still available for all - see it here still - after this:

Well as far as I know America hadn’t suffered a “PAJAMA WARS” civil or otherwise yet, until now.  I might be able to warm to it even while sitting here a classic blogger in his boxers - not sure I should suggest you try it where ever you are, now.

To my new readers - that my blog here shows no comments, for the most part, few are better informed now than you about such - I hardly remember ever to check “approval” tab for contents to “moderate” or just “post” - I may change some but then may keep this more to being a gallery of writing mine for you to comment intimately or civilly but with those actually around you or in your established circles on social media.  I am saving for later a greater interactiveness.

I hope you all enjoyed THE GREAT DEPRESSION.  I am now considering a new column “REVALUED QUARTERS” and hope not to just nickle and dime states, counties, cities, towns, squares/parks and Occupiers with such.

I break now between “REVALUED QUARTERS” and THE GREAT DEPRESSION to report that American economy was on a good and better track before Democrats gained THE WHITE HOUSE again but not to exclude a:  Better since before “Pelosi Congress.”

If it is change you like you may really appreciate value I hope to word into a new “REVALUED QUARTERS” — please accept a challenge all of you to write your own “REVALUED QUARTERS” about any interpretation direction you warm to whether an argument against British attempt to quarter their soldiers in our colonists’ homes as part of keeping to higher taxes - a modern or ancient arguing to home valuations and fairness - or like me to a discussion of our states quarter program as evidence that we had been on a better path to state focusing more and more and even with Candidate Senator John McCain having been seriously occupied too himself.

How about it?  My blog is my bibliography - where is your bibliography?  It isn’t my only source though - is it a source of yours?  Should you tell a friend and talk about it - make a new friend and accept a challenge, together or alone or yet separate as individuals challenging the other to write too?

I have labored outside through all seasons at times of my life - do wonder if you all are making much of PAJAMA WARS - there are jobs in fashion.  Just think still about Marie Antoinette and all her hats, like, right?

A personal story might be how my grandfather did reportedly usher out the knickers generation as not only the last student at Boston Latin to still be found at school in them but maybe to today still as then as its youngest reported graduate. 

I know, not all of you are Occupying cold New England area town squares.

No, I do not always wear boxers. 

No, I do not only wear boxers.

Yes I do have briefs - Hanes briefs - and yes I usually walk my dirty laundry a mile to my parents for free machines and then walk back either the one mile or two mile route.  I only sometimes bungee  such onto on of three of my bikes.

I guess if I were with any of you by now you would already know this.  Oh, yeh - I am a Connecticut unaffiliated voter - an Independent more of media independence about politics.

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Posted by: JP HOGAN @ 8:01 am

I was considering titling column THE GREAT SIT IN and working to alluding to: You don’t know who your real heroes are.  I was going to start with such as a title but realized I shouldn’t begin these thoughts and this column with this focus grouped early in it.

What came first - the oil or the automobile - the open road or muscled transport?

What came first - you can have it any color you want, like, as long as it is black, or Mr. Ford do you have a slower electric model for sale for more?

We have established with many new records that the music of this Democrat Party uprising that started for convenience purposes on the day HILLARY FOR PRESIDENT was announced by Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton, carpetbagger Senator from New York State. We can’t now have this CRISIS loving opportunist mob of old and new (inexperienced) Democrat nationalists so about crazy with joy to be able to take credit for death/murder of Qadhaffi of Libya, and, have a reasonable chronological logic of constructive and engineered cause and effect to clear lines of a Democrat production heritage.

To make this point best a writer of social justice renditions so is best still to avoid turning out THE GREAT SIT IN mention and import - It is too early to soften the blow to many readers with a suggestion that THE PARTY OF NO tag on Republicans recently is better a progressive label nearer THE PARTY OF THE GREAT SIT IN. This should wait to better saturate into minds of many readers, especially those about and in a follow on movement now much about also in protest - OCCUPY.

Things are not as they appear - and somehow Madam Secretary of State Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton may actually have been recently partly misdiagnosed - as: rabid with a blood lust!; this may be so, generally, and specifically more globally, as concerning, but yet more political and of the bones of Clintons’s love style, the commitment roots of Bill and Hillary long set as agreed collusiveness since days together as law students. Giddy? Hillary giddy for of a free political gift - another murder - fallen from the skies of the people right into her irreversibly political and polarizing bosom, fallen free ripe with credit able to be picked up away from British and even, yes, the French.

Literally speaking it is still, it seems, too soon to specifically present powered pointing to OCCUPY patriots with a suggestion that the THE GREAT SIT IN so often till now poorly titled otherwise as THE PARTY OF NO is all that is keeping their cause and hopes alive, as founding parents sympathetic earlier to destruction now earlier opposed as expected and best to avoid - the welcome CRISIS of the CRISIS opportunist Democrat economic hacks - yes it would be more telling but less dramatic to just call such so just THE CLINTON ECONOMIC TEAM again, though mostly so.


What a strange family America has melted to.  What a unexpected inconvenient socialism for Democrat Party economic hacks that the as well earlier socialism by the oil loving Republicans provide a better centralized social justice employment for spreading of middle wealth realms. What could have been, oh my. What could have been if only the lower mpg standards and cheaper cars and trucks were so objected to while global ice could be made and public congestion zone atmospheric air filter capture devices could have been added to a growing economy for carbon capture and recycling instead - if only CRISIS loving NEW DEAL wanna bees hadn’t tried for a say BARRY JETSON economy? 

What could have been before THE GREAT SIT IN otherwise still inadequately called THE PARTY OF NO when the Republican social justice centralized national planning supported more car dealerships and respected more dealership owners when low fuel mileage middle class transports provided jobs and markets globally, and more jobs in stirring Middle East, while now of greater unemployment specifically for inconvenient capitalism competition of Democrat Party CRISIS loving economic hacks of thinking they could out socialize in a new capitalist way than Republicans had been for a invisible hand to vast and great rolling out of opportunity and security abundantly for many of America’s middle class?

Democrats haven’t left reasonable people many choices now - because they worked to have so much come apart and so globally, remarkably much since commencement of HILLARY FOR PRESIDENT so loudly wanting of a CRISIS, economic and convenient, with poor posturing and rants to her: I WILL SEIZE THE PROFITS OF THE OIL COMPANIES.

THE GREAT SIT IN!  THE GREAT SIT IN!  THE GREAT SIT IN!  Really there was nothing wise gathering of Congress officials could do but sit back with NO!.  Sure President Obama still of irrational embrace of HILLARY is stuck about Libya with her still proud and giddy about her early and much earlier threat to seize all oil company profits - spoken without specified regard or limits per jurisdictions or borders. 

Yes, Hillary diagnoses, recent by laymen, may have not been adequate to all the circumstances - though her INSANITY may be more DEPRESSION it would confuse now to call it DEPRESSION for her pathology seems more opportunistic and of misplaced political loyalties to her other half as if now PRESIDENT OF THE WORLD BILL CLINTON due more respect and coddling even than Warren Buffett.  Giddy! Giddy! Giddy! to a show ‘n tell like - of something she can use to help her Bill - a convenient CRISIS of grand murder she had sudden opportunity to seize CLINTON crediting for.

In American we’ld be want to call her A BAD APPLE but for Libyans she seems A BAD DATE.

The French and British though of our Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton are now likely crying foul of her a bad date as A BAD APPLE.

We know that Hillary came first and comes first for our THE PARTY OF NO that had enough sense to be THE GREAT SIT IN while of a consciousness fearing that CRISIS loving NEW DEAL wanna bees were set too much themselves to a GREAT DEPRESSION that would OCCUPY politics and economics of all.  We know that the NOes were defensive of a fear that a YES wouldn’t prevent this but just get us to here unavoidably and faster, right?

The COMMUNITY ORGANIZER’S NEW FOUNDATIONS now have taken so much apart especially across an otherwise recoverable banking and mortgage and housing market that community organized smaller banks and a opposing community county wide economic consideration to regional competitiveness should allow such necessitated discussions to home valuation and loan refinancing fairness.  They are so responsible for it that now community organizers may have no choice but to gather and collectivize county wide to directly oppose country wider furtherance of COMMUNITY ORGANIZER to NATIONALIZED usurpations. 

Ayn Rand and Arianna Huffington have now both written about concerns of America become a third world nation.  And, now others are trying while these days of NEW DEAL wanna bees of giddy CRISIS loving opportunism haunting American systems as much as Eleanor Roosevelt and daughter did in President Roosevelt’s last years when he too got pushed out and around more as a mascot - as now some of HILLARY now seeming to be of a similar actual running of more years of a Presidency, years after limit set by Washingtons’ example.

Don’t know all the details of this THE GREAT DEPRESSION but it sure seems DEMOCRAT elite of COMMUNITY ORGANIZER PRESIDENT has worked his TOP PALS of BANKING ELITISM of BIG BANKS right out of a useful to a new growth economy good again for all classes such that a community rising new to a county based rebooting globally to capitalist competiveness - right out of as his TOP to a moral and fair BIG BANK participation about the now needed, at least, AMERICAN SAVE. 

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Posted by: JP HOGAN @ 8:13 am

What a mess for educators.  How down from the mountain tops yet maybe only to gather water anew while “Lady Hillary” waxing boats instead of rafts upon the Mississippi.  We have a cat fight billed and scheduled yet doubtful to air on main stream media still too much “seduced” still of “Clintons’ media” still happy in the valleys and rocks of a misbegotten and near lost decade.

With Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice book NO HIGHER HONOR due out on book shelves and e-downloaders soon, if not already,  at least her loyal students and fans have notice enough shoveled by her successor such that an:  She couldn’t get into “Condi’s” class and maybe Stanford - but if she did while so compromised about such “policies” of hers she likely would be getting an “F” and even if “Condi” was just grading on a bell curve measuring her against them.

I can only imagine a class full of “Condi” students were trained before they enrolled in her class to look beyond “Hillary’s” whiteness and paleness - not just on foreign policy - maybe as far back as kindergarten.  But now how ridiculous regarding Middle East and global politics so much now around different religions, sects and ideologies is it that “Aunt Condi’s” successor is asking people not to look back and consider that at least her own past should be relevant?

To laymen experts long even just as arm chair dictators as is their right in our America we still have the Rehnquist Revolution to a legalese turn to more laymen language - I was there - I was maybe there before such a there was there - I was there before I found out he was also there.  I even had Senator Joseph Biden during Clarence Thomas hearings accepting distant guidance for positive change with more moderated politically correct wording much of my days of think and effort about my THE CHARGE OF NEW FEDERALISM political poetry writing that helped focus world change as if just a local and modest effort for New Haven, CT.  But this is about the cat fight schedule to commence between a seeming ridiculous current Secretary of  State recently of much nonsensical meanderings and the quiet and strong Condoleezza Rice whom I cannot remember of asking any in world to not “look back.”

So Madam Secretary of State Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton now so much “on top” of “her mountain” she claims to be “not in politics” - ain’t that a morsel?  A cabinet level adviser to our first black President - actually black, not just further of spin that “Bill” was “First Black President” - saying she isn’t “in politics” - How odd?   I don’t know if the French ever like Descartes and his rationalized separations - I didn’t know another could imagine and present more inseparable separations dependent seemingly on acceptance of his.  This past Sunday riding of press circuit by “Hillary” had her seeming quite insane, thought a little more put together and collected than recent drooling and visible emotionalism near rabid and with a blood lust.  Not even Morning Joe this morning with its Mika managed to follow her thinking and spoken words well enough - Mika went on and covered “Hillary” as “on top of her game” and then fouled by saying that it was “Hillary” with her hand on our “tiller” of sailboat of State as news.  Such news analysis suggests MSNBC reported on Obama’s Secretary of State comments of her hesitatingly saying that President had a firm grip on world and was the one with “hand on tiller” like of luxury sailboat of State.  Whom do we now believe?  Do we believe “Hillary” who stutteringly claimed her boss was in charge or Mika and MSNBC that reported with their expert foreign policy and political analysis that “Hillary” had the grip on it?  Save it for the coming cat fight?

It is transparent and quite apparent to junior political arm chair democratic Republicans at least and maybe students across our country not even yet with High School Diplomas that “Hillary” as per Middle East and her past eight years as globally meddling First Lady has little or no right to dumb down entire regions rich history and family and community legacies to try to cover her past short comings and current underwhelmingness with public suggestions that anyone should just let her and her “boss” just look forward.  Could her request for at least the main stream media press corp to give her “life lines” and “call a friend” soft ball coverage and more mulligans for official duty be now compared fairly and historically accurately as a memoir is out about “passed” she is asking people not to ask her to consider?

Madam Secretary of State Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton’s weekend ride of news circuit was also of moments that contest to and confirm some to much insanity - well beyond her suggestion that she “isn’t in politics” as a another “can of worms” for this snake charmer for then as a cabinet member she must be implying with “not in politics” that she isn’t engaged in or trying to be about having her political boss’ back - or of considering her duties are of a Republic endeared in “representation.”

I have no idea whether “NO HIGHER HONOR” memoir will highlight me, who not only installed new closet doors for Condi’s condo when early in admin as NSA Rice but was also of near 700 faxes to NSC during Bush Admin following on such pipeline usage of expression since Clintons’ admin and for a number then reported given as a fax number to find Philip Bobbitt of Clintons’ NSC.  So to “Hillary” I say - but I wrote better about some of this than you are placing and showing with now - even with faxes of record on Iraq - Iran conundrums and suggestions to strategically better places or wording for President Bush about Iran and its nuclear ambitions.  I probably just am not officially credentialed enough to be in officials memoirs, I don’t know - but isn’t that what America and now blogging pamphleteering rights are best about.  No complaints,  I turned down TIME mag in 2006 for thinking my story was too complicated to let them have a photo for their cover, and that then my “story” was though “notable” to them to me was maybe only near half way accomplished and better less public.

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Posted by: JP HOGAN @ 8:41 am

Who? What? Where? Why? When? & How?   She wanted more!  She wanted more!  She wanted more!

To wake anew to “Al Haig” Hillary will moments near “…stans” also to much an inappropriate “I am in control” actually comes as a relief - a great relief that this emotional mess isn’t now President.  I should leave this to woman and feminist pundits as so much of Obama administration on delay to black pundits but heck Secretary of State H. “Montgomery” Clinton is being floated to a Fox News Sunday without concern about a psychopathy too changed and still unexplained.

We could use another back to basics journalism reboot - it seems the assimilation and seduction past of Clintons’ 8 more embedded and corrupt throughout our national political think - computing.

Herman Cain did mock our Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for her lack of coverage and addressing of global relevance of former parts of U.S.S.R. aka “all the …stans”.  We have been letting “Hillary” love her vacuum.  But, REALLY, what happened to the concept of “geopolitics” - how right was Herman Cain to mock this administration for its lacking diplomacy and consistency especially about “Hillary” cleaning up with her emotional enjoyment of a vacuum about sufficient geopolitics of all the “…stans”?

We are not safer now - we haven’t been given an explanation for how “Hillary” can be a rival a real rival and not now billing as the one actually running the Obama White House.  She wanted more - and now her appearances telegraph as her of saving “Bill” and like “making Bill proud” first so and above her thought “boss.”

Gosh, this is America, police chiefs of too much positive change under (new?) mayors across our country get fired though good for posturing to far less credit even more earned than Secretary of State Clinton has been bent to lightly over her thought “boss.”

I am not a gossip columnist but even I can see drama crying to be freed and aired - high drama of unexplained and hard to believe change maybe too “emotional” and all the while set about a praised “team of rivals.”   There has been so much change one can wonder if instead of primary challenge to her thought “boss” she hasn’t metamorphosed enough into a Republican to become a second woman on Republican Debate stages.

She does have “Republican” problems now of looking too much of a blood thirst, maybe, and rabid to foaming high on “WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE” shortcuts to our democratic ways.  It has gotten so bad Fox News likely should be asking “Hillary” if leader of North Korea is next remaining embarrassment to “Bill” on her list - is he the next world leader to be emotionally targeted for being of an existentialism and effrontery/embarrassment to both Clintons of Clintons’ intimate “two-fer” power/administration sharing as “business” that should have been handled during their 8.

Not that there are puppet strings to see supporting and moving Madam Secretary of State Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton, though effectively there may be, but really now a Presidency of “Hillary” at least partly on display and with her playing an unfair card time and time again like that a first female President would of course be expected to act too irrational and emotionally - to act as a woman?  That seems to be a card she keeps trumping maybe still seduced “Clinton” media with and regularly.

I might suggest she is clearly showing signs of being unstable - hence the rabid comment aired near & about “blood lust.”

What was it she ranted?  Something way too near:  I came - I saw - They killed him! ???   I mean besides the other recent ranting in Afghanistan where she tried to cover her inadequate “Diplomacy” and servicing of American political interests and citizens’ rights to be informed with that petty political and classic “Hillary” lambasting of Herman Cain. 

I guess maybe she isn’t able enough so that the role and respect and relevance of now otherwise as just “…stans” was fairly and globally more intelligent.


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Posted by: JP HOGAN @ 8:27 am

The collapse of President Obama’s pet solar capitalism of Solyndra is good news for his GLOBAL WARMING capitalism.

We must holds these truths to be self evident:  We have a President who must have solved GLOBAL WARMING in first year.

With these islands of anarchy encampments about the country and globe we can move to President’s austerity messaging and priorities more.  He did grow up on an island himself - maybe not as lawless an existence but still an island, none the less.  For one that grew up on a island with “surfer dude” not a jab and with his white pals reported so out of place in his America that they are as he told of for those years islanders than maybe couldn’t jump and whites that wanted rather to be black.

President “Barry” Obama’s old school chums may share a sense of simple accomplishment - though now for President as per his GREEN success to a quick save of world from GLOBAL WARMING they may be more honest and honorable with favorable mentions for President George Bush administration as technology for SAVE didn’t come out of no where and had to have been fully funded and supported, quite sufficiently, by past Republican governance.

President “Barry” Obama has been so successful he may now be able to justify closing down his Department of Education - he may see a political wisdom and expedience to a taking of such “competition” out before election day.  He did grow up on an island, he may have been a “surfer dude” to casual with regular:  What’s another trillion dude?

RACE TO THE TOP like the poetry of campaigning yet not the wise and well written of prose of governance?

He has already accomplished all his major goals he has come to be big chief of a bigger island.  He does have growing islands of anarchical encampments growing in protest now though.

William Golding - I presume.

These OCCUPIERS of islands of protestation near anarchical may just be new comers of sorts to “Barry’s” island - of his own LORD OF THE FLIES success story, as told so far, by him.  I here these in opposition are of coed “islands” mostly now though.  I haven’t heard their side of most of this yet - I am yet to hear their explanations about the Obama saving of the our world in just his first year such that market for Solyndra dried up.  It has to be a good “corporate” story or at least a story of strong support of institutions of higher learning of research and development government funding for energy solutions for the OBAMA GLOBAL WARMING SAVE to have happened so quickly.

Looking to 2012 it is obvious Candidate President Barack Obama has moved on to new messaging - economic messaging that can only sell if indeed he has already saved the world from GLOBAL WARMING.  We aren’t talking boys stranded on an island thinking here - If creating that many new jobs is his new message “The end of the world…” poeticized “as we know it” call for austerity - for all those “you eat too much” - “you spend too much” - “you don’t save enough” - “you use too much gas and fuel for each usage or application, like” can now be relaxed - can or should be relaxed only if he really has so saved the world - saved us all from billed “end of the world as we know it” GLOBAL WARMING fate he made.

William Golding - I presume.

Obama can  now poeticize an end to his Department of Education.  It is a good 2012 campaign “honesty” option.

It remains unclear who are the leaders and whom are the followers of these islands of anarchical gathering now about the world of Obama’s austerity governance.  If he hadn’t already saved the world from GLOBAL WARMING his Solyndra child should have had sufficient market and demand to survive.  But can we all agree on what he should do now and how he should run towards 2012?  Close his schools department?

It is President Obama himself that told of his early years as a black man in America as so gloried that most of his white friends (not Hawaiian “natives”) actually wanted to be black.  His is an odd American story - an odd story of growing up black in America, for sure.  But did he spend too much time as a “surfer dude” to a casual and unwarranted:  What’s another trillion dude” mantra?  We have read how island life can be tough - that however doesn’t seem to have been our President’s story.

Where there are flies there may already be some rats, even some very big rats.  Wild boars may be a concern, but so may be the real Odyssey Dawn.

William Golding - I presume!  Oh my! - we have coed anarchical islands of protests popping up about the world.

And now?  And now surely to a new poetry where RACE TO THE TOP must go - if we are all just to get along?

Still young “Barry” with his mercenary services now globally available for profit or at least to an expectation to “break even” can remember his ODYSSEY DAWN bold steppin’ to attempt a leadership styling hoped by his predecessor for duration of his OPERATION IRAQI FREEDOM and now as it looks as if his Presidency has become more of “it is all about the oil” than oil men Presidents before him. 

But how now to teach this lesson - how to show the consistency and process or development of thought and leadership style - hmmm?

How about his own “coed” island of governance or “non-governance” populated with his “rivals”?  How can he teach for his RACE TO THE TOP or his GLOBAL POLITICS without educating to an obvious obsolescence of oversight overbearing about his DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION and his DEPARTMENT OF STATE?

To 2012:  “Barry” part “Messiah” and part “Lord” of the “flies”? 

Take me to your leader!  Take me to your new leader?

Wait!  Wait!  Can it actually now be save to end Obama Austerity Initiatives?  Has “Barry” already saved world from GLOBAL WARMING - I mean is it safe now to reverse all or most of his “lessons”? 


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Posted by: JP HOGAN @ 8:34 am

Release the rats!

A sleep by other circumstances may be more corporate and private even rat free. The TV and games selections now may be as available out on the streets.

If in DC you may best have or be keeping to Lafayette Park after sundown - I lived in DC for ten years I have seen its big rats escape the sewers to do their nocturnal thing around the Smithsonian Museums and closed outdoor eateries.

Rats on a stick! May be what Republicans are serving up with each new debate - with at least Governor Rick Perry STILL STANDING and standing tall TEXAS style with no backing down from his usage of treachery assault of TREASON poking.

Images of body bags are piling up about Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton - about Secretary of State Hillary Clinton - we do now live in changed times.

DC does have big rats, I have seen some of them. I can only imagine that NYC has them at least as regular and large.  Yes I am actually talking about the rats.

We do live in changed times - lawyers have been busy around the world flattening American jurisprudent dominance and advantage - we have establish international laws and international criminal courts now in ways we didn’t when Clintons took office in 1993.

The is no way out - there is no where to run - there are international courts now like never before.  Still a wonder how Clintons never prosecuted Saddam Hussein with new Nuremberg like global staging for justice and moderation of guilt.

As we have been led since Barack Hussein Obama inauguration anew with Democrat Lawyers populating DC streets again it is odd much that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton early declarations of near: We won’t make human rights a priority.

Where are our Rebublican or independents of a now more necessary global rat patrol - do we have enough non-Democrat Party international lawyers for level justice not just for Americans?  Do we have enough global corporate esquires educated, trained, and ready?

This has been a couple decades of a long sleep - a sleep nurtured to be of unrealistic dreams and false tales - might even say Democrat Lawyer defensive misleading.

Where the TEA PARTY now long been about persons and their castles/homes of perspectives American more of a home as a families castle we have the OWS (Occupy Wall Street) masses to sermons nearly becoming corporate themselves.  OWS to early and often assimilation risks a coalition confirmation best necessarily to a corporate design itself.

Occupy Wall Streeters most likely have already met, shall we say, the Citizens United.  There best option for protecting individual assets from risk and guilty associations and campaign fundraising is to become corporately organized.  I don’t know how yet if to be a global socialist incorporation - that seems yet uncovered or fully legislated anywhere.

TEA PARTIERS so loosely affiliated and not obviously all sleeping together and dining together likely have their castles/homes and individual assets still protected.  The Occupiers acting so in mass as a union seem legally each at risk financially more for actions of others, even globally now.

Governor Rick Perry still standing TEXAS proud and without backing away from use of treachery or TREASON may have a global out not punishable by death with a change of venue to international criminal courts at least if treachery usage crosses threshold of this administrations fiduciary management in more ways treasonous than just money.

The world has changed - Americans cannot in all ways stay the arrogant Americans and still think foreigners might want to buy from US Corporations or even mom and pop ventures.  We have the Democrats now off the economic beat to growth, especially economic growth at home.

It is Republican lawyers it seems that have given united citizens more power everywhere when as citizens united - it seems Occupiers now have corporate path their best path to centralized management and unionized protections even though such to raise lesser of evils to organizing more hierarchically.

We have RACE TO THE TOP quite a floated mess of mixed messaging and confusing metaphorical politics - there must be a TOP everywhere more than the masses of simple unionizing - there must be someone above you, at least President Obama, and as GLOBALLY some courts and lawyers may have a more modern argument or interpretation.

The varments about our economics too political these days as for a growth economy at least at home or of AMERICAN MADE. Our Governors better AMBASSADORS to the global so that our media to a charge and need to change anew to help rising Governors from Presidential put downs - from assertions of national power out of fear, political, that a good governor, good at global economics, must just be running for President.

These are the times that may try our citizens and leaders differently - poor souls - poor Democrats that have been living in the past too long. Economically it seems we should be emphasizing our localism and individuality yet politically we have been force marched and evangelized politically to believing we need to assimilate under them Dems.

Who’s on the rat patrol - who is about globally actually fairly? 

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Posted by: JP HOGAN @ 9:26 am

The balance of politics steps awkwardly forward one foot at a time.  To see where you are wandering one best to keep looking ahead, and down, for crags and loose debris.  Shiny objections are all about distracting to an assimilation best avoided.

To better understand the value of “corporate” direction President Barack Hussein Obama  acquired in his primary defeat of Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, the other one, the other and seemingly prefered “first choice” of Warren Buffett - THE ORACLE OF OMAHA:  It may be more telling than that his “secretary” pays higher taxes than himself that his “succession” plans that his capitalist endeavors are not well enough planned - that recent reports that only about twenty people are employed at Warren Buffett’s office is ripe factual inbalance now about concerns of OWS - that because he has employed so few there with his “secretary” he hasn’t grown enough depth in his field to properly prepare for succession of his capitalist pride leadership.

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton loves her “vacuum” - she loves and cherishes how daily she is floated (though floated so of implication of an insubordination of her boss) even on eve of Republicans stepping forward to save our democracy and economy - floated as if a cure all - a panacea - a utopian ideal like of “if only ‘Hillary’ were President all would be perfect.”

Clearly as an ideal capitalist modeling for balanced corporate “leadership” the Democrat Party “sugar daddy” Warren Buffett should have been and now still be employing maybe at least twice as many at the offices with his “secretary”?

How the Clintons have been stepping forward with so much “altruism” and distribution of American dollars abroad is a matter of public underconsideration.  They are busy in a time needing “capitalism” stimulation talking and walking an “altruism” too much for personal political survival.  Maybe CGI (Clintons’ Global Initiative) was chartered so that it isn’t allowed to operate domestically - but if so why so - why is President Clinton so “protected” from complaints specific to not spending at home?  With this economy so - how are our tables not piled deep with talk of papers full of complaints about Clintons’ political “altruism” and/or ongoing floated “insubordination” to Mrs. William Jefferson Clintons’ boss - our public servent in “President”?

President Clinton as well may have succession issues.  He likely, though, employs more than twenty to keeping such “issue” from limiting him from as much continued use of powers thought limited to “executive” of “democratic” processes of selection as he might muscle his way to.  His efforts are an afront to “Hillary” as “feminist” for his very foundational “commitments” suggest that he is keeping up “OLD BOYS CLUB” and just quietly spreading real funding by unaccounted “commitments” around the world to smooth out and buy acceptance for “most polarizing” “Hillary” aka Madam Secretary of State Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton.  Because of CGI and for as long as it exists while “Hillary” still Secretary of State it not fair to suggest that “Hillary” is getting along on her own - that she is actually “carrying her own (global) weight.”

Yes I have a history of being an active feminist - of helping craft a new “writing” and “political correctness” for the improved domestic politics about early 90s especially New Haven, CT.  I did much thinking around political poetry writ to improvements a general think about such that when I read Gloria Steinem reviewed book by Judith Herman TRAUMA AND RECOVERY it felt more than near every other book read by me as if I had written subject matter, some or much.  The book was very new when I found it.  I didn’t mean that my help to Democrats towards changing Clintons into becoming more electable that was of same time and thinking would actually be enough to get them elected - Perot was a wild and unexpected complication to such time.

Some here now reading my blogged columns and political writing may not yet know of such collected political change thinking and writing of mine from days since before the Clintons braved entering the 1992 race, braved such only after Dems tested some of such thinking and writing with the Harris Woford race in Pennsylvania, or, that it is quite appropriately titled as a collection of political writing and poetry:  THE CHARGE OF NEW FEDERALISM.

We have been encouraged to walk still the impossible - the impossible dream - that all would be well if only “Hillary” were….  What a crag best not to be distracted from, and so too that President Obama, the insuborted so, might be kept from having to “cut off his own arm” - political arm - all the while with the Clintons willing to keep about, such, for him.

The real Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton, still the “most polarizing”, seems to be one happier or happiest being effectually just William Jefferson Clinton’s “secretary”?  What we are asked to believe and believe “around” “Hillary” just cannot actually be so, right?  She actually has an undeniable past and political history, at least as First Lady Hillary Clinton an “inciting”, right?


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Posted by: JP HOGAN @ 10:50 am

Imagine standing knee deep in Kremlin snows - your laptops just used as a shovel to clear a way out of your tent.  The cause must go on!  The cause must go on!  The cause must go on - brrrrr!

This is no RACE TO THE TOP - that would be pure ENVY if ours and of actually MOB RULE.  President Obama has set his foundation - though still seeming of and OCTOBER SURPRISE of a RED OCTOBER like now with “You have lost another submarine?” but more as:  You need to try to build another new foundation, again?

Gandhi of “homespun” might be proud of our OCCUPY WALL STREET civility.  After all they worked a Thursday night clean up to hold off a Friday clear and hold or just clear and clean, public endeavor.   Really, how would all this go down in Moscow - Moscow the reported global city of the most number of billionaires of any and all cities?

Putin on the socialism - but how?  Occupiers of Moscow but less for freer media - press - democratic ways?

We have an alternative to our federal tax code monstrosity - it could be a short term “hold” whilst accountants and lawyers gather for a decade to debate and construct an long term replacement.  “9-9-9″ could work as a short term patch that might be a big enough idea and simple enough concept to actualize some time buying to throw out the old.

We have no need to “repeat” or “copycat” the administering of the Bush, the most recent Bush administration - He had a rare, a very rare job to do.  President Bush had an overdue job/task to do though of hopes to have actually entered to more years of PEACE DIVIDENDS fluffery, maybe.   The USA had much to clean up after the end of the Cold War and compromises of “war time” in Middle East, especially Iraq and Afghanistan.  These didn’t go away during years of Clintons’ “inaction” and “avoidance” - they did get worse and fester to a world with fewer options left especially as per those regions.  No, we do not need to elect a candidate to “copycat” Bush administering - his duties and choices were rare to a time for the USA to “clean up” some of its own history of the Cold War years and its geopolitics.

Yes!  Yes, the Clintons’ administering should not ever be “copied” either - they left the USA and Middle East with few options not more and more polarized than they found it.  They even worked to make world more partisan in their “new” polarization politics - almost, especially in years since as nearly “political profiteers.”

Yes our OCCUPY WALL STREET organization may need a restaurant license and tax numbers soon - even 1099s for all those serving others or themselves - quite a jobs plan - but for how little Democrats of Obama years have been wanting profiteers to be able to keep after taxes.  Better there be no “leader” or “proprietor” of   OCCUPIERS lest there become a consideration that it is at least acting as a non-profit employer?

It was interesting that President Obama won a Nobel Peace Prize - It was more interesting that he used such speech to warn the world of “dangers” from “inaction” and “avoidance” (seemingly a slam on the Clintons’ personal and intimate “two-fer” power sharing/administering.).

Under “9-9-9″ there would be no taxes on “used” camping gear - gear maybe needed for an exporting of “curb appeal” to “also” Moscow?  No taxes but local and state taxes - boy is there a lot of federalism and state’s rights issues to talk about - likely enough for a decade of “new” “governance” extra-Congressional venues and gatherings.

With President Obama so of RACE TO THE TOP and WALL STREET so much his “TOP” he should maybe recuse himself from one or the other seeming so much of a theoretical and practical contrariness.

So President Bush was of an era to clean up after the Clintons and the Cold War - not bat “clean up” after them.  There is seemingly no need or expectation that a future candidate need be chosen to govern as he did - nor as the Clintons did.  There are issues though to consider about how he would have governed and fixed other problems inherited from the Clintons if the Pelosi Congress hadn’t kept throwing up partisan road blocks and worked to beat Republicans on a down economy in 2008, by being obstacles to earlier economic fixes.

Maybe Governor Cuomo can pull of a satisfying enough New York State “redistribution” solution MIRACLE as he works tirelessly to unlearn his old “expertise” of his Clintons’ years - maybe a state solution enough to satisfy New York “Occupiers”?  Seems we can at least document a Obama era problem much ado and about Washington Democrat hierarchy as them so of not starting smaller and more locally and just rushing for a centralized nationalist “socialism” and with “Hillary” of years a New York Senator as “evidence” for not having worked then to see that all New Yorkers get a more local solution to at least rival its neighbor Massachusetts.

It is New York - New York City - God love it - God bless it!  But if OCCUPY WALL STREET - non union “occupiers” keep meddling and volunteering in otherwise organized NYC union clean up work and “hospitality” - Oh me oh my?  I don’t know how that great city works though - is it just one month or maybe six months before it could start costing residents union jobs?

J.P. Hogan from public computers at Milford Public Library after riding bike in Facebook profile picture four miles to such - the same bike in picture from my train trip and bike about NYC and Wall Street near a month ago.  Still have to figure out which other DELL drivers I have to download and then upload to my laptop to get it all working again.  I do own bongos and an “Irish” hand drum “made in Pakistan” - don’t think I will be taking them to NYC - I am not a drummer (yet?)- they look good.

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Posted by: JP HOGAN @ 1:47 pm

We wake to hear and see faces of Obama unemployment.
Ageless attitudes rebuked dawn to dusk - dusk to dawn.
Not for the knowing - the Clintons’ gaming and rigging - now so failing.
Tis little heard and seldom spread how contrary old Democrat cowing has been.
Wall Street!  Wall Street!  Wall Street!
Obama’s unemployment shows its faces.
We rose to anew administering - harkened to Spanish greenifying.
We rose stirred to new energy ways.
We rose stirred even to two jobs lost for each new one gained - max!
We rose while Dems stirred us to cutting jobs - twofold or more.
Wall Street!  Wall Street!  Wall Street!
Obama’s unemployment shows its faces.
How so many taken and confused
How so many let contrary seems complementary
How so many let Clintons’ surplus of trillion cut unnecessarily ring
How so while contrary to Obama best to spend spend spend a trillion & more.
Wall Street!  Wall Street!  Wall Street!
Obama’s unemployment shows its faces.
Wow!  How did we get taken first by Clintons and now?
We got taken by Clintons surpluses inappropriate with Clintons’ “risky loaning”.
We rose and followed while contrary called complementary.
Why did Clinton, President Clinton, ask the banks and Wall Street to “gamble” this way?
Wall Street!  Wall Street!  Wall Street!
Obama’s unemployment shows its faces.
Here we are web visiting stories of mass sleep ins and “OCCUPATIONS”.
Here we are web distributing TRUTH about contraries sold as complementary.
Here we are suffering for Clinton knew his SURPLUS shouldn’t work with “BUBBLING HOUSING”.
Here we are still sold by Democrats to programs known to cost two for each they wanted.
Wall Street!  Wall Street!  Wall Street!
Obama’s unemployment shows its faces.
Oh, how personal now - I did advise President Bush not to “fix” too soon.
Oh, how personal now - I did see such was set to crash - advised Bush to just “postpone” not “fix”.
Oh, how personal now - Yikes! did you hear Rahm Emanuel tell of BUSH’S TARP on Sunday?
Oh, how personal now - Yikes! by Rahm’s erudition it was President Bush saved us from GREAT DEPRESSION.
Wall Street!  Wall Street!  Wall Street!
Obama’s unemployment shows its faces.
Beyond the obvious - they led us in a contrary but sold it as complementary.
Beat they did day and night - weeks and months - at least two jobs to be lost for one made new.
Better they hadn’t been so contrary still proud and contradictory - Clintons’ SURPLUS very bad.
Boy oh boy, Americans swaddled so - austerity they didn’t “say” but seems it was their way.
Wall Street!  Wall Street!  Wall Street!
Obama’s unemployment shows its faces.
We wake to hear and see faces of Obama unemployment.
Ageless attitudes rebuked dawn to dusk - dusk to dawn.
Not for the knowing - the Clintons’ gaming and rigging - now so failing.
Tis little heard and seldom spread how contrary old Democrats cowing has been.
Wall Street?  Wall Street?  Wall Street?

J.P. Hogan   With free public library computer time at Milford Public Library.  Between out and about on my bicycle.  My tweeting with @hoganjp57 and @citizenrosebud and @jphoganorg may explain more of this.

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Keynes for one a player out of his league and times for these days.

When a silent treatment of a “mob” may be better than “a mob”

How to gallop - how to cant - how to decant these spirits a party divided?

E - rich now a foot when not a sleep - E - poor though maybe “e - rich” too?

How now old Keynsian - Keynsians anew? 

“TRUTH WILL OUT” a conundrum - a beat of yours.

“TRUTH WILL OUT” a beat of yours - discordant and rude.

We have a party divided - we have no choice.

We have a party divided - we must reboot.

We have a party divided - labor will be dead if we don’t

We have a party divided - Washington is falling - our mobs on the rise.

Oh my Democrats who are you now?

Oh my Democrats what have you undone?

Oh my Democrats where haven’t you seen your divisions?

Oh my Democrats when can we the new labor movement have the reigns from you?

Oh my Democrats how soon - we need to  be saving you from you?

Some are milking camels

Some are milking sunshine

Some are milking firsts and “CRISIS”

Some are milking monopolies on good.

Oh my Democrats is Clintons’ Global Iniative a MONOPOLY?

Oh my Democrats why does Bill get all our glory

Oh my Democrats remembering Steve Jobs

Oh my Democrats why doe Bill get all the altruistic Ipodishness for good?

Oh my Democrats why did NewYorker put Keynes tense on the balls of his feet?

Once upon a time in America

Once upon a time in America

Once upon a time in America

Perchance to dream the impossible dreams again - anew.

Oh poor Keynes and all his modern misguided Keynsians

I cannot condone being a Hogaian - too bad “Heros” of “Hogan’s Heros” taken.

Truth will out against mobs now more for “something for nothing” if so.

Truth will out against mobs now more “race to the top” and unprepared.

Truth will out against mobs not more against “too much” and “excessiveness”.

Truth will out against mobs against the same mob and its messaging.

Truth will out rememberances of liberal institutions shorting their endowments.

Truth will out rememberances not more of protest anew of nothing for something.

Oh my Democrats of Washington why is a NEW LABOR DEMOCRAT MOB about so?

Oh my Democrats oh too Keynsian - this is your dance - you caused it.

E Cantor if you must - they are acting against themselves

E Cantor if you must - They are putting Dem Americans against Dem Americans.

E Cantor if you must - Others might just anew go silent.

E Cantor if you must - Do they have any where else to go?

E Cantor if you must - Keynsians are up against “TRUTH WILL OUT”

E Cantor if you must - Mobs are working for themselves and for you - too - much.

TRUTH WILL OUT even as mobs stir and sleep.

TRUTH WILL OUT even as Obama reaches anew for yet another “new foundation.”

TRUTH WILL OUT even now especially as it has no place else to go.

TRUTH WILL OUT but who what and which party first?

TRUTH WILL OUT - Oh my Democrats why are you so now a Party divided and dividing?


J. P. Hogan - little acknowledged political poet known to the New York Press in early nineties especially the then op-ed staff of The New York Times - still writing about economics some but with little reason if any to help the Democrats again, really.  Oh, and yes blogging while doing laundry.



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Once upon a time in a land once of business, peeps were educated and encouraged.

As some crossed a rude bridge and American educated rose and shot, Adam Smith was emergent.  Once upon a day a nation was born, some how, some way.

These were not the invisible hands of our economy and freedom, these were some who would have preferred pre-Gandhian Gandhian.  How have we gotten to post-Obamian pre-Obamian?

His discordian condordian sowed so to now Obama even “un-Obamian.  His rudely bridged economics of Clintons’ administered Hamletian.  Where for ought thee the naught Hillarian?

Once upon a time in a land once of business, markets were magical not barring legal.  How Hillarian our Secretary Hillary as so “un-Obamian” now as her greater Obamian.

What pamphlets can be written and heralded wording heralded - soaped/soap boxed?  They can’t be now anti-Bush and “education” candidates - the lesson plans demand more command and more regard.

As per her Smithery it not cloaked in actual invisibility - her history is her morn - our morns her facts.  Oh Hillary so Hillarian the peeps of today not so subdued to miss your uneducatingness of your legal Hillarity so post-Obamian.

For starters our educated corpoorate peeps are missing the marketing magic of orginal Smithery - that which lawyers as at least liberal lawyers are essentially barred from by grand design.  Where for ought thee the naught Hillarians?

We can not be what you say we are - we have our education and our chronologies. 

Adam Smith where art thou?  Where has our market magic invisibility been dissolved to?  Where now with Obamians so Hillarian and contrary to our historians?

How to bar more lawyers from their uncloaked uncloaked to a time where we all wake with them not sworn to wake another morn as a barristered magistrate assuming an innocence not theirs and facts of a day and morn not a new case with new facts adjustable for another day?

Mr. Smith what happened in your go at Washington - how did our lawyers get so to such rude bridging so un-Hillarian and real in an actual Obamian Hillarian?

Where for art hath our educatedness rent -how to our peeps to a corpoorate now but naught for ought unwrought near about our systemic opinionatedness?  How now we ask and walk rudely bridged and juxtaposed to our histories - how now we sit and post and protest in e-pamplets and a post-Gandhian Bushian.

These truths we hold to be self evident - Obama and his Hillarian are barred from running on their evidence - they cannot be who they said they weren’t - we cannot be who they said we could.  We have some facts of visibility still self evident and hallowed and consecrated - even corporatized and normalized.

Now upon these times so un-Obamian even Obama much “un-Obamian” our concordian discordant unfitting for establishment education plans - their rude bridging and juxtaposed difference quite one of our times and sameness - a oneness still pluribus and unum e much now in incontrovertable propogandizementizing.

J.P. Hogan   Rough first draft - meant to stay mostly of such “rough”.

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