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Posted by: JP HOGAN @ 9:58 am

Are you ready to laugh - I mean it, are you ready to laugh?  ARE YOU READY TO LAUGH?

We could start with a immoral of this blog - of this column - of this story - of these stories mixed and mashed, we could start off with the heavy stuff but again:  ARE YOU READY TO LAUGH?

WAKE UP!  Remember where you are - and what time it is - and whom is likely to become President if you can.

It really annoyed me after 9/11 that I a resident of Washington DC was one of most kept from access to Capitol Hill steps - that I was one who had location on his side - in his “backyard” - and so was most restricted of all Americans, with all others residing in DC while the steps to our Peoples’ building a top Jenkins Hill, the Capital of the United States were secured and closed for security purposes.

(These recent columns are giving rise to old confusion about our old English around “capital” and “capitol” again.)

This is America, the union of loosely affiliated and kept superior in many ways with powers from “creator(s)” states.  We can speak of rights to vote and be represented and then juxtapose over adage about “location, location, location.”  We can say a proximity to power and when otherwise with access due to location/nearness like restaurant and grocery store communing or elbow rubbing may grant one greater powers than a right to vote or also have a voting Representative - we can suggest that a voting Representative for Washington DC is excessive power for its residents and such “power” if granted to a diminishment of American motivation and get up and go participatoriness.  It can be said that to bring DC past “non-voting delegate” to full voting “REPRESENTATIVE” may give the mixed and mashed of all parts of DC and unfair amount of power near of double representation.

Really,  are you ready to laugh?   And, yes it really annoyed me while out in our “backyard” our Washington Mall our Capital those years of my ten so that the steps to power of the People were secured and closed - I might have lost more weight sooner if I could have added step running or climbing to the end of so many of my past short and long walks - I posit.

So why are you back here this morning - are you looking for an escape - a piece of escapism political punditry?

Really, are you ready to laugh?  Governor Mitt Romney has an interesting religiousity for our current problems and could probably sell or pull off a driving of a tank of the Army of our Republic - the American Army - The Army of the United States of America.

Not laughing?  Not laughing yet?  Have you read the earlier columns here?  Can you guess the “immoral” message maybe to soon be the moral of this storification today?

WAKE UP!  I used to regularly to see machine guns and guard stations added permanently to annoying security presence tasked to keeping public from steps to the power of the People built into architecture and its purpose there upon Jenkins Hill.  The regular DC pot holes weren’t as prevalent as I could remember from visits a decade or so earlier.

WAKE UP!  In DC and any where so a urban gathering center those of residency in such a location with so much proximity may have by such and excessive amount of “access” and “representation” if those of all states there representing and their staffs and family are of local community and normal human routines and practices - there is an inherent “HOPE” that should be considered part of our “celebration and discovery” for the incubator of democracy that is our District.

WAKE UP!  Governor Mitt Romney, the Mormon, so I hear, could maybe pull off tank driving but only if he did so in all fifty states and in their militia’s tanks of their state guard units.  I don’t think the tithing revenue in the state of Utah funds their armored vehicles, but that I haven’t looked into.

Not laughing?  Not laughing yet? 

Ok!  Well, then how about an immoral of this storification often arising when those suspect arise seeing escapism possible and available more than they think themselves of a fair due or worthiness - what about when leaders have been around so long that each day that members intimate in a past administration wake up still with powers of a new administration and with sense that they are escaping due justice - what about those that awake each day a more morally diminished American leader?

No, this in not about an “immorality” about Mormons or their THE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER DAY SAINTS.  It isn’t even meant to “go there” at all - we have specifically been asked to awake and consider members intimate in current administration also intimate in an earlier administration and how by their waking each day they wake to an undeserved escapism that diminishes their own “morality” so it would be expected naturally with each new waking of a knowing sense of “getting away with highway robbery or murder” ever present cloud like due computing.

Not laughing?  Not laughing yet?

Still glad you logged back on here to see what may be a new political consideration necessary for our body politic?

Yes, this is about how the Clintons both awake diminished and damaged more each day - each day more escapism offered them smart enough and knowing enough to have some self awareness and conscience to and of their personal guilt and past of at least some negligence.  But then it is also about how a Mormon could be President and wear a “tithing” system for states as a solution without injected of over lording a forced religiousness.

Did you already know that part of one of our state’s American magic is that it is maintained and somewhat marketed specifically with a community sense and participation actually of a state based tithe system?

Can Governor of Massachusetts - former Governor Mitt Romney pull off an Olympic new tank image but for powers to our states inviolate and bolstered.  Can he pull off an Olympic Presidency where a Constitutional set a march or maneuver not a retreat but actually an evolution backwards to originally intended preservation of state and citizen people rights?

Yes, we may all be suffering now - suffering more than necessary and because one of both of Clinton 8 wake each day with an undue escapism for them to weigh on them (their souls) all day to an immorality natural to “getting away with highway robbery” or “getting away with murder” self awareness or conscience.

Like Massachusetts and its Governor Mitt’s prototype for state responsibility of a “community” that may still have been a government intervention at too large a scale - we shouldn’t presume a support of Utah and its tithe revenue stream as well either right for a nationalization or appropriate for any other state within our union - of the USA.

A “candidate” Governor Mitt Romney or as well a “President” Mitt Romney may be better to avoid tanks as a domestic defense could still be mistaken as a global offense - and well for these times - these times also Olympic - a golf cart for commuting and messaging - or a Capitol Hill Capital Subway - offers better gaming more discernible to a “moral” administering and one as sporting and competitive as if either a stars cart in Hollywood or Olympic in a specific non-Greek American way with each governor of their own teams and venues also with vessels or vehicles of like and/or matching quality.

But, how much diminished do Clintons become anew each day they wake with more escapism from “immoral” tagging while knowing in their hearts and minds that they were at least some complicit and negligent?

WAKE UP!   Yes, it is just as wrong to think that “Romneycare” meant to work nationally as it would be to think that Utah’s tithing system and revenue also appropriate for our union, our union not subscribed as a necessary compromise or a “deal with the devil” imperfectness or agreement to a lesser “perfect.”

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Posted by: JP HOGAN @ 1:16 pm

Reminds me, I was thinking you all should realize that if you set my blog as your homepage at least on your Ipad you then can go afterwards to Facebook or Twitter login with two fewer moves - that if you set my http://citizenrosebud.org URL as your homepage and then to history showing “2012us” a click on my bold typed Facebook and Twitter pages will offer you a faster way to get to your own identity.

If California is to separate into two and yet preserve that of it “californication” state with “sacraments” homage of Sacramento should Palm Springs become the southern capital?  I have no idea how your state is marketed or maintained.

These are days and months that have left some untried with souls unlitigated or fairly questioned.

Today is a day fit for digging through my archived columns via month(s) in left margin as “archived” - today is fair day to look back and reflect and find the dozen or so songs/poems/lyrics posted and shared - especially my “OUR GREEN SUBMARINE” & “UNDER THE PEAR TREE” (however it is there actually titled).

I don’t know how deserted you may be or feel or if fully embraced and cheered as holidays rapidly approach, and, again:  I have no idea how your state is marketed or maintained.

Take my state as another Constitutional wonderment established around a “Charter Oak” storification as THE CONSTITUTION STATE and now with a Malloy it donned or danned Governor.  I have no idea why our Constitution’s current threatened state of a Statism unsubscribed originally to it now has existent within it loosely an state of CONSTITUTION STATE with a Governor Dan Malloy. 

I have no idea how my own state is now being marketed or maintained.  I know of First unionized Governor Jonathan Trumbull and second a Federalist Governor Matthew Griswold - but how did we manage to today with a “MALLOY” donning - is a great question I have yet barely asked - asked myself.  Wikipedia has Trumbull listed as our 16th Governor and Griswold so our 17th - this seems very relevant since they are also the first and second to many.

Is Connecticut so governed with a representation of their fears that their identity and personal powers are being redesignated “State” rather than “state” Powers?  Why and how to a “MALLOY” donning now?

So as Massachusetts’ Pilgrims planted and harvested many moons into their own continental Americana to a more pure interpretation of holy scripts and hymns where the came from originally amassed anew to a constitution accepting of Oliver Cromwell while where they left from gave shelter some to Rene Descartes and his proofs of and too separations, from Holland.  This is all nearly as related necessarily as that at least our GANG OF 50 or the International Criminal Courts are now of a coincidental times, and, equally to a “complicated” historical where now our courts - “our courts” now inclusive of the jurisdiction of some International Courts - are maybe of jurisdiction to study the Clintons and Clintonomics of the Clinton 8 for financial fraud, willful and admitted (maybe), and a governance negligence.

Did you know that our Connecticut capital is also known historically as THE INSURANCE CAPITAL OF THE WORLD?

It may be best that our GANG OF 50 move now expeditiously and to pre-empt a claim of original jurisdiction by Greece or International Criminal Courts - it may be best now in these trying times of unlitigated negligence maybe of already admitted financial fraud by specific and willful irresponsible and knowing governance of the Clinton 8.  The Clintons are both in a new world of jurisprudence and while specifically tagable for a fault and purposeful deception with their “economics” of SURPLUS actually too much a gaming and scheming of selfish politics and popularity hunting that can clearly be highlighted with them spotlighted as having hung so many out to all this with it fair to claim it more the fault of their representatives than themselves.

We have these days, months and years of this CRISIS OF VALUATION such that President Clintons new book is nearly a joke for it of suggestions that it would be fairer to have banks claim a paper ownership of half people’s troubled property.  The Clinton economics set so many up to fail with its clear attempts to have a housing growth as an unfunded federal social program, and so with negligence and forethought a priori and willful.

Our current problema is a ‘Problema Of The Clintons 8′ - we have that they did ask banks to find a way to play with and gamble away global financial checks and balances and basically just to buy them unexpected and thought impossible popularity.  They did set most of suffering on this path of failing - they did it knowing they were playing with such risks, really.

I don’t know if your state or my state has marketed itself well enough or maintained itself well enough to now pursue a litigation about years of CRISIS OF VALUATION against “State” powerful - one or both Clintons.  Has our Congress already taken too many rights and protections onto itself so that a fair prosecution of more evidently guilty parties is no longer a protected Constitutional right of states?

We may already as well be in the reach of the jurisdiction of THE INTERNATIONAL CRIMINAL COURT though not as much for a willful governance negligence or intentional financial fraud as at least President William Jefferson Clinton, already, maybe.

We do now seem maybe better to a GANG OF 51 and a constitutional convention for ourselves - but can we or our representatives defend or ignore or protect a past so condemnable and now ever present for its specific workings to hang so many out to dry just because they were high naturally on chasing a thought impossible and lasting popularity that can be seen now better by some others as too near a financial fraud and governance negligence? 

Can we argue well enough to motives while means seem already covered and entered - can we or other establish they were purposefully willful to this that seems they don’t deserve to belittle or blame our GANG OF 50 however now political or united for faults theirs with a known effecting expecting it could set so many up to fail?

In college and for a philosophy class I did have to read Franz Fanon’s THE WRETCHED OF THE EARTH and work it into a paper — I did so and to my considerated think with a presentation as CAPITALISM - THE PATH TO WORLD PEACE.  For another class in a different area I did type out on an IBM Selectric in my college room a paper in economic thought maybe for a class in Urban Economics so as NEW HAVEN AND ITS ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT.  

I don’t know if we are ready and better to see California now with a half sister government as equal and with may Palm Springs a proper and equally poetic tag - I don’t know - I don’t know.   And why should we let Obamacare and its administering as if states are court eunuchs of fifty to be railroaded whimsically whenever now or forever by State in or from Washington.  I don’t know how at risk of a reach of the courts this all is today and as well of the current and developing reach of THE INTERNATIONAL CRIMINAL COURT.

Stand with your Governor - stand now - stand up for your Constitution preservation of rights from your creator - we deserve to have our Governors all as visible and proud as our President and as well any and all other sovereign state’s leaders.  Stand now before a ruling to supreme dominance for Presidents can be confused as supremely right and not as it more would be to an essential titling and crowning of non-American powers onto future holder(s) of our executive representation.

Save yourself - save your Governor - save our history and our Constitution and secured protections.  It may not be too late.

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Posted by: JP HOGAN @ 7:46 pm

There is a major difference between assumptions about auto insurance requirements and presumptions to an assimilation and misappropriation otherwise swung to health insurance.  We can start by swinging around “made in America” duplicitously.

A quick patch more community sensitive and environmentally p.c. as regards false improper assumptions definitely has some basis around histories about swinging and swapping, even interchangeable parts and such.  There is that “made in America” duplicitousness now again also about Al Gore inconveniently maybe not pulled off his family “SMOKE IT” sled early enough.

We have an auto industry and requirements of and from Washington and Congress necessarily excessive due to a paternity and/or materinity undeniable or separable from liability and risk exposure and customer rights and protections - we have that automobiles and auto insurance are directly related to products and machinery of designs approved and permitted by Government - and so of a duty from a shared liability exposure from “parenting” by permitting and permissions — We have one clear side of swinging now between “made in America” and “made in America” conundrum.

The “product” liberals (maybe still swinging) are about with health insurance requiring can be said to be “made in America” but in now way as like an automobile - made in an automobile and a good back seat - maybe - but not made from or of a necessary Government edict.

It is so clear that Obamacare and assumptions and presumptions of liberals (still swinging or swapping liberals) is of a contrariness to all of our first ten Amendments, all passed together in full ratification by December 15th, 1791, and as seeming poetic homage representing still as of religious calender so of “in the Year of our Lord” ordaining so to the Ten Commandments.  It is clear that 1st Amendment bars just Congress from making laws respecting an establishment of religion and while allowing that Presidents are to be left full American freedom to wear their religiousness on their sleeves.

If you were to approach ten Democrats in Washington of power that have years about them enough to have been mature some in just the 70s, and Republicans too, how many would tell of days of swinging as a bachelor or independent female, or or wife swapping?  If you were to look back at early footage of Clintons and Gores would you presume now (or again) that those four must have been swinging and swapping?  Was it just the Democrats so liberated and rebellious to their parents and grandparents preached or spoken of as actual and proper ways?

Was Al Gore, weened on a southern family tobacco plantation actually of having had a childhood children’s plantation styled tobacco sled named “SMOKE IT”?   Is his story of having been NOT pulled or weened from it at an early enough age or maybe that he was emotionally pulled/separated from it at too early an age - to early even if addicting people to nicotine has been proven to be a bad thing?

So our First Amendment is not as much a “separation of Church and State” writ as heralded for it seems firstly homage to commandment towards there being only one God.  As our ten amendments represent the ten commandments not as mere repetition of “shalt not” edicts our amendments establish rights to be secured and preserved for America’s citizen people first and foremost with power to protect themselves from others attempting to swing to violations of spirit of the ten other - the TEN COMMANDMENTS. 

But?  But what about “separation” - what is separated?

Hmmm.  “But?”  Well it does seem to separate that state not “State” is separated by specific start with “Congress shall…” so that only Congress, and not even the executive branch is involved in this necessary preservation affirming citizen people and their “state’s” right to be separate and superior to Congress as per religion and establishment of religiousness.  Congress by Constitutional intent affirming by our first ten amendments is to be kept separated from “State” establishments unless they can and do attempt to rally all of “We the People” citizen peoples with a Constitutional convening to amend and ratify new “rights.”

Government of Congress can presume a liability and duty to auto insurance for being of a shared liability about all such machinery necessary of official permitting and permissions.

Government does not make the property related to their attempts to assimilate with Obamacare.  Such may be “made in America” and at times actually “made in American cars” and of old or new “swinging” or “swapping” but it is not and cannot be said to be government made or of a shared liability in or of or from permitted manufacturing.

As our Constitution was affirmed - as it with its clever preamble and then subscribing by all of each state, each so participating as representatives of states, with their mark being to preservation of its ordaining not to be a necessary compromise agreed to by all to a lesser arrangement, it so was boldly so authorized as a religious establishment by specific constructs that it was being “ordained” “in the Year of our Lord…” to a “more perfect” at least so much to negate an assumption or presumption of a negative.

Are you old enough to have considered the the Clintons and Gores while just candidates to our executive branch looked worthy of presumption or assumptions to a tag that they were “modern” and “swingers” or “swappers”?

Our First Amendment bolstered by our Second Amendment as itself a right to protect oneself from theft as with “militia” and “arms” rights so too they both work to secure and preserve to states (not State) and citizen people a right to be protected from Congress assuming or presuming rights like Obamacare so as Congress of laws respecting establishment of at least religious “charity” (or NOT).  As our Second Amendment secures a freedom of “arms” - a freedom from being “STATE ARMS” more like “State Arms” as regulated we can see another conflict Constitutional in our first 10 Amendments separate from “commerce” being applied to issues to invasiveness and real violations of otherwise secure privacy rights - we can see that Obamacare runs afoul of Second Amendment for such secures “arms” otherwise thought of a right to be arms bearing of “arms” (weapons) invalid or otherwise nationalized to “Soldier” and away from “citizen” or “Militia” protections.

Yes, short of a Constitutional amending our founding fathers and all involved in the amending and ratifying by 1791 seemed to have made it illegal, yes, really, yes - short of constitutional amending, that laws specific to establishment usual about “Christian” charity are not powers of “State” but Powers kept to “states” and or otherwise superior and separate for citizen people.

But, as per accusations of a whole era more Democratic with swinging and swapping is a “butt” better put to at least Gore. 

Al Gore was raise to push nicotine, right?  He was raised in a southern family tradition to maximize their plantations capitalist potential - he should be naturally then nurtured to offering the most “nick of time” response either manufactured or truthful.

But?  But?  A “patch” now so and for so much about from one more raised upon “SMOKE IT”? 

Madam Secretary of State Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton - But it is not 3 a.m. - can we get a “historical” not “political”?

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Posted by: JP HOGAN @ 11:04 am

No this is not meant to be a rehashing of indiscretions about Washington politics, personal, during the Clintons’ 8 - it may not be an endorsement specific of Newt Gingrich (yet?) either.

As Donna Brazile was tweeting about, it may be more, it may be more about a considerate review of how Democrats and liberals had “too many cooks” and no “restaurant business plan” - like.  I may use this space today to explain the down economy well and with a history at least as relevant as information specifically in article link tweeted by @DonnaBrazile today.

How about that Newt Gingrich, though? 

When he was in Congress in the early nineties he was near of a greater danger for America than what was early Democrat attempts at excess - he was near of a rising that President Bush - President George H. W. Bush - had to attempt to fend off, and fear himself of a possible inadequacy for such as a new duty or charge if reelected - there was a rising, a Christian rising, as much a danger across our lands as excessive excessiveness liberal inadequately considered or planned “HOPE.”  When Newt Gingrich was of the Congress of the early 90s America was as much at risk from the Christian right as from the Liberal Left - it may have been worse if President Bush had been reelected and inadequate to checking the vast right wing move, Christian, to claim “Christian” pathology as a primary and superior explanation for the “winning” of THE COLD WAR by the USA.

We may have had the economic slide because of a vast left wing liberal and green conspiracy - we could say such but it seems it more important to look at left as mentioned for being of “too many cooks” and so a governance and movement inadequate to tagging as “conspiracy.”  (Donna Brazile and I have met - the first time in person was likely a District of Columbia town hall meeting with non-voting DC Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton held in United States House of Representatives conference room.  I can remember at least one proudly mentioning the late William Stringfellow as part of his perspective - but maybe only because I spent a summer month near fully spent landscaping his yards on Block Island then near three years before he passed away from cancer.  For those here reading who know Jim Wareck I can add she visible got mad at him for not having already told her about me.)

Today’s question then can be:  Even if the Democrats had acted in mass so since early days of “Pelosi Congress” and then more so into just first days of Obama administering with bi-cameral support, partisan, so that the excessive number of their initiatives had not had the bad economic foundation left over still from Clintons’ SURPLUS it may have been enough by itself to have crashed the economy - it may have been enough for failing to have been  reasoned enough to be a planned vast conspiracy of the left and so to having been, again, “too many cooks” with their “art of the deal” more like them of having all just thrown policy “spaghetti” at the walls of our democracy.

My perspective was enriched for having been in DC and still freshly from ceasing my carpentry and building at times with much custom welding to write full time, or at least strategize full time, and so to having been able to very visibly see the related price creep from increased gas prices - especially when buying 2inch by 2inch twenty four foot lengths of 14 gauge steel.

What the Clinton “HOUSING BUBBLE ECONOMY” did do effectively was quite that it boldly encouraged people to spend more than they had, and/or at least spend to the very limits of what they thought they would have, or could have.  We have it as incontrovertible that Clintonomics set Americans to a personal financial edge or cliff that couldn’t or wouldn’t tolerate higher gas prices and especially a price creep from such as it worked through our economy with higher transport and production costs related to fuel pricing.

That was the dish most served by Clintons, together.  They did proudly claim their “surpluses” were like politically moral - even though they were smart enough to be aware of the risks they individually were vastly increasing by asking for help to their “HOUSING BUBBLE ECONOMICS” and then for cheerleaders to cheering for it though known to be very risky, and even economically wrong.

There is a far simpler explanation using “too many cooks” and as a consideration inadequate to an intention well enough thought or planned to measure to an arrogance as “conspiracy.”

Again, in the early nineties, we may have been faced with the Christian Right a greater threat to our Union than a easing in of Clintons and some of Liberal Left excessive wants.  It may have been a far greater “danger” to have let the Christian Right assert a pathology of a forensical analytic suggestive that our COLD WAR success was strictly due to America being a Christian nation.

How about that Newt Gingrich - he can run and especially so against even the diminished “Hillary” as an American who moved us strongly forward and moderately without too much polarity back during the Clintons’ 8.  He can run as one more responsible for many of Clintons’ 8 “successes” that weren’t of their specific “cooking” to undermine and underfund a better long term economy, that was of their knowing specific conspiring.

So the inconvenient truth about Al Gore as a new “Mr. Weather” or “Mr. Science” is that his “cooking” and “scare tactics” did cause a serious spike in oil and gas prices, and so, as above mentioned, to eventful excess and inappropriate economic cooking on top of Clintons’ “cooking” that couldn’t be absorbed/afforded.  The “end of the world as we know it” mad recipe of new “Mr. Science” Al Gore did force a subjective variation into oil and fuel markets in a objective and measurable ways but more dangerously actually on the emotional and subjective consumer side as children were stirred to call their parents and most adults “POLAR BEAR KILLERS” with each and every gallon or kilowatt usage consideration.

It is a fact that Speaker Pelosi did try to lead cheers for Clintons’ SURPLUSES and for nearly all her years of such duty - it is a fact that she was so to an pride and arrogance to holding a ‘popularity’ to Clintons’ economics and so irresponsibly and dangerously so especially for her cheering to hold the line on just the partisan spending side of so many of the cuts the Clintons made that President Bush just started to realized needed to be reversed.  Yes, there are measurable facts available to suggest and confirm that Speaker Pelosi did fight with a pride for Clintons to specifically keep President Bush from altering and increasing spending that would then be counter to Clintons’ SURPLUSES and yet critically necessary to any attempt, even like present, to try to fix or save just our economy.

The simplest explanation for the down economy is that there were “too many cooks” - too many liberal cooks working not in a scientific, measured or strategized way all at once — that in fact we have had this down economy because they tried to field or cook too many liberal policies and agendas all at once.   It really helped that Al Gore’s inconvenient “end of the world as we know it” alarmism and scare tactics did spike oil and gas prices both for “subjectiveness” and then as well the actual concerning science that allowed children around the world to all start lobbying their parents to find as many ways to reduce consumption to an new engineered efficiency, unchecked, to a new “greeness” and to a public image less of being murderers of polar bears.

This all could have happened sooner and in the early nineties, but maybe for specific leadership and conspiracies creditable to Newt Gingrich contractual leadership.  But for the Republican sweep in 1994 we might have gotten into this economic mess a whole lot sooner, especially since it is now also measurable and factual that candidate Hillary Clinton made political promises near as grossly and poorly conceived as candidate Barack Obama - that Hillary to have survived as a President during these same past few years should have been of her now committed to nearly an identical administering method and practice as that which she, arguably, is now quite inseparable from.  A “President Hillary Clinton” today would likely have become just as much an economic conundrum as President Obama has - and maybe more so for it would have seemed more clear and visible that it has been just more years for Clintons’ economic team.

It just seems wrong to call President Obama a SOCIALIST - it just seems wrong to suggest he alone is a SOCIALIST and that Secretary of State Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton if actually of an “ideology” or “reasoned manifesto” isn’t actually a more dedicated special example of “SOCIALIST.”

Of course we still can wonder on an absurdity about 2008 elections where we were supposed to believe that Warren Buffett hadn’t fallen off his office chair or Easy Boy with his suggestions and cheering near specifically of a proposition that he, he the “Oracle of Omaha” was sane and of sound mind, was believing that either “Hillary” or “Barack” could better manage his money and with centralized and socialized nationalization than he could himself.

There really was an economic madness about 2007 and 2008 American politics.  The 2008 elections, again, may have been one commenced and effected with our electorate the most willfully misinformed and generally dumbed down especially by Liberals than any other yet in our short history.   This though is less of cause for down economy than that they were maybe specifically to attempts to try to advance too many cheers for too many liberal policies and agendas all at once - that they were to being “too many cooks” and while in an “economic” “kitchen” already worthy of condemnation for the mess that was ever present but little discussed once served as the CLINTONS’ SURPLUSES.

So the good news is that all this could have happened much sooner - that it might have happened with “SOCIALIST FIRST LADY HILLARY” tagging by early 90s but for the Republican countering with the elections of 1994.  We have such a repeating of history some - it was after our Civil War that many thought Congress better to determine the terms of Reconstruction than whomever was then holder of our office of the President. 

So the bad news is somehow the Democrats did without sufficient reasoning and strategizing adequate to being tagged of a VAST LEFT WING CONSPIRACY did manage to find a chance to try again. 

So now we have that without Speaker Pelosi having kept President Bush from reversing so much of spending side of Clintons’ SURPLUSES, and for so long, there may have been a better chance to have kept the oil and gas price spiking from Al Gore’s inconvenient “end of the world” alarmism and so to the “beginning” of this current mess - this owned as “OBAMANOMICS” that has now so long been of those that Clintons had encouraged to max out all their spending not being able to avoid an economic domino effect once they no longer could afford the gas for their cars or fuel for their homes, and all the price creep that happened as transportation costs became a collateral collapsing of great damage/damaging.

Note:  This is not an “endorsement” of Newt Gingrich - it is not any time yet for an endorsement of any just yet, here.

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Posted by: JP HOGAN @ 11:33 am

These days may have us still in and of a 1st Act that started about when President was “Barry” Obama - Harvard Law Student - and real politic, American, was complicated in places like New York City and New Haven with firsts for them of political expression and trust consecrated and consummated there with while others mere witness as their mayors became black.

When “Barry” was just a student of or in laws fresh to his community escape so self biographed as embodying himself whence with a:  If I only had real power - I’ve got to get out of this place… - yet so less paraphrased, and otherwise more public, and published, historic “Barry” tale, self telling one David Dinkins and one John Daniels were breaking through political community barriers.

While so then it was near just Boston experimenting with new community policing and William Bratton’s crime stat tracking ideas to a predictive policing via statistical and beat policing, necessarily uncentralized or then decentralized, but for data, civilizations like New York metropolitan area and the Greater New Haven area were of an outdated media and press prejudice of sorts - “a black and white” simplicity.

It may be most critical today to be thankful that our media did become willing to change - were accepting of pushes and shoves to change by those not officially of their profession.  Some of this may be more historic to the days of stirring where white candidates were trying to succeed at making first black mayors one termers.  In New Haven, it may be more familiar for some, though still an unknown or lesser known media revolution of sorts for hope and change well ahead of a President from Hope or a later candidate to surprisingly high office ascension of “Hope and Change.”  There was a void in early days of change where our media and journalist professionals did have to change and to an offered way to write and report other than as crimes of “white and black” general or stereotyped simplicity.

I speak proudly of William Bratton and his biography to community policing - and as one who crossed paths with a “sharing” of old school networked “wiring” when then in Boston myself in that one year of Suffolk Law School that I thought I should get to become a better MAD MAN or marketer or just entrepreneur.  He had been some what moved aside from his Boston community efforts and given charge of the most dilapidated police force in Massachusetts - and all its old near broken down green colored police cars with the reported “mostly broken radios” - when I spotted a bunch of his new charge a block from Temple Street and nearly laughed - but stopped and to a set to lasting wiring for shared ambitions to see American communities and cities improve.  It helped to network him, though necessarily due to familiarity, with my dad and some covertly to his benefit as one much interested and involved specifically for improvements across New Haven area.

When at least New Haven was of its first black mayor and contesting for office such local media coverage was stuck in the past - often with an offering in all crime stories that included not “race” but “color” stereotyping often of like of say:  26 year old black did this… or black man caught….  Leadership to changing this media and journalistic standard did not and was not coming from Washington, well at least until after it started at least in New Haven.

There may be a order of progression and maturation for such become a new and improved, and one that mostly anchors to days “Barry” was still in law school writing his biography.  There is a progression from late eighties at least wired with or for a media assistance to help community leaders regardless of color work to a new governance and reporting less specifically about color.  There is a tale little told of a start from New Haven then embraced in New York media for New York City region that then had a third time around with a rechecking and refiguring then years later about DC hopes and while I can say Clinton/Gore already about working locally and globally to have improvements work for fewer and more selfishly politically with effecting to a more partisan and political, not fit for change hopes of enough.

We can be thankful that some saw was to being actually community and statistic based with a recall to regular beats and a decentralizing from reached bunker mentality policing then entrenched too many places and that others to be supported saw ways to be pro-active with entertaining story lines and themes, unheralded mostly, specifically considered to give ambitious change agents more room to inspire and operate than they seemed to be considering maybe necessary or possible as so maybe of thanks hardly considered yet for some that were writing to help them level playing fields, and globally.

There have been three stages or phases of development since those days when New York City and New Haven braved their first black mayors, and such as of days when our cities were basically to badly off that President Bush was wise not to rush into Baghdad to attempt to conclude the Persian Gulf War since it globally seemed Americans had nothing better to offer Iraqi cities.

What started specifically focused with a global air for New Haven hopes and return it seemed to white leadership did get reworked with an energy more specific to opportunities to improve New York Metropolitan areas and then as well some split about DISTRICT for District of Columbia but also some more generally though for Los Angeles.  There were efforts to be pro-active that were not of official efforts by community leaders - and the amateur(s) so involved “pro-active” may be most unsung and missing from Dems efforts to further their lessings and global reductions to grab political and partisan holds on improvements maybe revolutionary still actually once worked and kept to actually benefit more and more more equally.

At the wrap up of THE PERSIAN GULF WAR it was generally acceptable at least in America that the United States of America had little to offer Iraqi people that might suggest that we could better operate municipalities better than Saddam Hussein.  We can be thankful that same efforts that made a community wave that Governor Clinton was able to learn about, sight and try to ride, did have enough revolved already about it that within just first few years of United Nations sanctions on Saddam and his Iraq - a movement greater that Bill Clinton, President, had progressed enough already that he could have moved to prosecute Saddam Hussein within his first term.

But, alas, that would have required leadership, and a bravery from President Clinton, the politician.  When in early 90s American media did move away from unnecessary “color” or “race” identification in near every crime story it as well by moving more towards a new and general improved standard of “beyond black and white simplicity” it did as well enter into a new American frontier inclusive of more religions and cultures - with embrace that more than two parties involved in their communities.

“New Haven is a great city, with problems yes, but none that the culturally diverse and talented peoples and businesses of the greater New Haven area can’t address and solve together.”  (June 8, 1991)  I was there - some of you were there and there/here more than others - we have a lot of others though to be thankful to more actual soldiers or minutemen of the days of hard work and change then bravely attempted.

Happy Thanksgiving!  May we restore ourselves to fullness of such from days before more limited and partisan machinations reduced better opportunities so from opportunities to  a flatter world for more and more equally that were of initial bipartisan and pro-active American change towards, otherwise and less devilishly partisan.

Some of you here now are here/there as never before - I give thanks - I give much thanks to such - I get that some of you may not have even been born yet, whence.  I give thanks.  This may still be essentially the1st Act - I give thanks.

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Posted by: JP HOGAN @ 11:56 am

May this Thanksgiving Day and weekend find you shovel ready.  I do not yet know if this isn’t the first such celebration entered into by the United States of America in our history preceded barely by a previous Secretary of State suggesting a “moronic” about their successor and current President as if “morons.”

No matter how served throughout this celebration it will be hard to avoid just how “POLITICAL” both Clintons remain, to date, currently.  As per our feasting and our healthcare alone we have remembered old TV reporting by a (once) doctor friend of Clintons that suggested a few years ago that Americans could save a trillion healthcare dollars if they could just get our nation back to the average personal weights from just before the Clintons became our First Couple.

As our more Jobian cornucopias tables are spread and celebrations want for jobs have their glasses lifted for toasts we have the POLITICAL in a Clinton, one at least, as per jobs and economy, suggesting he could fix everything.  He didn’t before so shouldn’t really be able to “again” but for his popularity to “sex, drugs, and rock n roll” selling of indecency - surely if selling indecency instead of a federal example to a more decent standard is all that is needed then surely it is someone else that should get a turn, even maybe a Republican.

As these days for celebration in thanks to Obama’s Austerity and Greening serving are of glasses lifted to toasts, and a consideration of another Clinton, currently unavoidably “in POLITICS” for serving up the issue contrary that a Clinton (a Democrat) can be taken seriously for “toughness” of their turkey talk as per sanctions - so contrary to their heirloom recipe - As toasts are offered celebrant of such or such and while maybe this our first where a successful former Secretary of State vociferous recently about a visible “oxymoronic” suggestive we are now lead by “morons” - Please pass the potatoes.

May this Thanksgiving find bounty about your seasonal cornucopia fit for your thankfulness and our pre-Obama Pilgrims, and as well our more original intent within and of our pre-Obama Constitution.  As per his Obama Austerity and Greening over lording one of daily mass broadcast interruptions to near an hour a day five to seven days a week to a establishment from evangelizing - again:  “Shovel ready wasn’t as shovel ready as (they) thought.”

We have that an official construct could have been effected around former First Lady of Clinton to being a believable “non-Political” Secretary of State and so therefore established by pardoning, official, to a Descartian separation between Mrs. Clinton and her past, her very political past.  Such would have needed her to have a Presidential Pardon to forgive her for her past “crimes” and “negligence” while First Lady - counsel to other spouse - White House Staffer officially “involved.”  Such should have needed more than the brusk white washing of all finances Clinton by new President Barack Herbert Hoover Obama as per foundations and library and as well maybe rents for NYC based global initiatives.  We shouldn’t now just be able to “follow the money” to affirm both Clintons are endowed as “officers” both and so “in POLITICS” necessarily.

We have possible toasting of either of Clinton house now with contrary body and bitter bite - we of this now Jobian First American “…moronic” Thanksgiving so set to be a necessary celebration toasting success of Obama Austerity and Greening New Deal socializing, though now with less mass evangelizing towards laws towards establishment.  We have a stale Clinton, we have stale Clintons - they are the POLITICAL of these times - they are inseparable!  Well you know what I mean - a separable inseparable, like - still. 

We have she of “bite” supposedly not “POLITICAL” while offering herself as believable as a Clinton not a Clinton - one somehow not of the mush about global sanctioning that is the now contrary Clintonesque.  She is at least raising the “POLITICAL” toasted or not by offering her bites now clearly to undermine her boss Obama and his declarations and oratory that “it was all Bush’s fault”! 

We cannot now accept one of the Clinton house as tough on sanctions without such by such a condemnation without a pardon of another, at least, of the Clinton House - the Clintons’ 8 - of from and intimate to the imprudent days of governance of the coddling First Couple Clintons.  It is POLITICAL for one Clinton to be contrary to the days of Clintons soft on sanctions and more judicial diets, more domestic than McDonald’s take out suggestive for all that “loyalty” meant two Big Macs per day, per Clinton “pilgrim.”

Can it be that President William Jefferson Clinton can only offer hope to our economy with a new selling of “sex, drugs, and rock n roll” Presidential indecency toasting?  Can it be now that if such is all that is of his “secret recipe” surely someone else, or an entire gang of fifty that is our Governors are to the all and each of them now more deserving of such a celebration?

Unless we are to believe as we gather round our tables and harvest (bountiful?) collections these days celebrant of pre-Obama protestant reforming also pre-Constitutional and his Obama Austerity and Greening New Deal Hooverisms that one Clinton’s sanctions are different from another’s and not “POLITICAL” now so - then President Obama’s sanctions now may come with same ten to twelve year grace period - a similar and equal time as offered Saddam Hussein to escape greater guilt and malfeasance. 

We have them inviolate as lawyers - they have their own precedence - it is clearly POLITICAL.

So, again, as this Jobian harvest celebration commences and as maybe our first where a predecessor to a reigning Secretary of State under another President has toasted the season now upon so many so as of them “oxymoronic” and so as morons.  So, again,  a blackest of Fridays now approaches with one of Clinton house no less now still in POLITICS, still, than another, and with our Presidential messaging still as conceived to an obedience of his toasts early and often discerning loudly that we the people of the United States of America were using too much gas, spending too much, eating too much, & not saving enough - for starters.  We have that the “green” and “austere” Presidential “leadership” read - read off his teleprompters has been targeted that being shovel ready would be disloyal - that jobs were wrong especially jobs to make roads and bridges better for less efficient cars and clunkers. 

We have a new Jobian made global by this now non-bolshevik bolshevik minority.  They can’t have been intentionally to job creating or saving, while distributing billions and billions supposedly for such - to create a job is to counter their “austere” and “green” critical priorities - a job would return you to excess and wasteful energy consumption - jobs mean energy and energy so is bad. 

And that wasn’t the worst of their “oxymoronic”!   And so again now that one of Clinton House could only be a non-Political Secretary of State if holding a Presidential Pardon for her intimate effecting and otherwise coddling during her political reigning as First Lady, and, only if all contribution dollars not just white washed with a broad and vague basting by President Obama approval were checked with detail and with all taxpayer dollars for legacy preservation of her politics, and “Bill’s”, whether for foundation rents for new global power reaching and grabbing initiatives or just their Presidential Library, were returned to the penny. 

We can follow the money this Thanksgiving, some of us at least - May 2012 harvest celebration about our Thanksgiving become of a renewed cornucopia of Americana less “moronic” and more Constitutional.

May more be as able to follow the money and understand the complicity and dangerous compromising by next Thanksgiving or even the approaching new year toasts.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all - we at least have freedoms guaranteed much and more regular specifically now enhanced for all under “campaign” rules - under rules that protect us maybe more when a President starts campaigning near full time.

This may be our most POLITICAL Thanksgiving yet - Can we toast a necessity that those of Clintons’ house return all tax payer contributions back to the first days supposedly after surrendering their executive powers to another per our thought effective Constitutional limitations?  Can we toast that both Clintons are still most POLITICAL and currently as long as they don’t return all tax payer dollars for rents and library and such dating back to days now admissible as early “moronic” and epic nearer what must have been as well toastable as “moronic” that was much of Clintons’ 8? 

Happy Thanksgiving this Jobian Harvest Season a new “Jobian” for all - austere and green - by Democrat Party design.

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Posted by: JP HOGAN @ 11:58 am

Pilgrim - where is your grit?   

If looking later oxymoronically through your pince-nez retrospectacle to see a Pleistocene tarring coming where might you find yourself today about the 98%?

We are living through many eras and much historic or distorted Americana, as per traditions this week again.  How could they - how could 98% of the reportedly most ambitious chambered of our Country have done it - how could they have decided it was better for their own political ambitions to en masse near unanimous, but not, have voted their peer Senator Hillary Clinton out of their primary halls and hallways?

We now live daily with a rare conundrum equal and separate to that said of once President Theodore Roosevelt, as a excessively loud or outspoken past executive about the matters of then current seated leaders - we live with confusion unchecked sufficiently about a rough ride mostly unlitigated of President Bill Clinton regularly aired as if an allowance to be loud and outspoken, likewise.

How wrong was it that our Constituted Senators to their duties prescribed and subscribed by our original documents have been politically or representively responsible so with only two of them thinking it would be better and safer, maybe, to keep Senator Clinton safely embraced by traditions theirs and its heavy hand to seniority?  Was it just politics that such body politic of ours thought their selfish and representative best interests were cleared to a more possible, politically for each of them, if Senator Clinton moved out and near buried over at State - at State under President Obama?

Oh, Constitution, where is your true grit? 

So we can say, to the each and all of us, if we so desire, that our Constitution, so Amended with ratification of ten affirming more erudite addendi, did establish important protections prohibitive to Hillarycare or Obamacare and even with specific and different meanings in usages of “militia” and “soldiers.”  It is allowable that all of our first ten Amendments speak to a subscribing of American as of a forbidding to most of ideology of Obamacare and generally of Obamanomics and its politics.

Is this Thanksgiving the one where the “crazy uncle” at your table is President Obama performing his unique variations of Uncle Sam?  — And so:  Madam Secretary of State Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton at all the same tables and without any grit. - We may hear too.

There may be a little more latitude in Amendment VII than others since as per common law and valuation “twenty dollars” can only be suggestive of how low a Constitutional bar is regarding medical and health disputes in common law with people of juries kept in charge.  What dare say is twenty dollars worth on ratification day of December 15, 1791 in today’s monetary valuation such that the people of jurisdiction so preserved to them become the arbiters even about healthcare suits instead of Government or Congress?

There clearly has to be a very different import in a use of “Militia” as per citizen soldiers and rights to bear Arms not with their arms so over lorded in peacetime as if State arms to infringing rights to have your own Arms in your uninfringed arms - and then the use of “Soldier” more relative and akin to past British Kingdom attempts to quarter loyal forces in the Americana of every-man castles - their homes.  “Militia” and “Soldier” cannot be nearly the same Constitutionally.  George Washington commanded our Continental Armies, right?  But what about Amendment VIII bar seeming to even excessive fines like Obamacare embodies or the IXth specific to importance of retaining rights to the people?

To put more grit and a “V” in an UnConstitutionality for Obamacare - it seems it is all about asking all to answer for “capital, or otherwise infamous crimes” not theirs, specifically or necessarily, and especially since Amendment V wraps up as with:  “nor shall private property be taken for public use without just compensation.”

I don’t know what to really say this Thanksgiving, still, about our Senate once of 98% and near unanimous voting to move their political peer out from their chambers and seeming to a political burial at State under Obama.  It seems still better a “selfish serving” than a rational or prudent reading or leading. 

With GOP debate moving this evening to CNN Debate hosted with two of DC’s most respected Think Tanks we seemed faced now with due query:  “Should Hillary Rodham Clinton resign before the debate or after the debate?”  This may actually be the first Thanksgiving where Clintons’ “turkey” is globally served with any “bite.”  Have you heard her try to stand as creditable “with bite” on Iran - have you wondered enough how odd this seems for one so intimate and involved in the Clinton 8 historically absent of santioned “bite”?

Madam Secretary Clinton has no true grit - she seems just a pilgrim without our country so yet subscribed.  Her recipe has until now been regular and historic actually for lacking sanctioned “bite.”

How do we thank the 98% this Thanksgiving - they gave us these dangers - they gave us this unprepared feast that has been Madam Secretary of State under President Obama - they gave us her free and undisciplined global giving when a diet finally available globally of a new rationing to more sharing or contributing to or with the United States of America than soft acceptance and dependence want of more free helpings from Clintons?

We can’t go back - we can’t go back in time - we can’t undo the done - we can though return to our Constitution and our Constitutionals - but what of those of the 98% - why didn’t they say no to peer Clinton and try to bury her in their halls and its seniority structures?

We have at least a fight between two Clintons to referee - that of the governance of Clinton under Obama and then the rogue Clinton poking at his spouse and his party’s leader and President - maybe more loudly than that said of Colonel Roosevelt in new book by same title.

As we move to travel and consumate America as we wish it anew newly again this Thursday - as “Hillary” approaches “tar pits” of actual evolution - did you here her predecessor call her and President Obama with “leading from behind” — like:  they are oxymoronical?

Pilgrim, Pilgrims all:  What would be more prudent - more prudential, and American, for all, now?

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Posted by: JP HOGAN @ 12:34 pm

The times may vary,  some may “cook” in their own “times” and others generally in real time.

When Madonna broke out dressing George as if Marie Antoinette it may have been a dangerous and princely mistake.

Our body politic has been distorted, basely, and with inadequate or early enough rage.  The Clintons may have killed Kennedy - they may have discombobulated say a hen among hens, even a princely hen, as told of a relativity to one thought a fox of earlier hen houses.  It is Strauss and Cropsey that speak of an American King John Locke - for having given those of our continent and its new communities a attempted answer to:  WHAT IS POLITICAL POWER?

To quote from HISTORY OF POLITICAL PHILOSOPHY of our America’s Philosopher - our king:  “But Locke recognized passion as the supreme power in human nature and argued that reason can do no more than serve the most powerful and universal desire and guide it to its fulfillment.  Only when this ordering of things is understood and accepted as the true and natural ordering is there any prospect of success in mankind’s struggle for freedom, peace, and plenty.  That, above all else, is Locke’s political teaching.”

The princely start that was of George too Marie Antoinette as Madonna may have been of an unreal time in our time more fit to the time warp wanted by Clintons.  We can now long study and discourse about how a “two-fer” mind and body separation rationale too ungermainic to the world of such days, that is the lesser discussed of the Clintons was to attempts to make the times fit their wants instead of them to service fitting our times, actual times.  The Clintons can not have acted alone in this “killing” of Kennedy.

How to be want to times, global times and actual irregular passions varied much around the world about large and small cells of diverse peoples, to conform to a First Couple - a Political “Two-fer” Power Couple - more to “life” reign than an acceptance of prescribed and rational limits is a dish best served complicated - fully dished as visibly complicated.

There was a dangerous alternate serving available and nearly of regular distribution that was as well of an era of mixed foretelling for dynastic Kennedy princes - Vice President Al Gore could have been decided the “winner” by the Court or the People and as well just before Clinton’s inheritance of 9/11 became just as visible and unavoidable - we might have just gone into Afghanistan as if a new Vietnam and not at all have addressed the larger and more historic problems of such region still specific to guilt and malfeasance of Saddam Hussein.

Many more may remember the CRASH.  Many may remember how depressing it was that one long from said Joseph, the “fox in the hen house” did pass that night flying uncertified yet to fly at night, that night that billed “pornographic” spousal film by Stanley Kubric that was EYES WIDE SHUT was opening at least so as it was said to be teased about Tom and Nicole - that an American “Prince” had passed, and not alone.  How was his George inappropriately served in times better more moderated for American global image - our democratic republic image?

Was William Jefferson Clinton a “father” he never had?  Was President Clinton too busy trying to make the times fit his “two-fer” to have himself better moderated a governance not now so arguably “negligent”?

Senator Edward Kennedy did long represent the down trodden - he did long push for a national healthcare program that might make it easier for America to have princes.  He did do a lot of good - the Kennedy family has done a lot of good - did his solution to healthcare though become a dinosaur of now extinct pre-tech era and inappropriate and outdated in today’s Jobian era of new tablets?  Were his solutions all that made sense while more local and community base and better options hobbled by a lack of any sufficiently speedy technological enforcement matrix to prevent cross-county cheating?

How Machiavellian were/are the Clintons?  Was theirs always too selfish and political to power grab and lasting reigning?  Why is it so now easy to suggest they went wrong with their recipes early and often for having tried to make their “cooking” times fit their wants instead of the actual chemistry of those times?  How machinated were their “two-fer” politics with FRIENDS OF BILL domination near tyrannical by times of HILLARY FOR PRESIDENT - how much of them just “bad apples” or such?

For everyone there is their local seasons - for many there is intrastate and interstate commerce - even global commerce in actual real time.  Where have all the dynastic Kennedy “princes” gone - have they found more American days of celebration and practice?  How is it that there was a Machiavellian era about America where no matter where you turned it seemed another Kennedy “prince” or “princess” was spreading their “reigning” - was over-lording our democratic republic servitudiness?

For a while, before much that has been little talked about as THE FALL OF THE CLINTONS, there were days it looked that in just a new generation twenty of Kennedy may have been seated or “crowned.”  Those were different times and much pre-Jobian where new tablets available for all to spread even old TEA PARTY stories much renewed.

How “Marie Antoinette” - how too “French” was Madonna as a redressed George?  Where was moderation - what was “father” Clinton - “Big Chief” Clinton up to?  How was America to days too Machiavellian - how had we been then to times not actually of our times - an entire era out of sync, discombobulated and distorted, still best served to all titled finally maybe as:  THE FALL OF THE CLINTONS?

Those were actually different times than we were told - but when fears of an end of the world by fire still tossed around and about a more conservative Middle East and Iraq - those were times when Americans already were tagged for excess and a wanting to a more global morality - how did we all get served so much poorly mixed, equalized and pimped by the Clintons?

And so Senator Barack “Herbert Hoover” Obama did once stand somehow as well “princely” and a “new” “Kennedy”?

Whose “cake” now should “fall” first - the fallen that is the Clintons still - or President Obama now less princely?  Will even he be able to resist all the new fresh servings of and to better democracy?

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Posted by: JP HOGAN @ 11:36 am

Though concrete grows harder over the years and the Roman Coliseum more monumental Senator John Kerry was a condiment not complementary to a serving of reasoned financial tray or budget balancing buffet.

Some people have been at this politics so long that for them to speak out just like President William Jefferson Clinton, on the economy, seems sour and dated - seems reported he whipped up or whipped out this new political manifesto in just a few months,  and,  this so from the same that once let Alan Greenspan do most of such thinking for him, and necessarily.  It begets a confusion maybe as dramatic:  Is is real blood or just ketchup? — To be an expert now suggests he has been of subterfuge and sabotage now at least since President Obama took office, if not since President Bush took office - that he and his “better half” have been willfully withholding important economic intelligence.

We don’t have to make this all about the Clintons - we have the TWELVE - we have the Obama economics.

That said this all takes me back to a day in 2000 when instead of driving off to a work site I found myself the morning barely driving my van to a local service station for its steering box had sprung a leak.  It was oddly election day - a day of contest between former VP Al Gore and Governor of Texas George W. Bush.  It wasn’t a day that foretold us to here today wondering why so many more likely would be in stories of people living off Heinz relish and ketchup restaurant individual packages that might have been if later in 2004 Senator John Kerry triumphed.

On that election day there was at least one bipartisan effort/venture underway and open for business in DC - one I had yet to visit once, even though so conceived to consummating.  With my van out of service a “why not - why not now - why not today?” twirled around in my head - twirled to stirred and to a morning start, a start to at least check out its lunch scene.

The bartender’s name - the head bartender that is - is remembered to have been “Norm” - he is remembered for explaining to me that Republicans have a DC reputation to being much better for restaurants in DC for being better tippers.  I had asked about election day issues, somehow so that we got to such.  I did meet one half of simplest part of “bipartisan” by lunch time there - I did meet the half proprietor named James Carville during the lunch hours.

I remember the 1992 Presidential races from days before such half proprietor representing the left had become a national figure or even a public figure so with the Wofford challenge in PA.  I remember it again for having started my THE CHARGE OF NEW FEDERALISM months before even that challenge to Thornburgh.  I believe by election day 2000 I had even once stopped Carville and family in a neighborhood crosswalk and given them a mouse pad with my American fried egg pix upon it - that breakfast from early 1996 that I caught on 35mm film as it appeared naturally as an egg that cooked into the shape of the continental US all by itself.  At such time I was living on the other side of same DC block if I recall correctly.

Though Senator John Kerry is remembered for a anti-war revival effort that dumbed down most if not all of America’s discussion about Operation Iraqi Freedom and so maybe such that he personally is more responsible than any other American politician for efforts in Iraq having faced less cooperation and such that everything about Operation Iraqi Freedom ended up taking longer and costing much more — though all that it may still be election day eve for 2004 when I found myself wired into editorial decisions for election day coverage and confrontations with candidate Kerry that went so to decisions not to publish new “story lines” without enough real basis as he hoped he could get but that must have been too much like lying — I remember being a strong voice in the negative against floating more falsities by Senator Kerry the opposition.

Yes, I spent election day 2000 at a the most bipartisan establishment then claiming such rapport - I headed over before lunch, and arrived maybe by 11 a.m. - and then didn’t leave until closing.  My early words remembered to James Carville were honestly that if VP Al Gore were elected I would likely move out of the United States and maybe with a willingness to surrender my citizenship - since I expected him to be that bad and disastrous - and then noted though with but I am not sure Governor Bush is ready yet.  This was well before the rest of the nation ended up having more time themselves before results concluded.  It was the first time I had decided not to vote when a presidential contest offered - but then my van was in the shop and I was clear on the other side of town again more a media head.

Imagine, now if John Kerry had become President and accept the premise that economy would now be worse and with many stories of poor living off restaurant packages of relish and ketchup squirreled away for free.  You see, well I guess we have to enter Clintonomics here now - since Speaker Pelosi was hard set to hosting with CLINTONS’ SURPLUS a non negotiable even if President John Kerry had been the spending side of Clintonomics would have been as inviolate — he could have raised taxes, yes, but he wouldn’t have been allowed to raise spending - he could have had a surplus but the housing crisis and jobs purging likely would have become worse.

We don’t talk much about how the Pelosi Congress kept the Clinton economics of Clintonomics so irresponsibly of surpluses inviolate even just for Bush administration so that his tax cuts if otherwise still couldn’t have helped save banks or jobs - a reversal of the spending side of Clintons’ economics is what was needed, and with clear condemnation of it for its bad practice(s).

West 23rd is the remembered name of this old once bipartisan venture actually in Washington DC that was the restaurant owned and operated by James and Mary.  I don’t know where everyone would have been getting their free Heinz ketchup or relish packs - but think favorite of President Clinton that was McDonalds might have been just one source.  Senator John Kerry seemed an inconvenient and obstructive political service suggestion for this hosting to balancing our financial diets.  I did like the leather black and white striped server outfits at such establishment - the referee image.  Seems I met and socialized with a coed among a crowd who was proud that her father in 2000 races had been responsible for some swift boating or something more of that race.  I don’t think she was the same that told of being the daughter of Kentucky’s Treasurer. 

Yes, we likely would all be worse off now if Senator John Kerry had been elected President - I am still proud of my election day eve night projections that he should not be allowed to be so near lying if not actually with his hoped for offered new story lines for election day spin and coverage.  I still think I would have moved out of America if Al Gore had been elected - and still along the lines that we would have been irreversibly in all this mess and much sooner, and with more disastrous effects.

I am still note sure Governor Bush was ready to be President - a lot seemed heading our way as a result of politics of  First Couple Bill and Hillary - a lot that no one may have been prepared for.  This though was still before he “won” and I was to talking with a neighbor then that was/is Grover Norquist and again of such concerns so that I was suggesting Bush not push through tax cuts, as we might need the funds if I turned out to be right.

You cannot fairly suggest that Senator Kerry with his anti-war revival efforts didn’t so undermine confidence across Iraq and by making a threat of a CUT AND RUN seem real and soon upon them wasn’t single handedly responsible for OPERATION IRAQI  FREEDOM taking much longer and costing much more.  His selection may now be on par with Joseph Kennedy’s past appointment to duties to clean up Wall Street. 

Some are now institutionalized and inviolate as well, we should say, such that they cannot claim themselves not “in” or “of” themselves.  Some are now more wise - more wise to her propositions that she isn’t she - isn’t at all herself, anymore.  And, while Senator Al Gore created a Constitutional crisis around 1992 democratic concerns as the “A Team” or “Dem First String” or “Dem Leading Man” to challenge President Bush 41 just by announcing he wouldn’t run it was still most dangerous Constitutionally that he lead with such with near “I will not run - President Bush deserves a second term” and like as if he was dictating to all in his party that they should follow him and let President George H. W. Bush basically become anointed (by him) to another term.  President George W. Bush wouldn’t likely have had a reason to run nor a chance if Al Gore, the man he appeared, wasn’t still the embodiment of governance ideology contrary to our establishments.

I could write more about Al Gore her and serve up more play acting as I have as if he wasn’t pulled away from a childhood family plantation - tobacco plantation tobacco child sled soon enough.  But today seems more about the embodiment of Democrat Party think that we bare witness to now as Senator John Kerry of the TWELVE (and ketchup and relish).

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Posted by: JP HOGAN @ 3:25 pm

To be politically correct in your time - these times - please consider it is a she and she is white, she is a white blob - to see her better and the unregulated border issues about such please visualize her it that is the blob a white blob on a black blotter. 

We have not recently been to a more perfect Union - we have been lead in a contrariness - we have been lead to see her it that is her as a white blob supposedly not “political” - that is unreasonable and irrational, constitutionally speaking - she is institutionalized.

Even her of our Founding Fathers reading materials so subject and subscribed has failed to lead respective of natural law and natural states as per inescapable legacy political powers related forever to our institution of our Presidency.  She does lead the pack you could say of lawyers wanting extra separations between persons and their own actions - she may lead such as one it most of such wanting about her specific shedom.

Her blob by her own wanting should not present as any recognizable or judgeable reality.  She is supposed to be a blob that isn’t.

Is it Sunday yet?

We have an institution of our Presidency that traditionally and historically is of a preservation of “political” of former First Couples - Hillary Clinton is an institutionalized pol.  There is no separating Hillary from “political” yet she claims otherwise in a contrary.

A lesser case could be made around her so barred from holding a Cabinet Office position and one specifically supposedly of protections preserved to citizen people such that those in “politics” forbidden - we did grow of a founding “to a more perfect Union” that may have been for a clarification to preserve that our states hadn’t gathered to reach a compromise to a necessary lesser organized condition - a less perfect union by necessity.

Where our rights secured by our Articles of our Constitution as keyed or legended with its preamble and with our first Amendment more affirmation to such preserved to states and citizen people - our Secretary of State is limited by our First Amendment irregardless of one a blob or not maybe as much as Congress so barred from powers to make laws respecting an establishment of religion that could be HOLY WAR or even a reach to establishment of Christian Charity law like Obamacare.

There is no separating the foci that is the politically focused current political state of our nation and body politic from Secretary of State Hillary Clinton one a clearly defined institutionalized political figure, and one made even more politically focused upon by President Obama with his administrations dedication to attempting a political cover-up of entire eight years of Clintons admin so with false and deceptive claims of “all Bush’s fault.”  Madam Secretary of State Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton is actually maybe the most POLITICAL person now about any of our current political jurisdiction - she is inseparable from “in politics” as an institutionalized political figure fully endowed with protections and legacy establishment institutionalized for past First Couples.

She, so institutionalized, is only more perfectly discreditable for her union so existent more as a mother of Obamacare than former Governor Mitt Romney can be proven to be a genetic real father.  It is not everyday I get to blog a new column after maybe having been the only posted Facebook comment on Mark Twain House pages for an event hosting Michael Moore - and so of an asking there for all interested something near:  “I am still wondering how it was you were so prepared with your irrational defense of the Clintons’ administration so soon after 9/11?”

How do we establish that “to a more perfect Union” was just not a simple and necessary rendition to prohibit our founding as just say a “deal with the devil” or a “necessary compromise” to a “lesser union by design - by unavoidable construct”?  Why has it been long turned more progressive than maybe due or original as if it had been written “to form a perfect Union”?

So still along the lines we live and walk as our possible Constitution we have that it is forbidden that Congress make any law establishing a call to HOLY WAR - and that any “Christian charity” even about a general Welfare is a matter of “establishment of religion” and so also preserved to states and citizen peoples as more a protected general Power of “We the People” withheld from Congress and Executive but when of an Amending and Ratifying process or some greater Power specific to threats to people of such more than its state?

She this it by her own working has become and undefinable blob - that white blob of unregulated borders unrecognizable as any real concrete thing.  We have a forbidden untouchable institutionalized pol seated with powers set to prohibit exactly such - we have a “political” now ever present supposedly as “not political.”  We have her now relegated it seems just to lesser duties than her spouse seeming more like a management of the less glorious paper work secretarial duties of a travel office. 

The illegal money flow of such natural political powers institutionalized for such First Couple, where it may be by “commitment” - as likely it might be of necessity,  that allows their legacy protection funded mostly by taxpayers to their institutionalization as a former First Couple of POLITICS forever, irregardless of Obama cover-up attempts and obstruction of justice with bullying to discourage “relitigation” of such institutionalized legacy pols - that which is the Clintons - is expected to exist, and may, not quite as undefined or confusable a blob.

President William Jefferson Clinton has been living high of the hog of our legacy protections of his First Couple politic - high off our tax payer dollars to an attempt to be Constitutional while trying to be at least extra-Constitutional to an assumption of glory and global powers superior in appearance and practice from his spouses now more secretarial paper work office duties about just another travel office subjugation.

If it is an attempt to legislate “Christian charity” as commerce can it long stand?  If it is so against our affirmation of states’ powers and those otherwise the preserved of our citizen people than it may be as unconstitutional for Congress as if they attempted or so grossly effected a making of laws to HOLY WAR so while barred from laws respecting an establishment of religion. 

Yes, Hillary Rodham Clinton is an institutionalized pol personality inseparable from our thought protections and limitations, but by her irrational and emotional wanting leading lacking enough reading, or just good or fair comprehension.  She can not be other than a foci of most critical centrality to any or all of our current politics - she is of her days institutionalized now for legacy as First Lady, political actor and meddler of highest order and access powers, not said to be not equal, spousally - she is an it of the meant touchable its forbidden.

That President Barack Hebert Hoover Obama has been to political cover-up with false and misleading “leading” long with attempts to tag the Bush administration so with “all Bush’s fault” when naturally and simply the eight years of Clintons’ politics just won’t conveniently disappear.   He can ask again that we don’t “relitigate” the Clintons but isn’t that just a trickery un-American since judiciously speaking there still hasn’t been a first litigation?

I don’t know why so many states once our original colonies did have their representatives to our Constitutional convening preserve so many rights to themselves and citizen people - even all People under God.  I don’t know why so “to a more perfect Union” with so much kept from being given over to Congress as part of such new Union.  I don’t know why even healthcare as more a historic Christian charity was made untouchable to Congress - to any Congress over states and “We the People” but by Constitutional process with all its necessary public debate and ratification fullness.

I get that it is unreasonable for now “blob” that is “Hillary” the “shape shifter” to claim she “is not in politics.”  She is the actual primary foci most focused upon now nearly in all things political towards 2012 decidings. 

She is all “roar shacks” and no official Rorschach or meaningful Constitutional now a touchable untouchable.

Is it Sunday yet?

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Posted by: JP HOGAN @ 11:47 am

As a matter of National Security we won’t or shouldn’t expect SCOTUS to apply a modern interpretation of our First Amendment to all passed decisions based on seeming corrupted or overworked bias.  As per our future and a speeding return to a growth economic modeling they can decide in their own times these modern times as our Founding Fathers did so signing as state representative and then those, all those, citizen peoples all, involved in the ratification necessary for our original amending.

A historic condition little talked about but still ever haunting and present in our modern politics is still how President Clinton was essentially made electable and elected to protect the life and policies of President George H. W. Bush.

The magic of the Clintons may fade fast in eyes of still unread or under informed Democrat Party think, those who have been accepting say Chicago Deep Dish Pizza instead of thin crust pies with more choice food pieces for thought.  We do seem to have a story overcome with readable toppings when fewer and more choice speciality was want, politically.

The thought magic of Clintons’ “comebacks” is historically a story of them Dems after attempting to stray to their classicly wrong ways and inadequate priorities to being welcomed back to their story of electoral success - the arms outstretched by Reagan Republicans willing still to use them to help keep Reagan/Bush policies moving critically ahead and well paced still further ahead.

Where towards 1992 there was a seated President, a democratically chosen holder of our office of the President, we were a nation fast becoming a sole superpower with a President nervous about becoming too much like President Abraham Lincoln and soon so after having checked a like secession attempt by Saddam Hussein from “global” or “civilized” sense that was from his invasion of Kuwait that had the American President then to a global coalition to hold a global Union together - where towards 1992 Cheneys may have been right if to assert that Congresses had rights like they quoted Thaddeus Stevens about to the right to determine the terms say of a “reconstruction.”

A simpler matter may be our First Amendment.  It may clearly be simpler to understand the poetic Constitutional license of our original Amendment that reinforced the original articles so consecrated and ordained as agreed thought by state representatives to a limited and humble role for a national Congress.  For it is simply a re-ordaining to their focus that states were meant to keep powers not specifically given a new national Congress and that such even as speech and religion were to be held and kept to the states and citizen peoples with a bar to amending and ratifying a set prohibition to protect.

President George H. W. Bush may have felt that his life was to be threatened after winning what could be said to have been a global civil war, started by Saddam Hussein and a battle just an early complication to our past couple decades that can reasonably be discussed pointedly and with scholarship not too heavy just in reading focused on a querying to a but if:  But if Saddam Hussein hadn’t invaded Kuwait and thought he could keep it there never would have been cause or sufficient motivation for attacks on 9/11/2001.

So first “amended” as with:  “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion…” we still have that such was written and ratified to specifically preserve those powers away from still new national Congress and to a bar for citizen people made difficult and more democratic with a requirement to nationally amend and ratify to any grant to Congress not in spirit of ordaining of our original Constituting so limited and specifically made more perfect by limiting centralized powers with signed subscribing of its entirety so “in the Year of our Lord…”.

So as per William Jefferson Clinton - the “comeback kid” without David Gergen brought on board he would have been less acceptable and embraceable yet again by Republicans - he likely would have continued to defeat himself again and again as long has become considered his tendency.  President Clinton didn’t keep saving himself with “political” skill - he kept crawling back to the success and furtherance of critical and democratic efforts of Reagan/Bush politics.

There is something historic now about such a Presidential “we need more leaders not readers.”  It is just another in a long string of teleprompter bashes - but still a yarn of sorts classically more portioned and spiced.  It is maybe more complicated a proposition than that the Clintons were elected to save the life and policies of President George H. W. Bush - but then maybe this too much a comparing of oranges to apples.

So how now that our First Amendment starts off to specifically re-educate Americans and those considerate to our Constitution as a document meant to limit and check towards a more perfect organizing of citizen peoples to an original intent of such to be to a humble national Congress with many powers left to the states and People of the “We…”?  To start off after the fact and subscription in such “Year of our Lord” by states’ representatives with “Congress shall make no law …” cannot go away now as ever present affirmation that Powers of our Constitution belong more to others not of or in Congress, but with amending and ratification by a “We the People” again.

Sure, it did turn out that Saddam Hussein had designs, militarily strategic involving an attempt on life of President Bush 41 - it did turn out to be so but not until after a real benefit to Saddam Hussein with opportunity to keep Kuwait had been worked away from him.  And, on top of that it is still a simple proposition and serving of query to ask:  If Saddam Hussein hadn’t invaded Kuwait and so with a rationality that he would win and be able to keep such then there not only wouldn’t have been our 9/11/2001 but likely not even an Al Qaeda.  It may take longer and require more leading thought than extra reading of inadequate volumes to consider afterwards that Saddam may have thought he would be able to keep Kuwait because he figured America would never try to take it back and live up to its treaties since such would likely stir radicals around his region to targeting America and Americans, and then that such was a fire he could start and keep throwing his oil fuels about.

Saddam Hussein you could say was a secular “godfather” figure to Al Qaeda.  But where can you actually read about such old leading thoughts?

If it is worth reading our First Amendment then it is worth reading it right to proper leadership from - then it is worth reading it as subscribed to follow on the full reading of our leading national union think that made sense as to being “more perfect” than cosigned with intent to be “less perfect.”

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Posted by: JP HOGAN @ 5:50 pm

Nobility, by Black’s Law Dictionary is:  “In English law, a division of the people, comprehending dukes, marquises, earls, viscounts, and barons.  These had anciently duties annexed to their respective honors.”

Operate, by same is simpler as:   “To perform a function, or operation, or produce an effect.”

American, by implication of Article One Section 9 Paragraph last of our Constitution is focused so with:  “No title of Nobility shall be granted by the United States:  And no Person holding any Office of Profit or Trust under them, shall, without the Consent of the Congress, accept any present, Emolument, Office, of Title, of any kind whatever, from any King, Prince, or foreign State.”

Register of health, as of Black’s Fifth Edition, is not offered as an entry nor defined suggestive of a commerce clause.

I haven’t looked up our Constitution’s use of “Emolument” yet, even in Black’s - don’t know why it is capitalized either.

Is it worth doing well?  Are we due a Committee on American Activities, now?  Have we lost our foundations?

Regress, as it is offered in Black’s Law Dictionary is as:  “To return, go back or re-enter.  Used principally in the phrase “free entry, egress, and regress”  but it is also used to signify the reentry of a person who has been disseised of land.”

If it is worth doing - if it is worth contesting the Constitutionality of it - is it worth doing still originally as People in Posterity?

I have earlier mentioned that at least Hillarycare was an “immoral” - that her “universal” not “universal” was immoral.

I don’t recall how many times I digressed or regressed about Obamacare as well presented as an American “immoral” act.

I do have to save most of such discussion or corrupting mores and philosophicalities for later.

Preamble, ours as it anchors our Constitution as a musical key or map legend is still:  “We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”

Ordain, by Black’s Law Dictionary, is offered as religious specifically some as:  “To institute or establish; to make an ordinance; to enact a constitution or law.  To confer on a person the holy orders of  priest or deacon.”

Capitalization, the specific seeming irregular yet most important capitalization throughout our preamble does on its face suggest that Obamacare should not be a right or Constitutional — “general” is “general” and “Welfare” as capital as “secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves.”  Can healthcare be a done well regulation if to operation than then reduces it from a “Blessing of Liberty to ourselves” and unto forthwith and forworth to a “Register of health”?

We may have a stronger argument for a Committee on American Activities to pursue lines of concern about Obamacare as a matter of National Security and a threat to such for such would be to a weaker general Posterity, maybe, that would grow modern American “global citizens” in un-American ways.  I have, as you should have noticed, already mentioned a national healthcare socialization can be argued as “immoral” in process and maybe as well if ever in practice.

For sake of dramatic or poetic license I won’t now look up “entitlement” — seems the word “title” is in it as well as our Article I Section 9 last paragraph.  This Constitutional element though may now be more useful to consider that former Presidents, like specifically President Clinton, are still of compensation and expectations as Officers of Profit or Trust and so subject to every dollar received even just by Clintons’ Global Initiative of a Power of review and approval the purview of our Congressional representatives, if only to look for any and all foreign gifts or Emoluments.  That said how is new General entitlement grossly enacted relatively recently (of this administration - their singular term) that is Obamacare not on its face against “general Welfare” as more a “General welfare” — but to an “entitlement” as much about separation of peoples regarding titles?

If it is worth doing …  of  “If it is worth doing it is worth doing well!”  seems “American” on its face and much to spirit Constituted at least in our legend that is our Preamble with “secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves.”  It is quite confusing how a entitlement may violate Article I Section 9 prohibition from titling - is does depend and a separation of people of “general Welfare… Posterity,” though, some. 

Complicated can be said to be use of “ordain” then followed and in conclusion the parts of  Article VII regarding Ratification of our Constitution specifically of establishment so that day as:  “done in Convention by the Unanimous Consent of the States present the Seventeenth Day of September in the Year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and Eighty seven and of the Independence of the United States of America the Twelfth In Witness whereof We have hereunto subscribed our Names,…”  - and it so specific to an establishment using the Christian Calender so with:  “in the Year of our Lord, subscribed…”. 

Complicated is now still that before our first Amendment could have been written then to prohibiting future laws from altering their established religion, so it seems, and so as Amendment I of:  “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;  or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press, or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”  Yes, it certainly can though in a confused ordaining as “respecting an establishment of…” could have been better and more simply “respecting an established religion.”

Not only now that Obamacare like Hillarycare can be argued to be immoral I bring you that and leave it mostly for later discussions and consideration.  But just now I looked down ready to close my pocket copy of our Constitution and what might I have seen but another Americanism that could be used well if worth arguing well for Obamacare suggests that doctors are to be like it federal “soldiers” and of a forced quartering in homes of everyone, at least within our known borders.  See, I just happened to look down at our Amendment III so as:  “No Soldier shall, in time of peace be quartered in any house, without consent of the Owner, nor in time of war, but in a manner to be prescribed by law.”

We do seem to be in a time of PEACE at home, at least in comparison to how Clintons suggested there was PEACE for their PEACE DIVIDENDS universally - and so especially in Iraq and Afghanistan during their 8.

Regulate is not defined the same as operate, by Black’s Law Dictionary.

Regulate, by Fifth Edition of Black’s Law Dictionary, by an edition that lists many “Register of …s” but not a “Register of health” does define “regulate” lesser than “operate” as per an ownership of process or operations so as:  “To fix, establish, or control; to adjust by rule, method, or established mode; to direct by rule or restriction; to subject to governing principles or laws.”  etcetera, etcetera….

And so now enter the “Party of No” dichotomy that now has our SCOTUS to be specifically partisan and mostly of our POTUS as set to agree or disagree, 1,2,3 on matters Constitutional or Un-Constitutional.  We should ask our Congress to preempt SCOTUS if only to prevent a ruling that heads should role, French like.  We should ask our Congress not to trap our SCOTUS to a decision that rules that at least our President willfully and specifically acted Un-Constitutionally and with clear intent to undermine our Constitution and our general American Posterity.  Seems our Congress can handle such and as a lesser impeachable without our Court being called so to a specific judgement of one side or just a few of erudite and orated willful gross political machinations to subvert and undermine America and its Constitution, and so specifically near, too near a treachery maybe treasonous.

It was gross how after near a year of public political discourse and discussion specific to one sides machinations to pass an new grand entitlement how callous at least a few powerful Democrats were to the expressed and measure will of a new, and newly involved and educated majority of our People when to their shenanigans, partisan and political, to an attempt to bypass a then known expression of majority will against their ideology and bill proposal.

Is it now worth doing well?  Are we actually to a weakened National Security Posterity if we don’t condemn Obamacare, at least, politically, and peaceably for philosophical and American practice and of a time where we were earlier better to a new “global citizen” ministry or ordaining with just the President before “Messiah” Obama and his proffered daily broadcasts hours of interruption to attempt an evangelizing of more than just Americans to new laws respecting an establishment of religion, so?  He did accept campaign “titling” as a new “messiah” as President Clinton got giddy with extra-Constitutional Power Suggestion near “titling” when embracing all those overcome and expressive with PRESIDENT OF THE WORLD BILL CLINTON?  We seem no on a dangerous and wrong path to nurturing future American “global citizens.” 

He, President Obama, did suggest he was attempting to evangelize masses to his law as per healthcare as if it was meant to be a new law respecting a new establishment of religion.

If it can be said to have been treasonous, shouldn’t our Congress now preempt SCOTUS to keep heads from actually deserving “rolling” and to lesser infractions and more moderated and complete renditions more appropriated to impeachment?

If it is worth doing - it is worth doing well!  (I would put such in quotes - if I had any idea whom might have said it first, and if it predated Cain and Abel.)  I will continue to consider above philosophical mentions and mores seeming contrary - I may read a few more books first.  I may wait until through new library books THE FORGOTTEN MAN and as well COLONEL ROOSEVELT and maybe some others not library books, and some just for chapters like my HISTORY OF POLITICAL PHILOSOPHY.  I still have to get to TRUMAN and as well ELEANOR ROOSEVELT.

No, REALLY!  Our Congress by our Article I Section 9 last paragraph does seem to have a right and express Power to approve all “commitments” related or associated with “Bill’s” Clintons’ Global Initiative, and especially since he has long been working to get compensation from taxpayers sufficient to suggest he was promoted out of our office of the President and to higher office, a so of a wanting of titling (respect).  But really,  this may be more open to discussion than just how Obamacare shouldn’t have been done.

Are we all at least now due a COMMITTEE ON AMERICAN ACTIVITIES?

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This social media - this new media is quite something.

It may all be the Church’s fault - Yes I can remember lending strength to efforts to challenge and clean it up as per…

I was energized from my THE CHARGE OF NEW FEDERALISM and continued entertaining smash hour mused successes.

But really this is more about lingering feelings diminished by the Clintons that have had me not looking forward to Thanksgiving since they were elected in 1992.  Such isn’t the least of my disappointment or my awareness of seeming negligence.

Yes, that is true, since the Clintons got elected and from many of my efforts about my revolutionary poetry of my THE CHARGE OF NEW FEDERALISM spin doctoring (or marketing) it has been hard to look forward to Thanksgiving what with my President stealing from me - what with my President using my political identity without permission or consult and so at near or less a “have your two cents” valuation for thousand to tens of thousands of actual value.

But that is not the worst of it as per Clintons now retread and dangerous rolling still too worn and frayed.  President Obama by his corrupted associating has me of all people now quite considering of myself:  WHY SHOULD I OF ALL PEOPLE CARE?

I don’t just have a good idea how much I helped I even had to check it the only way I could while so much was being taken without permission or consult or compensation.  I have now done so twice, basically - 1994 election cycle and then throughout Clintons ineffective for some reason challenge to so junior and inexperienced a peer that was Senator Obama, and still since then so more specifically around 2008.  I did confirm at least to myself that when the Clintons and Dems were allowed to be themselves without my once offered moderating skill and spin doctoring they do show a tendency to defeat themselves and fast.

No, not since before the Clintons were elected so and whence have I actually managed to look forward to Thanksgiving Holidays.  But that may not be the worst of it all for there was another unexpected change that came over proud and patriotic me whence so official and inaugurated, at least.  For unknown extent and unclear full reasons, I did go from once one to think if near a President it more important and near a duty to protect their life before your own.  But, and unexpectedly whence President Clinton became my President, I who had worked security and a primary rope line on his behalf in Connecticut, was then to the surprised change that it now felt more important politically to protect myself first.

There was only one scenario under which inaugurated President Clinton and his colluding First Lady should have taken such liberties with my decades worked and improved political skill and political “identity” - it was only as per matters of national security specific to threats from motivating plotting seeming from Saddam Hussein that they had any national right to so abuse my intellectual rights.  Well most of us know by now that such is one of their greatest areas considerable of “negligence” - that plotting by Saddam Hussein category.

So I confirmed, unto myself while carrying every political effort I ever may have offered support to, even a challenge to the bureaucracy of the Church, by avoiding helping Dems be less of themselves towards 1994 and then later nearer 2008 that my thoughts to the extent and thoroughness of my efforts had been well estimated, by myself, at least.

So I was of blogging to catch newly inaugurated President Obama’s attention years ago that I could only give him one year to work the Clintons out of and away from his administration before I would judge him near incompetent politically and to zero offers of help.  He sure let that time fly fast - that whole year refusing to be a young President willing to clean up his own party.

No, as per all that Saddam Hussein stuff about plotting - well that all worked out pretty much as I had thought, but for it having been the one allowance for the Clintons to have been so much to presenting my political identity (personality) so much as theirs, that part of theirs that wasn’t party one - the problems will just work themselves out laziness we all could see if we looked.

It may have taken me three years since Clintons inaugural having started changing me in so many ways to privately and voluntarily and very independently keep considering those concerns about Saddam Hussein from Persian Gulf War days that had much motivated me to try to close as many breaches in our lines that seemed the purview of private industry and corporate examples - with tools of their advertising and marketing.  Yes, it took me thankless years of dedicated focus on what Clintons’ long both have seemed to prefer to ignore before that evening I seemed to have Saddam Hussein in my bedroom telling me I had defeated him and wondering what his punishment would be.

Yes, as per my original motivating concerns that would have been the only legal allowance for the Clintons to have assumed unto themselves the unrequested or negotiated benefit of so much of the real work to that which was my political identity, was largely ignored by them, so that their “national security” argument for lawful thievery shouldn’t stand.  They could have asked, they should have asked, as it turned out I had been right - and maybe now could look forward to Thanksgiving Holidays.

So yes, quite so - President Obama has now gotten to with corrupting influence and presence to actions of his Secretary of State are so bad, bad together, that they have me of all people wondering why should I care.

If you are reading this and are some how a professional in any of these matters especially journalistic responsibility you should have by now realized that I cannot fairly consider that any next move, or political effort as small as a phone call, is my next move and not anothers - there really aren’t any that come to mind as one or some that I should call instead of them calling me.  There is no justice or closure offered by such a proposition, that I have yet been able to reason.

Yes if you are a Republican appreciating my thinking and writing of my blogging this has been the work of my strike, this is still work I can and will do - but it is more that I used to do by far that now is of me of my near “why should I care?”.  There is no Republican that should think I should think I should call or write them either, not even any of Bush administration nor even their Dana Perino of her FIVE.  See I did write for some help while helping after 9/11 and for years, seemed deemed quite worthy but not enough they showed due initiative, enough that above would be judiciously addressed with some deserved closure.- I can say I may have ended up the last place I should have because they as well let some stuff slide.

So, well, now you know I long have tended to not look forward to Thanksgiving, and that may be more than half of it specifically related to disappointments mostly of negligence and impropriety by both Clintons and their mea culpa far more than family too politically close to them and even Senator Dodd too often inseparable enough to not be muddied by association and inadequate knowing or eyes on specifics, or hands on themselves though dirtied by close association.

I did always look forward to seeing my uncle Charlie, my Godfather, and too this year now of his passing to see a plate for him no longer a concerned diabetic.  Should be a good feast, a good family feast, again.  Lot of politics to sort out that shouldn’t still be, though, really there are a lot of politics national and global that should have been checked judiciously long, long, ago.

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They claimed it was a “universal” of theirs - they walked the other way on most of their talk.

The mix of their flock of Al Gore, bleet, bleet, bleet, no way you can teach.  And now more Harvardians under like beat.

No matter your tribe - no matter your flock - like “is” how now sad that “universal” hoot was never “universal”?

Have you heard the one about Obamacare?  Have you heard the undefined?

Oh, and now that that troff of snakes overflowing so undoctrinaire heavy with percussion instrumentation noted!

It is no “simple question” to ask another politician a simple question:  Do you agree with President Obama on Libya?

No not a simple question at all - it asks about an undoctrinaire.

Poor Secretary Panetta - Oh me, oh my - he got a beat down.  There is no SOP suggesting PBO not overlording also Iraq?

The rock of McCain beat out loud - beat out true — nearly doctrinairy.

There may not be a spot - no longer for Harvard to hire a bleeter too undoctrinaire yet again, no matter his CV.

Where do we start on jurisprudence - where isn’t there an apology or outright dictatorial socialist egotism?

What a beat down - how undoctrinaire - there seems no reasonable expectation that Iraq can be different for PBO.

No matter your tribe - it was not all “universal” - its very “doctrinaire” not “doctrinaire.”

How does one cry in Afghani - how did they cry just in Iraq - were muffled cries just a bleet bleet bleet of missed US beat?

It has all gotten so confused and undoctrinaire - not a SOP about for Sec Def Panetta regarding his POTUS PBO.

How ugly and immoral was Hillarycare I, II, or III as a “universal” not a “universal” - an Obamacare wanted with bleets?

No “global citizens” can be made so - made at all well or rightly - we should have ignored the “bleets” muffled or not abroad.

We are human - some things take time.  We are human - why did and do Dems ignore process and still the cries?

No, it was not ours to offer all “universal” coverage or care - it was ours to be near trapped unjustly to such by too many.

No, it was not our beat or duty to offer “universal” and yet ignore Iraq and Afghanistan, still thought much our messes.

It was just immoral and wrong to offer Americans Hillarycare and “universal” not at all a kept “universal” mores or good.

But today it was Sec Def Panetta who got a beat down righteous and logical for of undoctrinaire doctrinary.

We are human - we should have offered more people more rights more equally before - before undoctrinairy doctrinary.

No matter your tribe - nor your old alma maters higher standards bleeting you out like another not to teach offering.

We are human - Americans should never have been sold an easy “universal” caring while Clintons ignoring “bleets” abroad.

Beyond the phonetics - beyond the grammarianicities - beyond still just the defining:  Define “regulate” please?

A power to “regulate” - hmmm?  Why is word “late” in such?  Must “pro-active” “operating” not be its about?

There is no “simple answer” or a “simple question” about POTUS PBO and Iraq or Libya.  No “doctrine” SOP anywhere.

He socialist street bleet bleet bleet cred well jumped in everywhere but logical of jurisprudential of jurisprudence.

Why is word “late” in “regulate” why isn’t the word “operate” - what doesn’t these elite Dems want to dictate like Libya?

What due process?  What due process how could not “liberate” come before elite “universal” not “universal” and ugly so?

No matter your tribe or if a once Harvardian - words can hurt - especially “regulate” - especially “universal” not “universal.”

So immoral, actually their specific undoctrinaire healthcare.  So immoral just the ignored muffled bleets of that beat kept on.

No, it cannot be “regulate” if actually better “operate” or “own” - it may not be commerce or even actually charity.

There politics still beat, beat, beat - did you see Sec Def Panetta try to assert a doctrinary for the undoctrinaire?

No, it is hard to say what is worse - it is hard to separate their dictates from her “obliterate” - that old “obliterate!!!”

They did, they did - really they did - they did act so immorally thence of bleep bleep bleep as per Iraqi and Afghani.

The only doctrinaire in their early indoctrinaire was that there was no “universal” in their “universal” - How UGLY! How Wrong!

But maybe our commerce can save us - maybe our commerce clause will hold up - maybe “regulate” just “regulate.”

The beat goes on - but it shouldn’t - there never should have been Hillarycare nor Obamacare - they are so “immoral.”

An acorn doesn’t fall far from its tree - can we yet keep “democracy” “democracy”?

Now SCOTUS on POTUS 1, 2, 3 - Now beat Sec Def Panetta bleet, bleet, bleet so undoctrinaire. Oh POTUS PBO - NO!

Was it Al Qaeda - was it muffled bleets or Taliban beats?  Wait - about that Libya and rebels thought Al Qaeda?

We are human - We are Americans - We once had more doctrines and more due process superior and doctrinaire.

We are human regardless of your tribe - regarless of your Harvardian grammarianicities - bleet, bleet, bleet.

There is a difference, we can still make a difference, there has been loud “no” bleeting not too bleeped, and, true and strong.

We don’t have to take the POTUS PBO bleet bleeps - we can still see the immoral in Hillarycare & Obamacare.

We are human - We are Americans - we have long battled tyranny before selling “universals” not “universals” superficially.

No simple question nor simple answer - We can even remember Odyssey something called a dawn, even Al Qaeda.

But now SCOTUS on the POTUS and a 1,2,3 — At least we have more than one beat, and some sense.

The body bags have been piling up around Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton, long - some now not so bleeped “bleets.”

Her song in long - now still so wrong!  Her song is long - she has beat on and bleeped on a “First Lady” and a secretariat.

Her song long wrong - her lyrics so bah bah baaad!  Universal her was never “universal” us of US.

We are human - we are American - TJ called us to alter of God to swear hostility to tyranny, all tyranny over mind of man.

No matter your tribe or your alma mater - equal rights a better universal before her universal not a universal.

The body bags have been piling up around undoctrinary Madam Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, still.

Now we have her warring and her caring competing for most improper-most immoral - all undoctrinary doctrinaire.

Now her of Obamacare as a new Hillarycare - her words hurt - her words hurt still - never “universal” should it have been.

Never as “universal” should it ever have been grammarianicities Harvardian or Yalie or Wellesley. 

Before “universal” some basic steps - some standing for and standing with for a better standing down.

The “bleets” went on, and on, and on - there was no doctrine - there was now PEACE - there was no “universal” beat.

Then there is the economies and actual economics - but that unluckily not even a stringmentation of such beat.

I mean so many were getting beat and bleeped - but about that Qadhaffi beat - that Sec Def Panetta beat? 

But why is word “late” in “regulate” - can it be it ain’t no “operate” or “owned” but actually a reg to later “regulate”?

I wouldn’t have used so much bleeting or harkened to their bleeping - but cries of “no peace” flooded in their PEACE. 

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Posted by: JP HOGAN @ 7:09 pm

Sometimes mysteries reveal themselves at convenient times.  Among goats there are equals and non-equals, there are those already smart enough not to lick high voltage electrified border fences and in ground cables, and then there are some others more maybe “princess” donkeys - whose work to increasing their personal wealth in a year by a reported 60 % leave them not as modern or wise.  I don’t know about “prince” “Harry” Reid - I don’t know if ever a goat has lived in his state.

Release the goats!!!  Long live Charles!!!  His old Goatville could use some regular wise grazers.  There is a portion of Connecticut known as Goatville and as well as EAST ROCK NEIGHBORHOODS.  Charles seems a good name for a “McGruff” Crime Goat if ever there was one.  Release the goats!!!  Release the goats!!!  Release the goats!!! 

It seems that when soldiers die in battle it has been said that there have been others witness to them returning as deer, as large herds of deer.  I cannot say members of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers are not now reborn as goats.

East Rock could use some new goats - I am not sure its nearest Green that has long been the center square of nine of the first planed town in America of nine equal squares is still the best place to herd livestock for sale but I am not sure we are here not talking of goats of the type “FOR SALE” of old or new meat markets.

I cannot say that this has been the explanation for goats seeming to have kept up with their times,  I cannot say the IBEW hasn’t been of its own warriors and fearless returning in mass as goats.

Release the goats!!!  Release the goats!!!  Release the goats!!!

There is a Whitney Reservoir of this East Rock area known in New Haven and Hamden as Goatville - it may have sufficient grazing area already fenced in without an electrical hazard - goats may be better deterrent to geese flocks and their nitrate run off pollutants.  The near buy Eli Whitney Museum might be able to better keep green space near the mount as goat herders - a goat crossing sign though could become needed to cross Whitney Ave to graze around the historic Eli Whitney Barn, of for herding or corralling in its numerous old horse or oxen pens.  Release the goats???  Milking pens could pay for upkeep?  Release the goats?

Have goats always been union animals - yet not political animals like our donkeys?  Would you call a goat a “princess”?

Do you too have a good area for more goats, you of the International us, that is you?

Charles does seem a good name for a goat, a proud goat - even a “McGruff” crime goat.  Where has Charles gone?  Hmmm, why is that goat so smart around electrified constructs?  Have you been to Goatville?  Have you seen all the goats?  Have you seen the goats by the Reservoir - the goats by the Mill - The Mill River?  Have you seen the goats lapping up water under the covered bridge?

Release the goats!!! Release the goats!!! Release the goats - they are not trite political donkeys - release the goats!!!

Help the brothers keep the world going green - support goats locally they are natures fuel efficient landscapers, right?  As long a your goat(s) seem smart enough to not bite high voltage ground cables or hook up with killer electric fences - why not help keep strong international standards to “green” ways and “green” places?  Cherish the goats!!!

Oh, me oh my - was that goat just speaking Latin?

{note: THE DISSECTION OF SERIOUS BLACK now anchoring as new homepage at http://www.jphogan.org }

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Posted by: JP HOGAN @ 1:41 pm

This Veterans’ Day it behoove us to remember we were first organized by a question, and they asker of such question our King, our own uniquely American King.

“What is political power?”  Do we now have the antidotes to recent viral corrupting rewrites over his treatises with collusion intimate to shielding many from seeing all or more than say eight percent?  Can we get back to seeing and understanding our roots and our foundation of and from our original colonies so of and by our uniquely American Philosopher King?

Many body bags have been piling up around the Clintons since their inheritance to future Presidents became apparent.  But what of the participation and sacrifice just of time of early Americans so that a uniquely American Philosophy and Philosopher King could be, and still be as told so by publications of a Strauss and Cropsey?

Query neary the clues are glued — but how now hath wrath of spouse Hillary shorn to worn some base principles?  How have they corrupted our founding philosophy around the original organizing to what is American dating to John Locke and his “What is political power?”?

Rough riding it was and now again, oh!  OH??? How many have fallen - can we even count the body bags now about the Clintons?  So Pakistan was also said to be founded by a Philosopher King or Poet King - Iqbal of the writing to a Nietzschean “Ubermensch” 100% Pakistani.  How have the Clintons both dishonored our own King?  How Munib Iqbal on my Facebook page is such’s grandson, and a pal dating back to days shared at Villanova University.

But back to the Clintons being more loving of thought to distracting people to loving their “us” (their “we”) and so to a lesser love of thought and thinking by at least maybe twenty percent that a loving of American foundation around “what is political power?” “US” of our lost King John Locke treatises:

You cannot reason the Clintons’ think without being of diminished think as per intent and portent philosophized by Locke, our King.  They basically exist to deny that “what is political power?” be asked about them or of a fair consideration about them and their “we” that is their selfish “us” that is their “two-fer” supposedly a buy one get one that isn’t a buy one get one.

They have worked too many so to a suspension of rationality.

They have labored long in close collusion intimately to evade and deter a full consideration of our King John Locke - of what it actually means to be AMERICAN.

Take a later development that is our 22 Amendment and a national participation to a full ratification to limits upon all that would hold our office of the President — They really don’t want you considering this much — They really need you not to consider that what America might fear the most from a President after just eight years isn’t that President regardless of their sex but actually the maybe emotionally involved and maybe spiteful and quite bitter other spouse — They really don’t want you even liking thought and thinking about a consideration that our Eightieth Congress worked to such an import and acceptance specifically as a new and grand Republican Congressional Majority was specifically concerned with spousal succession and checks especially on such. 

Now, today, it may be more bitter to be called a “Princess” than a “lost Queen” or an “American Queen” yet as long as Madam Secretary of State (of War?) Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton persists likes of once and now former “Speaker” Nancy Pelosi are to relegation merely nearer “princess” - by comparison.

Have we had a new call to love of a think, and a global reaching to such to Clintons as a Global King and Queen, yet unworked or publicly reasoned and debated so of a full and aired writing of a new philosophical answer to King Locke’s “what is political power?”? 

Have you realized how much the Clintons don’t want you to even like thinking about, yet?

Have you realized they are maximizing holding onto “political power” beyond the American founding around our King John Locke and his Americanisms philosophical and foundational to so much and so many People and democracy?

Really, as per the Clintons and later thought national ratifications to our developed think and consecrations that is our Constitution, they have asked you not to consider or even like thinking that our greatest “power” dangers best justifying term limits likely have to rest solely and uniquely on pathologies and psychologies most prone to corruption and collusion like that of a intimate partner or spouse. 

Is it time now to learn how to think more and love thinking American more again and get back past the Clintons limited near eighty percent contributions to rationality and to a welcomed and overdue, now long overdue, full think and love of AMERICAN?

Bill and Hillary, please don’t be so vain as to think this title is about you.  Best wishes this Veterans’ Day 2011.  

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Posted by: JP HOGAN @ 2:03 pm

We may all now be here as accidental tourists, just not as much as those of sacrifice and duty about our Armed Forces tours.

The honor of our National Guard is on the line, and near the brink, at Congress.  Is it time for a retreat?

Can a glorious seat above the history of standards of our States’ National Guard so suggested be only to a reduction of its lore about it a body of “citizen soldiers”? 

There have been many problems across our great lands since the former Governor of our Natural State took his “two-fer” conundrum on a global tour - other states and their National Guard organizations have seriously been affected and maybe quite accidentally without actual or sufficient foresight.

We could call his budgeting as per our standards customary to our Armed Forces of Joint Staff consideration and rule quite a SLASH AND BURN unfunding and underfunding and of a presentation pointed to PEACE DIVIDENDS before their time.

We are in a post Cold War era where Afghanistan may have been its Gettysburg “turning point” battle.  We did become the sole superpower of the world and at a pace and massiveness that we were not properly prepared for, philosophically or democratically.

Are we finding ourselves now thinking some change right for our times without asking better if it were that we were not here, now, and, shouldn’t be here, now, too.  We are here now when our President seems to prefer that there were no “citizen soldiers” independent of his authority and chain of command, so it seems.

As per Operation Iraqi Freedom and the Bush Freedom Agenda we have that our reliance upon our “citizen soldiers” of our States’ National Guard units did benefit the message and attitude of force deployments by our United States of America, now a sole superpower in the post Cold War era.  But, our prior President once more of the Natural State and then his “slash and burn” defense budgeting seems to have left President Bush no other alternative.  As part of the Freedom Agenda it likely helped that individual state’s units were recognizable, and as such specifically, and so not just a mass of anonymity too centralized and drilled in a common think, too near say a nationalism.

How did we get here but by accidental and poor considerations about “leadership” of once Governor of The Natural State?  We only needed to cut a trillion to a “balanced” budget but he needed to find another trillion some where to save his political hide because the other national party had found needed and maybe responsible trillion in cuts.  Are we now here only because President Clinton lost that battle and fought to save himself and his spouses shared ambitions to return them to powers of the White House for eight more years after a hoped for first eight years?  Are we now here only because President Clinton for whatever reason found a trillion to cut on top of trillion found by Republicans to “balance” and that his “trillion” was a unnecessary and unreasonable SLASHING AND BURNING across more than just defense budgets?

That said the Bush Freedom Agenda seems to have benefited for its needed dependence upon our state’s National Guard units - yet, this still seems accidental tourism.  To suggest such to be a new standard may be to undermine a future similar benefit ever or again.

That we are here now does offer suggestions that a seat for our National Guard on Joint Staff is reasonable and due for our times, these times.  Yet, really should we be here now and have allowed our nation to get so far alone into such as all this may suggest?

It is now clear for most that the CLINTONS’ PEACE DIVIDENDS were an illogical and irrational connivance inappropriate for the actual times we were of and that it has been long unfair and inappropriate for most of the blame about unprepared troops laid upon President Bush.  It was not President Bush that chose to find an extra and unneeded trillion to cut when future power projection discussions for our United States of America had already discussions to “global police force” duties and with global fields filled with the mines that were some known and unknown trappings to try to force Americans to then carry the loads and costs for most of the rest of the world.  It wasn’t even possibly President Bush whom can be said to have cut, cut, and cut while such was about the intellectual discussions still necessarily to measures and considerations of natural law philosophy and practicality so that PEACE DIVIDENDS so ushered roughly in an era of “global policing” concerns chose unfunding and underfunding even when with available funds over allotments to budgets for armor for soldiers of all our forces and even armored vehicles.

It does seem we have gotten here accidentally.  It does seem that the honor earned by our National Guard over past decade of global deployment has been seriously well earned and maybe critical to what can be called successes.  That said this accidental benefit may be lost if a seat now officially and ceremonially actualized at our national and Joint Staff level. 

There likely can be no similar benefit in Afghanistan specific to use of Guard units as once regular of Operation Iraqi Freedom - there though can be a lingering concern as to why we have had to rely upon Guard troops globally and so as a “but for” (FUBAR) specific to governance of and by the Clintons — this is again yet another problem specifically traceable to the Clintons’ SURPLUSES, right?

Of course you all involved may have yet undisclosed or considered documents to the contrary - but that said we of the general civilian public seem left to limits more of above discussion as acceptable history to more accurate and deserved blaming.

And now yet again we are back to considering that President Clinton and his CLINTONS’ GLOBAL INITIATIVE of its proposals and chartering so of claims to be non-political and non-partisan.  Not since he seemed to be just a penitent past President touring Africa with condoms and safe sex messaging has it seemed such.  Now it seems undeniable and corrupt clearly that he is fully using such both for personal political and partisan missions that reach globally and stir much and many domestically.

I can see some Natural State in such but am having trouble seeing reasonable “law” or even just “natural law”!


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Posted by: JP HOGAN @ 5:57 pm

By now you likely realized that Hillary Rodham Clinton had no right to run for President once their “two-fer” as First Couple maxed out its years, of eight, per the ratification of Amendment 22.  We may have now a clear proposition that Congress and Washington would now be held in some to much higher general esteem if they hadn’t so long endured and worked to change our system fundamentally and near treasonously so that they could be of a global political support superior to our domestic checks and balances and so of a governance of man & woman and much less of laws.

There is a general treachery about a maybe traceable decades of plotting where flies on their walls by invite could hear their machinations to get around and over obstacles to their selfish political ambitions, like our Constitution.

But hey, what about President Assumed Putin?  What about just specific ridiculous and dangerous of their propositions to a Russian RESET?

Sure Iran isn’t going anywhere, just yet and we could suggest it is a modern wing of the RESET Russia soon more obviously of V. Putin, President - but what about a general fairness now - what about a fair distribution of RECONSTRUCTION duties to post Cold War responsibility?  What about how Secretary of State Hillary Clinton maybe couldn’t have taken us down a worse path?

And yet today chauvinist William Jefferson Clinton showed himself again with a suggestion recently that he should have been able to keep Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton, for at least four more years from an attempt to become superior to him under our laws.

We have now long been led to believe that a governance of man of Clinton would be better than further governance of our generally understood interpretation of our rights and protections and checks from too much foreign influence in our local elections.  We have a compromised Secretary of State with a spouse now of powers excessive for a former President with the “commitment” scheming of Clintons’ Global Initiative where now as his surpluses and gross underfunding were kept celebrated as a good  such that his powers to be mister international money bags has been grossly reinforced.  We have the conundrum that is he now has purse strings to have power personally and reinforcingly to his spouse that he can only have to such excess because he stripped Presidents and Congress from such powers for themselves with his SURPLUS and its excess celebration.

We should consider that the CLINTONS’ GLOBAL INITIATIVE should be given orders to cease and desist immediately and all powers generally involved return therefore to our Congress and President, but first let us look at Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for maybe being the worse, the worst of it, and the worse Secretary of State specifically arguable simply around Russia and Iran issues.

Essentially the Clintons did privatize much of powers of our Presidency, and to themselves with CGI and while, again, of decades of wondering how to act and present themselves to avoid our laws meant to protect us from likes of their plotting.  But since we finally marched on Baghdad to finally put bite into United Nations sanctions that better would have been enforced within the Clintons’ first term, and now the French have with some help from NATO assisted in an offering of overdue justice for Qadhaffi, when will the Russians now and maybe with all the …stans handle a general global good more their responsibility and towards effectations regarding Iran?  Sure it is the Cheneys in KINGS OF THE HILL that quoted maybe Thaddeus Stevens to a call publicly that Congress deserved the right to determine the terms of Reconstruction, and maybe on top of page 63, but really for us to have finally gone into Iraq was necessary for our part in support of past of Saddam some or much as inconvenient compromising about the geopolitics of the region specific to Cold War Geopolitics.

I mean doesn’t it just make sense and seem fair that if we are to RESET anything with Russia and as global allies their is a simple relations suggestive that they not us should be large nation most involved and out front dealing with Iran as a “problem” - well unless they are a nuclear loose wing of the new Russia, right?

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Posted by: JP HOGAN @ 10:23 am

We are faced now with a long overdue “is” - the is that is is - the is that is about personnel being spelled differently from personal.

This is the LAW where both Clintons long worked to obfuscate and fractionalize.  Clearly they worked to a public personnel masking for themselves to suggest they were above the “is” that is the “personal.”   Hillary Rodham with such her Christian name had a benefit that it didn’t 100% sound like a porn name.  Her first name “Hillary” suggest climbing and maybe a wearing out of buttocks in ambition - she had some “e-cue-men-I-cal” “personal” to help her in all “personnel” and/or phonetic probing.

So this today being yet another indivisible legal issue as per Rodham and other suggestive names not always measured as well by first name, and ecumenical, concerns both personal and of personnel, we have that her “we” of “is” is indivisible from her “is” of her “we.”  No, it is not like her saying her own name sounded like a proposition or sexual suggestion or offering for personnel to render more too personal and of a impropriety and lapse of judgement fitting for their arrangements about their organization.

Not every “is” is an “is” as per personal or personnel - not every organization is right for others of similar organs.  But Bill and Hillary are indivisible.  There may be times one or the other needed to be humbled and to learn again a penitent posture to a respectful bowing of their heads.  The Clintons by playing with “is” as not “is” and “personnel” as not necessarily “personal” may have been penitent people too infrequently.

Well “organ” is in “organized” and “Organization” for a reason - maybe because birds of a feather are reported to flock together.

When they doth protest too much more Protestant, maybe, were they selfish and greedy and slothful as per better maintenance of our general governance?  Our 22 Amendment seems important most for its era so soon upon succession from Roosevelt administration and by, I think, the eightieth United States Congress of a recent Republican sweep, a sweep impressive but yet not as stunning as our recent 2010 Republican clean up.  It came from an era and a time where excessive years allowed the Roosevelt Family to emotionally market their popularity to leeway from standard checks and power balancing would clearly have been point and/or counter points while Amendment language being created to prevent another Roosevelt Family swoon.

The “is” of the Clintons where “is” is supposed to suggest that they are above “personal” in their “two-fer” and so able to be a new Rooseveltian excess seems dealt with and forbidden by our term limit amending as legally the separated “personal” said not to be relevant, by them, as per them of their divisible “personnel” and as a married couple wanting to hold onto power of our United States is probably our most dangerous case situation to be first and foremost forbidden.

So, again, we have that she didn’t win the Presidency, and while I of years of blogging working out many different reasons why she may have been an illegal candidate for such office and so that even to be in our line of succession as Secretary of State to our Presidency may also be an illegal and corrupt practicing.

So now we know, legally, that “settlement” and “agreement” are not equals.  Now we know again that “personal” is not spelled “personnel” and that “is” is more often “is” and not a variable for a defense of the indefensible.  Now we know that the Clintons denied their “is” play fall as lawyers and intellectuals (again?) while now that “organ” in “Organization” now our call and duty as of a confederated republic and representative politics.

What is the right “personnel” check for a prospective employee then unemployed (unemployable?) for some reason of a time where them just saying their name sounds like a situation calling ecumenicals to concern and offering of blessings and maybe a wonderment to a need for a new baptizing?  Do you know about logic circles?

As per the hams of the Clintons and their shared homes and finances (and hinting that they would stop sharing their beds if Hillary elected?) we have a simple test using logic circles to basically argue their “indivisible” “is” of “personal” and “personnel” and so that even as Secretary of State of position in our line of succession to our office of the President where as per our term limit amendment that is our 22 Amendment written and affirmed across our lands to each of Bill and Hillary never a fully separated legal circle - so always of some legal overlapping such that the bar to returning “Bill” to White House home office by “election” is met, judiciously, as an election of “Hillary” would effect a return at least legally some “by election” of spouse “Bill.”

So not only was “Hillary for President” an unconstitutional and illegal breach of our jurisprudence around their fidelity and infidelity that Madam Secretary of State Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton is now in reach of our office of the President as of our line of succession seems reasonably also arguable as Unconstitutional and illegal.  Much rides on them deciding the meaning of “is” themselves and selling such that way, though at times quite ridiculous.

And, now in very related and also very political matters much still of Clintons power reaching and “convenient” re-interpretations of at least our 22 Amendment that sits near fully as “undecided law” not yet challenged in courts anywhere to a determination of what it means and/or that it makes sense it is reasonable that a married couple is our greatest danger and likely its original purpose, so important that mere laws wouldn’t do and that a new Constitutional Amendment was called for.

We are now left maybe to people challenged by their own names an all the phonetic possibilities, and still that that was once just Hillary Rodham.  Can someone become unemployable because they lost a necessary discipline about their own evangelism or name pronunciation such that their introduction of themselves may sound like harassment?  Are we now to finally uncovering the trickery and baseness that Clintons have played improperly to their advantage?  What are the quick tests to look for a dangerous pathology when wondering about whether a potential employee can fit as a new organ within their Organization - what are the tests to look for a penitent nature?  How does one deal with one supposedly unemployed wanting to work again but without erudition about their orations of their own name so that an air of impropriety or harassment doesn’t roll right of their tongues?  

So Hillary again may be our greatest expert in DC on these matters - does she pronounce the suggestion to “sharing” that is inconveniently for her maybe newsworthy phonetical as “Sharon” but with last name confusable as either “buy a lik” or “BI ALL EEK” and yet still again maybe “bial eek”? 

Leaves a lot to imaginations especially the one of such name likely unconsciously then again of having been haunted and disturbed herself by her own name.

It may now be very inconvenient for “Hillary” that she is uniquely and maybe most greatly qualified in DC on these impropriety dramatics - it may be more inconvenient that her and “Bill’s” convenient “is” as not “is” cannot now long endure a full and fair discussion of these “settlement” or “arrangements” specifics that may most have been about individuals finding a “Peter Principle” in effect to them now longer of organs of “personnel” strictures appropriate to that unique Organization.

Unlike simple “personnel” matters the Clintons’ logic circles are always and still indivisible and of an overlapping at least some so that their “personal” is still most critical concern and likely greatest danger that our Eightieth Congress thought needed full judicial review and too a greatest of all rebalancing such as only an Amendment to our Constitution with affirmation by people of every state involved.  This and while our freedom of information rights could have been overcome in their basic protections as a return of two spouses so soon after term limits kicked in might have allowed them to reclassify important but implicating documents anew to a reset to thirty years removal from public eyes and so to an easy and quick self defense if allowed by 22 Amendment that spouses are not actually our greatest threat to democracy and while “is” is that an election of the other would enough be a return to office by forbidden “election” of the other.

Otherwise there are no protections - otherwise a known say “Bonnie and Clyde” would also be allowed to abuse the powers of our office of President to hiding facts and figures compromised by their avarice and vice.

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Posted by: JP HOGAN @ 3:36 pm

I’m proud of you - it may be an election day for your exercising rights to pick and choose.  You may not be the compromiser that some elected or “in politics” personalities have been too long and too willfully - we do have two at least long of increasing our dangers and limiting our options for their pride and standard methods to willing compromise.

I am proud of you, likely at least as innocent, not guilty, but not proud of either of Clintons’ two-fer or their eight years.  It is dangerous to give them a inch of forgiveness for they will take a mile of forgiveness onto themselves unearned.  They did that regularly and deceitfully to President Bush and those too generous around him, including his parents.  The Clintons are dangerous not just for general practices about compromising as a standard method.

These two are more than a Jekyll and/or Hyde - a Bonnie and/or Clyde - or the Invisible First Couple - they are able to be studied for their years of plotting and effecting - they are able to be critically studied for choosing to just do seventy to eighty percent when smart enough to know more could and should be done at some moments in actual history and yet not compromising to accepting say eight percent when ninety was possible but not so without undermining their selfish political reaching to hold onto Presidential power longer than the limited eight years and so longer than Martha and George.

Though during 2008 early days of contest I did enter a downtown DC Barnes and Nobles with a mystical wish to find some book any book spontaneously that seemed to be there to help warn me and guard me from the Clintons continued excessive political presence.  To the best of my knowledge I hadn’t yet read DRACULA and wasn’t sure when that became the book I left with whether I would conclude while reading that Bill and Hillary were of the good or of the evil.  It didn’t turn out well for them - too many parallels available throughout for them to be reasonably considered “blood suckers.”  I have no idea where the old blogged threads are with my sharing of such mysterious discover so open minded sought that day.

There is a difference between living your life a compromiser and living your life selfishly choosing to do less when more smartly available and possible.  The Clintons, poor us, have shown a long studyable history with a penchant for both, and at times simultaneously. 

I am proud of those today who are not voting, not voting to elect or reelect a representative that uses compromising as a preset management and organizing method - on happy to stop when say eighty percent has been reached.

There are enough public records and recordings of the Clintons since they entered 1992 race to delve into how they specifically left America with fewer options and greater and more festered problems.  This may be more of them stopping at say seventy five percent because it was enough to be sellable politically and to so stop there before they had to reveal their planned separate roles for each spouse so that an election of the other some day shouldn’t be limited by “just four more years of the other” dull and unavoidable concluding that they deserved to be both term limited by the 22 Amendment that allows that a return of a spouse by the election of the other could easily be writ to allow that such would still be the forbidden return to more years “by election.”  Their marriage is inseparable and in a system where one law shouldn’t undermine another even and specifically marriage and spousal rights - even before you consider the protection to collusion an otherwise interpretation posits.

So we have years and years of Clintons trying to hold on to as much executive and Presidential powers since supposedly limited from further exercise of such Presidential and executive powers by our 22 Amendment.  We have though much studiable that they did stop at say seventy five percent at times when more was possible and better to the “greater good” yet seemingly avoided to selfishly keep their powers from appearing so identical and unoriginal to one more than the other.

But for those of great concern about dangers just of compromising as a standard method with a history of stopping negotiations and/or dialogue when at say eighty percent when more reachable as agreeable we have what happens and has seemingly happened since early 90s — We have that first an eighty percent is agreed to when more was possible and reachable and then the next negotiations relevant to such arena then the new one hundred percent though actually eighty percent so next eighty percent actually of an arena then only eighty percent its actual potential and to a new settled at eight percent easy compromise called, maybe, representation.  And, then we get to next situation where another eighty percent the goal but now due to process and time elapsing is only available actually to an eighty percent of the earlier eighty percent of the earlier eighty percent.

The Clintons have provided current and future students not even to masters or doctorate as wealth of material to attest when studied and analyzed of how their selfish political machinations and as well their happy practice of settling even when a seventy five percent threshold present.


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Posted by: JP HOGAN @ 8:05 pm

Today is a special day.  Today no member of the media should any longer be able to report that either of Clinton “two-fer” are not IN politics, fully, still. 

We now more publicly have comparing and contrasting opportunities regular and available due to many new memoirs and not too coddled public pressers.   We can talk around some of such now say by suggesting both Bill Clinton and Dick Cheney like fly fishing - and maybe we should - maybe we should be polite and allude more than “talk around” or “avoid”.

Hillary likely has her hackles in a tithy now.  Hillary did once pride herself as a Rose lawyer so conveniently maybe she is now one of the best to ask and question, at least first.

Where long she must have been “Bill’s” southern belle lawyer empowerer and enabler dedicated to their common plotting to try to both get elected President some day - it does seem it was the fishing skills say of the Arkansas State Troopers that “Bill” would test most especially as regards “catch and release.”

So what if she worked for a law firm named THE ROSE LAW FIRM.  So what if “Bill” knew he had escaped most need others of his time and later times would have to change and become less male chauvinistic by getting Wellesley College & Yale Law Hillary Rodham to compromise her leading feminism to be a traditional wife to and for him and in a much more quiet south.  I mean really, what about that - and still?

Where is Hillary Rodham Clinton now on all this?  Has Madam Secretary of State Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton a comment on Sharon Bialex “November Surprise”?  It seems her magic “is” not defining of “is” has escaped, legally through a variety of breastworks and loopholes someone at a Rose Law Firm likely needed an expertise soundly and officially and thoroughly to certifiably in.  There is fly fishing and then there is the other is of “fly fishing” and “catch and release” established by President Bill as specifically Ozarkian or nearly while always of Hope. 

But why is the work “organ” in organized?  Hillary?

Did Bill grab at Hillary over greased watermelons just because he saw she could forever protect him from feminism and a lesser chauvinism?  That he is still butting in and meddling in her global and official business is a familiar skirting of protective laws around the spirit of our separations and checks and balances - it is also clearly political and insubordinate to his succeeding head of his own party.  That though may only raise racial protections afforded him from affirmative action “I went first” casting - not necessarily a political forced subjugation a sitting President may now be too afraid to come forward with - to afraid to stand up and challenged under such rival opposition.

He, Bill that is, has hidden behind Hillary and her esquire a very long time, he definitely can be said to have escaped most feminist change effects by marrying one of its movements thought leaders.  But really, now with a book out to challenge an actually partially black President so near an election and while the real opposition, well maybe real opposition - in comparison to “Bill” contesting of authority, of Republicans are looking for any divisions in the “House of Obama”?

Sure Hillary may have sold out long ago - she clearly has defended and empowered without explaining even why “organ” is in “Organization” or just “organized” - really.  I mean it!  Can you point to or dig up a single time when “is” was actually “is”?

So now I am fondly remembering what I think was my first winter living in DC - I am remembering taking up fishing that first year on Capitol Hill as a weekend regular activity - but that was with some seldom used older fishing gear and maybe some new gear as well - but for bottom fishing on the Potomac River in Accokeek or Piscataway Farm and its nearly condemned fishing pier directly across the river from Mount Vernon.  Funny that whole “organ” in “organized” when thinking young George fished himself in such spots and for bottom fish too, so with a “mounts” “green” a concern for much washing of Washington, of young George Washington, at least at first. 

I seem to think I could sit down and throw out some more “catch and release” castings here related to varieties of fly-fishing but see it has mostly been since my first winter in DC that I have spend more time in my new hobby that season of building a fly tying kit and tying flies and nymphs, much.  I still haven’t taken hold of such sport or found time to actually use the flies for fly fishing from that year but have moved from bottom fishing for Potomac catfish to some surf casting for the local blues.

Maybe tomorrow,  maybe another year, while even my spinning has settled much since Connecticut started licensing salt water fishing.  Yes, it was ironic that I moved to DC and took up fishing especially since I had moved in across the street from DC’s second most fresh fish operation that is Eastern Market.  It was inconvenient though when having decided in part to take such lease because of a DC swimming pool across the street that when I sought out local waters, finally, I did find the doors locked and a “CLOSED FOR CONSTRUCTION FOR NEXT YEAR” sign upon the doors.

Hillary?  Madam Secretary of State Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton the once leading feminist from Wellesley College and early years of Yale Law School - you must have something to contribute - you have to be one of Washington DC’s top experts about areas of politics and law of accusations so delicate and confusable? 

Oh, MSM - you too, by now, right?  What about actual feminism and why the word “organ” is in “Organization”?  What about militant corporate feminism and that THE RACE TO THE TOP?

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Posted by: JP HOGAN @ 10:07 am

This isn’t the way it was all supposed to work out. 

America has documents and traditions writ in parchment and minds long protected to defend citizen People of our United States of America from designs to mass Stockholm Syndrome subjugation, political.

You/we are all being called “STUPID” again by Bill and Hillary, and their party’s leader - Hillary’s boss, quite a bit too.

Before we get to that the new book by former and term limited President William Jefferson Clinton is a political book affirming that he is actually fully “in politics” as even MSNBC reports regarding rendering as “political” news,  we can just consider the arrogance of its titling suggestions of a superiority and smarterness belonging to him.  He came, he saw, he conquered - what’s a little parchment and amending to do - to do to keep him from holding as much power as he can for as long?

Where “Bill” was the YKK (ZIPPER METAPHOR) DOT COM BOOM PRESIDENT it seemed convenient that their plot to being years afterwards for “Hillary” to be the “HAWK” after he seduced as a “DOVE” (before his times - not of reality of his times) and restore them to full power and also the primary right to the “big toys” and all the perks of their old home office - our THE WHITE HOUSE.

It tells its own story if you know not to believe them when they call you stupid and suggest a superiority and smarterness than yourself –  so now HAWK HILLARY more a Secretary of War, still bitter about not having all her power back, is in competition some with First Lady Michelle Obama, while holding out their smartness to Hillary as sellable still after the facts as the ELASTIC WAIST BAND DOT ORG BUST PRESIDENT.

It, in hindsight, seems that it would have been smarter “diplomacy” and even economics if they hadn’t divided their perceived political personalities, so that Bill could charm as a “DOVE” and then leave the cleaning up for Hillary to keep most hostage to their hostility and “superior smartness” as the “HAWK” as the real world survival story is suggesting it would have been smarter to have had them show their “HAWKISHNESS” during their nineties and maybe leave now to be a due “DOVE” era for others of PEACE DIVIDENDS not dangerously before their time.

They are definitely both “IN POLITICS” now so publicly out with individual messaging specifically calling themselves smarter than  everyone including especially “Barack” and “Michelle.”   It was just trite that Gore and Clintons set up a BAY OF PIGS sequel using North Korea and some private spies of Gore’s employment and reported insufficient training in craft - that they may have forced new hope filled young and most inexperienced President Barack Hussein Obama into playing along as they grab headlines for themselves like BAY OF PIGS but as a sequel sellable as a BAY OF BABES - also a grand victory of bringing America back from the brink of a global nuclear conflict - but in a North Korean Bay.  

Do they have President Obama hostage - are they just smarter than him - or is he fully an accomplice?  Both Clintons are now without a doubt IN POLITICS and much dividing their own party and administration.  President Clintons new book doesn’t deserve commentary for content - he hasn’t pulled of at least a Haitian Economic Miracle with his current duties as well so wasting time now with such quite ridiculous and banal. 

We could have used a book of as much apologizing as President Obama has been wrongly about but as a factual confession of Clintons about the dumbness of their economic administering and these times their baby - their very own off-spring of trouble for all.  Essentially they are now both out publicly with new stories professing an unearned superiority and smarterness for themselves, and when inappropriate meddling for a former term limited President, not just mere officer in an administration now arguably compromised by rivals in it with clear political ambitions and hold-out/hold-up/hold-over pride and attempts to keep as many hostage to their ambitions and to efforts to be loved as unimprisoned imprisoners.

“Hun” Hillary seen recently clearly giddy getting GI credits HAWKISH to “I CAME - I SAW - I CONQUERED.”  And, “Bill” seems so proud of his “Hun”!  And so: To think their early moves as well were of calling so many economically “stupid” at least,  hmmm?

That former term limited President William Jefferson Clinton is actually out with a book about economy and jobs advice can only be DAMAGE CONTROL.  Again, their SURPLUS popularity was unwarranted and historically dangerous and they knew it when they proceeded with it to gain thought impossible political popularity for themselves.  Again, the Republicans had found a trillion that could be safely cut to bring Clinton era federal budget into balance and then Clintons had only corrupt and defensive political thoughts to campaigning to unnecessary and irresponsible surplus cuts of “Democrats” also able to find a trillion to survive politics of Republicans having proved that a trillion could be found to “balance”.  The Clintons’ SURPLUS, again, was all politics and little of “sound” economics, and with them actually smart enough to know better.  They cut a trillion that Republicans hadn’t touched when then working to prove against Democrats cries that our Congress could balance our Federal Budget - they cut, you could say what Republicans first instincts and better instincts had been against cutting.

You/we are now all still held hostage to and by the Clintons.  We don’t have to love them for it and should be sure to guard others and ourselves from such a proposition, even more than we should have before.

President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama, are you still there?  I ask for still it seems there have been subtle reports that both Clintons have effected a full and complete virtual coup over all powers thought yours, but use of “toys” and “perks” of office.  Have you become mere mascots of a “governing from under the Clintons” and no longer just maybe of a “governing” from “behind”?

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Posted by: JP HOGAN @ 10:19 am

Michael Gerson in an opinion piece today in THE WASHINGTON POST speaks “Citizens can lose the sense of belonging to a shared national enterprise.”  Today you all may be asking:  But what about the Greeks?

He may be in a position to write about this all more objectively than myself - I don’t know that he is of past opinion pieces as I have been explaining that these socialists now about and the parts so of anarchical encampments should have been marching for changes at no higher than state levels across our country - that we got into much of this economic mess in large part due to new calls for radical new “national enterprise” has been part of my past commentary but with use of different phraseology - so he may be able to be more objective, now.

We were on a good course I have likened objectively to having been a new home or building needing just new maybe Alcoa Aluminum seamless gutters and downspouts installed to get a certificate of occupancy before such a structure and its good foundation to be finally the new and improved economic house, and to a timely call to more local statism intentionally weaker in “national enterprise.”

This was the course we were on after years of careful planning and building to such that all became a mooted option when President Obama and his ushering in of a Presidency too busy in a cover-up for Clintononmics and Clintons’ foreign policies did declare often and loudly regularly that WE NEED A NEW FOUNDATION.  We were ready to recover the economy by my subjective thinking before liberals calls to say “national enterprise” tore down a ready and almost open “new and improved” economic house/building.  We probably should not underestimate how much his efforts to offer a cover-up of Clintons’ combined “fault” corrupted these other statism economic options.

A new romanticism had been being worked to celebrate individuality and self reliance even by states and their government, not just of their special and unique individuals.  We had a state quarters programs among other “national enterprises” helping improve state enterprises not as a single flavored national state enterprise.  It wasn’t all just talk about quarters and coinage - it may actually have been about helping more trust themselves, their neighbors and their communities about a new and improved sense to local exchange rates- their self reliance. 

Much of this deserves a discussion - the overdue discussion though to a back and forth less of Keynesian economics and more of Adam Smith INVISIBLE HAND theories and so of a tricky governance since the magic would be for the “national” to a new “states enterprise” best to be hidden and disguised as much as possible.

Obama this… & Obama that… & Obama did this for you… & Obama saved you again…?

Obama somehow got in the way - some how not only did they sell more selfless governance they dictated to an expectation that they get immediate acknowledgement and praise for such - and even before any “enterprise” actually started to work.  I don’t know about your state government right now, but, we may now be hindered too about them and their tax systems and methods more around consumption and wealth now compromised by the “national enterprise” overreaching also of a time arguably inappropriate due to market trends and consumer interests - our states may now be too inclined to be attention grabbing Keynesians themselves - yet though as of my earlier comments still better to a possible success than centralizing national socialism over writing recently experienced as attempted where the income tax and profit/loss system ill designed for such.  Simply, again, President Obama seems to have gotten in the way.

I have earlier written about how our tax system at our national level is naturally reactive to socialism over reaching as a circuit breaker to breaches through our established walls of freedoms and rights.  It is an easily understandable human behavior to unconsciously want to work less when such as we have all witness ushers forth as a new forced march for all.  You could say that as per tax reform at the national level Democrats and progressives have been providing the strongest arguments for a full revolution and revisionism about our national tax codes - you could say they need it to be changed just so that future attempts to centralized national socialism won’t become defeated before it has a chance just because of predictable human nature and tendencies that become lower tax revenues accidentally and intentionally and maybe by national design in our tax code.

Yes it has been a while since I tried first to explain to so many of these progressives as cared to read that they should have tried to occupy the thoughts of state legislatures and local governance and around intelligible points that a “wealth” or “property” tax basis the only ideologically fair tax method that wouldn’t cause a dangerous economic reduction in production and income, suddenly and naturally, rightfully.

So to a “back in black” keeping to news color of the week this has been both a subjective and objective issuance suggesting that we had too much “national enterprise” and even “calls to service” during Bush years with wars needed because Clintons’ 8 had left their successor few options not more options - that actually markets wanted and needed less “national enterprise” to create or save economic growth.

I don’t know why President Obama tried to kill off the new romanticism on the rise that had a good foundation and nearly finished structure fit to help states all grow a stronger economy.  It does seem to be what he did and by trying to be a Clinton repeat, and with same cast/characters, and so to seconds none of use needed or should have reached for.  We now all have to ask even about bridge spending suggestions to a how now Mr. President since Clintons’ great SURPLUS is still supposed to be great for not spending available funds even on condemned bridges or even failing levies across our country, and many many schools.  And now, unlike then, with you to needing to borrow funds for such since they cut so so much, while saying we didn’t need to spend, spend, spend on so so so much.

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Posted by: JP HOGAN @ 8:03 am

While walking up the steps of your State Capitol or maybe in DC over your head thinking while climbing that your cause can jump a few places and become a national parade paddled to roll on rivers inappropriate to your facts and circumstances - it may help to consider that Hillary Rodham can be said to have been born more disadvantaged than Condoleezza Rice.

Today our day breaks fresh with a new controversial TIME Magazine cover where it with a dull rung not a twangy enough ringing throughout their markets they too graphically suggest America has an obesity problem keeping many down.   Actual ladders for corporate or social climbing and laboring on rich peoples homes have rungs twice as far apart - these rungs, so broken, evoke imagery with its young hand reaching (while falling?) of a body too heavy to participate on exercise racks most Americans may remember as well of only used in Middle School days when of Presidential Fitness Program tests.

You can be born in Chicago and be more disadvantaged than a black of similar age born in the south - you can be born and raised further away from God anywhere.  Some may be survival and more nurture over nature - some may have parents strong enough to compensate for community ceilings.  And so again it seems TIME Magazine in slamming First Lady Michelle Obama, as per traditional roles.

Also in the news is a clever business man and the smear campaign against him (smear due to timing, at least) being used to push great accomplishments of a black women of great success and her new book about her story to a further back “seat.”  If his story was being covered for his adeptness so far at standing up to liberal lawyers and bias for liberal lawyer candidates or officials - then his duck and weave and agile side stepping would be considered as of a master boxer avoiding walking right into the jabs and upper cuts.  He is boxing in the dark as a darkie - still not sure where the hits are coming from - and successfully parlaying time and dimensions, political.

Though today we may be better to throw out all our sexual harassment laws and start anew (note: I don’t know that I have read any or all of them in legal form.) it maybe for an existence of a worked advantage for women by women that is letting them stop short of a general revision to fairer interpretation and power sharing/coexisting habits.  We may not have enough women on women variations to address all female cleverness and plotting, for starters.  We may have historic and thought traditional exceptions hidden between the lines and at times not so covertly covered or colored in.  It does seem that follow on “whitest” Secretary of State, following on her part in her administration  is depictible now as of Democrat Presidents finding the “whitest” Secretary of State they could.  There is a real comparison out this week that offers illumination and color to the apple and the orange that is Hillary Clinton and Condoleezza Rice.

Though today and tomorrow some may see it is First Lady Michelle Obama being most traditionallly skewered by new TIME Magazine cover for the “plate” in her closet not also a due comparison to Hillary, or even Condi.  I mean, TIME has gotten quite graphical with the suggestion in their new cover - even for it not also having a black hand or only a colored hand it this the Obama Economy with unemployment for college educated workables still likely under five percent.

Some may be learning now how close to God and Godliness Condoleezza Rice grew up and so how advantaged compared to say Hillary Rodham born in Chicago wanting to be a politician in her lifetime.  Oh, yeh!  We now must wonder if she could have done better for herself in marriage now that her marriage out on public display again for matters of sexual harassment and/or infidelity as per laws and import of at least sexual harassment laws.  She seems to now be “the white person” suspect yet of a “get out of jail free card” compared to at least black males also now as much deserving of public scrutiny and airing.

How do laws of “sexual harassment” say cover a man entering a room, in a business environment but not necessarily work - with a old friend of say thirty years back from High School days unexpectedly also in the room, and long since seen?  If such women gets up and crosses the room and provides a warm hug and big greating (though just an old “friend”) is she guilty of sexual harassment if man doesn’t tap out end of encounter with a friendly “move along” on her derriere?  Man has to be allowed a counter to want could be a calculated (business) political demonstration at least equal to “hug” - right?  Only a butt slap can offer a balancing to reset conditions on public display and trigger the right response for all to consider there is history involved as “friends” going back to innocent days of High School, right?  As to the apple and oranges that are this weeks racially charged power comparisons - Hillary and Condi are in a fight - and with white Hillary of a career path far from as consistent or regular as per her fronted skills, resume, and reported “accomplishments.”

I may have only read ALICE IN WONDERLAND while in the year of post graduate studies after BA in Economics and undeclared minor in Philosophy from Villanova University I took at Suffolk Law School to get more training in logical thinking and to confirm to myself that my sense of timing and ambition had me with other ambitions at least as serious and important that had me not needing a law degree or the other two years of study in law.  I don’t recommend reading ALICE IN WONDERLAND while a first year law student - I don’t think lawyers are SOLD well in such book, it has been a long while, a long while since that year and those months then just a few before “Barry” Obama then moved and commenced law studies himself just about three miles away from my old class where abouts.

As per “Alices” these are the times where our media should be asking them to answer for themselves.  We should not tolerate or long still abide a distraction from a timely cat fight between the apple that is Hillary and the say orange that is Condi - we have though been side lined and derailed some with accusations against Herman Cain.  He has been boxing well so far - he has skillfully avoided walking directly into the various hits, jabs, and upper cuts.  But what about the women, all the women - especially the white women? 

As per my race story growing up in New Haven as a public school student, by choice mostly,  I was a minority in my high school - a school just a block away.  While in my elementary school that was across the street everyone was nearly a minority for school had a student body traditionally with at least children of 70 nationalities enrolled in any given year, due to Yale and other institutions supporting internationalism in the region.  And, then well Villanova was considered “Vanillanova” at times though not with “pride” for having maybe only one percent “colored” or maybe just “black” enrolled in any given year.   That fall “Barry” Obama commenced at Harvard Law School I did agree to, with my new Ford F-250 grey 4×4 Pick-up truck still in “break in” low mileage to drive to Philadelphia and pick-up my old college pal Darryl and move him out to Chicago to start his full ride scholarship at the University of Chicago PhD program in Education - yes Darryl was just one of my black friends, any maybe most regular pal of all such in my life to that date by then. 

President Obama is from Chicago, by then but still really mostly Hawaiian.  He should be wading into this slop that has his lady currently skewered and served - but not so much so that cat fight now on between Hillary’s resume and Condi’s scholarship isn’t further moved off to a distant unreachable wonderland.

It is a wonder though that President Obama is now occasionally seen off looking like a street vender illegally hawking cheap economic job growth products as the real Reagan thing/product.  Quite unbecoming if I must say.


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Posted by: JP HOGAN @ 9:52 am

Well, it now seems obvious that Democrats of today would have been able to keep “Ronnie” from a Hollywood style to actual real roles in politics, whence.  Having “character” or “getting into character” would have been admissible and confusable.

These are the early days of a week of opening up WOOP (SEE: DONKEYS) with some kick back and color.

Women everywhere are at risk, and in the “hot seat” especially this week, these early days of November’s first week, 2011.  There can be no real claim to equality the barriers are dimensional - Women everywhere have a corporateness  unequaled and yet unrivaled by them - by women enough.   “Rosie the Riveter” may have hammered out a song - and long and proud and tough song, but today women have a can of worms their own to open before them for all to see.

There hasn’t been enough feminism yet for them to claim equality - they haven’t gone the distance nearly yet.  Where Herman Cain may be lucky not to have been a bad actor of Hollywood set or another Reagan stamped out with cookie cutter now women have the runways.  Can they claim equality and call for more corporate ratings for themselves without calling all women to at least a decade of hard times to prove they can socially handle chase?  Can women ever be “equal” to societies historical expectations for men as hunter gatherer providers of the long slog willing to come home week after week even when so of such social burdens during depressing times even just recessionary? 

When will women be able to call themselves equal - can it only be after a decade allowed to be sole proprietor of a family unit in tough times and willing to week after week come home to husbands that spent a day shoe shopping again - say for climbing shoes one day and new golf shoes another and well new flip-flops or water socks another?

What are our current social and societal expectations - is the recession a once in a century opportunity for women and more specifically feminists to step forward and test their mettle, as equally?

There is much color about all this now in early November 2011 - Condoleezza Rice with her memoir NO HIGHER HONOR is out with her version and edition of “black power” either of shelving “WOOP” upon Colin Powell or of holding back or showing “compassion” and/or “empathy.”  This week we could actually say you can have your news any color you want as long as you want it black.

Mr. Herman Cain is in battle of his life yet not so much reported as sparring against feather weight (?) President Barack Hussein Obama.  (note to self:  Find out if Herman Cain has a middle name and if news worthy or column/punditry fodder.)

Without a decade just to themselves women may never be able to prove themselves as a full set or class as equals at least in the world of games and contests once called “men’s work” that just started for societal and home pressures for men to find something to do to get them out of the house so not to bother or contest their women from their things (work?).

As of now it doesn’t look like this will get to be too graphic with daily bar charts or fun raising graphs to side by side compare life of Bill with life of Herman, even just year by year.  It as of now isn’t even looking like a story of black power in Washington of keeping an illegitimate white bastard child hidden away off on some family plantation.  It is a week with many expected cans to be opened of worms or “WOOP.”

The nineties was an easy time for women into men’s work world - a bubble economy was about that created entry opportunities the belied more historical and competitive modeling for showing a leg through the doors of man’s world - into corporateness to equal opportunities in what had been the man’s side of surviving home life.

Sure Colin Powell was part of the BUSH FREEDOM AGENDA but he was also much of the CLINTONS’ laxity about global equality more of words and rants than walk or steps.  Will NO HIGHER HONOR now offer up enough color and “WOOP” - Do female black scholars make better secretaries than retired generals?  Did she?

We are now to the competitive corporate equality that Clintons’ bubbles of teased and unscientific economic policies basically ignore - we are too a bubble that let women more into man’s word of work and to breaching old societal expectations for men to find something to do to get out of wife’s way and so out of the home.  (R.I.P.  Mrs. Rodham, mother of Hillary Clinton - I just now heard the news.)  I tend to be a workaholic and have many hobbies and much professionalism, much of this cannot apply to me - I can “work” most anywhere - I have been meaning to find time to learn rules of golf better and develop my first scoring “handicap” - still have to find and arrange a home course eligible when time allows, though.

I know, this just isn’t seeming fair.  I am really wondering though on size of “WOOP” (again see:  DONKEYS) scholar Condoleezza Rice may have writ upon Secretary Powell.  That said,  Herman Cain is a rare racial window now into corporateness of at least the past twenty years - not sure whom has gotten a leg through his doors or for what or why, or how, where, or as whom or for whom.  Why didn’t a woman, at least a white women get his jobs when he got them or had them - are some jobs just better for men than for women and other corporated ranks better in places for women than men?

Yes, it seems Ronald Reagan could never have been elected today - bad actors in character now would have played out his “getting into character” likely as the real thing - as the Godfather to his “pie” - the Cain to his Abel.

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