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Until today President Barack Hussein Obama had been
the accepted titular head of two equal branches of our federal
government.   Well, maybe more so than just “titular.”

We have three “branches” (equal branches) in our Federal Government, some even read about such today.

Have you read your Constitution today — did you read along with Congress?

Did you hear the part with “in the year of our Lord”
with us in a marking of our days with the Christian calender later
“amended” some with our First Amendment?

I guess understanding what is written can be difficult at times.

Are you ready?  Have you readied yourself?  Have you steeled yourself for austerity issues?

Have the Clintons been most to this “failing” of
111th and President Barack Hussein Obama such that now our President may
have been rendered near a “titular” head and of only one branch?

There is much history and precedence that our Congress to an equal right to determine the fix.

If it is now to “austerity” the Clintons might want
to sneak away and hide — their eight years are going to get a long
overdue “edit” in the public eye.  Have their plans backfired?

Are you ready for C.O.L.A. rollbacks and with efforts
to lower the cost of living while accepting newly permissible
effectings in valuations and revaluations once unthinkable?

Not much we can do about just National Security
imperatives nor that President Clinton use to whine that President Bush
had “left him a war.”  Not much that we can do now that the less
expensive options for Afghanistan and Iraq passed with the “avoidance”
and “inaction” of the eight years of Clintons.

Lucky these past two years didn’t see those in
Washington as politicians and bureaucrats of governance unchecked by a
state media - a media controlled by them.

How much are the eight years of the Clintons to
blame?  How did so much of what Obama and 111th Dems call “necessary”
seem so different and opposed to Clintons’ rash unfunding and
underfunding to a unnecessary surplus years before its time?

AND THEN THERE WAS ONE — and the one was the United
States of America - as a lone superpower.   How poorly did the Clintons
govern and lead relative to such a rare and unplanned global status
updating for us?   With each “austerity” measure many should now be
asking, and with clear and measured accounting to a overdue “compare and
contrast” with Bush eight years.

We didn’t need 9/11!  We didn’t need 9/11!  We didn’t
need 9/11 as an excuse to re-enter Afghanistan for humane purposes
those Clinton eight years our early exit and absence let fester an
“abandonment” and danger we had moral case to from our earlier presence
and early exit?

We didn’t need Operation Iraqi Freedom?  We didn’t
need to wait so long to live up to hour historical post war precedence
of prosecutions and fair trials like Nuremberg?  It was also wrong to
pass those eight years of Clintons with their official line for Iraq of a
peoples of a majority as “not capable of governing themselves” and with
such a “peoples” of a specific religion/sect?

AND THEN THERE WAS ONE — and defense and intelligence
cuts and cuts and more cuts and PEACE DIVIDENDS before their time.  Did
the Clintons use the CIA to lie about “peace”?

Now that President Obama is down to just one, how much will he too be blaming the Clintons?

Now that defense cuts not to be left out of work
further in our CRISIS OF VALUATION that now has “revaluations” an
allowed and available tool towards lowering “costs of living” but not
“standard of living” we may still stand alone or near alone.

It is arguable that the size of the “coalition” for
OPERATION IRAQI FREEDOM had to be smaller than the “coalition” for the
PERSIAN GULF WAR and because “volunteer armed forces” essential for such
to be a “liberation” not an “occupation” and so of “stand down as they
stand up” sensibilities.

And, well The United States of America is few among many with an armed forces of volunteers.

Can President Obama govern without the Clintons?  Can he avoid “TITULAR HEAD”?

Three equal branches, right?  Boy can he shake “deputy president” to Clintons?

The one was the United States near unique with its volunteer armed forces beholden to their Constitution.

Luckily the Dems these past couple years were pressed by a media not “state run.”

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{What follows is a pasted copy of July 6, 2011 original draft - without revision or edits.}

President —- woops! 

Let me start over - let me be clearer:  King Amabo - King Amabo and his factions have a fractionionalization problem.

President —- woops! 

There I go again – let me be more obtuse - more
dramatic:  King Amabo - King Amabo and his productions have a POLITICS 101 problem, a problem little “magic” can hide or that any mysticism
should be willfully use to clouding.

King Amabo, YIKES!  How can you be proporting
yourself to a “bipartisan” with your Secretary of State still “the
elephant in the room” - “the elephant in the china shop”?  Have we
changed the basic science of POLITICS and all curriculums at least at

How can you even espouse a “bipartisan” while
still of the summation since day one still of everything all the other
sides fault - still of everything preposterous politically as of a
ridiculous spelling to suggest IT was NONE of Clintons’ TWO-FER’s fault?

How many garages does King Amabo have?  Is it
relevant?  Does it matter that King Amabo maybe be only FOUR CAR GARAGE
LIBERAL currently reigning in DC as with his being a home with a four
car garage in Chicago and not two homes with two two car garages?

The factions about King Amabo like us to ignore
or forget that Bush Administration did try to address “recession” at
early moment that the Pelosi Congress would allow them political room to
— That President Bush administration did offer unprecendented and
likely never again to be seen “COOPERATION” with staff of President
Elect Obama during those first days after the Democrats would let
President Bush start attempting to save U.S. from a Depression - those
days only after they were able to beat up all Republicans on the economy
with 2008 elections. 

Really it is remarkable how COOPERATIVE and
prepared the Bush team was to help save the United States of America
from another Depression at the earliest moments the Pelosi Congress
would allow him - allow him without him putting Iraq and a losing of
Iraq “on the table.”

Seems we/you are still taught that King Amabo
should be judged by his factions and all the company he chooses to keep,
especially in his cabinet.  Seems some of POLITICS 101 of old may still
be relevant during such reign.

It is a ridiculous calculus by King Amabo and
his merry entourage that allows the preposterous fractionalization to
our body politic.  It is quite ridiculous that a politician would or
could suggest, after two plus years of constant impeachable simple
claims near of or specifically of an “it was all Bush’s fault” —
especially with a part, a specific variable constant of the mysterious
CLINTON TWO-FER beholden and benefiting arithmetically, quite.

Some simple truths seem to be that the Clintons
could pull a REPEAT for King Amabo (President Obama - Harpoed Oprahish)
as economics goes.  It seem a definite certainty that the Clintons’ old
team of “experts” did become King Amabo’s “go to” team and yet without,
for some (many?) reasons able to REPEAT.  Seems something is amiss with
their factions and fractions such that they were of thinking their
efforts these past near few years would have REPEATED what was/is
thought to have been “their economy” of the 90s.

Something didn’t compute - many slanderous and
outrageous claims professed, and, yet King Amabo of a keep still of a
Clinton now grossly benefiting (gross as used about largeness) and so
contrary to simple POLITICS 101 where a removal of a simple obstacle can
sometimes bring a needed “clean slate.”

Looking to tomorrow - the day of The White
House “bipartisan debt talks” - what may now be your “today” isn’t it a
reasonable “shoveling” that “Hillary” if “smart” or a “good politician”
must be able to see that she is a big obstacle to a new “bipartisanship”
for being so grossly benefitting of obvious lying so slanderous and
preposterous so long now constant with posits to that IT is to be said
to have been NONE of the fault of the Clintons - even though their eight
years and specific calculus does offer simpler and better explanations -
and such that better explain how their “go to” not able to REPEAT as
King Amabo’s “GO TO” economic keep?

How can King Amabo consider a “compromise” is
possible if he isn’t willing to admit to simple laws of politics much of
most POLITICS 101 consideration?

It is obvious, though still unusual, that
President Bush and his TEAM did so much quite out of our “ordinary” with
their vast right wing assistance to President Elect Obama and his new
minions about the transition days - that President Bush’s assistance to
such YOUTHFUL and INEXPERIENCED President Elect may have been the
grander hand in the often suggested SAVING OF THE U.S. FROM ANOTHER

President —- woops!

There I go again.  Let me be clear:  President
George W. Bush may have had trouble with word “nuclear” but then
President George H. W. Bush and his young wife Barbara did have baby
George while living across the street from Yale’s nuclear research

Let me be clear —- POLITICS 101 at this time
must suggest that President Obama has to give up something big since now
so long with preposterous ridiculousness and unpresidential claiming
that “IT” (everything supposedly covering 9/11 to us near a new

It is reasonable that “Hillary’s” specific
involvement as First Lady and also as a White House official
advisor/staffer is logically and historically much to do about much
amiss now. 

It is still reasonable that Ken Starr could
have and should have moved as well for a disbarment of Hillary Rodham
Clinton for just the part of officialdom she insisted on that was
outside of general traditions of protections afforded all First Ladies.

It is “it is the economy, stupid” and quite
that it is also much specifically of “Hillary’s” historical involvement
and personal calculus, quite selfishly political.

It could not have been ALL BUSH’S FAULT! 

It must have been some of CLINTONS’ FAULT and
It may even have been more than half, actually, the fault of the
Clintons’ factions and as their fractionalizing.

It may no longer be POLITICS as a science, any
longer, if KING AMABO doesn’t reset his keep and start offering a more
reasonable proposition about all his economics, going forward to the

Really, Kenneth Starr seems to have had
sufficient cause to have also prosecuted “Hillary” during the Lewinsky
Scandal as a willing and knowing accomplice that had herself insisted on
being treated as just a staffer/advisor of President Clinton in ways
quite outside of our long historic protections and discretions afforded
all about our Office of the First Lady, and its traditions. 

“Bill” needed her full cooperation at least as
his unofficial lawyer as a staffer not an official counselor of law to
have even attempted his “fog of office” and “lie(s)”! 

“Bill” couldn’t have attempted such lying
without the support of his wife but that isn’t how she wanted to be
known among “Bill’s” old keep and cabinet - she insisted on being seen
as a peer and working girl and so quite no longer of the historic
traditions of protections about our Office of the First Lady. 

Yeh, woops!  If only Kenneth Starr had trusted
his “Hillary” instincts better the fractions about our body politic so
contrary now to POLITICS 101 simple science might have saved us from the
gross obstacles to progress now so much of King Amabo’s factions.

There seems to be no “fairness” in the offerings of King Amabo, and little truth.

We have these truths that the Clintons’ experts
couldn’t pull a REPEAT and that President Bush may have done more or at
least as much as King Amabo in the “SAVING” about story that we avoided
another GREAT DEPRESSION.  We, have, as well, that if he so failed at
“shovel ready” job creation we should be very doubtful of any claims
that more spending by our King and his keep can do any better now to job
creation or even job saving. 

Another basic of POLITICS 101 is that a “shovel
ready” job is basically a staple of anyone a “Politician” and nearly a
defining quality that makes such a “politician” or “not” — a “shovel
ready” job is just supposed to be any number of employment opportunities
that every “politician” should have in gross always sitting on their
desks, as POLITICIANS.

Is a politician that actually fails at “shovel ready” actually fit to be called a politician? 

And, well, it does seem your Secretary of State
easily of a proposition that many others could now be doing as well as
she can at best be said to be doing. 

Today does seem a good day to ask (finally?)
how big a “fraction” of IT is actually of an “IT” more scientifically
measurable, and reasonably so, of a maybe “IT WAS EVEN AS MUCH AS HALF

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What is a quest - a want of a favorite color - a consideration of tracks of land - without TEAM?

Robin Hood couldn’t have gone it alone?  Or is it he wouldn’t have tried to go it alone?

As wealth may be a slag as if from welding and just an “extra” amassed of little value to TEAM our economy in America is at times all about teams and games.

Too we have today a consideration that a baby born in a stall swaddled in hay is soon to be evicted from manger.

How now compare wealth as slag and an “extra” as if a board game “take home” of just funny money?

? If our American economy is of many games and many teams and not mere subsistence, then…?

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These days that start anew short like all the rest in this Year of our Lord 2011 we try to go back to sleep each morning un-alarmed and yet with concerns due for a lost generation redux.

We wake as challenged Americans and anew, as it lies, some many as Christians and even Catholics, we wake worried about Mother Mary and milk for young Jesus, we try to rise later especially when naturally of days so short.

To be alarmed unnecessarily - or not to be, not to be too early stirred — he must crawl before he can walk, luckily.

Bells do tell, then and now, they tolled for some more than others, to some more in keeping for pace and grace, and dining/meals.

From whence I sat and from where, now, some Knights are regular and near their original intents - their founding halls, and many papers.  For from where I am now near is near a Columbus enclave of Knights and their original founding parish.  I don’t know what should be said of me now or later, and wonder though on the “already” but it seems my Grampa Hogan was indeed a Knight, a Knight of Knights of Columbus - I can remember his passing and his wake and the presence of compadres or brethren.

From where I write now so four years “global” yet “local” and four years so since henceforth from whence the where of near then years so hence as whence near the realm of Capitol Hill and its original parchments — I can bike, bus, or even walk just ten miles to be near the Saint Mary’s Church of Hillhouse with memories of such the officialdom for my sisters marriages.  I am but so few miles even if afoot to be near the base and bulwarks, as they may be of the “court” of my Grampa Hogan’s Knightness in Columbus of Saint Mary’s Church.  Yale School of Management is now just up the street and a Yale Museum for musical instruments and the Henry Luce Institute.  I did crawl first a little nearer yet far enough so to be of a more local parish originally.

Are we now fearful and cautious - are we guarded enough now to fears reasonable that we may be of a new generation born already and to a political concern, at least, as a new “lost” generation?  We must crawl before we walk - we carry still a standard of/for Columbus however a story told - Americans have parchments long of history and Christian crawling.

Where has Joe gone - is Mary now too forsaken - has Jesus GOT MILK?  I am of a story of parish first of Saint Joseph’s and then a family anchoring more of Saint Mary’s - Has Jesus GOT MILK?  Oh, for due to matters of timing and grace - grace kept for a story telling foundational more in wizardry and witchcraft arts and such as related to America’s “Watergate” personalities - I did but visit Saint Peter’s Parish Church on Capitol Hill while there so localized near ten years.  This internet stuff is confusing enough when trying to live and write for multiple parchments follow on entertainments, a single parish participation when a muse for magic curriculumizing of seven years thought possible in five that then took nearer 12 - I was doing an American time warp, and not a Knight myself. 

Does Jesus have shoes - are these of Christian crawl storification standard then to just swaddled feet?  Will yours be over swaddled and over coddled now? 

Was Jesus swaddled and coddled enough as born in a manger and then to days … 

His Metachlorian  count must have been sky high - but do we now have to worry of a lost generation anew - a new batch to crawl Christian and American before they walk?  Mother Mary must have done something right - at least to quench the thirst - to negotiate the manger and then …

A Global we now reset around our shortest days - a “Christian Crawl” now at least rolled out - a grand thirst soon afoot?

These are not the ways of a “FORCE” to RACE TO THE TOP — this is at least a crawl for Christians, yet for many parched out as American as well — We have differing original intents - we have original crawls from abroad more once of mere swaddling of coddling.  We have a prescribed “details matter” spouting anew - we have happenstance retro to a redux - we have an American “RESET” now much afoot.

Our states can do “an” or “the” CHRISTIAN CRAWL and yet our Congress cannot itself “establishment”!

Our states can adjust its “FORCES” to a better and slower more massive hike!

Our states can be beholden less to a slim and light RACE TO THE TOP parsed meant of ECONOMIC “SUPPRESSION.”

His Metachlorian count must have been sky high!  

My Grampa Hogan became a Knight - I know not of which order, but know the Order of Knights of Columbus existent so as his order but not his “rank” or “standing” - his own “ordered” order in such order.  I bore witness at his wake - he had brethren - he had Knights also witness in their regalia. 

I have less cause now myself to be of a time warp, the musing near twice as long as considered or expected where whence then nearer some I did - I did muse a challenge for seven books of seven years of magic and wizardry curriculum.  An entertainment endeavor now scientific and to developmental and for me and J.K. to a life of its own, as yet before impossible.

This is a new world to me, and for many just now born hopefully swaddled enough and not over coddled and not to now a new “LOST GENERATION.” 


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A Committee on American Activities…

We are near a necessary and proper early return from an elongated “vacation” for our seated President - a return to a Capital City much upside down and some sideways or sideways otherwise.  A choruses of fans rang out for a President “Woody” Boehner of those of such minority of a taste for a full serving to impeachment our wonderments grew.

We have an inconvenient crisis strange and political that could for enough herald a President “Woody” Boehner as so is the set about Obama than any and all Constitutional allotments towards cleaning of our White House service to Americans has their songs so even and common that any move to change seats and executive “holding” could be for all between “Man from Ohio John Boehner”.

At heart for all towards each new dawn of our New Year is a real consideration of “American” for America of tomorrows.

If even so just a two month miracle Speaker John “Woody” Boehner (as he must have been called more that a few times - just by family) we have the stirring recent of a “new” President Obama - a “TAX CUTTER” Obama.  Impeach!  Impeach! - ???

If you were born today how might your first steps soon be?   Might we call you a PATRIOT? - Or maybe a REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE?  How will you be nurtured or natural these approaching days when to buy or sell is still a political and partisan economic condition with Democrats near all suggesting it is wrong to grow the economy while energy use still so dirty - while enough Democrats equal but above Speaker John Boehner like Vice President Joseph Biden and President Barack Obama are long in their Patriotism that their GLOBAL WARMING ALARMISM the proper and austere calculus for you?

There is so much newness around being yet celebrated as old - what are your first steps to be - what are your steps to first be in the New Year?  There is so much newness around that President Obama, though for just two months, is now a TAX CUT CHAMPION.  Dare I say it? >>>  Is this a miracle - what type of wizard is this Speaker “Woody” Boehner - how has President Obama become a TAX CUTTER?

As his next steps seem to be - to be - to be to knotting and securing TAX CUTS if only for two months we have that this is not a classic recession nor yet a depression — We have these days long now of President Obama of a call to “American” and so a call to “not go shopping” intentional suppression.  We have a call for all to be PATRIOTS towards a GLOBAL SAVIOR “MESSIAH” OBAMA all up with “HOPE” & “CHANGE” - We have that there was no room really for an Obama the Tax Cutter.  We are still now towards New Year steps to a call to “Americanisms” - We have the old marching orders still to avoid eating as much and using so much fuel and spending so much all the while not saving enough a his new Patriotism suppressive to economic growth. 

Sure he may have miss calculated the youth movement and youthful exuberance when planning his evangelism - he may have missed a full enough consideration of education to collateral damage just from scholastic obedience and national pride among our young — our student children may have gone home as small Obama “soldier” in his battle to save the planet - save the known world from the “an end of the world as we know it” convenient political crisis - our student children may have martialed  too many of their friends and family in a new austerity and energy conservation so that have of this “depression” is actually a willful and purposeful (necessary?) economic suppression trickling down when not the original or rebooted torrent.

If you were born today these may not be your first steps but alas as so first steps considered for the New Year.

A Committee on American Activities…  — This is just all to confusing — Again, how did President Obama become a TAX CUTTER when his spending still necessarily is set to target the earning and labors of grandchildren not yet born?

It is some wonderment that Speaker John Boehner - Man from Ohio - has such wizardry skills that President Obama now looking like a brand new man - a TAX CUTTER - a man now ready to walk a CUT - CUT - CUT new politic.

It would be depressing now in these days still long of the Democrats willful economic suppression that is near at least half of the “down” in “down economy” so heralded by them as convenient “CRISIS” if we were to hear of calls for a Congressional Committee to be prudently assembled as a “COMMITTEE ON AMERICAN ACTIVITIES” as - right - right, as like it would be sad if we needed to form and assemble to find “American” as if now rare.

It seems obvious that it is now our Patriotic duty to continue to be up with Obama austerity as saving the world seems now still our greatest national need.  It seems obvious that as soon as you have all figured out how little money you would have left after your year Patriotic an loyal as an “American” and now spend that which you were sure your governments wouldn’t insist on spending for you we will all be in a new tax year with new annual budget concerns and consideration for sound steps still compliant to Dem Nationalism where it still professed and decreed as wrong to be again to spending as much especially if again to extra consumption of fuels and while as well if money is actually available and beyond the reach of taxation for the old chided excess eating and borrowing.

We have a New Year consideration now pressing in a new dutiful to consider the expected new first steps of Obama administration and with a full comparison to his first steps while even just “in transition” and even rightfully to those just improper economically if interested in growth of candidate Clintons when “Hillary” announced her plan to seize all oil company profits, nearly as her first steps against junior Senator Obama.

So I am sorry to report that in the New Year you are asked to be vigilant still with Obama’s efforts to become a global hero - A: THE MAN WHO SAVED THE PLANET. 

So I am regretful with such reporting because it is “journalistic” to include a comment here that despite a concern for the environment the economy didn’t need to drop so much - and not just due to “green” concerns.  We didn’t have to be of “American” days where only Democrat Party initiatives “green” could be considered - he could have not raced to the top and could have taken more baby steps.

It seems our President calls us still to his “American” for 2012 as a “Patriotism” to austerity to carry his heralding of us all of having eaten too much and spent to much while using too much energy and using vehicles that used too much energy and while also guilty for spending that should have been been out of the economy as “saving.”

It is journalistic to blog - to blog that President may have over motivated our youth and underestimate (by half?) their ingenuity and “patriotism” such that maybe only half of their intent to purposefully suppress the economy is theirs by skill and calculation.

Oh! Oh! Oh! — If only our youth hadn’t been such patriots? 

If only our young students hadn’t dutiful marched home each day to find an new way to educate their parent and bring them into a new nationalism compliance so - so now long of these “American” Obama days long quite of decreeing old and new steps all be to using less and spending less?

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What is to be “asking too much” and how to be up with - up with a bolt…

We have heard of our Governors Red more that Blue being celebrants for greater equality in responsibility.

We have had cause to consider our “Blue” too Red - especially our “Red” Governors less Red.

Dot - Dot coms a stirring our locals and our economic now more facilitated global.

Clever our commercient country to county cornering customers.

Impulse renditions too compulsive but when dreamed, well, first.

Temptation seasonally so abound and well packaged to present.

Intelligent reconnaissance reaps the well hoed good sowage.

Zooey and her Elf channeling meets 2011 expectations, at least now by due date.

Enterprise been hobbled with unfair - for “unmeasured” - follow on Christmas clauses too taxed - to be taxed.

Naughty or Nice we have our heads a spinnin’ confused so presented with an Obama a tax cutter.

Regulations naught - hours recent anticipating a spirited birth and commercient consumerism cared Christian tax.

Ordinary and extra so our tales and times a bit out of rhyme - or is it just reason.

Seriousness abounds all GREEN for the season this next season follow on dictate against “go shopping” Dem’s.

Eventualities environmental due consideration excessive confound our writes and our Reds and Blues.

Bundles of energies dance in our governances trying our taxing holidays and future economies uncertain for…

Under o pear tree full of faired cheer we all meet 2011 with our own expectations.

Dutiful remembrances tempered and true rolled out about now seasoned wheels up.

Dot - Dot coms so now far more of Jobian tablets and all their stories - and e-economics.

Organized Reds and their Governors bound a wrapping seemed to wants 4 equal duty and equal R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

R U bolting or jolting this year end holistic reconsideration eee and polled a new federalism heralding.

Grateful this season to be so of such patriotics global yet local stirring - stoking freedom agenda budding citizens.

   J.P. Hogan
   December 24, 2011

And did you find the marginalized rosebud world wide web or bordered citizen organizing puzzling here?

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We apparently are of an actual recent history of and by our national representatives of a “WAR” on “terror” & against Al Qaeda & against the Taliban - and yet President Obama’s “WAR ON AFGHANISTAN” or “Afghan War” more a “war of choice” per se than OPERATION IRAQI FREEDOM.

Thomas Jefferson Memorial has about its brim:  “Upon the alter of God I pledge eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man.”

Our 80th Congress did rise from ashes far and wide soon after Franklin Delano Roosevelt administering.  It rose not quite of near the Republican electoral sweep as recently of 2010 democratic and informed decisions - yet nearly quite so by a few.

Our Congress has Constitutional Powers to remove an Executive - a President - and member officers about an administration, say like even a Secretary of State.  Our Supreme Court has Powers, yes, but do they have an authority to remove a President or just an officer of an administration as well, but differently and so as per se “Constitutional” concerns of “UnConstitutional” actuality short of their “ruling” and “arguments” limited to a finding of “Treason”?

We have our states - where are all their women?   We have our “Hillary” in reach of impeachment clauses and judicial exercise to a finding of “UnConstitutional.”  Where are all our states women - we can expect women globally may speak as of a sisterhood - but why beyond our states should they decide to bind themselves with a new nationalism or any nationalism?

We have women of our states nearer a copacetic nesting home rule where distance long the story of TEA PARTY taxation without representation naturally a governance more personal and responsive.  We have “Hillary” now proven to be at least as polarizing as we were forewarned towards, if not more so.

We have a serious history relevant as per “Hillary” per se our Constitution and even just our First Amendment for her of days as First Lady and also a legally separated White House ’staffer’ complicated further now for an hardly processed impropriety in her post as Obama’s Secretary of State.

Thomas Jefferson pledged us all with himself when nationally and personally of his:  “Upon the alter of God I pledge eternal hostility against all forms of tyranny over the mind of man.”  And, our Constitution decrees so ordained and amended that we as a nation of loose states not coagulate our politics with too much nationalism or a national establishment respecting religion - and so we have the Clintons’ 8 of a conflict Constitutional with their personal and intimate daily soulful holding of each other in sickness and/or while of health while also of such “holding” as of “holding of office of the President” as specific to term limit intent of our 22nd Amendment so that we have a Clinton history as per Iraq as per our First Amendment of UnConstitutional spirit in their proclamations per se “religious” and of an establishment for their avoidance and inaction.

Our 80th Congress is of much interest - there is a chance that it was the last Congress that acted Constitutionally in regular order - they may be the most smart gathering of loose states representatives since that of our founding conventions.  Hard to say, with as little study I have about such beyond a regular consideration that our 22nd Amendment is demonstrative.

We have that Condoleezza Rice with her new book NO HIGHER HONOR tells of a realized post 9/11 consideration of Bush administrators that they would have to now go to war against the Taliban.  We have that First Lady Hillary Clinton when not just herself seemingly neetly a separated as just “staffer” of want and walk or at least talk of a need to war on Taliban as part of her global feminist personal crusades.  We have that due to 9/11 we did then move to wars against “terror” - Al Qaeda - & Taliban.

Where are all our loose states?   Where are all our women?  It is hard to forget “Hillary” as First Lady either wanted war then against the Taliban or was just all talk and no walk - or all hay and no horse - or all crap and no shovel.  Where, just, are all just her women?

I do get as a layman that our Congress has Power to impeach and not just so of a limitation only for a President.

I do get as a layman that our Supreme Court has a power to decide that something is actually UnConstitutional.

I do get as a layman that our Congress has Power to impeach if one of their jurisdiction has violated our Constitution and their oath to defend it from all domestic and/or foreign enemies.

I do get as a layman that our Supreme Court has the Power to decide that one has violated their oath of office and willfully but don’t know if they then are allowed a sentence lesser than TREASON.

Where are all our loose states?  Where, just, are all “Hillary’s” women?  Our 22nd Amendment is still undecided law so TREASON may be too strong a judgement even if a willful effort to violate its attempt to reasonably limit clear, clearly with motive and opportunity and means long now demonstrate - where are all our women?

Would Thomas Jefferson be appalled at what has become of “mind of man” or minds of men?  Would he be outraged that a Clinton 8 could have passed with his:  “Upon the alter of God I pledge eternal hostility against all form of tyranny over the mind of man.” so “in walking distance” and so public for those then or even in DC and as visitors to his memorial and so while they of “religious” “establishments” as per Iraq and per se “religious sects” and with an “official” bias and bigotry?

How besides concerns of our 80th Congress, then so wise and near as clever as earlier with a Constitutional, have our loose states and their men and women missed our 22nd Amendment poetry as inseparable in sickness or in health of “holding” metaphorical legal yet not yet decidedly so have we gotten here and with “Hillary” of wants and seances about earlier First Lady Eleanor are we still so quiet as a nation even when of a new nationalism consideration while “Hillary” by her at least her “talk” has been long another proof positive relative to a proper looseness for our states - how didn’t concerns of our 80th that would have been to a consideration of rights to succession or power of office holding of a spouse yet become accepted law and decided Constitutional law by now?

Does our Supreme Court have a Power to decide this without their ruling being of a judgement of a willful TREASON?

As per “holding” of limits set by our 80th Congress and the motivated citizen people of the fully necessary ratification of the 22nd Amendment prohibiting an “election” to a third term:  It is near impossible to speak of this still piece of undecided Constitutional law without considering that if it wasn’t meant to apply to a spouse as well with its barring for further “holding” then it would be a law that negates itself and so a Constitutional “is” not actually an “is” Constitutionally.

And so while we consider just the Law and Power as of Congress and our Supreme Court and the heaviness that may separate these venues and paths for our ‘justice’ and ‘equality’ we can though consider that First Lady Hillary either wanted war against the Taliban while of her personal stumping and global feminist crusading unless she was just politically posturing and preening as of just talk.   And so we have this all to consider as cause about a consideration of how inappropriate a nominee for State oaths she had already by 2009 become.

We can thank “JOE” here some - since his recent Taliban considerations are flushing “Hillary” much as it has been her charge and duty of our oath so sworn inappropriately and dangerously by her that have most Americans still confused and thinking her and her boss’ “Afghan War” wasn’t actually more a “war of choice” than “Operation Iraqi Freedom.”

First Lady Hillary Clinton was herself intimate and of a continued and regular close and supportive “holding” of extreme privileged Powers of our office “holding” of our office of the President quite inseparable unless then as if a oath of office was allowed to negate and dispose of marriage contract and all marriage laws and vows.  She was of public involvement both long of our protected traditional for First Lady’s and legally self exposed to judicial reach from her willful demands to also legally be separable as a White House “staffer.”

There is little wisdom or rationale I can think of — oh, where are our loose states - where are all their women - where, just, are “Hillary’s” women — There is little reason to think Secretary of State is at all the right person and of a deservedness now to be our Primary cabinet “officer” as per “freedom” per se of Iraq.  She is arguably impeachable and reasonably enough of a concern that a suit can be brought to take her to court - to our Supreme Court over succession law and specifically limits wisely set by our 80th Congress and involved and informed citizen people - the men and women of our loose states.

Operation Iraqi Freedom was no more, semantically, nor geo-politically speaking, a “war of choice” than the Obama’s administration warring creep with a “Afghan War” while our history was of a trading with sovereign Afghanistan some road and school construction to have a right to chase Al Qaeda and Taliban within their country, in the “War” on “Terror.”

Are we all actually empowered by our states’ and State such that just one, even just a disillusioned “Hillary” women could now bring a law suit against State and Secretary of State as per a call per se Constitutional and specific to the wisdom and work of our 80th Congress and all about our 22nd Amendment that can not reasonably be allowed to not apply as well as a bar to a spouse of a term limited President seeking “election” as such at time of passing of our term limit amendment would have been ridiculous for on its face with recent concerning history where thinking was about that Roosevelt daughter and/or “Eleanor” were actually running the Executive Branch, and so that it wouldn’t have limited just the chance for history to repeat itself if it wasn’t written to be about the Roosevelts, all.

I get as a layman - as a still much concerned citizen people/person - that our Supreme Court has the Power to rule with a judgement decisive against “Hillary for President” on Constitutional grounds and that she as now within our line of succession is in play - at risk.  

I get we have loose states and some “Wild and Wonderful” and others “… for Lovers” and some an anchor of/for “Hope.”

I get as a layman - still much concerned that our Supreme Court has Power and Jurisdiction when decisions “Constitutional” of “Not Constitutional” call yet don’t know if a President taken to court, or one of his an “officer” of administration, then can be found if found willful of means, motive and opportunity to a knowing intentional attempt to violate our Constitution if our states have then only to bear witness to such as a spectacle of TREASON.

Do you get as an “officer” yourself or as a layman or laywoman how it natural and inseparable unless the 22nd Amendment of special legal privilege to negate marriage vows and marriage contracts and all marriage law that our laws and yours are still of “holding” as per marriage and our Presidency as inseparable from the intimate “holding” that is inherent in both - that respecting such our 22nd Amendment has to be also a bar from an election of a spouse of a term limited President unless it be an over-writing even of your states secured rights and as a legal and Constitutional “is” not actually a Constitutional “is”?

Do we now need a agent of a state or just a single state citizen person to bring a charge and/or a suit so?  Are we all as citizens of the U.S.A. privileged ourselves enough that any and all can call for a ruling and decision now to at least a resignation of one or more of Obama administration? 

It still would have been like “Eleanor” was ruling realm and ruling over all our states, your state, if she were electable as it would have been a return to more time in office of our President of the very family dynamic that gave cause and rise to our 80th Congress wise march with roll-out and ratification of a new necessary agreement of all our loosely affiliated states.

And isn’t it bad enough that the “official” establishment of Clintons’ 8 was of “official” establishment bigoted against Iraqi Shia and biased to support of tyranny - as they were of talk and walk regular and “official” with likes of near:  The Shia are incapable of governing themselves. — and quite cruel an even a new “un-American”?

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Posted by: JP HOGAN @ 12:02 pm

For sake of the season let us not this morning parse words - Holiday words too much - let us not get lost about LITTLE PRINCE or “born king.”

We should ease our way this dawn smoothly with due transitions to new and better ways - we should think still about princes, and even a modern Machiavelli - Machiavellian.  Tis the season -  tis the season again where we have too much charity.

Please, in light of all this charity about, and so many Princes want to be, or want to be King, we do live in a small world - a world where our 99% maybe be like a 1% itself to peoples deep in China or areas near enough - east - northeast - west - and north.  Where is Machiavelli to explain now how to redistribute the “havings” of our 99% as equally to those that fairly, if they only knew, if they only knew enough, that can call themselves a 99%?

To understand this problema and political diaspora mostly Christian, though, we maybe should look at one not a King too charitable and too willfully of a persistent meddling - one that has involved himself as if only charitable and yet with a very complicate past that touches much on New York State and Arkansas as well.  No I am not talking about compromises of Cuomo, well not specifically here yet - I am not even much talking about a former New York State Senator, a recent carpetbagger who essentially started running for a different and higher office near as soon as swore first to New Yorkers.

We have a puzzle this holiday to frame so many family histories and surround so much yule time conversation, we have a few puzzles all in some way or another pixelating personally with flash cards just for President Clinton.  For sake of this column we can picture him as a one man North Korean human “computer” “graphic” pixelation with cue cards too “charitable” this season and generally for ours or any “growth economy.”  Sort of like the wonderment from last Olympics opening ceremonies but a one man show - wrong especially for our modern economy and times, here at least.

We could look to a new book that invades New York politics with a discussion of compromises of Cuomo coverage but yet we are left wondeing on just one man, a past President, now too charitable globally, without enough history in Arkansas, Washington, or New York to see that just all local citizen peoples could get a less dependent entitlement about the mostly local commerce good that is healthcare provisioning.

Where is the Prince - where isn’t President Clinton now with his excessive charity - his continued possession of a old power and speciality of our Executive Powers that he should have shed or dropped like an already used cue card - where isn’t President Clinton now with a call to loyalty and continued “relevance” wants for just himself with too much call to charity so and such that he is effectively undermining a “growth economy”?

So we have that Governor Andrew Cuomo gets mentioned in President Clinton’s new book - and yet hardly enough for being a former disciple and devotee that now for New York State is busy, busy, busy, trying to unlearn all his past “Clinton” “expertise.”  So we have that Governor Andrew Cuomo gets mentioned now for being to a different solution and caring for people that President Clinton has had decades and decades his to have already tried to help, especially in Arkansas, and yet, and yet?

Sure “Hillary” may be in the picture some here and maybe more culpable specifically at least as per New York State citizen people whom she earlier could have fought for with a C.C.C.P. of her own - a Compromised Clinton Care Plan - her own, and just for at least six or so separate regions of her new state.

We have that our 99% can be a 1% to others more a 99% compared to them - and yet we have President Clinton still of an extra trillion cut for political popularity to surpluses though impossible - impossible for being so long thought as maybe too irresponsible - and yet we have a former President personally responsible with just his current attempts to hold as much absolute power as absolutely as possible now more inappropriately to excessive appearances of and committed distributions of his dangerous “charitable” globalized extra-Constitutional initiatives and conceptions.

Is it wrong as well that President Clinton did publish these thoughts constructed into a book?  Has he no real legacy to now be writing of Governor Cuomo now with a c.c.c.p of his own - a Cuomo compromised coverage plan?  Has he no good place to be as per Governor Cuomo essentially now needing to run the other way from past “expertise” of his past as a “Clinton expert”?

It doesn’t help that with President Clinton trying now to play King and Prince and “unpolitical” spouse to a secretary while so well endowed by tax payers with post office relocation and sustenance accounts that he can self rationalize that he has like been promoted out of and above our Constitutional office of the President - quite while he can daily consider that such must be the “official” line since he got for life basically a rent near 4X his past annual salary.

The C.C.C.P. today that could have earlier been a Clinton caring for those she was a “carpetbagger” pretender with, so willing to walk over her subjects with a temporary grant of power as Senator purposefully in a spousal “two-fer” more selfishly to a brief “place card” - place holder - place to stand with Presidential mitre/lever still effectively too removed from our Constitutional office of our President - and seemingly relabeled “private charity” of Clintons’ “commitments. 

We could already have been of stories of Clintons caring just enough for all citizen people of Arkansas with a more local and democratic CLINTON COMPROMISED CARE PLAN - a “C.C.C.P.” their own.

We are now oddly to President Clinton as a one man show too “charitable” for us to see a return to growth economics for him so heavy handed and extra-Constitutional and meddling to throw all our gears and wheels from balance.  We have him speaking of what is a C.C.C.P. like as now finally for citizen people of New York - a CUOMO COMPROMISED COVERAGE PLAN - and so as of one once a “Clinton expert” now running away from his past “Clinton expertise” and too a more humane and less nationally political or less of a new nationalism better for all localism with supposedly six separate new “regions.”

So if President Clinton only now needed more people to help him pixelate his too charitable and extra-Constitutional attempts to be “Machiavellian” with as little surrendering of “presidential power” we might see North Korean styled morning and evening calisthenics.  Of course he only now may be without since he should have long been recusing himself of any and all global initiatives to avoid conflicts of interests of the mash about “Hillary” being not “President” as it may have been - but worse so for her his spouse being just Secretary of State for one of his wanting to be more a “prince” or “underling.”

We have a history about the Clintons where when the could have they did not - where when with state powers they deferred and stayed with their place cards and place holding bias to move as soon as possible to more effecting to practical holding, even though extra-Constitutional, of as much “Presidential” or “executive” power as they could consummate for their duo.  We have that neither Arkansas nor New York, prior to Governor Cuomo near of a C.C.C.P. - his own of Cuomo compromised coverage plan - have a history of Clintons trying to do at least for their state what a Republican Governor once of Massachusetts did do for his.

If our 99% associate too much with “charity” of CGI - Clintons’ global initiatives - of either State or their private more selfish fiefdom of “commitments” near to much like “loyalty oath” maintenance, political - then our 99% run the risk of being an identifiable 1% to another 99% not quite wired up to knowing such - knowing such about just themselves. 

We do have this “economic” conundrum where the persistence by President Clinton of wanting to still be “President” while also “Prince” or “King” is now to so much extra-Constitutional “charity” and initiatives once a perk and pleasure held to realm of actual present holders of our office of the President and so that his “activity” while also suspect for conflicts he should have recused himself from for his spouse - we have this married mess of a political spousal “two-fer” that still persists with merriment inappropriate for our standard American ways and traditions.

We have that the greatest Holiday “economic” news could be that President Clinton has finally recused himself and agreed to finally just fade away.  We have that his continued attempts to hold as much absolute power as he can manage and so now necessarily with a facade so of “charitable” needs to go away before a “growth” economy can reboot. 

I have that though President Clinton may mention Governor Cuomo and six or so new regions and an inventiveness to help him move past his history and it so of a failed “Clinton EXPERTISE” - and now such that I can say that New York with a C.C.C.P. now that could have been a Senator Clinton sponsored self-help citizen effort as a CLINTON COMPROMISE CARE PLAN: that Governor Cuomo is now more nearly using what I saw Clintons in 90s lift some from me and my writing but now some near two decades afterwards and now only finally nearer a way I was actually to meaning. 

I am now to feeling for Governor Cuomo stuck with President Clinton trying with a new book to seem relevant and useful though quite an antagonist of my tales, and some decades on now.   I do wish New York well - I do wish New Yorkers well and as I look to joining them myself especially now that their C.C.C.P. like efforts are more American than any yet fronted by either Clinton - either of Clintons’ “two-fer.” 

It is bad enough that while appearing to still have power President Clinton with his new book is off his rocker with conception for underwater mortgages so as reported with a suggestion that banks take a “ownership” on paper and not just because his “global” initiatives now long to damaging a balance for a foundation to a new “growth economy” as “too charitable”! 

We have that it looks like another miraculous solution from PBC and yet while he more than most should know and consider that most such applicable banking situations per assets like personal homes are now largely specifically due to his own culpability to a future where mortgage duration is set to be shorter than our revaluation duration and such that “full value” not available now for “banking practices” discussions - that homes even with a “bank” taking a convenient “ownership” on paper cannot be since such as reported is to a return to “full market value” within term of standard mortgages.

We, this Christmas season of “Happy Holidays” for all, now wise to “King” or “Prince” Clinton and so that it is now fashionable to discuss 1996 as if a Christmas carol where whence an “if then” could have us all better now and in the future of “if then”a  if only Clintons hadn’t been re-elected.  We seem safe from President Clinton at least as from mandatory morning and evening “human computer” like mass calisthenics with placards for pixelation - we seem safe from grand march grounds full of citizens following President Clinton in calisthenics, and now maybe as well in his tired and too selfish politics and it current coverage as “charitable” - quite at least “Machiavellian.”

Happy Holidays this Christmas season!  Please be “charitable” how you can and might - please though question “authority” of yours, others, and supposedly of Clintons especially as per their power holding and global initiatives “too charitable” is seems quite for a restored nation of foundations once again for “GROWTH.”

As you roll out however you roll out this season and in the new year - there is hardly now a place you can go, even if just in your state of a “new region” more a “county” about where you cannot be “on tour” of a “Clinton Tour” to see just dilapidated schools and roads - and wonder: 

If only the Clintons hadn’t cut an extra trillion in their second term from budgeted spending of available funds to save and create jobs and as well so that it could have been at least rebudgeted to repair or replace schools and at least some levies or bridges. 

There is near no place you can travel now without seeing areas in distress not appropriate to a political: 

“If only the Clintons hadn’t had a second term…”

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Posted by: JP HOGAN @ 11:45 am

Are we now on the slow road - the American roads to a President Romney as Hannibal?

First we have to consider how to be “patriots” now past Bus Obama roll out - an heirloom inheritance for our next President - First we have to imagine ARSENAL ONE as the new American ride for our next President - First we have to roll with the tours and step out American with future executives bus bound less airborne than if/when aboard Marine One or Air Force One.  First we have to decide how important this new piece of travel pomp and circumstance packaging for better democracy outreach will fit each candidate now rolled out.

When President Obama rolled out with a much Canadian new platform for transport, so I heard some reported, it came only in black and without a name — I offered that such tour bus be called:  ARSENAL ONE.

With our concerns about our economy a harkening to Michigan Motor City and Utah Salt Lake or Georgia peaches - can Mitt Romney do “Hannibal”?

We have that Americans can now have it any color they want as long as that heirloom inheritance our new platform in Presidential transport is black - we could relate now to such being for the “B - Team” but that could seem racial.  A General President could have pulled it off better and maybe in due time or the nick of time back after a 1996 road trip and campaign consummation.

How do you pick a President?  It seems easier to pick a name for a new Presidential platform for transport - say an “ARSENAL ONE” as part of ground force control and with enough suggestion that it cannot and will not be out gunned, and while allowing it must have a rocket launched escape pod somehow-someway maybe with a balloon system for an speedy aerial airborne emergency pick-up.

Sure maybe of these candidates Mitt Romney is most picturesqueable as with a “Mr. T” in a conversion van as a “Hannibal” - but will you want to hit the road with an Elkhart made tour bus or recreational vehicle of your own, and while we still consider each current opposition candidate to our first bus President as of such new heirloom inheritance, in black?

Can it spring robotic spider like legs to traverse necessarily when road and tires insufficient - is it all dependent upon escape pods and drone armies stowed in baggage compartments?  Can “Mitt” do “Hannibal” and while a General President if of our choices in 1996 and our choice to a black president earlier - the if and how we should really be discussing now about what we have missed for missing a campaign and victory of and for General Colin Powell?

Sure a black, a shinny black tour bus may be “urban camouflaged” and more fitting for our economically challenged first black President - President Barack Hussein Obama - Would a General President - a President Colin Luther Powell have ordered a bus but in silver or white - or white and blue - or another singular or blended color more fuel friendly for transport as rolling platform in so many of our hot and air conditioning preferred or necessary communities, less urban and quite rural?

Mitt Romney does kinda look like a bus driver - even maybe most like Chevy Chase - like one accepting of buses as like Vegas, some, to “what happens in bus stays in bus.”

We likely would be better off now if General Colin Luther Powell had challenged the Clintons’ “two-fer” in 1996 and won - we likely would have had a more prudent foreign policy and defense and intelligence budgeting and with a truly accomplished first black President who might have preferred a new SEQUOIA vessel over or before a bus platform for transport “presidential” - I won’t try to put words in General Powell thoughts.

Is Mitt Romney now our best chance for an “A TEAM” Presidency and as like a “Hannibal”?  Is it that he and we would all be better now an especially about the economy if our first black President had been a General President - had been President Colin Luther Powell for the Clintons’ second term - our 1997-2001?

“There goes “Hannibal” Romney.” - Like?  “There is the road side marker for birthplace of former Massachusetts’ Governor.” - Like?  “There is the billboard for birthplace of the man, the General, that could have been the first black President of the United States of America.” - Like?

We have had this tour of Democrats with an economy that seems to have gone where it should have with these specific politics and policies of this Administrating with our “First Black First Couple” - we have it so that it likely would have been the same or worse if the Clintons had secured their “inevitable” ranking as actually sufficient enough for their attempt to elongated ride. 

We have it now as an economy that had to have been run differently since 1996 if not earlier and on domestic and foreign and trying global wheels.  We have it now that a Presidency of “Hillary” and “Bill” a “repeat” would have been this “stale” or more “stale” and trite - that even with novelty about “First Black First Couple” the economic team of the Clintons brought back so was insufficient to spoon out picnics of road side buffets and camp ground feasts with faux hillbilly suavity. 

We simply have the economy we should expect we likely would have if “Hillary” and “Bill” had succeeded past their “inevitable” not fit for all our roads. 

We have all these roll outs with more economic potential and even for Elkhart, Indiana yet still while a new consideration that we all would be safer and sounder now if of a President Colin Luther Powell - a General President - our President since a 1996 contesting and 1997 inaugurating.

Can Willard Mitt Romney be a bused President - Can Willard Mitt Romney be a needed RVer & bus - tour bus - pimp?

Are you already on the road with “Mitt” - with “Mitt” as your “Hannibal”?


We have now that a President Powell up from a roll out and touring in 1996 might have saved us all in time and much from the Clintons’ SURPLUSES that grossly unfunded and underfunded already planned and budgeted spending for creating and saving jobs and not just for defense and intelligence securing line item concerns - we have that since the Clintons had the most money available during their 8 that they are most liable past presidency since 1983 for the failure of MR GO levy system about New Orleans as for such like so much of their “SURPLUS” of cutting an extra trillion was of deciding not to spend when money was available.  President Powell - President Colin Luther Powell likely would as well have avoided the Clintons’ “housing bubble” economics that basically was run as an unfunded federal social program - and while it could have been otherwise with funding from already budgeted line items to create and save jobs.

If we don’t learn from our possible alternative histories we are likely doomed to repeat the mistakes they could have avoided.  Are you now ready to hit the roads - to see and read - to walk it or hoof it - to tour yourself our lands by bus or RV - to not just sit back a leave the Clintons’ 8 unprosecuted or road tested?

Are you ready for our new federalism where for your road experience and our general touring as “American” we have that our Governors all and each may be “the party” - the picnic - the cookout or campfire - an “entertainment” best for our times?

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Posted by: JP HOGAN @ 7:43 pm

The recent Democrat Party “executive” leadership has the greatest handicap now - looking back.

Something momentous happened today yet not with GRAND EXIT MARCH seemingly alluded to as our method of departure from Baghdad - I don’t know about you but I haven’t heard or seen of columns of American soldiers marching lock step one foot before the other out of Iraq and to Kuwait and waiting gangplanks.

It is now December 15, 2011 and what a long slow haul it has been - I guess any American lawyer should have first been arguing “precedence” as our primary need and calling to Operation Iraqi Freedom.

All American barred esquires have long been trained to look for precedence and to judge standard jurisprudence prudent for a new later time yet similar condition.  I believe they are trained to have a predilection to stick to rule based on existing and sound past practice and precedence.

After the earlier world warring that was World War II America carried a duty and precedence to reconstruction and general clean up of aggressor societies.  After more global world wide mobilization to a new world war as The Persian Gulf War was our lawyers at least should have been stomping and professing from dais and soap boxes across our lands that we had a duty to follow legal precedence and so a duty to march on Baghdad and effect a post Persian Gulf War win “reconstruction.”

I don’t know where all the lawyers were and the thought or held near most esteemed such as of Harvard Law CVs - I don’t know where they all were - the lot of them even if when half are expected to be available to argue as “Devil’s Advocates” in the negative or opposite.  Where once Saddam Hussein was tagged and professed to be a “Modern Hitler” or a new Hitler were at least half of Harvard Law graduates to argue for a timely trial for war crimes as precedence of Nuremberg Trials sat as obvious and relative case law and past practice, historically applicable, legally?

When once our precedence from early global world warring mobilization had been post victory to reconstruction and social clean-up of aggressor states somehow by 1993 all talk of and by American lawyers seemed to be contrary and precedence avoiding.  There may have been a small citable amount of case law and past executive precedence that could suggest the United States of America could ignore its jurisprudence and past better or good practices somehow related - maybe as a chance, limited for Saddam Hussein to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that he and his sons wouldn’t be recidivistic - but hardly as of a legal or prudent allowance of more than just a few years past Persian Gulf War exit creep.

Since the United States of America so bound by jurisprudence built upon foundations old and new of respect for past precedence and related case law and historical accuracy, some: 


Militarily there may have been cause concerning a timeline to avoid another “Wounded Knee” or another “Battle of the Little Bighorn” maybe ambush or great overcoming by superior force or planning - Militarily before 1993 there may have been minds quite prudent not to rush in to a “reconstruction” before The Persian Gulf War was figured out not to have an ambush set to trigger if and when at least the United States of America maybe tried to hold Baghdad.  Militarily we were still before 1993 much on a timeline and battlefield of the aggressors picking and planning with it a necessary consideration that he likely thought he, Saddam Hussein, had at least one ace up his sleeve with a reasonable expectation that keeping Kuwait as Iraqi and his was possible.

But where were all the lawyers or again - just half of them not needed to be prepared to be “Devil’s Advocates”?  By 1993 America and Coalition Countries as much of precedence of past “reconstruction” from at least World War II were likely clear of traps and ambushes may set for them by Saddam Hussein at least as towards a global beating in a Public Relations Warring where he though mostly secular leader who rose in Ba’athist party as an assassin could rally globally moderate and extreme Islamists to public demonstrations in his favor.

Since we mostly still have at least our Democrat Party Lawyers and executives to hear from as per this and our proud past precedence around legacy of our “civilization” street cred that is our past participation in Nuremberg Trials and past post world warring reconstructions.

Where are all of the lawyers - where again are just half of them who at least have heard of Japan and German reconstructions and as well the war crimes trials that were held for earlier monsters at least as bad as Saddam Hussein?

Again, I haven’t heard of columns of warriors now marching lock step out of Baghdad to ports of Kuwait or just such a scene heading towards Iraq’s airports.  I don’t know where President Obama Esq. found precedence for speaking of the ending of Operation Iraqi Freedom as if a end of a WAR with such grandstanding and lock step exit “marches” as he suggested, specifically.

So we did learn that some lawyers or military historians did have cases to make for a prosecution of Saddam Hussein.  We did learn as many frustrated waited and waited for due process and a precedence adherence by President Clinton Esq., and then, and then, and then kept waiting.

When legal precedence is ignored or avoided a tendency then is to subjective and personal less than prudent interpretations and judgements.  When legal precedence is ignore after military concerns about possible ambush subsided we are then led to look personally and subjectively at the parties - at the leader(s) so ignoring our legal and historical civilized standards.

So now, again while wondering where at least half the lawyers are, still, as per this past avoidance and imprudent ignorance of our past history of reconstruction post world warring victories where war criminals remained alive and generally free, how personal and subjective did the Clintons’ administering from 1993 oath of office swearing become - how dangerous did it become for us all to accept their avoidance and inaction where legal and historical precedence was set and sound?

Where were the Nuremberg Trials for Saddam Hussein and his administration and involved family?  Where, again were at least half of Harvard Law barred graduates?

It is still and interesting and complicated consideration to open up the can of worms that go to reasoning of Saddam Hussein that seemed to have had him thinking he would be able to keep Kuwait despite such country’s alliances and treaties.  It is still interesting and complicated to consider even just to possible world opinion how Saddam Hussein might have been able to secure a global victory at least in minds of moderate and radical Islamists around the world in Public Relations War set maybe as an ambush and trap at least for the United States of America if it were to move to a reconstruction victory procession celebrant against him prematurely.

So the Clintons with their intimate “two-fer” cooperative power sharing of the Clintons’ 8 administering left some to much to way too much to subjective and personal interpretation and visceral feelings of abandonment.  They were not just of avoidance and inaction per our legacy of “civilized” foundations for street cred to prudence from and of precedence - they did also specifically seem to gather leaders of the Middle East and ask for political and partisan agreement to like just blame American Republicans - and for matters more of a Cold War Geopolitics long way beyond “partisan politics” especially as Iran and Iraq warred related and near like of a civil war within the geopolitics of the Cold War.

There were many more Democrat Party lawyers other than “Bill” and “Hillary” at fault then and now for letting such as Persian Gulf War end to a subjective and personal visceral sense of abandonment and contrary behavior by the once great United States of America.  Instead of following precedence prudently they moved to commit Middle East leaders (by my recollection) to promises to avoid blaming the Clintons for any history and to give them immunity as long as they were in office - and as so it seemed with reminders about secured promises to like “just blame Republicans” while then themselves of immoral avoidance and ignoring that otherwise would have or should have received immediate censor and/or public/private condemnation.

And so because the Clintons didn’t act prudently or within our historical precedence of civilized and so normalized precedence we have been now long suffering and struggling with matters that globally and some regionally became way too personal and subjective.

So now how “legal” to you feel or think you can think?  Can you add it up that because Clintons with their most white Secretary of State poorly picked for his name like “warring Christ o’ fors” such as was Sec. Warren Christopher for such a time and complicated globe soon a foot after a premature “wrap-up” of Persian Gulf War we have had more than just ignored Iraqi people and also avoided Afghani people more subjectively and viscerally festered against us?  That while the previous Bush Administration had been near neutral or secular with its less than suggestive appointee names we suffered longer and harder seemingly in part due to a subjective and even “religious” in “Christian” naming an arrogance of President Clinton Esq.?

Well now we can also say the Persian Gulf War has been finally concluded along our legal and historical norms and foundations based within a secular and civil jurisprudence dependent upon precedence.  We can now say Operation Iraqi Freedom has now moved past a military operations of armed forces presence - we likely still won’t see the “marches” that President Obama Esq. alluded to as a grand and grandstanding march out of Baghdad as if of columns of America’s Armed Forces in lock step on parade out of Iraq.

And yes we still have and now have as greater duty to discuss the absence of jurisprudence by the Clinton Administration when not of a march into Iraq and a securing in arrest of Saddam Hussein and a prosecution in keeping with the precedence for such in United State history like for Jew, Japanese and Germans.

The declared end of Operation Iraqi Freedom now frees many mouths and maybe all graduates of Harvard Law at least to now speak loudly and regularly about all this - all this now that concerns that speaking so honestly and judiciously won’t be unduly to creating more dangers and risks for deployed forced of the United States and Coalition States.

And so we have a duty even if without a J.D. - juris doctorate - to ask why the Clintons didn’t treat Iraqi Shia at least as well as America once treated Japanese, Germans and yes the Jewish affected peoples.  We have as well while Irani people also Shia may have felt prejudged and prejudiced against in comparison to Jews, Japanese and Germans and with protestations against Saddam Hussein, their own of actions similar to crimes of war - we have that President Clinton Esq. and now years later an apologist for him President Obama Esq. have left much of this bias and prejudice still unaddressed, by Democrats.

Because the Clinton Administration didn’t once considerations about a “trap” set for Coalition or specifically the United States of America move to a new “Nuremberg Trial” for Saddam Hussein and those of his known war crimes and crimes against humanity were themselves and us some complicit in a bias un-American for contrary to our historical precedence such that Iraqi Muslims and even Irani people were reasonable and of due cause to ask themselves why they weren’t due at least as much post war help as Jews, Japanese and Germans had been. 

We now still have this mess affected by Democrat selectivity.  We do still have and now more safely have this debate and discussion to air - and specifically why we acted prejudiced against at least Iraqi Shia so long - so as of most of President Clinton Esq. administering with “official” prejudice and bias as regular at times with slight public and loud with decrees that Iraqi Shia inferior people “unable to govern themselves.”

And yes, as per at least on Harvard Law grad - as per President Obama Esq. we do have a wondering now to judge how improper and imprudent he was to suggest or allude that our Armed Forces were of a grand exit march all on parade in lock step and as if along the roads from Kuwait ports they may have arrived from.

But really, the Clintons avoided and ignored our jurisprudence and historical precedence and seemingly for selfish partisan and political aims not generally good for some or most of citizen people of the United States of America.  Really it is now safer to discuss what a mess the Clintons’ imprudence and disbarrable practices created - safer now that it won’t increase risks to U.S. or Coalition forces deployed in Iraq as part of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

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Posted by: JP HOGAN @ 4:36 pm

Some days you have to wonder if our State leadership is too busy to provide proper and diplomatic edit and revision service to President Amabo’s prepared remarks - his speeches for public oration and dissemination.

Today is another concerning day about improper use of war - of “war” of “war” again and again of “war” yet again.

It seems another day for a concerning roll-out of machinations from this administration such that an initial blog start popped as considerate and measured as “Boss Tweed Goes Teddy With Braggs.”

One of my favorite misses by Madam Secretary of State Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton - Secretary “Hillary” - goes back to this administrations near earliest inspirations to a punditry about them as if “King Amabo” or just “President Amabo” - as with their final draft of their “SPEECH TO THE MUSLIM WORLD” - President Obama’s Cairo Speech - is with so many confusions just about this mid-speech stretch:  “Palestinians must abandon violence.  Resistance through violence and killing is wrong and does not succeed.  For centuries, black people in America suffered the lash of the whip as slaves and the humiliation of segregation.  But it was not violence that won full and equal rights. It was a peaceful and determined insistence upon the ideals at the center of America’s founding….  That it is not as moral authority is claimed; that is how it is surrendered.”  This is one of the most confused and misleading “histories” of our United States I think I have ever read or heard - I have no idea where this “history” has its own foundation so separate yet seeming now superior to the other that has quite so our Civil War and even its Buffalo Soldiers.

This again has been a day of rough writing spoken before a just or due a once traditional editing and revising per “diplomatic” necessities and standards and norms just of “historical” relevance.  I don’t know how OPERATION IRAQI FREEDOM today couldn’t or didn’t end up more as a speech about “liveable cities” and “empowerment zones” and of our community organizers originally standing up and then still standing up until their own community organizers of all ilks and kin could stand with confidence themselves - with confidence America and coalition states would like just cut and run, again.

I have no idea how “tweedy” like a “professor” “Amabo” or Obama could have spoken today of “WAR” & “WAR” & “WAR” & “WAR” so much today - and again how State censors failed to or avoided “diplomatic” corrections better especially with the “Cairo Speech” still of this same orator and his recent history - our recent and still relevant history.

Not all of Obama is a backwards as “Amabo” but do you remember his “SPEECH TO THE MUSLIM WORLD” even before it was then like a undiplomatic trick or tool to be a “multiple choice” historical for he and his administration to be later or currently now of both or just two sides of a related issue?  Earlier in his “Cairo Speech” a seeming diplomatic blunder that never should have escaped a State censoring even if State top censor Secretary of a “team of rivals” with different personal motives - earlier in such religious specific speech that our Congress wouldn’t be tolerated if to as of a “making of law” he spoke of the Holy Koran with:  “As the Holy Koran tells us, ‘Be conscious of God and speak always the truth.’  That is what I will try to do - to speak the truth as best I can, humbled by the task before us, and firm in my belief that the interests we share as human beings are far more powerful than the forces that drive us apart.”  (sick! - not (sic)? - This is a promise to lie, by our President and so that it seems to offer a nullification of all that is to follow in same speech, just later - doesn’t it?)

Ok, so we have more “rough writing” and again by a “tweedy” and maybe as corrupt “Tweedy” if compared to old local New York political practices but now as a “tweedy” for being not quite the “Teddy” of largest British East Africa Safari before returning home to Americas as a grand International Man recently of much and grand hosting in the then new norms about a growing Fascism still years before taggable as a “PRE-NAZI FASCISM” as of “tweedy” hunting wear - but a “tweedy” for rough and professorial less then fully erudite orations. 

We have “Amabo” a fitting Obama backwards consideration timely again especially since we are closing down Operation Iraqi Freedom community outreach efforts to bring a long overdue prosecution and post Persian Gulf War “reconstruction” - a political war of its own for Americans best to have been of such during the Clintons’ 8 that his chief State censor maybe still as a “rival” too concerned about, privately.  And we have today so much talk of “WAR” & “WAR” & “WAR” & “WAR” as if of “Teddy” returned with his old “tweeds” worn and tattered from largest ever mounted mass safari - killing expedition of natural beast not so human - or from old rough riding “warring” in his not so “PRE-NAZI FASCIST” days as harkened to 1910 year seems, so.

And so for all that at Fort Bragg better not the studied and expectant to a fair and full erudition themselves on actual histories and war and peace story lines that would have been at either our Coast Guard, Army, Navy, or Air Force Academy venues — we have President Barack Hussein Obama bragging from Bragg and nearer as if Joaquin Phoenix stepping in clean and relaxed on last day of war.  I don’t know how Obama so backwards again, justly as “Amabo” so with excessive talk of “war” and yet while of a recent history suggestive and public espousing so that American slaves got out of slavery in United States “peacefully” and without “violence.”

Accepting it may be dangerous or of excessive reasonable expectation to now leave to our entrusted “diplomatic corp” and State censors like Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton - aka:  Madam Secretary of State Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton - of Obama’s TEAM OF RIVALS — we find our selves deep enough now just in this column about so many contrary and conflicted “official messages” that we should look other than here for “official” explanation - they not I, or you, have a duty it seems to offer some further dictate to clear up some of this new mess, theirs.

I cannot imagine President Obama would have attempted such “rough” writing within any of our Academy walls - he did though issue his rough edicts less than fully or faired erudite orations from a Cairo University though.  I don’t know why then he so started a speech referencing importance of telling or speaking truths - and then to speaking ( I guess) truthfully that he intended to lie or avoid speaking the whole truth and nothing but the truth and as if his greater duties made it necessary for his struggles at least.

I do seem to recall having given his “SPEECH TO THE MUSLIM WORLD” an “F” and mostly for it seemed as bad a denial of war and past atrocities of our Civil War, specifically, as any though of a smaller “atrocious” scale.  It must have been his earlier Berlin Speech I gave a “D” or “D-” to as it seemed he somehow worked a wrap up of such as if his father and he by inheritance from his father had a right to claim specific bragging rights for success of Berlin Air Lift.

So he - he Obama - when not this backwards as “Amabo” — he of his TEAM OF RIVALS again seems to be clearly missing sufficient “diplomatic” editing skill or service from his top State censor.  Maybe he has vetoed such from a rival - thinking it more a “rivalry” than a “cooperation” and so suspect - but that seems less than reasonable since he “Amabo” again so contrary and biased as if still of original administration orations and their specific dangers of clear and present attempts at offering (rivals) partisan Democrat Party cover as if a COVER-UP!!!.

So now we have a “tweedy” “Teddy” and concerns that TR of 1910 was well on his way with a conversion to Fascism.

Oh, yeh - I forgot my grade for http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2009/06/04/AR2009060401117.html “Cairo Speech” was as well an “F” for line:  “Unlike Afghanistan, Iraq as a war of choice that provoked strong differences in my country and around the world.”

Really, I don’t know what to make of President Barack Hussein Obama’s speech today from Fort Bragg - we should be allowed to expect an explanation from State or from The White House to now clarify, right?

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Posted by: JP HOGAN @ 9:11 pm

As we now proceed one foot before the other out the doors and through doors inward we have a modern maybe academic machination and politically frosty and chilling about our exit steps and maybe one far more real and dire than isolated enough for a lofty and leisurely “academic.”

I could “doth protest” much here and “STRIKE” protestant until GOP Candidates as recent participants in Iowa Republican Debate hosted with ABC and Yahoo do file and pronounce official condemnations each and all of them and with concerned standard bearers of our Fourth Estate - our pillars of journalism and profession media integrity the performance and even just the participation as “moderator” by George Stephanopoulus - I could announce here that I would without future columns until satisfied that enough protest has been heard, if it hasn’t already been expressed somehow - someway already by the time I finish this here column.

One of my most concerning and even “pet” subjects for blogging aired a new “friend” more once and old “foe” in presentations on MSNBC and specifically, and so especially surprising so as presented mainlined as part of the Chris Matthews mantle of “news” and top “opinion” productions.  If on such show Chris and Liberal commentators will express an impropriety in any one of our official political jurisdictions and about “spousal” connectivity and collusiveness as near heard-seen of like:  “they could just wrap themselves in the protection of their spouse’s jewelry” then we are nearer the day that I should publish my collection of blogs written to be possibly - most likely possibly - a largest collection of written works explaining how “Hillary Clinton” is not and should not be of “allowed” to be a candidate for President as a spouse irregardless of sex of a term limited other spouse irregardless too of their sex and so is also now an illegal and UnConstitutional Secretary of State.

It is more a REAL CONCERN than a “pet” subject matter that a spouse of a term limited First Couple by the specific wording of our 22 Amendment and all general accounting protections specific as well to employee concerns for/about monetary tracking and fair and important compartmentalizations is/are best if not solely most implicitly protections first and foremost related to couples or people intimate even out of marriage though now here again I speak more to the greater dangers and temptations to corruption nearer concerns Machiavellian about absolute power being a simple danger with extreme possible collateral risks.  Ok, that sentence can be simplified to be more clearly of dangers seemingly specifically addressed and guarded against with and by our 22 Amendment and its terms to term limits as of those years of specific historical concerns and times.

By logic and partisanship of today’s Chris Matthew’s show with “a spouse could wrap themselves in the protection of spouse’s jewelry” their poetry was a condemnation near my likely record for most number of reasoned pieces professing that “Hillary” was never to be allowed to be a candidate for our office of the President once her spouse regardless of their sex became term limited by our properly ratified 22 Amendment even though to date it sits legally as “undecided law” as yet “untested law.”  By the reasoning witness tonight at least on its face from the presentation of commentary about a spouse’s “jewelry” like an unlawful campaign contribution - they may not yet have considered it as - yet — It seems one new one for my likely well written and styled dramatically varied and enticing collection of written long form prose columns in political punditry most republically concerning if absorbed with keeping America free and Americans still of Americana of freedoms and rights so.

We have ourselves all about a damage economy that can be argue to be specifically causal from and reactive to the Clintons’ personal and professional corner cutting to gather more selfish “POWER” time for themselves and those years they in office and otherwise to undermining necessary funding of causes or actual job saving or creating federal spending.

We have since the 22 Amendment sits in such as from such a contestable era and now still as untested “undecided” law that “Hillary” escapes a due prosecution regarding a simple or complex decision that could judge her as Secretary of State so in the line of succession as currently seated by our President and our Senate UnConstitutionally as a violation of intent of term limit wisdom and prudence with just a nearness to an office she and her spouse have become Constitutionally limited from — a concern — a real generally old concern — we have that she may not have been a legal candidate for President and never a lawful nominee or holder of Department of State job in line to Presidency.

Really it is hard if not impossible to consider to or imagine a way now for any Democrat politician or strategy keeping with their continued polarizing so partisan and political thought the fate we awaited while awaiting the thought “inevitable” “next president” as President Clinton - HC - can now be at all or even simply to a guidance to a growth economy.

Beyond the simple and complex political and Constitutional and otherwise legal concerns about all of the above especially general business accounting protections to separation and compartmentalization especially regarding cash and cash flow and contributions or even just “commitments” less important for democracy and “republic” some we still have unique considerations about our First Couples and their intimacy and especially their ability to physically and spiritually like “wrap themselves in the protection of the other’s jewelry”.

And so, to be brief, and yet refreshed about this old “pet” a real concern for these times, past times and generally all times if of a representative democracy and a confederated republic:  If our Congress has reason to be called to actions towards steps not away from war but through doors or just towards doors or thresholds towards war then our Congress now should first consider a move towards impeachment of two or more of Obama administration before a move to grant greater militarism powers to these likely and quite expectedly and now inescapably complicit, negligent or clearly responsible. 

We do have this administration and its State leadership driving such a clunker domestically and foreignly  that we actually should be considering even if less than cynical about concerns a “WAG THE DOG IV” of “V” that our letters of hope and dreams to high spirits for our country and all of the world be first if to a Congressional need to consider a new “war” declaration or funding to first be responsibly to impeachment hearings to remove at least President Obama - his VP for not having tried already to have President removed and Secretary of State Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton - just even if on cause related to her hands on these clunkers of …

And, at least again there is concerns as from earlier Clinton impeachment decisions towards such that she as a White House staffer was an exposed First Lady also a lawyer underperforming about her profession’s lawyer or legal ethics and practices such that she as well was considered prosecutable for a disbarring whence - that “Hillary” during Clintons’ 8 was also then impeachable and/or professionally disbarrable. 

Thank you Chris Matthews and David Corn … — I like the new way to consider a spouse also term limited when other spouse irregardless of their sex is also then prohibited from seeking a return any how “by election” constructions or deconstructions as about “jewelry” like of your seemed “they could just wrap them in protections of their spouse’s jewelry” as a specific description of a willful way to violate most intents and protections as per campaign finance laws and accounting compartmentalization and separations designed to reduce or remove natural corruptive temptations about simple money power.

If “Hillary” is behind the wheel it can’t now be all that good for America or any confederated republic and/or democratic state?

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Posted by: JP HOGAN @ 9:14 am

Some people start off towards debates with past offices not as equal or removed as from some others not them.

If I had been a debate participant last night, I with my history, likely would not have done a “let’s wait and see” but would have protested a “moderation” of such by George Stephanopoulus, now of ABC.  For these candidates we could suggest that they should have suggested that a hosting by or with GS was inappropriate - but they may have been better themselves to let it roll and roll out so that the people could visibly see that GS shouldn’t have been hosting or moderating.

We all witnessed these candidates get slapped as if bad school children for “breaking agreed to debate rules” and yet by hosting ABC representatives that had caused or facilitated the breach in agreed protocol with irresponsible childish undisciplined outburst of “extra” out of order question, seeming offered as if the rules then were suspended.  These candidates may not maybe have avoided this “wait and see” test for GS a past member with special office of the administration of Clintons.

Again, I may not have considered that it would have been better to let it roll out an ABC event with George Stephanopoulus now of morning “fluffery” about news and political current events and a personal history that has had him a knowing specialist or expert with media duty ever since at least the President Obama Inauguration & Inaugural Speech.  ABC fronted one mostly now appropriate to morning fluffery but last night from Iowa as a moderator for a PRESIDENTIAL DEBATE - This is a serious moral or professional issue since whence President Barack Hussein Obama stoop high upon the dais of inauguration and orated fat lies with public display of “ALL BUSH’S FAULT” George Stephanopoulus had enough personal experience and supposedly intelligence to know specifically in many ways that such was a President telling big lies and within his first hour in office.

Again, I have known George Stephanopoulus as a political player since before the Clintons entered our 1992 race and before they started sounding like me and me as in the letters I sent to Representative Gephardt’s office when that was GS’s earlier more modest place of employment.  I may actually know better than most that he should have been more professional - should have known better - should have last night recused himself.  It turned out to be visibly inappropriate with little positive from such that any other of ABC political staff couldn’t have assembled and presented as well or better.

It became obvious he wasn’t disciplined enough - enough at least while in the spot light as a moderator with conflicts of interest and a personal past in politics that has yet to be litigated against President Obama’s false claims that “it it all Bush’s fault.”  Left alone to morning fluffery such has been sliding - but now we have that he first broke from the agreed rules for debate last night and as if his doing so “out of orders” was with him of powers of suspending the rules for all, agreed to for by all.

But by this couple of moderators of ABC it became after a station break a proclamation of a projection of wrong doing not on themselves for being at least of one moderator out of order but instead a childish patronizing against less liberal people on stage - against the Republican candidates that rolled with GS’s seeming willful or uncontrollable suspension of agreed to debate rules.

If I were a candidate I might have well have taken the “wait and see” attitude around my objections specific about the conflicts of interest and limited professionalism about GS.  I didn’t though pay enough attention to announcements for this debate to have considered that ABC would even be suggesting or presenting itself so with their GS - I only discovered this impropriety moments before I figured out where debate was and on which channel just a hour or two before last night’s debate from Iowa on ABC with Yahoo.

It has been “POLITICAL” and enough of a “BREAKING NEWS” ever since President Barack Hussein Obama stood high upon the dais for his swearing of the oath to our Constitution and our office of the President holding.  That he stood up so with public partisan and political big lies from moment one and with near “ALL BUSH’S FAULT” as an attorney but one now more callable as President with seeming intent that such was a legal defense of all things “Democrat Party” about the Clintons’ 8 as if a stating of falsity by him so then would ring out across our lands an escape for Clintons and those of Clintons’ administration so as if such a dictate that any and all things of Clintons’ 8 INADMISSIBLE and “irrelevant” though relevant and causal.

George Stephanopoulus should have recused himself - ABC even if wise to offer him “moderator” slot should have canned him as soon as he accepted - and, again, the candidates may all have been better to let it roll - let it roll out as assembled and get judged publicly and visibly by the people and relevant officials or those just seated for professional standards.  There are many others that could have and likely would have done a better and far more professional moderation at ABC than that undisciplined performance last night by their “peer” George Stephanopoulus.

The best questions that could have or should have arisen last night from Iowa Republican Debate hosted with ABC and Yahoo would have been a turning of parts on other parts and a questioning of a questioner - a grilling of one with very clear conflicts of interest as one very clearly of the Clintons’ 8 - of the eight years prior to administration of President George W. Bush that President Barack Hussein Obama since officially of and in office with his swearing of oath (partly backwards) (and then second attempt at White House with proper order yet without a Bible) was politically to officially lying with his pronouncements original to his administering so in his inaugural speech. 

George Stephanopoulus has enough personal and professional experience that he more than most that could have or should better have been hosting last night should long have been now these years with BROKEN NEWS still ‘BREAKING’ that our President was telling BIG LIES.  It can be said that GS is of so many conflicts that even last night what is from GS isn’t news at all and hasn’t been accurate as “NEWS” all these days he with ABC.  But that is for public consumption now - we all would have been better served last night if the candidates had been able to grill or interview GS for two hours specifically about depths of lies from this Democrat administering.

And so ABC had many others who could have done as well or better and have been less likely to be of faulty roll out witness last night with it not the “candidates” that broke the agreed to rules first but GS who supposed an excessive right or unavoidable undisciplined unprofessionalism with out of order questioning presented as if he was of right and authority and power to be suspending the agreed to by all rules.

I don’t yet know - I don’t yet know how “legally” it has been these years of “roll out” that any have been wisened or not about President Obama so extremely partisan and political in polarizing ways or how just GS, as interchangeable parts, of a greater whole, that a President is allowed such near ridiculous postulating of a positing suggesting an entire prior eight years legally like INADMISSIBLE or irrelevant about any “political” or “official” discussion of a history of the United States of America and so as witnessed whence with even a dictate or request to “not relitigate” essentially what was still wanting a first “litigating.”

To those in the know GS last night showed his - showed some of these discussed conflicts of interest and further abused common sense.  He is a part that long ago should have been declared defective and removed from inventory completely so some of this recycling into our lines fully prohibited.

Morning “fluffery” had seemed to be an “Island of Misfits” appropriate and generous - until last night.

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Posted by: JP HOGAN @ 12:41 pm

As you make your seasonal celebration plans are you arranging to have a book burning at home or in your “circle” or “community”?

By now you know that some people - maybe a one percent of our “lower” “middle class” have bought into having cars that speak to them, and, by now you know if you do have a book burning about you this Christmas it likely won’t be of Holy Book(s) but first of economic tomes by “liberal” economists, where they might be found and so available as more depreciated that the furniture legs options to follow upon as soon as last kindling gets burned and after firewood or coal has run out or become too expensive, by comparison.

We are all sensitive this season to how many have been going without, relatively speaking, but so now as too read in wrong readings and economics, at least for these times of past few years.  It is a new type of “going without” since it follows soon upon the decade of Clintons pimping “temptation” and “excess” to a bubblicious economic where “going without” became the foundations for these current economic problems.

Books this season may seem obsolete this Holiday giving season - unless your power goes out for longer than a tablet’s shelf life/battery life.  And:  Well it seems too many must be regretting that they hadn’t been pimped or punked into reading other than what they had been reading - reading loyal as Liberal devotees.  If you have a book on Keynesian Economics while low on heating fuel or firewood this winter will it be saved from firing as if an antidote to itself?

It may now be more than one percent of the lower middle class that now have cars/trucks that voluntarily speak while of an consoled option for dictates embedded for rebroadcasting as suggested.

It may be that President Obama has been of the malicious economic practices so far already in these years, long of his back seat driving, that Paul Krugman was saying Mitt Romney shouldn’t be electable for having private sector for profit experience about - yet while with Mitt Romney’s past there were up sides to be really GUNG HO about - about jobs saved or created.

So some may be more near book burning this winter in America than ever maybe since our Great Depression - and really we shouldn’t now prejudge them or any - but maybe ask for a list - and inventory - a record of which they felt could be burned, and burned first or before the others.

These are times of “going without” that essentially either is just about “without” full value in your home or “without a job” but while as a lower or lower middle class or middle class economic statistic as if gilded compared to most peoples of the rest of the world, the known world.  We have these days and Holiday season now much of an “excess” and “slothfulness” where even President Obama has been chiding “have nots” as if “haves” of “having bought too much” and “having too much” still - of not having saved enough while spending too much and not having saved enough with mpg ratedness while of grossly consuming too much gasoline or diesel automobile fuels.

We have not to consider even your cooking and recipe books can be burned as new “plates” celebrated with e-loyalty and while you too may be feeling the Obama austerity pinch and short on affordable heating fuel for your pellet, coal, wood stoves or fireplaces hopefully maybe not dedicated for expensive natural gas heating or “ambiance.”

Will your diet books be first and your Holy Book(s) be last - we have been nationalized all that our Washington believes too many have been spending too much on food and for too much food - good food and bad food - your diet books are likely out of style and out of compliance as of an earlier inappropriate political correctness, right?

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Posted by: JP HOGAN @ 10:39 pm

I think it may have been Michael Moore’s pda. for capitalism that heralded the boon to General Motors specifically from WWII.

Why he has so much affection for such story, a with such public display, as well it seems to argue we should have reconstructed the victorious United States as we did reconstruct the defeated Japan and German socio-economic limitations.

I don’t know why Europe now would want fewer varieties - fewer faces on a more limited and efficient “currency.”

Such is our times - and though due to limited research I am remembering now Michael Moore public displays I believe on boon to General Motors from the regular bombing of Germany’s motor works - their car companies - and that Joseph Kennedy is remembered for having been of selling GM vehicles to Hitler.

Doubts sprouting - and with jobs and computers now what they are it seems a jobs program could be had with more currencies not fewer - not fewer for an unnecessary efficiency or unified leadership.  And, now I am remembering the Hollerith-IBM punch card and tabulating/computing story as told by Edwin Black book with such essential to the grand plans for efficiency march of Hitler.

This is not a column meant to comment on Michael Moore and his pda for capitalism - this should be confusing enough to work out with President Obama of a “New Nationalism” while also supposedly of a separable yet equal “global citizen” neocolonialism - confusing enough now with “RACE TO THE TOP” also with his “New Nationalism” promise to make his actually a message for marching to the middle.

See, it is hard to put a single “face” on Obama’s efficiency march and ambitions - if we weren’t an established melting pot it could be seen as “fascist” at least some.  But we don’t all look alike - yet he wants us to march as one - maybe a monopoly nearer of an oligarchy for him, of his own extreme efficiencies. 

Doubts sprouting and near the reconstructed Germany center but of Brussels where even with their extremely engineered “superior” auto machinations drivers are embraced “Bavarian” or “Mercedes” as if of another time, and, place.  And with these petite shouts Brussels sprouting of doubts their still as well the old story from reconstructions for Japanese and a luxuriating in an embrace even for Japanese designed superior planning and engineering if even actually built or assembled in America.  I am not trying to leave out Italian stories here.

See, it is hard to put a single superior face on President Obama’s attempt to “wire” a new superior “global citizen” march in minds and hearts with little or just too little regard for the freedom bulwarks our Constitution and freedoms daily rely upon.

See, it is hard to differentiate a desire for a “fascist” like loyalty now with calls for a “New Nationalism” and it too monopolistic or oligarchical possibly through eyes and minds of free Europeans and others more of other global places.  We are a melted pot of peoples now with our brains their new frontiers for a “New Nationalism” - still starkly contrary to earlier “global citizen” neocolonialist nation building still in play since second publishing of DREAMS OF MY FATHER early Obama autobiography with such kept in it as a favorite “friend” of sorts.

As we might all be laughing now if Senator Hillary Clinton had vanquished this most junior Senatorial peer and then herself been to largely the exact same economic team and policies in keeping with the legacy of theirs of having made nearly the same political campaign promises throughout that contest that even just for Massachusetts saw a number of voters between them of a spread near the same size as total number of  that near about 150,000 for “troops” in Iraq.  See we could all be laughing now if you remember Lawrence Summers well enough - and his “feminine” public displays while at Harvard — we could be hearing now and remarking much with exact same economy but necessarily with “Hillary” taggable as Harvard women as “bad at math” - like.

So now with have a call to a new mindset under Barack Obama, leader, to a “New Nationalism” even though to date his earlier “global citizen” proclamation and evangelizing have been specifically otherwise.  So now with have with such new drama to new efficiencies and machinations of “made by Obama” servitude or serfdom nearer an oligarchical tirade, political, that such now has not more RACE TO THE TOP but somehow a new dictate to march all to the middle.

It is hard to call him a “fascist” since he keeps “Hillary” around as one that likely would have done nearly or exactly much the same - yet more taggable as of “bad at math” while still of as much global contrariness more to asking Americans to change or appease.  It is concerning that he asks all to now march a “New Nationalism” despite it funny that it comes from “Teddy” Roosevelt and “Bull Moose” hunting pride. 

From Brussels we here doubts sprouting - and from Moscow calls of seeming disloyalty tag for “Hillary.”

Our minds seem their settable time pieces - their new frontiers to a new assimilation for overly efficient marching more of fewer flavors than “more spices or freer teas.”

No,  despite all of Michael Moore’s pda around “capitalism” it is not he that seems a leader from behind of all this.

No, it is better to keep our own time and maintain more currencies - that at least can offer more more jobs in these and future times. 

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Posted by: JP HOGAN @ 11:55 am

As we are called to consider still how the Clintons have been flying under the coo coo clocks now may be the time to consider the Christian Language our new Navajo Code.  We maybe gathered this season all to appreciate a simple carpenter - we may be finally asked to bear witness to our Home Remodeling and Home Contracting consumer protection laws.

We have heard of “Joe the Plumber” - and an early “redistribution” political pilgrimage to our streets, our main streets of our residences, our American homes.

If and when a war, a new war, a new world war comes again, will we be asking about protections afforded spouses about their nesting and home improvement contracts that have long allowed a “good cop - bad cop” hyper dramatization for their American dreams and as a buffer from simple carpenters, too?  Will we be wondering about husbands and wives over or under coo coo clocks long preserved even with just a three day maturation period for all contracts theirs so?

We should be prepared that future wars may be fought on plains and plateaus laid barren from modern electrical media and maybe even electrical cars as more than “art.”  I do not know how EMPs work and whether electrical and computer devices have to have been turned “ON” at times of pulse incident to become disabled.  I do not know if you should keep a few bicycles around, or even a horse or donkey.

It would be crazy “coo coo” to think a Navajo Code can now save us again - It mightn’t be crazy to consider a Christian Language a necessary escape - it may be used against us - it may be a crypto trapping set about any future world warring and where our future possible enemies, regardless of religion may be superior in Christian Language speak and code and a foot to virally and virtually assimilate en masse secretly but very publicly.

Are we loosing control of our back door Christian protections - our Christian or Judeo-Christian “back doors”?

You do remember stories of a “Joe the Plumber” and a “Joe” the carpenter - don’t you?

If war does come won’t you have a tendency to flock with or to whomever can restore you “wiring” the fastest?

If war does come won’t you have a tendency to flock more on foot and without “social media” “networks” or “automobiles”?

If war does come won’t you have a tendency to flock anew but maybe into faith based traps set by _______________?

Our White House is set up like a home as per consumer protections for spouses - for husband and wife - for First Couple.

Our White House is set up from since before much if any “electricity” or generally available indoor plumbing much so.

Our White House is set up as a nest and home office with natural and subscribed protections for nests and families.

I do not know how the Clintons are still flying under the coo coo clocks.  We have our 22 Amendment limitations more than that a President of two terms just not allowed to return to power “by election.”  We have our 22 Amendment limitations as also respectful of what diabolical historical exists about trade and trades and spouses about their dreams and nesting as a fore-warned, a fore warning.  We have protections many places and yet none maybe as focused with protections and sensitivity around all things “commerce” and such or not related to all that has and still can go wrong between carpenters and even plumbers when legally mixed up with a husband and a wife and their (political) ambitions and collusion to nesting and dreaming.

But, really your local butcher - your say Brooklyn Chicken Butchery - may be the best precedence SCOTUS relevant per Obamacare UnConstitutionality.  With President Barack “Teddy” Obama now remembered some more from since 1978 as of distant competitive “High” answer around oratory competition as from stirred old Christian style and such by a Steven classmate we should be to considering President Franklin Delano Roosevelt first two terms and maybe best with available THE FORGOTTEN MAN by Amity Shlaes.  See she did detail how SCOTUS case to decide federal government right to interfere too much with local commerce that was/is relevant now as interesting “commerce” decisions of precedence to Obamacare contest.  She did with THE FORGOTTEN MAN describe how chicken butchers are too much of a “local commerce” that doesn’t warrant federal intervention as attempted.  She hasn’t yet parlayed how healthcare “commerce” of Obamacare is maybe as much a unwarranted meddling in a generally also mostly local commerce.

I do not know how the Clintons are still flying under the coo coo clocks.  Our 22 Amendment to simple “Colonels” or carpenters or plumbers is still as it is written a protection from a possible madness that may stir when a President just starts thinking to being in charge for more than two terms.  We have that President Clinton is seeming to fly at times over the coo coo nest, mad as much maybe as former President Theodore Roosevelt when back in his nation wanting more - (madly?) wanting more years - wanting a third term.

And so as peace does seem possible for a while at least a while free from another world war - I am left to my first chuckles and laughs at one that likely or must have been “B.O.” from Hawaii in 1978.  I am feeling sorry some that I did in old Christian Language wiring ways introduce him to my oldest sister nearer his age but not that such was to be charitable to pal Steven who asked me if I was ready to orate DAY OF INFAMY speech to a Hawaiian gathered school.  The first chuckle/laugh was an involuntary utterance between us seemingly from same day in 1978, nearly, for getting an awareness of concern to becoming like “body odor” “b. o.”  and even “black b. o.” for a visceral dread that a President B.O. might unavoidably create a big stink. 

I probably was more like “Teddy” than “Franklin” though of DAY OF INFAMY oration, I stayed more Republican and conservative even though mostly locally surrounded by FDR liberals.  It has been hard or near impossible to forget that first moment you realized if your initials were “B.O.” you might avoid ever running for President so to avoid possible (white or black or…) “President Body Odor” - “President B.O.”

It seems the Clintons are barred from a return to “First Couple” and within purpose and consumer protections and logic of local “commerce” for chicken butchers and now well too non-Obamacare.

It seems the Clintons are barred from potential madness made too public maybe natural to all Presidents when thinking a third term in reach or possible or reasonable.

But to keep the peace as a middle schooler in New Haven Public Schools at East Rock Community School as a “JPH” or “John P. Hogan” even before approaching stage a dais then for a gathered school a future commitment of “responsibility” called even for balance and separations, especially since previous elementary school of same public system had been a true melting pot with near 70 nationalities enrolled each year.  But to keep the charge and think the peace an oration of FDR “declaration of war” instilled a shedable duty to a future considering of “political correctness” - and a care to all “black ‘b.o’ (body odor)” insensitivity.

And yes, the old SCOTUS “commerce” case as mentioned peacefully in THE FORGOTTEN MAN by Amity Shlaes does offer itself now even though about chickens and butchers a precedence against Obamacare for medicine and healthcare is still as much a LOCAL commerce good.

It may now be more important than ever to consider no President should be allowed a minute to consider a third term as reasonable, due or possible.  PEACE may depend on it - and especially since our WHITE HOUSE is kept as much as a protected nest with protections specific to allow some diabolical collusion between husband and wife. 

Some or much of all of this is best left to imaginations.


(Steve has been on to an illustrious career and married to an old friend and neighbor who coincidentally lived across the street from another neighbor of mine - a “BO” without abreviation who was most “street” as a tall hoopster - a tall white guy that could jump - that would or could be regularly spotted a “salt” in mostly “pepper” or “ebony” b-ball games.  I think this “BO” is teaching graduate level marketing in California now.  Steve studied to become an illustrator.)

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Posted by: JP HOGAN @ 10:42 pm

Not every day is a Pearl Harbor day.  What will long live in infamy now may be a commission report that …

A first strike if to a new world war likely would be with multiple and seeming unrelated EMP incidents and…

If a small yield nuclear device hidden on drones detonates if/when opened the wrong way are we to blame if…

And, how was it that our 9/11 Commission decided it was responsible - responsible with a decision to look back only ten years?

It does seem that President Clinton preceded this - this new unexpected tack by President Obama - “Teddy” Obama - when recently with his envy on parade and with his book his tool and trade while “political” again, much, with near:  “I should be allowed to have a third term.”  I don’t know what or whom was served with our 9/11 Commission self limiting history to a ten year window of relevance.

What do you say when a President wants a third term?

What do you say when a President wants a third term if not even likely to get a second term?

What do you say when PBC seemed to be channeling TR a week or more before PBO?

It does seem odd that President Clinton didn’t insist that the 9/11 Commission at least look far enough back to include Saddam Hussein’s Iraqi invasion of neighbor Kuwait - of neighbor Kuwait with many “friend” by treaties of declared united ends.  It does seem odd that even Senator Clinton of “Ground Zero Senator” instant extreme personal and political makeover didn’t as well insist on behalf of New York that Congress and 9/11 Commission at least look back farther than 10 year self imposed historical window limit and back far enough to consider at least the early days that were of the conception and original unifying for Al Qaeda.

I guess we have to assume that another world war is possible.

I guess we have to allow that we should have back ups for most of our “connectedness” and new media.

I guess we have to articulate that we could be surprised with lasers in the sky and EMP suitcase stored.

It does still seem odd that both Clintons didn’t raise cain early and often after 9/11.  Where were their calls to probe publicly and transparently questions at least about why Saddam Hussein must have thought he would be able to keep Kuwait?  Where are now their explanations that there could be no “real bite” in any international sanctions if we only had their eight years of “enforcement” about them?  I mean it has been a while since I remembered being in seventh grade and being entered in schools oratory contest to present President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s DAY OF INFAMY speech - I mean it has been a while since I could remember with certainty that Al Qaeda original formation did date back longer than ten years from surprise attacks of 9/11/2001.

Sometimes you learn about warring surprises festering in time.

Sometimes you learn from a book not until 70 years after the fact.

Sometimes you can not learn for thirty years or some plus a new thirty of protection as if anew to President Clinton.

You don’t always have to read an entire book - sometimes a “cover to cover” of just book jacket enough to be surprise.  Take inside front cover of Edmund Morris’ COLONEL ROOSEVELT and its first paragraph as:

“Of all our great Presidents, Theodore Roosevelt is the only one whose greatness increased out of office. When he toured Europe in 1910 as plain ‘Colonel Roosevelt’ he was hailed as the most famous man in the world.  Crowned heads vied to put him up in their palaces.  ‘If I see another king,’ he joked, ‘I think I shall bit him.’”

And then:

“Had TR won his historic “Bull Moose” campaign in 1912 (when he outpolled the sitting president, William Howard Taft), he might have averted World War I, so great was his international influence.”

Due to unforeseen erudition around Colonel Roosevelt I may not get past the second chapter that seems to have already warned “Teddy” or plainly as “Colonel Roosevelt” already past two terms in office and his huge British East Africa predatory mass killings while on largest safari ever set about by man, and from minds about Europe that America of 1910 era was likely on a path to war with Japan.  Or was it Japan was seemingly already then on a path towards eventual war against the United States of America. 

And, again, I don’t know how our 9/11 Commission set out historically with a ten year window presumption agreed.  And, I really don’t know how either former President Clinton or Senator Clinton let such slide, and still.

Not every day is a Pearl Harbor day - that day is not alone in infamy, now.

Not every day is a Pearl Harbor day - I did take second place with “INFAMY” in the seventies - I didn’t want 1st for “WAR!”.

Not every day is a Pearl Harbor day - and I don’t recall classmate next to me who wondered if a Hawaiian could compete, so.

But now we have President Barack “Teddy” Obama who better could have taken such Rooseveltianism to the HQ of the National Rifle Association as such commemorates “plain ‘Colonel Roosevelt’” it seems, so far, for being predatory most of 1909, and so to a “Bull Moose” “New Nationalism” a spin around America for hunters and gun totters to celebrate his hunts and haunts locally in chase - in chase of American moose.  Was it accidental or did he get punked by President Clinton?  How did a sitting Democrat President come out so exactingly for furs and hunting?  How can “Bull Moose” not been a progressive argument for gun ownership and hunting of moose, of American moose, of local moose, of hopefully that US trophy bull moose?

A first strike if too a new world war likely would be with multiple and seeming unrelated EMP incidents and…

Not every day is a Pearl Harbor day - I think a Hawaiian did think they could compete.

If a small yield nuclear device hidden on a drone detonates if/when opened the wrong way are we to blame if…

PEACE is possible if…

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Posted by: JP HOGAN @ 7:32 pm

Images of …


So when President Theodore Roosevelt left office he was soon, as Edmund Morris, waxes - and waxes in a trying literary style I am still of an ignorance concerning as it is or yet not is of a style of America at those moments or epochs, he, E.M., was of Colonel Roosevelt, soon whence past his removal from The White House perch to:  “Sitting above the cowcatcher, on an observation bench rigged for him by British East Africa Railway officials, he feels the thrust of the locomotive pushing him upland fro Mombasa, over the edge of the parched Taru platueau.  He has the delightful illusion of being transported into the Pleistocene Age.”


Images of another former President - one less and outdoorsman likened today probably to hunting game by helicopter and while maybe rigged up by a state guardsman outside the bird on one of its skids - also a trained lawyer like our current office holder…


President William Jefferson Clinton long known for a “seduction” of the main stream media and while his spouse somehow miraculously to being a New York Senator, far from home, did try a shorter expedition though maybe as costly and grandiose by seeking a build out of a perch high above THE RUSSIAN TEA ROOM and the zip and buttonholing the preserve of our Fourth Estate and free speech frontiers.


Beyond imagination for a trained lawyer of the cast about our entertainment “educatin’” is now that President Barack “Herbert Hoover” Obama would introduce into his trials of campaigning that he now should be answerable for all things “Roosevelt” - all things “Theodore Roosevelt” post President predator of now two Sudans of either the Occident or the Orient general global geopolitic self restored “Colonel” for his largest of largest then British East Africa safaris.


Imagine now President Obama, trained in an interpretation of our Constitution divergent from our times and inappropriate to any other than a rise of Tafts abroad - some to all “TRUST BUSTERS” tagging our current leadership of this administration of our People still generally globally a sole superpower - now abroad to tagging for monopolistic nationalist tendencies.


As a point of order closer to home:  What was President Clinton the “seducer” thinking when thinking he belonged in the heart of our Fourth Estate with a zip for Time Square?  What even beyond such having been to a high perch above where commoners and even “peasants” would look from his vantage as if mere ants or armadillos?  What even beyond that such for a former President seemed inappropriate even if he there just wanted walk in ground level common touch - as if an officer just hanging out and carousing with enlistees?


How could a candidate towards 2012 a seated office holder of our Presidency dare to introduce a likeness to “Teddy” Roosevelt now when such a self snaring for any or all future interviews and debates?  How little or much does President Barack “Herbert Hoover” Obama actually know about Theodore Roosevelt?


Imagine yourself wanting an inappropriate perch either on the foremost aspect of a locomotive and its cowcatcher on the then British East Africa Railway to be about a predator (for science) as if today of such an advantage in a hunt to have been hunting from a helicopter? 


Imagine yourself a political hopeful long of plans to run and represent your own neighbors and maybe your county or even your state and then a couple moves in and grandiosely tears apart you dreams and long worked for and struggled to aspirations in politics of goodness, and even for now without considering it seemingly inappropriate for a former President without a spouse wanting of Senate perch and preserving to have sought such a high perch and dominant zip more a protectorate of a necessary and important and independent Fourth Estate.


Where Penelope may have been a humble housewife knowing her husband could defeat many or most “monsters” we have she may have sent her Odysseus off on hunts from an obligation.  Where President Clinton and no former President should hunt after leaving office even if their spouse “political” and more to finding wars to send men off to, seems to be our nations Time Square.  Where President Roosevelt hunted is a can of worms that President B. O. has opened a “WHOOP!” upon himself - can he actually know enough about “Teddy” for every interview and debate possibility?



But the days we clearly were not a sole modern superpower where there was basically the Occident and the Orient are long gone and what worked for Colonel Roosevelt roughly even now could seem a nationalism “monopolistic” by foreign peoples and states.



No need to imagine if President Clinton attempted to blur all of our lines of thought - and abuse our Fourth Estate preserves.

No,  with a carrying on of “seduction” that may have made J. Edgar croon - cry out - with envy - no need to imagine. 

An iron grasp such would be needing, needing to keep his “seduced” media in line, and compliant.

And so by attempting a “Roosevelt” post office parading with a zip his zip for a high perch above the world even as it turned beyond New York City and with possibilities growing that America was becoming like “too big - too big to fail - monopolistic” and in a nationalism best left for bygone eras.

No President should ever have thought it appropriate to seize a protectorate in our Fourth Estate preserve - a base of continued political operation with new global initiatives partisan and political with the zip and pull of our Time Square media enclaves.


PEACE is possible if…

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Posted by: JP HOGAN @ 10:19 pm

There is a great and built in potential for gorilla Gandhian tactics subscribed for all residents of our Capital City - our District of Columbia - our Washington.

I do not know, at this moment, how long non-voting delegate to the House of Representatives of our Congress then Honorable Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton has reigned, with powers cleverly superior in an maybe unique way to even when under Speaker Newt Gingrich.

By now you may have heard some confusing stories about residents of our Washington - our Washington DC - not being willing to move just a mile or two or three from their residence in district to either Virginia or Maryland so to have a voting “Representative” seated in Congress.  By now you may have heard or read coverage where the side for DC having a voting representative too have been pushed.

People of Moscow may be jealous now of our Capital City residents - even now today, today while they fret over a sense of fairness across “representation” in all quadrants of “Mother Russia” — even an actual fairness.

Delegate Norton has regular great gorilla Gandhian armies constantly on the move and mixing throughout her shire - her realm - our Capital - she has her citizen people constantly mixing it up democratically as by design, and so with remarkable access.

We can long debate now if President Assumed V. Putin is still a bolshevik - and wonder if we can or will here truths about such.

When Newt Gingrich, of Georgia, was Speaker of the House - were the “delegate” powers secured for the citizen people of Washington DC with a seat designed to reign public shaming - as of a happenstance - superior in non-voting official than seated and sworn Speaker?  Really, haven’t those of DC asking for more a “voting” right been to a diminishment of real power of extremely democratic practical power so?

Maybe it is the romantic in me - me of a yearning for some secured classical Americana and colonial common sense - but really the power of SHAME must reign supreme about such a small collective - such the small world that is our base of democracy.

Like:  (imagine Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton at the dais, at a dais in the House)  (imagine word is out that a backroom “reset” has not been forthwith)  Like:  (insert protocol - necessary calls to order)  Like:  “Well just last week the Representative from _______________ while out doing his weekly grocery shopping and not seeming to overcome with official duties and too much “busy” to be inconvenienced, was rude and crass to a resident over a question about care for some common space in DC or some other Congress held power about our State’s shared District space/community.”  Imagine…!

Has our system allowed a superior duty and power to the non-voting delegate for Washington DC - for resident citizen people of our Capital City?  Was Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton even with Speaker New Gingrich of a special and secure staff expectant and called to Power of shaming?  Is she still so - is it still one of our least celebrated yet great - great as of gorilla Gandhian empowerment - designed Powers and charges?

DC is such small place that citizen people also Representatives of _______________ or ________________ as residents of our Capital City are variables and constants in our experimental democracy and just one of its incubators.

Some other countries and their capital cities seem to be allowed to be wall communities with great class separation and in ways that our Washington DC hasn’t allowed, mostly, since our Founding Father and first President George Washington set upon city planners that such should be a town of connected town homes with small yards so to avoid a confusion or separation to or as if a plantation enclave with large tracts of land - huge tracks for some relative to others and with secured pride of a mass from fencing.  I forget how the National Building Museum wrote its notation on DC development so that this paraphrases a decade later could endure from such - perhaps you are in DC and have been meaning to visit even that museum.

I mean besides realizing that we have a Congress with a non-voting delegate for Capital City seeming with the real Power and duty/charge to publicly shame representatives from states near or far, and some so from afar that old English taxation about tea seems dwarfed, on jurisdictional fairness, with Washington of Norton armies so of a gorilla and Gandhian citizen empowered zone, one arguably superior to secured powers just for our Speakers — Did you already know how essential President George Washington is and was to what is our Washington DC - our still communing city on a swamp and one or two hills - and as of an architectural and socio wisdom still dominant with more humble and connected common dwellings with small yards?

I don’t know how Moscovites are getting by - I haven’t seen much or any of their town - any not of a walled community for elite - and today I don’t know if or how much longer President Assumed V. Putin can accurately claim to be a bolshevik.

I don’t know if they of Moscow at least have a non-voting delegate or party official endowed with powers to publicly shame “representatives” even not from minor quadrants of Mother Russia as distant or more distant than our original colonies were from London, also maybe wanting for their own “TEA PARTY.”

So may in these trying hours for our own media - these days I have to remember TIME Magazine 2005 issue a year before familiar mirror cover - are our citizen people been asking for less power in DC, less real power, by asking for an actual “vote” in Congress?  It is near that time of year that I am reminded of a disturbed morning while living on Capitol Hill in DC and long of “blogging” on newsbusters.org as “uc” whence I woke earlier than expected with journos in my head asking if they could have a picture of me for their cover. 

Besides all this did you already know that my answer as from “uc” the blogger of 2006 posting to argue for the Iraq surge and then long in defense of it was “NO” - and like with:  “No, you would have to tell the whole story and I am not nearly half way done.” and then stirred enough to be walking around half a sleep I did consider while looking at my mirror(s) indirectly that I could support their intent and efforts for issue a year following on from Putin’s if they could and did manage to put a mirror on their cover?

Have you been to http://newsbusters.org ?

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Posted by: JP HOGAN @ 11:23 am

Imagine for a moment that you are a fool and realize it.

Were you taken in by Democrats tear jerking politics often and regularly crass and inappropriate with each parading of individual citizen peoples and their most personal and trying medical stories/histories?

Did Newt Gingrich support “Hillary for President” over Republican ticket with McCain/Palin?  Is it suggestive from his recent interview with Sean Hannity and his confession of thinking Hillary would win that he had rolled over and rolled Republicans over with him early, and then often?

It may be hard to adequately or full asses your predicament since Speaker Newt Gingrich for all his promise may have been too much of the nineties when our politicians in Washington lead in a seductiveness by Clintons seemed to think Washington, their Washington finally had technology sufficient to them, to them as our government, in their/own own time with media/medium to fool all of the people all of the time.

If you have missed it all along:  Newt Gingrich has admitted that he was one of past “top Republicans” of early thinking supportive of thinking that Hillary Clinton would be our next President.  If you have missed so much that once, before so much tech was available to be near to capacity to fool not just some of the people some of the time but actually thence already to an arrogance about Washington leaders that they then already seemed to have the tools to fool all of the people all of the time.

Should we believe that “candidate” Gingrich has been born again and released from past “bipartisan” underhandedness when old problems of “educating” voters seemed surmountable?  Yes, it is complicated that we now have even our entire Senate of days of confirming Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton as President Barack Hussein Obama nominee for Department of State secretarial duties, to only be getting to due comparisons and discussions about a “political nepotism” inherent and rooted in the story of First Lady Clinton being waved into Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan step on hierarchical national Democratic Party structure with its more limited office with a minor state role as just one of two state Senators from New York!

To consider dangers from being fooled or worked around - a discussion of an unfairness about nepotism is often called for.

To let your national leaders be of a tear jerking political grandstanding inappropriate, as mentioned, and crass so about treating individual personal citizen peoples’ private medical history is DANGEROUS.

Did Newt Gingrich give up the Republican fight early - so early that he wasn’t fully with his own party and its candidates even before most junior and inexperienced peer in our Senate to other most junior and also inexperienced Senator Hillary were still embroiled in party struggles and contests about a primary chase?  Did Speaker Gingrich go over to the dangers and darkness of the other side mostly during the reign of the Clinton 8 and maybe now have gotten back but not before having still been to of the other that he rolled over early for Hillary and Bill to get back their White House?

It is inappropriate for their to be a national institutionalization about healthcare for the classes of working age able Americans, and while, again, it seems crass that our national leaders can parade tear jerking politics with personal and private medical histories.  To have a national government skip over so many local and community possibilities and yet tried alternatives to rush madly to a mass objectifying with each citizen person necessarily now more just a number and of a State metric is to also kill God and Heaven benefits - it is to move us to a national daily think as “numbers” and a categorized and boxed metric such that past of being stirred by song and sermons can no longer parade itself.

There may be a clear progression of “Newt” from days addicted and seduced/corrupted by Clintons to the “candidate” now out and about speaking of lessons learned and new opinions reached with new policies to offer.

There is a clear problem if a nationalization of an insuring of those of working age able bodies masses become fodder for politicians now still able to turn numbers and metrics for contrary good with tear jerk parading.

There is a problem that a nationalization so beyond being UnConstitutional is contrary to original march and purpose and general good practices spiritual and sermonized around days of our founding and federalism struggles - there is that we will be expect to wake and walk each day more concerned with ourself as of a national numerical objectivity in a set category boxed so in the metric of the day, political by new design, and no longer able to see community as otherwise and original once of people of souls and trials daily in God’s work to save their own souls and live to a purity of soul with community not as an objective number but as an equal soul with equal chance of saving or grace toward Heaven.

We can’t be both and stay objective with foreign entanglements if government of “official” “caring” - we will either be of Congress in a positive establishment of religion or a negative establishment of religion - their either will be a God or and establishment that there is not a God and Congress so must take over all “saving” and “gracification.” 

Obamacare does reach beyond a “commerce” of Medicare and Medicaid that was of an economic concern about forgotten or ignored children or elderly and from days we didn’t have the technology to protect one community doing good from another working to force its burdens to be mobile and to move out of their community to benefit as fairly as those in the community that was trying to lead in a good doing.  We have moved passed these old days and even such conundrums that could be said to have necessitated for “commerce” a nationalization of and “entitlement” for what was largely masses of forgotten elderly and children.

Maybe you know the real “Newt” - maybe you haven’t even yet questioned how much past supportiveness of Clintons has him compromised and historically as in the wrong retrospectively.  Maybe, he is exempt from problems of “Hillary” and New York Senate seat arrangement from the Clinton White House and our Senators that didn’t air and haven’t yet processed that the deals for New Yorkers with the offering of First Lady Hillary Clinton is inseparable from a “nepotism” tag - from a “political nepotism” tagging.

And so now, again about you:  We have that Newt Gingrich did basically roll over for Hillary early and so with such a problem for it seems a silence from him would have been better for his party and national security.  We have that “Newt” may have had more fight in him for President Bush - or that he didn’t as now “concerning” and evidence of inadequate “judgement” or insufficient global “strategic” thinking.  We, have that he may have Republican ghosts now for having been of the Clintons’ 8 too much and when such was an era for our Washington politicians seemingly for a new think that they now had the tools not to just fool some but to actually fool most or all of the people all or most of the time.

Just imagine,  just imagine for a moment if you can.  And if relevant to your think that as a national boxed “number” your soul and goodness will be undermined - that a community organizing to “God’s work” will be legislated and so that instead of seeing neighbors as neighbors equally to opportunity to goodness you will see worry and national wonder of them more as a national “number.”

Just imagine,  just imagine for a moment if you can.  And really protest!  Really protest for it still seems inappropriate that our State’s national or Federal Congress is allowed to parade tear jerking personal and private medical stories as part of their politics/politicing.

I mean you have remembered that arrangements were made hierarchically from Clinton White House and I believe in Clintons’ White House with New York Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan such that all First Lady Clinton would need to do to effect the organized political nepotism would be to be escorted around New York state a few times with the full luxury and protection and pomp and circumstance that the full Secret Service detail and amenities had for term limited Presidential protection and ceremonial traditions, right?

Right?  Just imagine if you hadn’t just imagine (anew)!  If you believe in Democrat Party ideology to nationalization and of socialism hierarchical leadership by a few and a limited “chosen” then it is unavoidable to see that First Lady Hillary Clinton only became a New York Senator by arrangement and an specific effecting traditionally considerable as “political nepotism”!

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Posted by: JP HOGAN @ 12:41 pm

Last year across the eastern states and sea coasts global warming got a treat - in keeping with efficiencies sold as beneficial and crucial about painting roofs white mother nature did seeming for months paint everything, not just roofs white.

These snow storms may have affirmed President Obama’s support of Gorish extremism and jobs - but then it may have evidenced most to mother nature being self-correcting.

This year, and today, one also too much of Gorisms, is also suggesting government interventions where a self-correcting may be better considering their hands stained with specific “governance guilt” as much as well arguably a “snow storm.”

As I have mentioned and blogged for years and at times while just freely commenting on others blogs:  We know how to make ice - we know how to save polar bears - we have the technology.

As I recall from David Frum analysis of President Bush’ first term there was decision points where he, our President, considered he had best leave Kyoto accords alone as by his thinking to be so extreme and specific seemed to have a greater threat about it as per global economics that it could or would create the type of economic downturn (crash?) that we have since witnessed and felt in post Bush days.

This year, we get a butting in President Clinton, still memorable for having tried to effectively become crowned after leaving office with one of most expensive rent packages and for nearly the best then available New York City carpetbagged to elevated office luxury, and so now still of such misplaced arrogance that he now has a new book out as errant with its suggestions self reported by him of advice that banks should create funny papers again for underwater mortgages by adding lines with “half” ownership stakes.  This is ridiculous!  He has done so much specific to causation about our CRISIS OF VALUATION that he better than most should be self-aware already that implied “full valuation” can return to such properties within period of mortgage and while our global and domestic economics has a tendency about it better to see valuations lower and more then competitive, universally.

So about all this jobs talk that may be as much a gift from above and seasonal as last years wintery season near full of at least insulated roofs painted white:  We had the technology - we could have addressed greenhouse gas alarmism totally differently and in ways available that would have created at least two new industries without the witnessed near two regular jobs lost for each Liberal Green Initiative Program job dictated - yes, we know how to make ice and inventive Canadians had designed and tested already a cheap mostly plastic environmental filter and capture device that could have been installed on roofs and at vehicle congestion points.

We may have recorded warmer temperatures and some specifically after recent sun spots activity - we may have measured higher greenhouse gas emissions - we may have witness and experienced mother nature self correcting - and so to wondering if we are at risk of over correcting and if we might not be to global cooling as a result of some thought relevant measurements.

Have you already heard about the potential of an INTERNATIONAL FLEET OF NUCLEAR CHILLER SUBMARINES and how though maybe necessary of a collaboration with our Defense Departments and their expertise and budgeting we may be to a day and era where say Virgin or Disney could offer nuclear powered humanitarian underwater cruising - powered by existing GE technology secured mostly for nuclear submarine propulsion?

I have taken to shortening “INTERNATIONAL FLEET OF NUCLEAR CHILLER SUBMARINES” to “OUR GREEN SUBMARINES.”  Wouldn’t you like to cruise and party under the seas?  Don’t you?

We so live in an “interactive” age that we know GE BRINGS GOOD THINGS TO ICE already. 

We so live now decades with GE having brought “GOOD THINGS TO LIGHT” but now really should be asking why their head hasn’t been bringing GE to good things, best things, for jobs and for ice!

Our “GREEN SUBMARINES” are easy to consider and again as GE and a specific GE expertise about bringing good things to ice — we are basically talking about submersible inside out refrigerators/freezers with ball rooms and hospitality and windows to illuminated underwater mysteries so then or soon maybe available for nearly the price of a Virgin cruise.

We could be of a NEDA Corp - we could be a nation participatory of a N.E.D.A. - a “WEATHER CORP” under a “NATURAL EMERGENCY DISASTER AGENCY.   With all this natural activity prioritized it may be time to remove FEMA from DHS and rename it an task it more primarily for and to “NATURAL EMERGENCIES” and with a submersible and floating “WEATHER CORP.”

We seem to have a lack of imagination about this administration having done essentially so little with all the technological developments during the Bush years to greener science and machinery - we seem to have an entire administration somehow hold outs for a different logic and rationale/science - we seem to have an entire administration that is responsible for partisan and limited politics that did the expected killing of two regular jobs for each of their political “green” jobs created.

President Clinton should have more self awareness, even though that he asked for more in one year for office rent in NYC as if to a crowning so by it being in just first year with maybe forty left for him as a total more than that paid for office rents for all our past Presidents’ thought “retirements” before combined.  Yes, President Clinton tried to take tax payers and then his banking pals for nearly a million a year for nearly the penthouse top floors of new CARNEGIE HALL TOWER, and while his wife then accusable as of POLITICAL NEPOTISM for New York State Senate Seat job and then undeniable CARPETBAGGING.

Sure you may have forgotten the Clinton, President Clinton, was nearly reported for him so basically crying all the way up to lower rents in Harlem - you may have forgotten or forgotten to consider that before giving up on such luxury and excess on backs of taxpayers it was reported that he went to his banking pals thinking they owed him for having made them so much money with housing bubble and derivatives that they should privately support his crowning at CARNEGIE HALL TOWER or at least make up the big difference from past presidential retirement allocations/allowances.

Yes we are of Clintons of more than one CRISIS OF VALUATION and so that jobs, jobs, jobs, have been collateral fallout - meltdown for so many.

So please write to GE for new leadership and to your political representatives as well - we are ready for a “WEATHER CORP” we are ready to be together cruising the seas - we are ready not just to cool warm ocean currents threatening ice caps and polar bears - we are ready to fight El Nina and El Nino and the warming waters in Atlantic equatorial region with higher surface temperatures reportedly giving rise to bigger and more frequent hurricanes.

So are we over compensating?  So why did they - these historically “liberal” Dems go only with priorities to “green” that had best chance of discarding two regular middle class jobs towards their more prestigious “green” jobs so?

All aboard?  And, still while there are financial benefits for some to have already have white roofs - but?

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Posted by: JP HOGAN @ 5:41 pm

Now that they have all proven themselves willing to commune, break bread, share spirits and music, the next steps to defeating Obamacare and Democrat Party nationalization are becoming common and self evident.

Where is our CAMP VICTORY? 

Where is their CAMP VICTORY?

And since it is unconstitutional for Congress to make a law respecting establishment of religion specifically akin to Holy War - how now do we move procedurally to better venues for the type of mandates that can save as they long have, otherwise?

Occupy Wall Street and other Occupy sanctuaries and services have publicly demonstrated that capitalism may need still the balancing that is a regular resocializing long call “religious services” just to reaffirm a faith in collections of capital as part of an actual community.

Sure I wrote a college paper titled CAPITALISM - THE PATH TO WORLD PEACE - it would be wrong though to consider it should happen or be acceptable in a godless world or a community not of group resocializing at least weekly with song, communing, breaking bread, sharing spirits and dare I say music, or even “song and dance.”

When we just start to consider what type of training we will want to expect as minimalist for Obamacare bureaucrats won’t we be seeing the “saving” of such as related to candidate Obama - candidate “Messiah” Obama of a knowing legal that their is a religiousity to his socialism?  Won’t we be seeing that his programs to shared “saving” will have most wanting and expecting that their few government administers tasked with greatest such duties liken often to “playing God” should be required at least to have at least the training that Protestant minister would be called to?

So now we can finally supposedly move our CAMP VICTORY back home since we have secularly stood with people of Iraq along justice and equality booting common of peoples struggles over tyrannies over minds of men/women and not gotten trapped with an early misguided religious revival at home as an earlier Obamacare evangelism would have been and so as a trap about our Constitutional barring of Congress from establishments specific to Holy War or otherwise of religion.

So about fear about DEATH PANELS in candidate “Messiah” Obama’s promises of saving or to saving — better that there are actually “panels” since otherwise it seems it must then just be left to just one soul/person.

Obamacare as was Hillarycare were just Constitutionally wrong but dangerously establishment of religion complexity that any global policing or intervention could have been slammed as “faith based” since charity of healthcare would have been inviolate and ever present.

So we may just have to ask BHO and OWS congregations to find inside spaces and to work to find more followers and in ways to attract successful capitalists so that they can celebrate together the potential of all of their community.  I mean since a “mandate” allowance by SCOTUS will presuppose that Congress then also has the power to mandate states require religious service attendance and participation - yet maybe not a change to hope potential of tithing since with Obamacare that could be double taxation regarding long established practices and cultures about “saving.”

We could ask that Occupiers divide themselves by their faiths and find historically accurate ministerial new resocializing ways that embrace a capitalism song and dance - and that while it up in the air whether a likely necessary restoration of houses of faith may not create jobs at such since they already have shown a willingness spiritual about all this that is voluntary.  But “we” is not appropriate when their “leadership” is still so mysterious, right?  That could be a violation of our first amendment that a “mandate” under commerce ruling wouldn’t be though to requirements to states that they fill their houses of worship and utilize existing mass infrastructure and already existent experts in such fields about life and death and “messianic” saving.

Some how Republicans managed to find a way to help Iraqi people get out from under dictates and tyranny over their minds and bodies without the United States of America being taggable as a Christian State on a crusade or Holy War.  I don’t know for sure how they came up with arguments and differentiation so that we were there only as equals and secularly as human beings.  Maybe you know better?

Again, capitalism is at best a community mechanization strongest and most secured when of a regular communing and resocializing.  There may be too many faiths and so some houses of resocializing that doesn’t have resources enough for their burdens - yet as I have read about and seen some signage about there are “interfaith” groups and organization about many communities that could establish some emergency based banking and moderations about an accepted, and even secular, local ministering.

Again, it seems we have an infrastructure not yet too far gone and well spread out and about our American lands - it seems we have an infrastructure and training programs already existent that seem to be the model for ‘best practices’ and ’saving behavior’ as argued to date for a vast new and different secular and cold and distant government centralization by numbers with Obamacare, and much as would likely have been with Hillarycare.

It may be too “religious” to attack Obamacare and BHO as of willful and purposeful attempts to diminish or kill off God - but asking for a right to “mandate” health insurance presupposes a similarly “saving” based charitable equal to such as if he were asking SCOTUS for a right and power to dictate to states to tithe at least at county basis and with edicts forced by mandate to a weekly resocializing less of “song and dance” (for required from on high) with mandatory attendance of souls and their attached bodies to nearest appropriate spiritual communing and resocializing venue.

Are there already enough available such venues for all those that want to help Capitalism return to its finest that only can be when it of an acknowledgement of the money parts just a part of a larger community regular practice - are there enough already in Occupy pews and sanctuaries already trained in the type of ministering at least hopefully of more than one soul/person responsible for death related decisions - for the necessary maintenance of what has long been like death “panels”?

Our existing interfaith communing across America likely already have figured out much of this but have been suffering for or of BHO’s “messianic” grabbing of available funds that otherwise could be used well by them with existing expertise not yet incorporated into President’s attempt to bring government into medical capitalism so about with Obamacare.  Our existing interfaith collaboratives likely have already stirred themselves and trained their ways to be as inclusive and human to those who just feel a need to be a part noticed in a community with regular resocializing organized at least with song and bread, along secular spirits.

Essentially President Obama if able to get a right to mandate health insurance should just do an about face and use such establish “power” to instead not put more houses of worship out of “commerce” of reseting communities in capitalism and move to transfer from his establishment efforts “messianic” and clearly long of “evangelizing” to surrendering to states and communities a respect of “resocializing” already of foundations mostly of infrastructure available with already incorporated training like his “saving” programs would be to having much to high expectations and want.

Some how President Bush manage to avoid guiding the USA in global interventions based on faith - and luckily made possible it seems only because with didn’t then have a mandate so “religious” as Obamacare charity asserts. 

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Posted by: JP HOGAN @ 11:12 am

Imagine her in your state for a contesting - for a bout — imagine her standing their knees showing where pink boxing shorts.

She enters, ducking and walking for cover from imagined threats, as remembered, still in the robe of PENNY PUNCHER.

Obviously we should consider that she is actually wearing flats or pink boxing shoes.  Today she was about Myanmar - tomorrow maybe back in Kentucky or Ohio.

Imagine her with her knees showing as a clad in pink PENNY PUNCHER.

This isn’t quite a putting of ’swank’ in politics or diplomacy - or a million where a penny might of been a knock out - well maybe.

With her history of ducking and running her hamper - PENNY PUNCHER’S hamper may still roll sweat and scented as if new and unscented.

Have you heard of how Myanmar used to be Burma?  How rough and tough it is compared to Arkansas?  Did she bob and weave and knit a new polarizing and political global posture?  Did she go where she shouldn’t have without a bipartisan Congressional entourage?

Our “Honest Abe’s” top hat was all American - of all American beaver - of pelts maybe from Kentucky or Ohio.

Is Madam Secretary of State Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton losing and the new “BEAVER WARS”?

{NOTE:  For a dramatic break you can click on http://myblog.jphogan.org and then on month of “November” in left column archive selection - and read, somehow, in original order and story of our Beaver Wars dramatized for our times so written as well just by me.  You meet “Beatrice” a hand full of columns past November 1 and so more as punditry due following on electoral sweep of 2010 elections.}

With her knees exposed, as you imagined, if you want to avoid imagining foot work I am with you - with you on that.

Not sure she is appropriate with her millions that could have been “pennies from Heaven” or a collection with Russian Reset without a ducking from issues around Moscow being global home reportedly to “the most number of billionaires” — not sure she can do “SWANK” - so maybe better not to look at her shoes.

Again it might have saved us millions if she had a better Russian “fight” - if she had even offered them a chance to become six new American protectorates or states in waiting — but really if she had understood the global developmental logic and progression possible specifically as a result of her better predecessor’s bouts about Iraq - if she had started by apologizing for Clintons’ 8 instead of for Bush’s 8.

Again:  It likely would have been a knock out diplomatic bob and weaving if this shorted Hillary got swanky with Russia and Iran as two for next global RECONSTRUCTION bout — if she hadn’t gone soft with apologies for Bush’s 8 and run and ducked with her stumbling, untried, as she was not steppin’ in to arena proud and smarting that since the USA and coalition states stood up with boots on in Iraq to make amends for days of near evil compromises during THE COLD WAR and its general geopolitics that then Russia and its former …stans had an equal global obligation to stand up to Iran to help them reconstruct themselves after what in Middle East was nearly a civil war within THE GLOBAL COLD WAR.

PENNY PUNCHER rode again, globally, inadequately dressed but for a new polarizing partisan steppin’ that again was just too global.  I don’t know whose battles she is actually of thinking herself there for - I don’t know what traps are out there.

Are these of a felonious chase?  How did her cornered man Obama - President Barack Hussein Obama - let her go so uncontested and beautified and PINK just for more polarizing political partisan photo ops?

Where were here challengers - how does she not have any?  Why weren’t we all represented in Myanmar with a full and bipartisan Congressional entourage?

She still, mostly unchallenged in PINK robe as imagined headlining as PENNY PUNCHER though pound foolish with sloppy footed fundings wasting millions.

This isn’t adding up to a fair fight - still to beautified around a still progressive global warming to a partisan Clintondom with funding and gifting committed to confuse our domestic politics from both organizations dominating global think now run by Clintons.

While imagining her all “swanky” in PINK as PENNY PUNCHER please don’t forget to ask a necessary question:  Please don’t forget to ask:  WHERE IS BILL? or:  WHERE ISN’T BILL?

She presents as if she should have been pelted - yet somehow even her “ducked and ran for cover” still uncovered, too.

{NOTE:  I don’t happen to remember where or when Thomas Friedman wrote his column as “MORE POETRY PLEASE” or nearly that - but if you can figure that out you should be able to also find in my archived columns also at http://myblog.jphogan.org a responsible column by me punchy and steppin’ with “MO PO’T PLEASE” or something near that.}

note:  I don’t know from where Lincoln’s beaver topping came from - I imagine it had to be from local markets though he as founder of our modern freedoms expanded for more irreguardless of their color and so our modern Republican Party may have specifically tried to encourage global equality and topped himself in foreign beaver - in at least beaver pelts fashioned for topling by cabin or cottage dwellers or foreign hat makers. 

query:  Might our Minority Leader of our Senate of Kentucky and its beaver pride or our Speaker of our House of Ohio as a common or competing beaver topping legacy now have the knock out footwork to corner and beat this “PENNY PUNCHER”?

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