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To be standing today with a political future you likely had to know how to bob and weave through the nineties.

My term for myself during such trying decade is often as “cross partisan” - it may be best that I avoid saying I was “bi-partisan” or “partisan” as such could be as confusing as it was when I heard Senator Biden in New Haven of the nineties say that Federalism was “devolving.”

President Biden may actually have said “Federalism was evolving” while participating in symposium on the evolution or devolution of Federalism - it is still hard figuring - hard figuring a combination of “evolution” or “devolution” with “Federalism” especially as legal talk.

Former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton has years post her new “travel office” duties quite secretarial to judge herself and near as poorly and honestly as many of us will - especially for effrontery to Federalism.

It may all come down - come down soon to that they didn’t collaborate - not really as rivals and really not as politicians to a bi-partisan or “cross partisan.”

I still will have the Clintons four years from 1993 to 1996 to hold in a most critical contempt and with criticism - I have said we all would be better off today if the Clintons had not been re-elected.  There first steps of just first new year and first year set us up and to such “devolution” or “evolution” - dependent on your perspective of our Federalism.

President Biden may actually have said this is all mostly the fault of the Clintons - he didn’t have to weave such a partisan “evolution” defense while of his “devolution” perspective.  He, again, is of and from our First State.  I am of and from our Constitution State.  The first year of the Clinton administration is enough for most if looking for political moves to be critical of as of an early and root causation for these times.

Not even half of her remaining friends in Hollywood were able to help her with her “I ducked and ran for cover” her early and wrongness about her of an “I … ran”

Nominee Mitt Romney seems to have the footwork still to not just spar with Majority Leader Senator Reid but to bob and weave and knock him out.  I forget if it was in the Clintons first year or the year before where I was party to the think for positive change I was walking and talking so that IBM was asked to participate while of a partial usage and towards helping remodel Time Square and Las Vegas.

There is a lot Hillary Clinton hasn’t done - this alone can keep many busy for years for in a negative it is positively a negative - there is much to do about her “nothing” moments.  There are as well many collaborations between spouses of Clinton “two-fer” that too limited “collaboration” to selfish politics and running, as now fodder for them of a fading - a political public polite perishing — polite = kept civil exiting.

Speaking with some self awareness - I realize as per me as of a “Constitutional” I as per lacking erudity am one now maybe of having from decades of trying “cross partisan” participation may be as per memory as one whom has forgotten more than he might ever remember he forgot - quite possibly - Please don’t ask me to explain the Constitution - it is easier to make an example, practical of the Clintons.

President Biden and Scottish existentialist Newt Gingrich could start a morning call in show soon.

Former Secretary Hillary Clinton has decades to defend her ravaging now a couple decades so.

Not necessarily in defense of Nominee Mitt Romney - we have that he has bobbed and weaved better than Hillary has actually run.  To be standing today a midst these issues as a politician that survived the most trying and difficult nineties a Massachusetts “Governor” may most have needed how to bob.  It is kinda unfair to Evangelist Barack H. Obama that he believe it was as easy to be President as some made it look for Sopranos star William Jefferson Clinton and made it seem for him as well.  That isn’t quite our reality though showing still much for our nineties.

Have you ever gotten a laugh out of a Boston cop?  Have you ever had a Massachusetts Municipal chieftain tell you not to laugh?  Did you like his name - as for his cop work - his “Bill” and his “Bratton” and decide to quietly collaborate - even proactively for positive change?  You can consider that IBM committing to help remodel Time Square did coincide with William Brattons careful and politically difficult New York City collaborations of old - It may be best that the two are never separated, scholastically speaking to future erudities.

Some where there are records that President Biden could easily find - I did hear him and meet him near 1996 or 97 while still staying of a consideration for the well namedness of Chief Bratton - it was in New Haven then at the Joseph Slifka Center at Yale for a symposium open to public hosted by his son’s class then of Yale Law School.  I was still an enrolled student at Suffolk Law School when Chief Bratton newly to Massachusetts’ most dilapidated state wide police force suggested I not laugh at his new very old fleet.

Former Chief William Bratton’s old mentor Dean Esserman became a New Haven neighbor before he became a beat cop - a trained and passable cadet to be both an esquire deputy and a trained regular.  I here he is now back in New Haven - that Dean Esserman may already now be New Haven’s newest sworn Chief.

Oh, did she run!  Oh, boy did she run!  Oh my - she really should not have been of “I ran” even as just of her run.

By even just the end of the first year of the Clintons’ Presidency they were working to a collaboration to make others collaborations for positive change and a more global and level “Federalism” really an “Anti-Federalism” work for fewer - and more selfishly and politically for them and their (autocrat) dreamin’.

I still have no clue or conclusiveness on the intent of “Federalism is devolving” for alone it sounds too good to be true though otherwise maybe orated.  Does “Federalism is devolving” in an evolutionary sense mean it as an intellectual accomplishment and governance body politic returning to its fine roots?  Anyone?  I mean like our Bill of Rights as “TEN” is a harkening to the TEN COMMANDMENTS and furtherance upon and afterwards from the Articles preamble with it of an “ordaining” usage then concluded with “subscribing” … “in the Year of our Lord…” — it seems that we have our first “TEN” as if meant to be a parlay of commandments as RIGHTS and Power of the People to ways just to protect self and property from all violating TEN COMMANDMENTS.

I don’t know what to say now about President Biden — Nominee Mitt Romney may have been less of “flip-flopping” than a near impossible bob and weave existence throughout our terrible and trying nineties, and as if a survivor and better boxing champion than Majority Leader Senator Harry Reid.

{If you are to or were to asking Retired Chief William Bratton about me - he may tell you of emails I sent him while he was chieftain in Los Angeles and how he laughed, it seemed when the Bostonian he is realized reading me that I had been “taking on the Kennedys” and maybe even in keeping with my long spirit of collaboration to all the positive change I attempted to encourage as if of an “invisible hand” that as well stirs a memory near college graduation about the time the FBI named its new training town “Hogan’s Alley” if I might be looking to join their esprit de corps.  I am not nor have I ever been a government employee - I was of such opinion and expression purposeful to an otherwise yet as good to work also to better if and when possible thence.  Hmmm!  That ran on a little — If you speak to Retired Chief William Bratton he likely remembers as well that I emailed consideration that with election of Democrat to White House he should protect his life’s work and legacy and look to retire from public duty and maybe shift to private enterprise.  I was of opinion now quite proven correct that Democrats were going to do great damage to the economy - I did not think it would be fair that any increase in crime from such would then be able to be scapegoated on to likes of Chief Bratton - as if it were a policing not a national political problem.}

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[A copy of a college philosophy course paper of mine - not sure I gave the expected or popular analysis and/or answers to assignment - yet do think I still hold this opinion as then conceived as mine - I am though now posting this before re-reading it - having re-read it even recently.  Don’t at the moment remember the name of the course then while at Villanova in mid eighties - I acquired an undeclared Philosophy Minor - got the credits for minor without registering such intent or achievement within Philosophy Department bureaucracy.  (This had many pages - I think I pasted all of them here.)]

                BY: J PETER HOGAN

Plato, Machiavelli, Marx and Fanon all spoke about ideal
societies in the form of relatively small communities.  Does
this mean there can be no utopias on the global scale?  or,
were they just limited by their time and environment?  Today we
are concerned about global societies.  Our primary concern is
the path of international relations:  How the hundreds of
nations in the world can and will relate peacefully.  We are
striving for world peace while we also strive to improve our
ability to destroy our world.  World peace is a slow process
and cannot and will not occur until all nations have a common
link.  I believe the threat of global destruction is not enough
itself, that something else is also needed, something tied to
everyday life.  The market is such a thing; the international
market is unifying the world.  The industrial giants have
gotten away with some atrocities yet still they have
successfully done more to further world peace than any other
body.  The atrocities occurred because these firms were
breaking new grounds which existing laws were inadequate to
control;  there were not internationally accepted laws
protecting the rights and property of all human beings as
equals.  Today an international body is needed to establish a
global justice system.  As more and more nations begin to
compete in the international market, general principles of
proper and acceptable behavior must be agreed upon and
practiced.  These also must be enforceable.

I propose to study how these philosophers saw their ideal societies
as well as show how and why some are realistic and others will
remain dream  I will also explain how I see the path of
international relations with a view towards future utopias, and
will show that only one of these four philosophers presented a
plan for society that when applied to the real world can work
efficiently and peacefully in the international arena.

Plato’s republic can be seen as the forerunner to
capitalistic society.  In the REPUBLIC each person is
encouraged to pursue his own interests and to specialize in
this interest in order to maximize his happiness and the
society’s well being.  This very closely resembles Adam Smith’s
justification of the free market system with his “invisible
hand principle.”  The theme is identical while the motives for
the individuals are expressed differently.  Socrates wanted the
individual motivated solely by his love for his art, not for
material gain nor for the acquisition of wealth.  In the
REPUBLIC Socrates set up a city which had not been “bloated by
the fever,” but instead remained a very plain community,
content with subsistence level existence.  Even the rulers of
the city refrain from luxuries and fancy foods.  Socrates
believed that wealth as well as poverty was detrimental to the
community, so he eliminated them from his ideal society.  As an
ideal society we do not necessarily expect it to match natural
human tendencies.  Socrates refused to admit a human desire for
private property.  I can understand his efforts to omit this
since it seems that most wars have occurred over questions of
property rights;  the have-nots wishing to acquire the goods of
the haves.  If we go back to Socrates’ ideal society and
recognize materialism as a natural human tendency, then what we
have is a capitalistic society.  Each individual would be
motivated not only by the love of his art but also by his
desire to increase his possessions, leaving society to be
controlled by the pursuit of individuals’ self interest.  This
can only peacefully occur where there are well defined and
accepted laws governing property rights.  Still, as in the
REPUBLIC, justice would be the minding of your own business but
might be extended to include the minding of your own property
and respect for the property of others.  Plato was not alone in
his omission of the human desire for private property;  many
other philosophers have done the same.

Machiavelli, however, did not omit human materialism.  The
prince was a wise man solely because he understood some basic
principles about human nature and about the nature of the
masses.  Machiavelli, in THE PRINCE, wrote not as a
philosopher about how things ought to be but as a political
scientist about how things were.  His prince realized that the
majority of people have very simple desires and that as long as
a ruler could satisfy these desires he would be able to
maintain control.  He realized that most people actually desire
to be ruled so that they themselves don’t have to worry about
the everyday issues of controlling a society.  They just want
to concentrate on their own desires, their immediate self
interests.  The combination of these two facts leaves a ruler
a lot of leeway to do what he wishes.  As long as the ruler
protected the rights of his subjects, they would be willing to
do his work, work his lands to produce products which he could
sell for his personal profit.  The prince got wealth off the
labor of his subjects; he had title to the resources, the land,
and traded with his subjects for their labor.  Of course he
owned the land on which they lived and the homes in which they
lived, so this he considered as part of their wages while the
other parts of it were the food they ate, the protection he
provided, and the justice he enforced among his subjects.  The
Prince will be able to keep his subjects content as long as
their limited desires can be met; but, when technology and
invention create new products to tempt their desires the task
becomes more difficult because they will all desire to increase
their standard of living.  If the prince cannot satisfy their
new desires then he will most likely have to resort to fear to
keep them in line, and can do so because he controls their
rights.  Fear is, according to the prince, the most effective
way of keeping people in line.  Fear will always be a means of
effecting human behavior, while ideally we wish it wouldn’t be.
Ideally, we would like respect to be the only true motivator.
But, unfortunately it is not.  As a result we must make and
accept laws which will protect the rights of the people and
their property.  We should not ignore or dismiss the human
tendency to desire property and increased comfort.  When such
is done a realistic picture is not possible.

Karl Marx, for example, based his whole community on the
premise of public property.  It takes a revolution to bring
about his “communistic ideals.”  A revolt by the”have-nots”
against the “haves.”  The have-nots revolt because the
possessions and rights of the haves are protected while their
rights are ignored.  There is obviously an imbalance of power
and wealth.  Marx saw the solution as a revolution in which the
haves are over thrown and all capital possessions are entrusted
to the society as a whole.  Marx too ignored the human desire
to possess property.  His ideal falls apart after the
revolution when some of the revolutionaries, usually the
stronger use their might to obtain for themselves the
possessions conquered.  It usually turns out that the new
capitalists, who were the leaders of the revolt, used the
revolution solely to achieve personal wealth.  Is this much
different than before the revolution?  No, because it is the
same play but with a different cast and the price of the change
includes the lives of many.  Marx envisioned an altruistic
government; one that had the responsibility of making sure that
everyone was doing what they were best at, while also making
sure that everyone got equal pay.  Marx failed to admit that
the individuals know best their own interests and abilities and
that they should pick their own career from those offered in
the society.  Marx saw equal distribution of wealth as the
answer to property disputes.  Yet, this can only succeed where
all individuals desire the same things and have some other very
powerful motivation to do their best in their endeavors.
Usually it requires promises of great returns to motivate
people and empty promises can only work a few times.  Attempts
to actualize his ideal society has failed.  They have put the
ownership of capital in the hands of the public, in very loose
terms.  The wealthy class previously were the owners of capital
and the means of production but now are the new controllers of
the means of production, the government.  The general populace
usually becomes worse off;  they no longer participate in a
Society focused on the individuals’ interests.  Instead of
having a competitive state they have a monopolistic state.
Marx’s ideals and observations did little in the long run to
greatly improve the well being of its subjects.  Where it has
been attempted it has been corrupted.

Frantz Fanon was confronted with oppression and wealth
inequality problems in Algeria.  The colonized state was
experiencing greatly uneven wealth distribution; the natives
were very poor and becoming worse off while the settlers were
getting even wealthier.  Ideally this should never have
occurred to such an extent.  The natives’ rights would have
been protected.  If this had been the case any development in
country would necessarily have been approved by the leaders
among the natives.  The natives would have most likely demanded
payment for land desired by the settlers.  If this had been the
case the revolution would not have been necessary because the
settlers would have been there with the consent of the natives.
This obviously did not happen, and did not happen because the
natives had a lifestyle with very simple laws and the settlers
came from a society with very complex laws and one that saw
peoples like the Algerian natives as barbaric and uneducated.
I propose, however, that even with these differences in culture
had the settlers made reasonable deals with the natives to
fairly reimburse them for land and labor the natives would have
grown to accept and coexist with the settlers.  This would
necessarily have occurred if there were internationally
enforceable human rights and property rights for all alike.
Instead the natives were exploited and excluded to the point
where their only option was revolution.  This was the surest
way to educate the mass of natives about the ways of the
settlers.  The natives would have to understand their foe
before they could beat them.  As we know from reading THE
WRETCHED OF THE EARTH, the end results of the revolution were
primarily negative: The economy was worse off; many people
were dead; and now the native elite were exploiting the masses,
as the settlers had done before them.  The few positive aspects
were that the native population had been brought together under
a common cause through which they were educated about
themselves and the settlers and through which they gained
national character.  Education is the first major step to
realizing equality and freedom.  Fanon saw the struggle as a
third world nation against an industrialized nation.  Algeria,
however, did not gain control over the industrial nation but
instead regained some control over itself.  Algeria cannot win
this battle against oppression until all property rights are
protected and property transfers are left to the open market,
where the buyer and seller will have to reach a mutually
acceptable deal.

Following what Machiavelli had to say most people are
content working for other people, as long as they are treated
fairly and respected as human beings.  As Plato also believed
some people are naturally referred to be the rulers, not
everyone, nor most people have the inclination to rule.
Recognizing these as realities leaves every society, past and
present, with the dilemma of class systems.  Marx tried to
avoid this by having an equal distribution of wealth.  In the
real world this does not work; people like to be paid according
to the amount of work performed, not less.  Some people prefer
to work more and harder than others there will be uneven wealth
distribution, due to human nature.  Some people start preparing
for the future at an earlier age and are thus better prepared
to succeed when their time comes.  Others who only played as
children may be limited to being laborers for the rest of their
lives.  After generations some families will be better off
because they have consistently prepared for the future and now
as a result have many more opportunities than families who have
not.  The inequality of opportunity then is an accumulation of
behaviors and influences over time.  Yet, for those whose
opportunities were effectively limited through exploitation,
such as the slaves, steps should be taken to try to increase
their class’s opportunities, to partially balance out the jump
the exploiters got on them.  We must be sure, however, to
ensure that it will still be up to the individual to improve
his own position and the future position of his descendants.
Yet still we will be left with a concentration of wealth by a
minority.  The difference between each society then is left to
the structure of its government.

Monarchies, as we saw in THE PRINCE, keep the wealth among
the rulers.  The government has absolute control over its
subjects because that is what they truly are: their subjects.
The peasants had no means of recourse for evil or harmful acts
by their master; their masters chose what rights they had.
Attempts to actualize Marx’s ideals have turned out no better
than monarchies.  Here there was a larger government which
still held control over the citizens.  The government lived off
the labor of the citizens as the monarchs had done.  In both
these cases it is interesting to realize that the rulers often
resorted to fear to keep the citizens in line.  These problems
cannot be resolved until the interests of the masses are
represented in government.  Concentration of wealth is natural
and acceptable as long as the wealthy do not control the
government.  It is necessary, however, that the government not
only look after the welfare of the citizens but that they
also look after the interest of the society to see that
businesses thrive in a competitive market.  Where competition
cannot feasibly exist the government would regulate the
monopolistic industry to keep it from exploiting the masses.
Ideally, government’s responsibilities should be limited strictly
to the establishment and enforcement of human and property
rights.  Other responsibilities of government as we know it
today would not be necessary.  The market would control these
through the voices of the educated consumers, while the
government is left responsible for guaranteeing the rights of
its citizens.

When we look at different forms of government we should
remember their fundamental purpose: The protection of the
people and their rights.  All governments recognize this, yet
some only affirm and protect a select few rights.  Societies
were formed for the benefit of individuals.  The individuals of
the society determine its success or failure through their
efforts, production, and behavior.  History shows that a
society’s success is directly related to the degree of freedoms
enjoyed by the individual citizens.  Where citizens have
freedom of choice and their property rights are protected we
have seen economic success.  Governments, such as in Russia,
that suppresses the rights of the people and keeps the citizens in
fear has much less economic success.  These oppressive
governments have ignored the fundamental purpose of government;
they are not pursuing the interests of the individual citizen
but instead are exploiting these people to further their own
cause and interests.  Government should be for the people and
should emphasize and protect human and property rights.  The
individual is best able to make decisions concerning his self,
so leave the decisions to the individuals, and hold them fully
responsible for their decisions.  As more and more governments
become primarily concerned with the well being of the
individuals a greater degree of world peace will be achieved.
All this simply because more people would have to respect the
rights of others.  Governments, however, can only do so much to
further the cause of freedom.

The individuals of all societies must pursue the path of
freedom, whether they are garbage collectors, business
executives or the political leader.  Otherwise we will never
fully achieve world peace.  There can be no global peace until
we all think of the globe as an entire society.  There has to
be a focus on the whole.  This is highly possible and is
actually occurring at a rapid pace, thanks to industry.  As I
mentioned, governments can only do so much; well, the private
sector can do a lot and has.  The international market for goods
and services is unifying the globe as well as increasing the
standard of living across the world.  Through the ventures of
international businesses countries have united to better their
own positions; just as individuals came together to form the
first society.  The international market has provided a link
among all those countries that chose to participate.  The
expansion of industries, however, should not go unchecked; it
is vitally important that these firms be held responsible to an
international authority concerned with guaranteeing the human
rights and property rights of all equally.  Without such, these
firms would be able to exploit the ignorant and oppressed.  We
would be left with situations similar to Algeria’s, as
described by Fanon:  The natives were naive to the ways of the
West when the settlers came, and the settlers came believing
the Algerian natives to be almost subhuman and not deserving of
the rights recognized in western societies.  Had their rights
been respected they would have been able to negotiate with the
settlers to reach a deal that would benefit both parties.  This
would only work if the rights of the people within the country
were protected.  When these conditions are not met the natives
might be limited to revolting in order to regain their
freedoms.  In such cases violence may be the only means to get
the ball rolling towards freedom and world peace.
Lasting peace can only exist where individuals respect
Each other’s rights and compete not with their might but with
their minds.

THE WRETCHED OF THE EARTH discussed the problems
that result when rights are denied and people can only compete
with one another with force.  Fanon seems to be encouraging the
protection of human and property rights but spends most of the
book complaining about the oppression, and venting his anger
against the capitalistic system that caused the unrest.  He
generalizes to conclude that capitalism is to blame whereas the
real culprits are those capitalists who behaved like
Machiavelli’s prince.  Fanon should have realized that
capitalism was Algeria’s best path towards increasing the
welfare of the people and the country, to bring the country
out of the dark ages.  Capitalism can, however, only flourish where
the rights of the people and their property are protected.  Marx
did not recognize the benefits to society of the evils attached
with private property and saw the best way to achieve this as
the abolition of private property.  He failed to acknowledge
that this was fundamental to human progress, that people use
the promise of acquiring property as motivation.  People
compete to prove to themselves but also to better their condition
with the rewards of victory.  Without the private property and
with equal pay for all there would be no real incentive to
produce above minimum subsistence levels.  Machiavelli spoke
often of competition but never applied it to society as a whole
(at least not in THE PRINCE).  He was concerned with
competition, among rulers, for power.  THE PRINCE is not
concerned with the structure or fairness of societies,
but is concerned with the means and methods of achieving and
maintaining power.  The prince was only concerned with his own
rights and interests.  Plato, on the other hand, was concerned
with how to construct and maintain a peaceful and efficient

Plato’s ideal society laid the foundation upon which
capitalism developed.  Plato was the only one of these four
philosophers who described an ideal society that when injected
with a bit of reality would produce a successful free society.
Plato’s ideal society has over the years become a reality in
essence:  Capitalism as we know it today is a direct descendent
of Plato’s ideals, but with luxuries and without his population
control methods.  The fundamental principle that capitalism and
Plato’s ideals have in common is what Adam Smith described as
“the invisible hand principle:”  That the pursuit of self
interest is in the best interest of the whole society.
Societies have been founded by individuals to permit specialization
and increased production in order to increase every
participant’s standard of living.  The well being of the society
will be protected as long as the individuals of the society
continue to recognize the benefits to be gained.  Since
capitalism is a system based on the individual and his/her
desires, then the individual is most likely to remain content
with his condition.  The expansionary trends of capitalism
have, though with some negative side effects, done much to
unite a large portion of the world so far.  The nations of the
world are beginning to concentrate more on economic competition
than military, and are learning to exist peacefully with one
another.  Today those oppressive governments are initiating
actions to make themselves more competitive in the
international market.  The rulers of these countries are
motivated by their self-interests to improve the economic
position of their country and in so doing are necessarily
increasing the well being of the citizens.  This process has
been progressing throughout history and will continue to at an
increasing rate as more people become educated about and demand
the benefits of a society designed primarily to increase their
own freedom and well being.  A society whose success demands
the respect of other’s rights and property.  The beauty of
capitalism lies in this fact but also in the fact that it works
for societies of all sizes and that we can achieve world peace
through the peaceful pursuit of our self-interest.

                                    * * *

{Today we have tens years at least to look at both Clintons for “Federalism” or “anti-Federalism” globalism that may be easier at times to discuss initially to a “less American” than as a “less Federalist”  - we have the Bush years more of a very consistent global standard operating method where “Constitutional” as per a fit or belief in “Federalism” or “anti-Federalism” was quite consistent, unlike, still, the Clintons, both Clintons and their old and new global initiatives private and/or public.  We have that we may find that such a discussion that may need ten years is what we need as a country in order to repair ourselves to our histories of anti-Federalism early by at least one Clinton.}

[Hmmm — that was interesting - I guess I have been writing longer columns than I thought or shorter college papers - when double spacing requirement from college now reformatted I became aware it might not even be three times the length of most of my columns.]

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“Another purpose that The Federalist was supposed to serve was as a
debater’s handbook during the ratification controversy, and indeed
advocates for the Constitution in the conventions in New York and
Virginia used the essays for precisely that purpose.”*

“Meet Ross Perot”**

Inter: Mr. Perot it is pleasure to have you with us today.  To begin please tell us about yourself.

Perot: Thank you; it is a pleasure to be here.  Let me start by saying that “ to know me is to love me.”   Beyond that you should read the book; it is all spelled out in the book.  Ooh!  Isn’t this wonderful!

Inter: Mr. Perot which book?  Do you mean “Irreconcilable Differences: or your recent book?

Perot: That is for the voters to decide - my recent book is an economic plan - I’ll do what they tell me to do.

Inter: Mr. Perot may I repeat my question?

Perot: Golly sure you can.

Inter: Mr. Perot would you tell me about yourself?

Perot: As I said “to know me is to love me.”  Apart from that the voters must decide.  I just wish politicians would listen to the American people.  The people can decide what is good for the country.

Inter: Mr. Perot who are you?

Perot:   That is for the American people to decide - “ to know me is to love me.”

Inter: Mr. Perot, please, how do you propose that we get to know you?

Perot: Well as I said we will have to wait to hear what the American people think I should do.

Inter: You didn’t answer my question about how we, as American voters, can get to know you.

Perot: Now, now, that is just the tone for which I do not care and to which I will not respond.  I do not believe there should be any negative personal discussions in a Presidential campaign.  Just listen to the American People.  “To know me is to love me.”

Inter: (SIGH!)  Why did you leave your last job Mr. Perot?

Perot:   The American people told me to.

Inter: How did they do that?

Perot: I appeared on the King Live Show and said I would run for President if the American people put me on the ballot in all fifty states.  They telephoned, wrote and faxed me to tell me to run.

Inter: So it was on a whim that you left your last job?

Perot: NO!  It was because the American people asked me to save - I mean - to run for President.

Inter: How unconventional!  Does that then mean that if you did become President and your popularity dropped, hypothetically of course, which could mean that we the American people did not want you, would you then abdicate - rather - move out of the White House?

Perot: As a Hypothetical question I don’t think it would be appropriate to respond.  And further I have already explained who I am.

Inter: (SIGH!)  Moving on - Let me ask you what excites you about your current work?

Perot: American democracy, isn’t it wonderful!  Over five million Americans think I should be President.

Inter: Why do you suppose they want you?

Perot: To know - well - to know me - ahh - they, the system is not working; we need change - Americans know how to accept sacrifice.  We must get rid of the deficit.

Inter: How do you propose to do that?

Perot: My best seller book, a best seller for weeks now, will explain what to do about the deficit; and further, the American people will decide.

Inter: How will the American people let you know?

Perot: Well that is the beauty of my Town Hall idea.  Some areas are more sophisticated than others yet we should still be able to hear by phone, fax, mail or the pony express.

Inter: I am glad you mentioned your Town Hall idea, I have been meaning to ask you something:  Are you proposing the abolishment of our democratically elected Congress in favor of a system in which a President would wait for the American people to call him/her with marching orders?

Perot:   Let me start by recognizing that you are on a deadline and I also have to be going now, and before I leave let me just add that the American voters can decide what is good for the country.  “ To know me is to love me.”


Perot managed to get elected and now the shareholders (we the people) of our diverse and not so simple country, having foregone our Congress for the honorable Perot, are meeting privately with former GM executives to learn how best to remove Perot.  We are trying to find the buy-out option Perot said he could have.  We realized too late that we already had a town hall system with our levels and branches of government, and that had we only participated more with our elected representatives we could, by staying on top of the issues, have made our representative system work smoothly.  Our apathy has been duly represented.

*{from:  Wikipedia article - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Federalist_Papers}

**{written by J. P. Hogan
                 John Peter Hogan
                 September 29, 1992

Sent to Clinton/Gore people prior to Gore vs Perot debate to show attitudes, words and phrases Al Gore could use to appear as responsive as presented in this fictional script.  It was written and sent to Clinton/Gore after thinking Senator Al Gore may be worried about upcoming debate - his debate performance did seem much to stay within the lines, as I recall.} 

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*Like: Queen’s Bishop to King’s Knight’s 4 — you are a pawn?

*So if you search “Stockholm” on this site you get to:  2012us.jphogan.org/index.php?s=stockholm

*If you heard Bob Dole’s recent commentary about Newt Gingrich and the modern Republican Party there may be two Newts to consider >> Newt of from 1994 where his way as if the only way may have been about the only way for America then to keep so many new stuff moving together at once - and while most people were not aware so much was still quietly in development, and, then the later Newt that started falling to what could be call weaknesses as hoped by Clintons as the worked to either coop him or corrupt him to an inseparable lower sameness.

*I don’t know about you but I don’t see how I will be able to respect any Republican in Washington already of office holding needing swearing if they haven’t soon responded to President Obama’s school yard games and challenges, their perview, like:

J Peter Hogan
J Peter Hogan
GOP field has established that they are not suggesting that Obama lesser of
two evils - now established > school yard chaos - Obama’s challenge:
Obama has called GOP to a duty and charge to prosecute at least one in
his administration - this could be at least Hillary but by now seems to
if so also necessarily be to co-defense with Obama. “All Bush’s Fault”
if GOP didn’t have someone at least as good would stand as a trap - with just one clearly better to offer it stands as a challenge to our jurisprudence and general morals as a specific challenge to Republicans and as a challenge and a duty to now commence a response of a challenge with a real and equally vast prosecution?
Obama’s challenge stands and now can be answered well and timely as
other options are clearly available to him and such unconscionable

*We have that President Obama’s “socialism” has failed because he didn’t offer us an argument to explain how as so of “global citizen” goal claim we were to understand how important it would be for Russia, or himself to explain a “redistribution” modeling for at least Moscow - The Moscow of reputation for being home to the most number of billonaires of any city in the known world.

*We have that President Obama already has “WHY OBAMA IS FAILING” somewhere in my blogs that I will find and link shortly, and that Greeks are partly covered with Obama as linked here:  Instruction:  type: SWADDLED TOGAS in search pane on this page - then scroll down through this column now also searchable by such key words for difficult to hyperlink poem.  You can try “copy” then “paste” to browser URL window with:  2012us.jphogan.org/index.php?s=swaddled+togas

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Good Morning underwater America!

As we rise this Saturday morning, all, we have the “most distinguished gathering” that is World Economic Forum at Davos over and under considering.  Our “cup of Joe” to pour out as may be available less than needed and/or desired might best be liberal art.

To pour yourself the right fix this morning to re-tune your American “global we” as still your portion from our melted pot and not to over-flowing you might be best to shake and stir yourselves and maybe with a Constitutional stretch first.

Some mental stretching before you drink from republican trough or challis this morning is best to liberal right.  Please don’t over stir this as if I have written “leftist rights”.  Our Republic and Republicans do also support the arts and our liberal arts defend a space and time continuum where a queuing air kept to our presumption of innocence.

I have been, myself to using the new frontier of new media to view in my own time the erudition and/or rants philosophical or hopeful of the analysis streamable from Davos “most distinguished gathering.”

That said:  WAKE UP!  —  It is now necessary to artfully consider that if “Hillary” can be called a “global rock star” this may be inseparable and metaphorical as if similar to her being a global black hole of anti-Constitutional matter and near treasonous in a global we to her self and our American we. 

With your cup of republican Joe this morning you should try to be also a defender of our bulwarks in attitude and latitude of our threatened air of presumption of innocence so long dependent on our liberal art - and artistry.  Our Republican field in the anti-Clinton is our great new American HOPE — there is liberal artistry about all four of such current field to their continuum and dedication to continuation of our dependence on our “innocent until proven guilty.”

That said:  WAKE UP!  —  You might have heard about small or community banks failing as again and argument to a reset for huge and global big (POTTER) banks - and yet how now so and so read as red about the world and local communities it likely has to be still defensible (thanks to liberal art defense of presumption for all to an innocent until proven otherwise) as the special banking condition as of a collateral damage instigated and fronted by big banks - and specifically one or more Clintons and their global dreaming with big banking “friends.”

With your pouring of this morning to a reset in liberal arts we should consider that America still has a strong future ahead of it but one that is best to see and expose the line between Clintons as Americans and Clintons of grand global wanting.  To defend our presumption of innocence kept by the broad and welcoming (when working) liberal arts we may be best to consider that one or both Clintons in their globalness are being near treasonous to our Constitutionals.  They may be to something as a new global way in their we but as yet such is not supported or consecrated by our American ways, set and signed.

That said:  WAKE UP!  —  Sure this means that the three that do not win current attempt to save Republic as Republicans may some end up in episodes soon of PAN AM or DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES or MAD MAN - they may as well show up general still dedicated to Welfare of our preamble with TOUCH.  We have that leftist art has been inadequate of too global and that the Obama administration has used it at times hopeful to a protection from an admitted guilt (at least for the Clintons) to start with since inauguration and with a moral wrongness to use or abuse of our liberal art bulwarks to a presumption of guilt upon Republicans and specifically President George W. Bush so to try to create the necessary false sense of innocence for one or both Clintons and those accomplices to their negligence or willful lapses.

What I haven’t heard yet from DAVOS is the needed and overdue deeper debate and probing of the Clintons globalness and now complicity of Obama as accomplice as it pertains to violations of due process.  I have yet to hear the critical and artistic debate that could restore a continuum for a liberal right - as restored American rite - from DAVOS broadcasts that we are now on a good path back to with the depth and character of all four of Republican right still standing.

How’s that cup of Joe?  Tough to swallow with all the faulting of the left now poured out in its extra to anti Constitutionality?

Good morning all Americans still fighting these wars - these battles of our right to defend our Constitutional liberal artistic rites!

That said:  WAKE UP!  —  Hillary Clinton as a global “rock star” even with her so long already being to compromises in our most dear and necessary bulwark of attitude and latitude air and structures to presumption of innocence is dangerously too global and wanting so to still be “Constitutional” in our American.

To drink from my pot o thoughts this morning is to be extra-vigilant to our due process and defense of our uber-important presumption of innocence and respectful that Republicans are still of a willful participation and co-dependence with our liberal right.  Those Republicans that do not win this primary contest are deserved and well served towards breaking new frontiers for each of them with steps and footage for all cast and fed in party with liberal art and artisans of quite a few TV sets.

As we are really to consideration that Hillary Clinton in her global we is a global anti-Constitutional black hole with the “art” of past years of Obama’s renderings being to an unearned and undeserved still disruption of our presumptions with the worked bias of unreasonable absolutes to suggest and full innocence for Clintons that is impossible and to an falsely established guilt for President Bush.  We do have their artistry - those of left liberalisms now too global and unconsecrated by our secured rights and in their global we to a near treasonous propositioning in CRISIS!!! - excusing.


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Hmmm?  To the moon?

An interesting reread?  >>> 

‎(REPEAT) > SHARE WHAT? - YOU CRAZY MAN! < here via linking again using search window and key word search at http://citizenrosebud.org/

Michael Gerson in an opinion piece today in THE WASHINGTON POST speaks “Citizens can lose the sense of belonging to a shared national
enterprise.” Today you all may be asking: But what about the Greeks?He
may be in a position to write about this all more objectively than
myself - I don’t know that…

Hmmm?  To the moon?

Obama’s recent upswing in polling has more than a silver lining for Mitt Romney - may get tricky to wear >> President Obama since SOTU has been cleverly not running “against” but “as” a Mitt Romney >>> but how now for Mitt Romney to run against such - to run against himself so represented? 

How now for Mitt Romney to run against a popular and populistized him while actually of the experience to carry himself off - and yet now while positioned to have to be the bad Mitt Romney - the one with the actual experience to say the other Mitt Romney is all lies?

Hmmm?  To the moon?

Aliens are coming!  Aliens are coming!  Aliens might be coming, soon! 

Aliens might be coming and if they do as “friendlies” won’t the first stop at our moon to judge us?

As aliens are coming, may be coming soon - if we are not caring for our moon will they respect us or care about us?


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(Repeat)  Searched for an old column by with “fiction as non-fiction” found this - good time to repeat it, and yet it isn’t the one I am looking about that goes to “victim hood” as struggles mine, from the Clintons’ misappropriations led to me having to live my fiction work as if it non-fiction and they could help me with it in unsolicited ways and make me have to write new fictions and so do twice the work to cover the mess they were making helping me without request/solicitation and then making me work twice as hard and just to protect my fictions not non-fictions or autobiographical but carefully considered marketing strategizing using “fiction.”  >>

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Posted by: JP HOGAN 

OOh, but where to start?

We could get silly and suggest on to of an earlier punditry that she is of President Obama’  “Oedipal” complexity and necessary as a surrogate “mom.”

But really, today, we seem most of “SOCIALISM” - the GOOD Socialists and the LESSER Socialists.

How can she be a GOOD Socialist for  Americans if her other half - the other one in their “two-fer”  complexity so of alterations to one union of two halves as instead a pragmatic political “two-fer” of two ones - is a half or other one running a Clinton Global Initiative outside of her state socialism and
obedience to her leader?

We could suggest this isn’t feminism of any reasonable or rational modern American but more a clearly arguable case of a political nepotism.  It could be an advancement more often of case considerations around sexual harassment or sexual favors
for advancement - well if we only knew if she was half of a one or
otherwise just one of a two.  As per “Bill’s” foreign policy and
experience and her’s - who slept with whom to get it — can they really both be qualified yet both not be term limited?

Oh, but where to start - how can I keep it “summer lite”?

A GOOD and obedient czar of President Obama’s administration, an also “socialist”, must be to an expectation to some global balancing and judging of other state socialists - clearly Americans were ready to have a “socialism” if actually necessary only if one that redistributed from wealth of other nations extreme wealthy into our dire labor and common needs at least as much?

Since Clintons’ Global Initiative has been allowed to co-exist as either a half again or just a one of two separable in a contractual inseparable of an air and agreement of vows to let “no one set asunder” then one or the either is necessarily a LESSER socialist — Must it be the administration (not intimate?) around their “two-fer” - the Obama administering?

With former President William Jefferson Clinton of such transition expense requests “for life” (life after small office holding of our Presidency?) so extent to GLOBAL INITIATIVES and coy financing that is at least of the story of his original requests for NYC office rentals in the Carnegie Hall Tower building next door to Tiffany’s and THE RUSSIAN TEA ROOM, if my memory serves me correctly, then we may have the obvious one not the LESSER of two so entwined but supposedly not in at least a CLINTON AUTOCRACY INITIATIVE, maybe?  We certainly have that original NYC real  estate rental story of asking for each year “for life” a rental that alone in just the first year was a rental sum greater, reportedly, than all past
Presidents combined.

Oh, but where do we start?  How did that get by Senate ethics just during campaigning pretense that may just have been actual political nepotism for former First Lady Hillary Clinton, a carpetbagger to New York State and New York City?

So we now essentially have either a GOOD socialist and a LESSER socialist both in the Clintons’ “two-fer” that oddly isn’t supposed to be any longer a celebration as two grand halves united as a hopefully glorious one.  But how do we now actually judge the Presidency of Barack Hussein Obama with Clintons both being ones that seem to lay claim to being world top Diplomat? 

Oh, where is the humanity?

Could it as well be a confused socialism of “Hillary” a replacement or surrogate socialist to replace President Obama’s mom?  Is it yet actually compromise even in more ways with two in National Security concern mixed up in an Oedipal?

I know it is a little late for us to be starting on this -  But where do we start?

How are they GOOD socialists - the odd lot that is troika of sorts, inseparable, by our laws and ethics - if we are not at least discussing that we of America and it Powers of “We the People” are not actual LESSER socialists now better to wait at least until one of these three (or is it two?) show us that uberwealthy around the world are contributing their fair share to our inequalities?

I know, it is a little late to start.  I tried.  I tried when I was encouraging a focusing around a general woe and Ford with common “beg all ah”-ishness so set around villes and cars for all or those that could afford such about car villes - they weren’t supposed to take it here - take my marketing fictions and non-fiction anywhere near here though all of a focusing once necessary to carry the day(s) for better jurisprudence and fairness and positive change for all that goes back to be of a humor one day of heading off as a guest to an exclusive club with the daughter of one member and suggesting I would park my blue collar 1988 Ford F-250 4×4 Pick-up truck on its front lawn and with a big sign with his last name anchored in its bed. 

It may not be too late to save America yet - I hope not, they weren’t supposed to interpret my marketing fictions anywhere near like they have, not even as such daughter still had a Greenberg as competition (a standard at least for her to be as good or better than) for my heart even while thinking such club dinner would seal the deal for her. 

God life is complicated - but YIKES!!!  Hillary is really COMPROMISED isn’t she?

Oh, Harris Wofford where have you gone too - do you remember the early days then against Thornburgh with Begalla and Carville and maybe Greenberg also on your side?  Did you know that President Nixon of Saddle River New Jersey likely was a member of above mentioned club, even then - and that I still was more a Republican nationally and a Democrat locally?  Oh, and that it seems
some members of Hearst family also members then, at least, while I there as invited by a friend of my sisters I had previously thought more a DC American “Cinderella” story for having been renting on the poorer side of F Street NE? 

She wasn’t supposed to be a member of such associating as I was intentionally working hard to avoid such company for more years than such surprised discovery any longer allowed.  Ours days to be two or one by then on a necessary wane - Amy and I were part of something far larger best not of further proceeding even as separable as “inseparable” of Clintons either each a half of one or a
one of two and back when I was realizing America needed more pieces on the board of our global and domestic politic and that remembered Clintons could play a dispensable temporary role, for maybe actual national security purposes.

Well maybe we all know better now - but YIKES!!!  Hillary really is COMPROMISED and of a political nepotism than most have avoided considering or judging or attempting to consider or understand.

How did I do on “summer lite”?  I tried to be a rising tide that lifted a whole lot of boats - but did even then think it best that known Clintons stay more unknown and so temporary as to be like disposable political pieces.  I think but for all this LESSER new socialism much of hours, days and years spent working to positive change and more equal rights more equally and globally, as a writer/marketer, have left a lot improved for many - more if Clintons hadn’t found ways to stay around and work to make much of it work for fewer and work more selfishly just for them.

As you may have gathered by now times in the 1990s were far more dangerous and complicated than the Clintons were addressing and maybe for they were compromised already trying to prioritize a rise of the other half (other one?) above concerns expected by Americans with oath of office swearing.  Is she “compromised” even
for a plotting near political nepotism that was seemingly a real
distraction and dominant focus of the Clintons’ 8 in our 1990s?

But how can they all be “socialists” if their isn’t actually a bureaucratic hierarchy with “Bill” still dominant and globally, at least on top?  Is President Obama actually a LESSER socialist of two more than a one way?

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Imagine for a moment that you are a fool and realize it.

Were you taken in by Democrats tear jerking politics often and regularly
crass and inappropriate with each parading of individual citizen peoples
and their most personal and trying medical stories/histories?

Did Newt Gingrich support “Hillary for President” over Republican ticket
with McCain/Palin?  Is it suggestive from his recent interview with Sean
Hannity and his confession of thinking Hillary would win that he had
rolled over and rolled Republicans over with him early, and then often?

It may be hard to adequately or full asses your predicament since Speaker
Newt Gingrich for all his promise may have been too much of the nineties
when our politicians in Washington lead in a seductiveness by Clintons
seemed to think Washington, their Washington finally had technology
sufficient to them, to them as our government, in their/own own time
with media/medium to fool all of the people all of the time.

If you have missed it all along:  Newt Gingrich has admitted that he was
one of past “top Republicans” of early thinking supportive of thinking
that Hillary Clinton would be our next President.  If you have missed so
much that once, before so much tech was available to be near to
capacity to fool not just some of the people some of the time but
actually thence already to an arrogance about Washington leaders that
they then already seemed to have the tools to fool all of the people all
of the time.

Should we believe that “candidate” Gingrich has been born again and released
from past “bipartisan” underhandedness when old problems of “educating”
voters seemed surmountable?  Yes, it is complicated that we now have
even our entire Senate of days of confirming Senator Hillary Rodham
Clinton as President Barack Hussein Obama nominee for Department of
State secretarial duties, to only be getting to due comparisons and
discussions about a “political nepotism” inherent and rooted in the
story of First Lady Clinton being waved into Senator Daniel Patrick
Moynihan step on hierarchical national Democratic Party structure with
its more limited office with a minor state role as just one of two state
Senators from New York!

To consider dangers from being fooled or worked around - a discussion of an unfairness about nepotism is often called for.

To let your national leaders be of a tear jerking political grandstanding
inappropriate, as mentioned, and crass so about treating individual
personal citizen peoples’ private medical history is DANGEROUS.

Did Newt Gingrich give up the Republican fight early - so early that he
wasn’t fully with his own party and its candidates even before most
junior and inexperienced peer in our Senate to other most junior and
also inexperienced Senator Hillary were still embroiled in party
struggles and contests about a primary chase?  Did Speaker Gingrich go
over to the dangers and darkness of the other side mostly during the
reign of the Clinton 8 and maybe now have gotten back but not before
having still been to of the other that he rolled over early for Hillary
and Bill to get back their White House?

It is inappropriate for their to be a national institutionalization about
healthcare for the classes of working age able Americans, and while,
again, it seems crass that our national leaders can parade tear jerking
politics with personal and private medical histories.  To have a
national government skip over so many local and community possibilities
and yet tried alternatives to rush madly to a mass objectifying with
each citizen person necessarily now more just a number and of a State
metric is to also kill God and Heaven benefits - it is to move us to a
national daily think as “numbers” and a categorized and boxed metric
such that past of being stirred by song and sermons can no longer parade

There may be a clear progression of “Newt” from days addicted and
seduced/corrupted by Clintons to the “candidate” now out and about
speaking of lessons learned and new opinions reached with new policies
to offer.

There is a clear problem if a nationalization of an insuring of those of
working age able bodies masses become fodder for politicians now still
able to turn numbers and metrics for contrary good with tear jerk

There is a problem that a nationalization so beyond being UnConstitutional is
contrary to original march and purpose and general good practices
spiritual and sermonized around days of our founding and federalism
struggles - there is that we will be expect to wake and walk each day
more concerned with ourself as of a national numerical objectivity in a
set category boxed so in the metric of the day, political by new design,
and no longer able to see community as otherwise and original once of
people of souls and trials daily in God’s work to save their own souls
and live to a purity of soul with community not as an objective number
but as an equal soul with equal chance of saving or grace toward Heaven.

We can’t be both and stay objective with foreign entanglements if
government of “official” “caring” - we will either be of Congress in a
positive establishment of religion or a negative establishment of
religion - their either will be a God or and establishment that there is
not a God and Congress so must take over all “saving” and

Obamacare does reach beyond a “commerce” of Medicare and Medicaid that was of an economic concern about forgotten or ignored children or elderly and from
days we didn’t have the technology to protect one community doing good
from another working to force its burdens to be mobile and to move out
of their community to benefit as fairly as those in the community that
was trying to lead in a good doing.  We have moved passed these old days
and even such conundrums that could be said to have necessitated for
“commerce” a nationalization of and “entitlement” for what was largely
masses of forgotten elderly and children.

Maybe you know the real “Newt” - maybe you haven’t even yet questioned how
much past supportiveness of Clintons has him compromised and
historically as in the wrong retrospectively.  Maybe, he is exempt from
problems of “Hillary” and New York Senate seat arrangement from the
Clinton White House and our Senators that didn’t air and haven’t yet
processed that the deals for New Yorkers with the offering of First Lady
Hillary Clinton is inseparable from a “nepotism” tag - from a
“political nepotism” tagging.

And so now, again about you:  We have that Newt Gingrich did basically roll
over for Hillary early and so with such a problem for it seems a
silence from him would have been better for his party and national
security.  We have that “Newt” may have had more fight in him for
President Bush - or that he didn’t as now “concerning” and evidence of
inadequate “judgement” or insufficient global “strategic” thinking.  We,
have that he may have Republican ghosts now for having been of the
Clintons’ 8 too much and when such was an era for our Washington
politicians seemingly for a new think that they now had the tools not to
just fool some but to actually fool most or all of the people all or
most of the time.

Just imagine,  just imagine for a moment if you can.  And if relevant to
your think that as a national boxed “number” your soul and goodness will
be undermined - that a community organizing to “God’s work” will be
legislated and so that instead of seeing neighbors as neighbors equally
to opportunity to goodness you will see worry and national wonder of
them more as a national “number.”

Just imagine,  just imagine for a moment if you can.  And really protest! 
Really protest for it still seems inappropriate that our State’s
national or Federal Congress is allowed to parade tear jerking personal
and private medical stories as part of their politics/politicing

I mean you have remembered that arrangements were made hierarchically from Clinton White House and I believe in Clintons’ White House with New York Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan such that all First Lady Clinton would need to do to effect the
organized political nepotism would be to be escorted around New York state a few times with the full luxury and protection and pomp and
circumstance that the full Secret Service detail and amenities had for
term limited Presidential protection and ceremonial traditions, right?

Right?  Just imagine if you hadn’t just imagined (anew)!  If you believe in
Democrat Party ideology to nationalization and of socialism hierarchical
leadership by a few and a limited “chosen” then it is unavoidable to
see that First Lady Hillary Clinton only became a New York Senator by
arrangement and an specific effecting traditionally considerable as
“political nepotism”!

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1984ish STILL
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What follows has been copy and pasted from my updates as to status via Facebook.com/jpeterhogan account today:

Quite simply the global economy can be said to have become too corrupt with
each effort of the Clintons to reign for forty years or nearly.
Every one of our Governors but maybe Vermont’s would be now better for our
and worlds economy than Secretary Clinton and better now or as next if
actually us of a Secretary of State from rolls of our current Governors.
They have to be just as international and even more market and
economically focused, don’t they now?

Has anyone yet calculated the number of jobs I created? I have no idea but
do remember being a godfather to modern snowboard and half pipe since
pal & I got giddy brainstorming such before the fact on a New Haven -
Hamden hill almost a natural half pipe - and well as well my
godfathering of American handsaw reinvention by Stanley Tools to blend
the best of my English and Japanese hand saws regularly
then both used and then as well to be very brief also all that grew
with Harry Potter mused challenge and decade plus of support? I may
have generated over a 120,000 jobs just for Hollywood types separate
from above, too - but has anyone calculated such and as the price we are
paying for Clintons’ attempt to reign as near forty years as they can -
I do apologize still for making them more electable than they were but
not for their shortcomings since election in 1992 - they didn’t
collaborate the tried to reign as sold not as they were better to be
exposed as more so and really so.

J Peter Hogan
There is also I took a likely to a depressed classmate about our fifth
reunion at Villanova for his business idea of “Life is good” even though
by his telling he and his brother were ready after three years only
with a few products and their van were
ready to give up. I did speak from my confidence about economic
recovery then in early 90s even though still of the recession that the
recession was basically over and he should stick it out a little longer.
I liked that such as also of Villanova might help me remember my years
helping guide politics and business and media types to a faster
recovery. I did plug his brand after meeting him to most in my network.
I still don’t know that I own a single item from their business but
did tell him then if he had a frisbee in his product line I would have
bought one if fit for Ultimate.

J Peter Hogan
But as per IBM what ideas shared casually with its CFO back whence about
middlemen less necessary around blue jean entrepreurs may mean such
thought that preceded the new turn to lay offs may be to a reduction of
“jobs created” math except where new
competitiveness was kept and not all sold off. I did canvass while near
a year about streets of Connecticut through winter months much more
than a few early retired from IBM - I was a citizen organizer of
canvasses for cleaner air and healthcare reform with ConnPIRG and CCAG -
and from such to a greater confidence that our counties were better
venue for reform and that Canadian system wrong for us and especially

J Peter Hogan
With the mention of years of hard labor in this is that such was of my need
to be capable & effectively of a repeat and also that I had to be
able to refresh my original works and strategies anew so that I while of
a repeat could also, daily if needed, be to showing in writing that I
understood Clintons’ strategies better than they - as should be expected
of one that cries foul with like of this:

It may help to consider that because of the Clintons I have been since
1992 quite as if paying more than 100% in taxes as their use of my
intellectual property and its well worked rhyme and reason after once
sworn in was not authorized or proper and did keep me with my very vast
and complex marketing integration and coordination as I had planned it
and set it up without the ability to be me in the character and
propriety I needed to get acknowledged and compensated from. They kept
me by playing as if me and then abusing me further when they
triangulated around me as to a “get back to the center” as they again
yet spun out from getting paid or acknowledged as me and more critically
so to keeping the public from the planned knowing I needed to rework
most of such economic and marketing integration so that it could stick
and last. Yes the Clintons have had me protesting near two decades that
they thought my private initiative and skill and integrations could be
treated as a public good of a like autocratic authority theirs to use
and use as they did so showing an inadequate understanding and skill as.
This is that 100% where all the earnings I expected were prevented
because they assumed an improper and unauthorized use, and then to
unintended or planned shorter term economic life for much of such
efforts actually meant and expected to be of a greater public good while
I could get paid than their misuse of such has ever been. So if of such
as a 100% tax it is so for it kept me near from 100% of earnings and
then had me doing hard labors as best way I had left to preserve my
intended and evident property rights so maybe more truthfully like I
have been at over a 1,000% or far greater TAXINGNESS by my country due
to Clintons improper and authorized or planned usage.

(My Facebook status updates are rebroadcasted as tweets of @jphoganorg.  In light of the above sharing it maybe helpful to consider as I do that at least the Tea Party has been reseting our country in ways I was kept from earlier and so that I now am freer to just focus on sharing useful and much involved truths more about justice and fairness than as they may have been more regularly considered a political or partisan.  This is more personal and defensive of a victim hood than a new effort - than a political effort.  We dropped and corrupted as a nation many of our standards during the Clintons’ years and especially their second term.  And, now again others now are empowered to pick up as they desire in a new democratic reset, as many already have been busy.)

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Where there was the surprise attack about our Pearl Harbor and economics of war has been since also calculated.  Young have stirred there about, free, regardless of race or color towards a free market capitalist mathematics, some by mostly white teachers, maybe, though.

I do not know if of all of the years of President Obama’s educating and class time if he had 99% of his teachers and professors of the caucasian provenance while passing as a dark native, and of many years more of an apparent majority.  To refresh some of our leaders rearing is to go back and relearn he was raised by a white mother fond of micro-loan humanitarian creative banking while coddled by a more big bank/banking grandmother, also white.

President Obama may only know white math. 

President Obama’s economics maybe be foreign to most.

We have a wonderful history of a free market capitalism within America, many surprised soldiers have already died defending its special freedoms and opportunity over much of our young country’s history.  We have for the most part avoided go to war with a free economy and returning home with a forced centralization more foreign to our legacy and ways.  We still somehow have managed not to have our armed brave of our forces and logistics teams return to their homes and communities after battling to defend justice and freedom and then be forced to turn in their pride for State plowshares - their pride for socialism at home.

These that long paid the high price and those all about those that paid the highest price have somehow been preserved still in the American ways of freedom and economics that made victory possible.  They didn’t go off to war as capitalists - win the contests - and then return home forced to try to understand why they now were being told they should be of the ways they had been fighting against.

Some surprising math of our melted pot of our economic legacy is some of our most recent attempts to sum up an irrational set of considerations.  We can have carrots and sticks in capitalism and still are wise to consider cause and effect and which first steps to take first, especially if the goal is cost savings - necessary new efficiencies.

I cannot explain the idealism or misplaced optimism of President Barack Obama of Hawaii, he may have grown up mostly educated by whites and while treated quite as if he was a native and of the majority.  As he took his first President economic steps those of Davos may have been a wondering - as he took his first steps where sticks were better he offered carrots.  Our problems for post swearing Presidency commenced in 2009 were to necessary cost savings and much about a concern for our borders.  It still is up-side down economic math and practice that he walked and talked healthcare for all before border and immigration reformations and JOBS strategizing.

It all seemed for a minority a convenient set of crisi perfectly timed to usher a new nationalism or even grand socialism - if not even more obvious domestic economic conversion to a system full of special czars.  For those who were diehards for American free market economics and a continuation to “land of opportunity” it was publicly considered that healthcare carrot should have been the last offering of policy reform if cost cutting and savings searching actually the necessary calling.

It was so elementary and magical it seemed while healthcare carrots offered first while our economy and immigration issues needed a timely and stern review first that Obama Democratics thought they just had to click their heals for such to work at home.  (For now I will continue uniformed with presumption (assumption?) that until college President Obama had few African American (black) instruction.)

To save and find as much reasonable cost cutting through reforms, again, healthcare should have been last and not offered so as a carrot to complicate effectiveness or fairness for economy JOBS issues and border and immigration reforms.  A stick wasn’t necessarily needed at least as long as new grand temptations as “carrots” were hung out like a free for all.

Heights, he has reached, and racially alike as too that have clicked with black President Barack Hussein Obama.  His story of being a American black of minority status may not have started to well past puberty for him.  This may not be the first thing we should be considering, and it may need some checking and yet it is something to wonder about as Mitt Romney enough a global mover and shaker to be on par with those clicking at Davos but to President Obama - not. 

It is odd that President Obama has moved to running more as Romney than “against Romney.”  It seems that Davos to President Obama is all good and yet he walks and talks reflective of  Governor Mitt Romney yet somehow as a “bad” - a capitalist.

We have that Obama Democratics did cherish CRISIS as opportunity for radical reforms - we have that besides if to cost savings and reasonable efficiencies from economic reforms that first we as a nation should have worked really to a full immigration reformation and then to a new growth economy with maximum efforts towards new jobs.  I don’t know or understand how we move to Obamacare - well I don’t for sake of this column understand how they moved towards Obamacare so simply without first doing all the needed hard work and politics then and still needed for immigration and borders and to a new American free growth economy.

It may be all the fault of his years of white mathematics though more likely since balanced through youth with a big banking grandmother and creative financier of micro-loaning legacy that this was a later in life conversion.  He has spoken greatly about influences of dreams, his dad’s dreams his.  But does Davos consider already or enough that as well as this all upside down for American free economy general Welfare body politics our Constitution is less a market consideration now than, so you might say are the Harry Potter books — what Obama Democratics attempted shouldn’t have been timed with such free market success that had embedded greatly a romanticism for old and well worn.

They have gone all glittery and clickish these past few years.  They must not have been serious about jobs or cost savings, though, considering how they ignored human nature and nurturing long teased with global marketing by dangling massive socialized “carrots” without other necessary disciplines considered.

And as I now reflect some on my decades an active beacon of economic considerations by at least some I am remembering how I have long been to thinking what “could work” wasn’t what would or should work.  I did shine that thought out unsuccessfully in earlier old battles of similar clickish Democratics economic dreamings with some welcoming an “it could work” from me though I clearly disagreed that such should be tried or would actually work.

Yes, the Clintons have made a mess.  President Obama now has been making their mess worse.  And I can remember that there were things in my shared economy thought that I still think they never should have tried to use without actually asking me to explain how there was more they should be looking at and that which they would have had to known enough to look for to ask for, and yet didn’t. 

And well, it may help even now to remember or consider that most of good economy and growth during Clintons’ first four of eight was inherited from the politics and clever marketing touch of Reagan and those of Reagan Revolution.  We have as well that these of Obama Democratics have also been contrary and inconsistent with the general free market and capitalism reset that was and is often legally discussed as the Rehnquist Revolution.

I guess if they new capitalism was working so well and with such complexity they may have worked just as long and hard to take it so far and completely apart.  We don’t though now have to see their economic “crisis” of only having their solutions as our modern options.  We still can look at Obamacare and see that it shouldn’t at least have been attempted until our border and immigration and also our economy and jobs crisi democratically addressed and reformed.

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A general masquerade was still in the air…  As it happens we may be due a focus now on pragmatists.  We are still of multiple crisi of valuation about the foci of elliptical.  A storm is  still about the “redistribution” usage as the focus of crisis, but not all crisi of Obama’s round about-ness.

If you are like me you may be trying to avoid just talking about 2012 State of the Union Address.  There are enough issues and of sufficient complexity in Federalism issues much of Obama’s states of emergencies.   We can, we can if we try - we can talk to issues also of “redistribution” and “fairness” without making light of President Obama.

There is a localism concern about a recent much masqueraded storm about two of America’s top wealth “neighborhoods” so counties that speak to a crisis of Obama crisi.  [I didn’t study Latin - hope I am not actually saying I blog in my underwear.]

To reset our focus now and speak to emergencies and Federal Emergency Response funds we can high light an “October Surprise” a recent masquerading Halloween Surprise snow storm.  This is seriously an issue of our crisis of valuation much afoot since Obama inaugural and before.

But did you see First Lady Michelle Obama at State of the Union adorned in volumes of hues of blues in political dress that screamed and bit with an air of:  Clintons are in an open marriage! - ?

I don’t know what to make of five - only five justices.  But if you heard of the storm that was a snowy “October Surprise” so for Connecticut that it took itself to top - the top of the list for storm damage of most number of power outages as a single event than you know it wasn’t a treat with its masquerading and more a trick.

Connecticut got a wallop reigned down upon it and across it as a snow storm back near Halloween.  Fairfield and Litchfield Counties long thought of as some of richest counties in America got served an unexpected natural expense.  They are long in part also considered rich suburbs of New York City - they are no Buffalo NY - they can afford such times.

I am trying to avoid talking about the State of the Union - but I cannot help but write about fairness and burden sharing and still the crisi of many crisis a foci about our elliptical.  There seems to have been an unfair redistribution of a nationalized “emergency” coddling for a snowy region able to pay for damages about their communities.  I haven’t checked the recent demographic reports to see if nearby Fairfield and Litchfield counties have fallen from like being the 1percent of places to live.

Beyond Federalism and governance as a ideological exercise of mental faculties we have a pragmatism about localism and as well “fairness” and “redistribution” yet of President Obama to a fast and vast “emergency” coddling.

New York staters may as well have been dealt a service interruption and called to consideration for “emergency” state - but New York is more pedestrian in some ways and places and its new Governor has a miracle to perform - a make over of he and his state.  Governor Cuomo is moving ahead focused well it seems so far towards the necessary and near complete unlearning and retraining necessary for him to move past his years as a Clinton administration expert with skill and ways not now much useful in New York.

And so about the snow job — we really have “redistribution” and “fairness” as real local and global political consideration to a new or reset governance pragmatism.  

Oh, yeh!  Michelle was the BOMB!  First Lady Michelle Obama carried hues of blues politically with bite tonight - she was the BOMB!

How can Connecticut even if it did have over 900,000 without power due to a storm that masquerade as an “October Surprise” not have been set up within counties of Fairfield and Litchfield to cover the service interruptions and tree work with a snow tax or something?  How does a snow belt provincial season expense become an expensing for our nationalize “emergency” response funds?  People of such a provincial of such counties likely have moved there or stayed there to have snow in their mix - I would think.

Why did President Obama so quickly coddle such even though a crises of his crises of valuation of his daily ponderance of Washington Monument views over the nearby ellipse?  How did he “redistribute” from have-not funds to have funds after a desirous snowy region got snow and its complications quite within its means. 

Was it wrong for Connecticut Governor to ask President Obama to redistribute unfairly federal “emergency” funds to Connecticut even though it had just been taxed to handle the most ever number of power outages across and about the state?

How did we get here?  How has global warming and alarms about inevitable addition and maybe bigger storms been here so long and yet such rich counties of Connecticut hadn’t yet adjusted their local and community balance sheets - or the state?  How did additional funds not already get appropriated and put aside for seasonal storm damage?

Was it wrong?   Is it wrong that Connecticut asked for “emergency” funds for these two counties despite that outages set a record?  Where is the “responsibility” about “fairness” or “redistribution”?  How is it “ability to pay” and with “available funds” reachable by taxes not just have Connecticut issue some type of emergency bond to then raise new local taxes to cover?  Or which ever other taxation methods might be available for issue that are related to community maintenance and upkeep?  Did these counties cheap out on providing enough tree care jobs prior to the storm and then ask others from our nation to cover that they had cut corners in their own community and not out of hardship?

Maybe the new Andrew Cuomo - Governor Cuomo - had an answer newly figured for New Yorkers.  I don’t know.

How did this happen - how did our national government become a crutch for states instead of a standard bearer?  Again, this was about snow in a region people choose to live in and about for the snow - how did this happen?

President Obama approved such a upside down redistribution and without explaining a philosophy correction.  We have that we have all been warned to expect more and maybe bigger storms of all sorts of weather as due to global warming - however caused.  We have that if such is so then our states are all due a reconsideration about “fairness” and “redistribution” as much a new federalism for our nation so that they adjust all and every one to a new normal - a new more stoic balancing less of dependency on nation as a quick financial crutch, right?

But did you notice it seemed President Obama did use the recent State of the Union to run against Mitt Romney he used it so it seemed to run as if Mitt Romney - but without the experience.   Again:  How do you get the job?  You need experience!  How do you get experience?  You need the job to get experience!  {Don’t know whom to quote or if I got the old adage quoted correctly.}  Seems President Obama is suggesting a new way forward and one that is varient from his earlier focus about our elliptical and its foci - he seems to be stating we need him to have skills yet seen - he seemed to be saying we need our nation now of expertise much of Mitt Romney’s “cups of tea.”

And REALLY!!!  All our states need a federalism reset for crisi or crises due as a/the “NEW NORMAL” as focus, now.

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SOTU tonight as another TRUTH-O-METER TUESDAY for us of what is left of our Country — it is hard to believe that ever before a President at Congress so is more deserved of such public exposure being treated like a perp walk.

Republicans last night nicked away at truths that the media isn’t likely to walk or talk without pressure - last night Republicans spoke enough truths and about how housing crisis got started such that Representative Darrell Issa is looking civil for his past remarks tagging the Obama administration as “the most corrupt.”

No,  we cannot expect the media to jump on board quickly to affirm the truths the Republicans shared last night and the 2012 and beyond concern so responsibly stepped about how we are at a time and crisis much of “government’s” (Democrats’ of government) causation that our fellow Americans have their government more at fault for their housing messes than themselves.

I am not here happily writing today trying to brag with an “I told you so” or “see, I was right” attitude - being right now annoys me and angers me and even depresses me some.  Last nights Republican debate broke through with some truth telling a major unearthing of truths that media has helped somehow knowingly or unknowingly bury for decades.  Enough shovels full of truth from Republican were thrown last night to expose some essential truths, much I have not been two decades about.

It is hard to wrap your hands around much of this for how much and how long efforts have been accepted and the norm towards burying them knowingly or unknowingly.  We have the likes of the Bush tax cuts as one oddity about such that easily slides back or falsely covers truths — The Bush tax cuts were of a justification not to stimulate economy and create jobs but more simply as they were as a pre 9/11 politics of a reduction in revenue justified by Clintons’ surpluses — The Clintons set it up that more taxes by Republicans weren’t necessary and tax cuts by Republicans then built on such.

We have that Speaker Pelosi long defended the Bush tax cuts maybe better than most and yet we hardly look at our history this way.  We have that Speaker Pelosi with her steadfast and constant defense of the Clintons’ surpluses was always justifying the Bush tax cuts - that she as well as Clintons were saying that the Clintons’ cuts were inviolate, and so justifying of tax cuts.  We have that Speaker Pelosi did then maybe more knowingly become more political about such without even shoveling some truths her self about how 9/11 and collateral spending since has been more an “inheritance” from the Clintons, and, the Clintons spending cuts.

We have that but for all of Secretary of State Clinton’s droning and ODYSSEY DAWN walk of a shoveling that has dirtied her hands, even stained her hands with blood, President Bush with Operation Iraqi Freedom was first to attempts to have our global fighting of monsters be compensated with State revenues from those countries once they of a Congress themselves able to be democratically about determining their own terms of reconstruction.  We have inviolate that the Clintons were lousy on sanctions and that First Lady Hillary Clinton marched around the world heeling inciting political remarks and dictates near of an imperialism and that is a near buried truth now that with such the Clintons and their budgeting and surpluses shouldn’t have been thinking PEACE and Peace Dividends while she out and about stirring anti-American angst and raising threat levels with her dictates as said near of an imperialism.

It is a revealing truth now from recent shoveling of Republicans of truths full of debate and campaign work that has this partly getting air as shovel full and shovel full that still have Hillary Clinton of stained hands bring more to the surface in even our media.

When you start to consider that the spending cuts and new revenue levels set proudly yet very politically and partisan by Clintons and as well of a corruption of Republicans then also high on new tech and dot com boom for it of toolage to allow nearer a fooling of all the people all the time:  Badda Boom! > Operation Iraqi Freedom was to letting a democratic Iraqi Congress be the deserved venue Thaddeus Stevens once fought about after our Civil War as proper for United States — We have that Iraqi people came to have a Congress of their own and such the body politic best to determine the terms of their own reconstruction.  Taken with Bush tax cuts being justified by Clintons’ surpluses and before the inheritance of the Clintons became known as it is as “9/11″ much — we have that we didn’t need the revenue it seems before 9/11 and then had the thinking of ODYSSEY DAWN about United States getting compensated for fighting of global monsters as the earlier Bush league thinking of Bush administration so that much of our debts about “war” in Iraq was to be “paid for.”

We have that Hillary Clinton is at times being successful - those few times - as if she is being more like Nixon and or more like President Bush than like the Hillary we thought we knew.   I stand by my blogged comments that she can go into the history books as near our worst Secretary of State ever - and that she deserves to first suggest whom she sees as our ten worst before her before we get to the deserved and due comparisons.

It is too early to defend the work of Republicans last night with their shovel fulls of truth unearthing that media will likely be slow to cover for it is years of their covering that is being now removed.  It is not too early to call it all very defensible - to give kudos to this work by Republicans.  They deserve awards for telling the truth and bravery - we still have whether they have enough innocence in them and fight to see it fully cleared and shared.  We have that last night Republicans started the hard work now to explaining that Democrats did cause most of this down economy and much as it has buried much complicity and corruption specific of dirty hands of both Clintons.

President Obama does deserve tonight to be greeted and hosted with hostility most allowed within decorum standards - he is deserving of as near the perp walk consideration as above discussed - he has been to attempts to say add a permanent concrete barrier over these covered truths that implicate the Clintons the most - he have been since day one of a cover-up to this effect.

No, this is not something I wanted to be right about, though long quite confident — so but, and at last:  I told you so. :-(

Yes!  Somehow President Bush was supposed to be able to create new jobs and find new revenues all the while the Clintons extra trillion rashly cut and match revenue reductions were supposed to be and stay right and inviolate.  Go figure how now (finally) that President Bush was supposed to be able to fix anything without showing that the Clintons had been wrong and dangerously wrong and not just with their surpluses.  Ask Speaker Pelosi if you must - she was the one toward 2008 that kept this preposterousness fresh and alive as a rational - though quite irrational.

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It may not be too depressing now to start a column with:  THE INFLUENCE OF GOVERNOR PALIN…

Or if South Carolina has taught us anything it is that Governor Romney…

But ahh his Michelle!  A song and dance for his lady, despite - can his Michelle be his right hope?

To know me is to love, or like at least, some that I have a hankering to write about our twenty second amendment.  So how can I now be rational or purposeful with a suggestion that Michelle Obama can be President Obama’s great right hope?

It is complicated but not as much as Speaker Newt Gingrich of Fannie and Freddie past entanglements now mashed with a victory speech last night with a mentioning like “created jobs with President Clinton.”

To save the Republican Party Governor Romney now could be to suggesting ways for Speaker Gingrich to improve, but then Governor Romney may himself be the great right hope of 2012.

There are quite a few technicalities to air out and refresh now.  Make no mistake I do still stand by my belief that our 22nd Amendment as ratified is wisely meant to be a protection for Americans from spouses too - especially since spouse of a limit may be most emotional and irrational about losing such public housing and its grand perkiness - regardless of their sex.

It would be quite a piece of political operating to discuss if Governor Romney were now to suggest to Speaker Gingrich ways to improve.  Would he start with a suggestion that future speeches from him not include braggadocio about having created jobs with President Clinton?  Would he point out that to speak such after a Republican win and while with past entanglements with Fannie and Freddie is too incriminating?

I stand on my long held opinion that the Clintons second term did a whole lot of damage and much of their favored “job creation” is actually much of their badness and irresponsible politic than has now caught up with near everyone, but them.

Governor Sarah Palin just won the South Carolina Republican leadership award! - If there were one?  She remains a great right hope in her own right.

Michelle Obama could be just what President Obama is needing - a great right hope - maybe even a third party contestant.

Yes, personally I did disagree with President Clinton’s job creating back when it was being considered and in part for the risky and irresponsible lending that involved Fannie and Freddie and has so hung so many poor and middle class peoples out to dry.  If Speaker Newt Gingrich cares so to brag about creating jobs with President Clinton he may be Obama’s great right hope but not the rights.  The jobs of the Clintons’ housing bubble growth economy was intellectually doomed from the start as a real great right hope now should be explaining as it was unnecessarily set up to game the systems and run as an unfunded federally orchestrated social welfare program - an unfunded federal social program, by design - poor design.

2012 deciding is best to be commenced throughout remainder better educated in math and economics as yet and with the Clintons job creating being one of their worst legacies and now a vast left over wrought inheritance of much depletion and devaluation to depression.  They did vastly raid federal budgeting beyond “careless” to remove a trillion that didn’t need to be removed and that was set already with funding to be there for years and years for job creating and saving out likely at least seven or eight more years.

The Clintons cannot save the Obamas - they cannot help Speaker Gingrich.  Their job creating was a bubble that burst and because it was of a political gaming or irresponsible governance and structure.   I have no idea why Speaker Gingrich would have included line like he did about having created jobs with President Clinton.  I don’t know what advice Governor Romney can actually offer him now after such as it now further entangles him with his past with Fannie and Freddie.

Our Constitution and its Amendments would allow by my understanding that Michelle Obama could run as a third party surprise contestant if that organization now about getting on every state ballot has been so successful.  Beyond the technicality of ballots we have that Michelle Obama could now run to the right of President Obama and be his great right hope.

Again, I have long been of my view that we all would be better off now if Clintons hadn’t had a second term.  That said:  If they didn’t already have a second term Hillary Clinton would be as allowable a candidate as Michelle Obama though maybe as a great left hope for left.  Again, it seems Governor Sarah Palin has won right as a great right hope of leadership in South Carolina contest.

It does though get complicated.  Michelle with Hillary as Secretary of State as former First Lady can hardly claim that the office of First Lady does qualify herself maybe even half as much as it did Hillary for progression to President.  With a former First Lady kept so close it is hard even for President Obama to separate himself and a personal contribution - for a candidate First Lady Michelle it would be more depressing and subjugating.  There may be no way though short of Michelle Obama running as a third party candidate for the Obamas to avoid becoming lame ducks together under the hope of the leftist Clintons.

It is pretty clear already that both Clintons have shook off much or most of their past centrism.

We really are now to a 2012 campaign season of search for job creators with it a reality to be more discussed that the Clintons’ job creating was not then nor is it now a method or policy for our future politics and governance.

A spouse, regardless of sex is legally free to challenge their spouse for the office of President after one term though best not if after two. 

Michelle Obama could be President Obama’s great right hope and a necessary escape from Clintons’ machine politics that still plays the Future President Hillary Clinton cards.  Just to have to consider how poorly positioned Michelle Obama now is to use the same basic credentials as Hillary Clinton has of Ivy League Law degree and years of practice, time on boards like Walmart, and years as First Lady is to step into a realm of confusion enough to suggest that our 22nd Amendment must also limit the spouses of Presidents after two terms.

First Lady Michelle Obama at this moment has mostly the same resume of “preparedness” as First Lady Hillary Clinton used to claim as qualifying but for that First Lady Hillary Clinton is part of the governance and so seemingly a necessary figure to compensate for First Lady Michelle Obama. 

Michelle Obama for President though could be an interesting legal spectacle just for such, partly.  And, President Obama is likely to be a LAME DUCK from the moment of second oath of office unless he is now challenged successfully by his spouse.

And for the Republicans it behoove them to realize they are running against the Clintons’ job creating - for it is at the Roots of our current problemas financial and political.  They did cut corners and at times because they were focused on both becoming president more than on those they were supposed to be governing.  The Clintons did take a time that had progress happening for more more equally and found a way to make it work for fewer and yet more selfishly politically for them - for their “two-fer.”

Speaker Newt Gingrich may be sounding more like my blogged columns and consistent political thought that dates back to late eighties and more so than slights that have suggested he has been sounding like Michael Moore. 

I do take issue with him so recently of a braggadocio about having created jobs with President Clinton - that is where we started going most wrong.

I have no idea how much Governor Sarah Palin was a champion of the right for South Carolina contests.


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This seems quite a becoming for more than a few - Godot may have shown up.

Did I say Godot?  Hmmm?  I was remembering Perot, and waiting, and waiting near twenty years ago.

Mr. Colbert isn’t America’s most interesting third party candidate choice for 2012 - Michelle Obama is.

That said:  Some history:  1992 all over again - but not quite:  There was a strategy wise to a Cheneys’ quoting of Thaddeus Stevens regarding reconstruction that was in play before Newt Gingrich became its Congressional beneficiary.  There was a Republican behavior wise to knowing the known of the lessons from our Civil War and Reconstruction and so as quoted on the top of page 63 (as I remember) of Cheneys’ KINGS OF THE HILL.  There was a shift started before the Clintons even entered the 1992 contests and its primaries that predate even Carville and Begala as a team for Wofford in PA.  There is that the “New Democrat” mantle mentioned by Alex Castellanos as of “success” of Bill Clinton was one he assumed but didn’t invent.

2012 is a complicated year.  It seems someone has restored FEAR and rallies about fear of God.

1992 had a strategy about it that could have worked differently if Ross Perot hadn’t entered the race.

Michelle Obama, third party candidate and challenger to President Obama may be Obama’s only way to avoid “LAME DUCK.”

Thaddeus Stevens was quoted by Cheneys in their now old book THE KINGS OF THE HILL for comments and/or proclamations that Congress deserved the power to determine the terms of Reconstruction - not the President - not the Executive Branch.  Before Clintons even entered Democrat primaries for 1992, which was quite late, a call for a new democrat was already echoing.

If Ross Perot hadn’t entered the 1992 race so as it was in some as a reflex egoism bouncing off sudden redirection and reforms at IBM then President Bush, even if he really wasn’t sure he wanted to be re-elected likely would have been re-elected.  President Bush though by then would have had a shift partly effected to see that Congress not he would be put in driver seat to determine the terms of regrouping after the Persian Gulf War and coincidental end of the Cold War.

You could say that my memories tonight that the 1994 shift in Congress was set up based on Cheneys’ use and awareness of wisdom of Thaddeus Stevens, though not maybe then of their actual political smarts or involvement.  The shift away from President Bush that started even before Clintons tried to assume a “new democrat” charge and learn it as they went was done in part to move the Republicans better to be the Congress when needed to determine new such epochal terms of such a new grand era much of a “New World Order.”

As per South Carolina:  It seems we have more than one Republican alternative becoming.

Michelle Obama for President may now be Obamas only way to avoid “LAME DUCK” tag.  She should enter race as a third party candidate and President Obama should try to throw the race to her so that Clintons won’t assume the powers of office upon the swearing in to a second term of President Obama.

The Clintons are not all they are made out to be.  Without David Gergen they would be known better as themselves.

[note some of this is more historical and memoirish from me than “reporting” or “punditry” - I am trying to mix it up some, though.]

I on nights like this have a lot of old memories of personal involvement stirred up and in the mix:  And especially since catching rebroadcast of University of Chicago speak easy with Alex Castellanos and David Brooks where Mayor Rahm Emanuel suggested President Obama run on his strenght of pushing platitudes and big promises and not run on accomplishments that had Mr. Castellanos speak well of Clinton for “new Democrat” effort.  I remember many a thought and written piece directly meant to help Clinton learn this as a new walk and talk.

But as per South Carolina it seems more than one showing progress and development - quite becoming.

As per Governor Willard Mitt Romney we have one that has till now seemed positioned for Republicans to be an offer of a middle way that can carry a promise of bringing a new Congress that can walk and talk a bipartisan governance.

As of tonight even Mitt Romney may now have to walk a more blunt talk and target the flaky you could say the Obama campaign is to.  We have that President Obama even by Mayor Rahm Emanuel is being asked to just look forward and avoid looking back as their wise or last ditch strategy.  We have though that Mitt Romney has the intelligence and business acumen to explain maybe even better than I have these few years much that the Democrats and Clintons did actually cause most of this economic downturn - it may be time for Mitt Romney to run less on offering Republicans and others a middle ground - too generous and undeserved a middle ground.

I don’t know how to speak of or for Stephen Colbert.

In 1992 President Bush could have been returned to office as Senator Al Gore so said he deserved to.  Senator Al Gore did set up an unusual and dangerous Constitutional issue when then the front runner and so A team of Democrats when he of his decision not to run and offer a challenge to President Bush and especially with such of a proclamation that President Bush “deserves” a second term as if he deserved it so much Democrats should follow suit and not challenge him.

In 1992 President Bush could have been re-elected but for it seems Ross Perot, and yet Obamas’ best move now may be to have First Lady Michelle Obama challenge President Barack Hussein Obama with a third party run.

President Obama looks after tonight that he now better find a way to run on his record and it for being so contrary to the truths the Republicans can share and share of how it is a more clear and simple truth that President Obama and the Democrats, especially the Clintons, are most responsible for the joblessness and down economy.

We could over estimate Newt Gingrich and the 1994 shift though now.  He though knows better than most how Clintons have some and much serious faults economically speaking from those nineties he knows so well.

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A repeat offered out of synch - out of season - old but relevant, however.


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illustrious benefits of such balling isn’t that a one world solution
exists in every confrontation – it isn’t even that within a state a
pre-ordained “fix” an a priori expectation.

Why should healthcare reform undo and undermine your team enthusiasm and loyalty - why should it undo anothers?

Welcome to baseball - American style!- Are you for a one state solution or are you loyal and proud for a local franchise?

How dull is the recent attempt to
national to one “healthcare” team more like a sport with only the HARLEM
GLOBE TROTTERS and that other team?  Rah! Rah! Rah!?

We have a new world order still,
and really ever since the fall of the Berlin Wall and related collapse
of the Soviet Union — Did you join those that then moved to celebrating
“communism” as less an “un-American” activity?  Did you stay loyal to
your local team and its “colors”?

Could you stand much more than a brief series with “sport” planned to “solutions” with expectations to an a priori rendering?

Do you get that Dems have profered and proceeded to a “GLOBE TROTTER” healthcare arena of a one state solution?

How “illustrious” really is such?  Dull already?  Go Globe Trotters, Go Globe Trotters - enough?  American?

What are the benefits of sports and of fanship and fanaticism? - A team for everyone - a local team and team spirit for each?

So now we have our Major League
ball play commenced again and an old thought first around Nation
Footballing demographics still contestable; now we have that
consideration that while being a fan of a sports team you either win or
lose with them and maybe don’t what the other team’s medical team
telling you they know how best to treat a big fan of another areas team.

Do you just want to “pop a pill” to maybe “get over it” and while such may break your “loyalty” and “team” dynamic?

How can you want a healthcare
system like a one state footballing or baseball or basketball
operator? Sure “transportability” may mean “emergency care” has to have
some standards and evenness especially for the peeked fans supporting
team at away gaming, but, your “preventive care” and generally practiced
likely has you hoping your doctors root for the same team as you do.

Sports is as subjective as
objective most of the time and as well about an ushering around a
martialing of art, arts.  Why shouldn’t your healthcare team be as
“local” and “highlighted” as your fandom?

Why again did you, if you did,
support the Democrats attempt to change a more level playing field
around medicine into a near pre-ordained venturing more like a two team
“sport” like we have with the HARLEM GLOBE TROTTERS and that other team?

It can be set up another way and a
way much more like the business practices about your favorite sports
and franchises - shouldn’t it?

The illustrious benefits of such balling isn’t that a one world solution exists for every confrontation or sport.

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Willard Mitt Romney may not be not doing as swimmingly as he had hoped.  Newton Leroy Gingrich just for being out with his pairing past is doing everyone a favor.

2012 is as if we are already oddly of a contest against a sworn President already a lame duck - and with a lame duck running for re-election to days where he can only become more of a lame duck.

Newt Gingrich, as well as Rich Santorum stand now front and center as clear evidence that the Republicans are not running away from the nineties - from their specific involvements of the nineties - our nineties, and, now that Clinton’s nineties lifestyle politics are now less concerning still than the politics and policies of the Democrats of Clintons.

We could say that the Republicans have earned their own Woodstock - a time where they could so question authority however where they could be sure enough otherwise passing time were then having to work over-time to keep governance actually working.  It may be too soon for such yet with the Republicans not running away from their nineties and the Obama administration with Clintons very much of attempts to ignore the nineties.

President Obama is oddly already running as if a lame duck and yet for a lame duck second term — Republicans may be able to run on idealism and purism of their party and real history of actual success without picking a compromiser acceptable to Democrats that may be of next Congress.

The Democrats are set up to run against near all of our Governors and with each and everyone a failure needing them to take over duties otherwise more theirs and theirs were a greater “representation” possible for such administering of governance.

As the nineties now are not conveniently disappearing for the Democrats and with Newt Gingrich clearing the air even for the Clinton nineties political lifestyle we have that we all would be better off if the Clintons hadn’t had their second term and now as they have President Obama already nearly a partisan lame duck just a place holder for them to return to power.

We could all have done without the extra trillion cut by the Clintons that became a surplus we didn’t need but that was convenient for them to balance that Republicans of nineties had proven they could do the thought impossible and find the trillion they did find for budgeting to “balanced.”  It is far more the Clintons surplus and this extra trillion cut unnecessarily than the “open marriage” of the Clintons and their nineties political lifestyle politics.

Mitt Romney may present as the best candidate to over a new balance for Washington DC and able to reach across party lines - but Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum stand as proof that the Republicans don’t have to and are not the party trying to hide from the nineties.

Imagine being in President Obama’s shoes and so knee deep in Clintons.  You would have to feel like a lame duck running to be more of a lame duck - it seems.  You would have to feel like a mere place holder already for the return of the Clintons and with “Bill Clinton” more publicly in your face with his “third leg” as “CAMPAIGNER IN CHIEF” of “Hillary for President.”  You wouldn’t have to look beyond such sad state and fate to a consideration that you put yourself so.

A re-election of President Obama can from day one be only to a “repeat” and new polarization of Washington politics and as much due to trying to hide party from the nineties as due to the method of such that politically left Democrats no middle ground for bi-partisanship.  We have that a re-election of President Obama would be at least to him a near from day one greater partisan suppression as a lame duck now better to act in interests of party and be that place holder for “Hillary” with “Bill” able to mostly run the show.

It may be too early for Republicans to have their own Woodstock - but 2012 elections are leaving them grand new opportunities to hold to their idealism and a purism about their principles.

It cannot be “All Bush’s fault!” and be that Republicans are able to run without hiding themselves from the nineties.

President Obama if re-elected can only offer a “repeat” of the partisan polarizing politics of his first term and due to his and his own parties strategic failures where it was their strategy and practices that still leave no middle ground for compromise - and no middle ground to suggest a new “bi-partisan” of their new old baggage if so.

President Obama may no be better to consult astrologers than either Clinton.  By defending them with attempts of “all Bush’s fault” he has left himself already looking like a lame duck who has dangerously left himself no way to a middle ground if re-elected.

Republicans may not now need the freshness and “bi-partisanship” acumen of Governor Mitt Romney - or need it without also needing the Republicans of the nineties that inconveniently for President Obama and the Clintons isn’t going away.

A second term for President Obama, as of today would seem to be from day one of a partisan arrangement that all Democrat Party politics should be focused on Clintons and lining “Hillary” up so that “Bill” from day one could be CAMPAIGNER IN CHIEF of HILLARY FOR PRESIDENT.

But if the Republicans aren’t running also away from the nineties — hmmm?

But if the Republicans aren’t running also away from the nineties, and, the policies and governance of the Clintons still more the issue than “Bill’s” dalliances too — hmmm?

It may now all be in these stars, we are now more limited to a few options, to fewer options.  And, running against the Clintons now still looks more important and necessary a political strategy to get government working again in Washington DC. And, running against Obama best to be done as a running against the Clintons. 

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The new secessionary problema to and of an a priori consciousness about an new regional confederate republic electoral reset now seems to be as addressable for top tier candidates of Republican Party as it was for “uppity black” underling the most junior and inexperienced “peer” to then contestant Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Was it wrong for champion of the Clinton - Obama race battling to then have to seem to settle with the Clintons?

Was it wrong for the new champion of Democrat Party hegemony staffing to seem to have to accept the build in global superiority of the Clinton “two-fer” that they didn’t have to surrender due to a domestic defeat?

Are the top tear from the so far quite regional battles for a prudent and more intelligent democratic reset that soon may be three free from the type of compromizing positions that Senator Hillary Clinton’s thought underling was to remain subjected to?

It seems to be that the victorious new champion though a black free man of recent much national domestic work was stuck by powers and crowning aspects of the Clintons to as it seems divide up his estatisms and seem to grant the Clintons the agreement of politics so such that they would get to run the world and President Barack Hussein Obama would be given time to grow from just “uppity” and inexperienced by keeping to the smaller plantation of the Clintons past - domestic care of the United States.

It does seem it was well reportable that President Clinton insisted that brand new president so sworn as President Barack Hussein Obama come humble to his Global Initiative Harlem Offices and publicly bow to the global we of unchecked global power of President Clinton and with TV cameras and microphones there to record a seeming forced bowing to President Clinton by President Obama.  Was it that President Obama was humble more by this than he was when seeing no option left for him but to compromise so many of his earlier “HOPE” with politically inconvenient embrace of the defeated but not vanquished “Hillary”? 

Did you miss the first spots of this un-American cowing when it aired with President Obama having to have shown up at President Clintons offices and call him “The President” before the global media?  I don’t think we have to worry now with South Carolina a third in the threesome regional of our quadrennial confederate republic democratic electoral reset.  We have a regionalism though that is of a contest tilted and gamed of X-Box toy soldiers still with the Clintons seeming to have ways to stay in control of the world - and with President Obama, though allowed to keep playing with all the toys.  We have that Republics of these regional contests are not in the position now to divide up the world among them as the Clintons were/are still about crowning near of Barack Hussein Obama as whence it seemed they made back room deals to get nominee apparent Obama to accept that he should just focus on the colonies, like.

With a Harvard Law Degree and a year or two of community organizing you too can become President! 

With limitations?

It does seem that Clinton “two-fer” did get President Obama to perform on all his agreed to lesser positions and essentially leave them freer to run the world - as he tried to learn to be at least half as like them or as good as them within domestic realm.

President Obama has seemed to fill too much of our time with play time with all the toys of our domesticized presidency.  Sure he got a chance to be paraded around in foreign markets but it still seems his State Department underperformed on his behalf and left out important principles and avoided necessary and proper prudent editing.  Sure he got to feel his value from such parading but not without it seemingly mostly the Clintons that kept him more domesticized and just of a dandy prancing in their realm.  There is hardly a problem with President Obama past his youth and inexperience that cannot and shouldn’t be a condemnation of both Clintons first.

I am not saying that if Newt Gingrich were to win South Carolina contest he wouldn’t regress to “nineties” Newt and to past corruptions maybe as well of the Clintons’ cleverness and “two-fer” — He may be most or only with an easy victory to even consider trying to divide up the world - divide up with partisan politics and “commitments” or “arrangements” too much like “coordinating.”

We could attempt to suggest that our first black President as a Harvard Law School Graduate and so with great honor so is thought as well as its first black Law Review head —- Hmmm?  Wait Presidents Clintons’ “two-fer” were Yale Law School Grads - why did President Obama go to President Clinton’s offices for global initiatives and domestic power eternal effectations and not make former President come to him?  Why did he not just have to go out of his way to preserve the air of superiority of CGI offices and its President occupier but also seem required to bow before “The President” President Clinton?  Why were those TV cameras there to record it all?

Did the Clintons learn to effect more J. Edgar material collections against others - even if less with dewey decimal systemization?  Why now that we are all about the watery ways poetic and governed of South Carolina participation are we of these X-Box toy soldiers terms and with Madam Secretary against piping so far as much of drill baby drill, but otherwise?

It seems a desperate effectation especially for a Harvard Law Grad irregardless of his blackness to have had to visit President Clinton in Harlem as if a global power he had inadequate powers a President of America to check or prosecute - and especially as a near humiliating sub-posturing for his blackness.  Clintons really did at least then seem to have a tight reign on what to them may have been more thought than expressed yet still a reality about the youth and inexperience of a most junior peer though nearly Senatorial equal to “Hillary” so “uppity” though light skinned without a strong “negro dialect.”

But today this is supposed to be all about South Carolina - How through Columbia you too can discover South Carolina.

But then today is really about a bustle in “Hillary” State hedgerow with fewer men for the trenches and trenching for drillings or flakes of coal babies.  The State power to interfere in Nebraska piping seems so Clintonesque as more like a bar to drill - for babies — drill - for babies obstructionism too prophylactic and public.  We have that though of Columbia watery ways Hillary’s piping is being kept from trimming and trenching as a nationalism.  From what I have heard there as been enough trimming of Nebraska hedgerows, with ditching already to circle the globe more than once - that there are already hundreds of drilled and welded dedicated piping already through these fresh fields now so Statist in a new nationalism - somehow as part of “Hillary’s” realm and reign.

Some how it seems we are living in an epoch era where some ways violated such that interstate and intrastate “drilling” concerns now still too much a “baby” of Clintons - a political problema for electoral a priori consideration now as Columbia contestation landscaping, political.  Some how we have Nebraska’s rights and statism more an extra-Statism calling for crowning discussions foremost to pleasing Clintons.

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To appreciate the disaster that our current Secretary of State has been we should find some consensus first.  To measure her performance now against all past of top “diplomat” tasking we should start at the bottom and work our way up, if we can with her.

I have been distracted by recent comments by Newt Gingrich about janitors and have been randomly remembering that I volunteered in middle school to help keep our greenhouse and its plants while required to learn home economics, sewing and cooking, while allowed to play in a well equipped wood shop both as a mandatory class and as elected elective activity.  All this while my home life had me taking out the garbage and keeping our lawn, clearing our sidewalks and at times doing family dishes.  I am not sure that my early life was less than my DC years of a willingness to do the hard work.  I did as well in my youth hire my self out for neighborhood work on lawns includes leaf raking when such also a home chore of such season. 

Starting at the bottom and slowly working ones way up is more than just my story - if I were at the bottom of a muddy waters I might race to the top, of a survival instinct, unrelated mostly to this discussion of our national character conversation.

But more about Hillary Rodham Clinton being considerable as near our worst ever top “diplomat” now:  Now a discussion when commenced after a consensus reached first on the order of all past Secretary of State holders:  Now where after we decide whom the worst before her were and are how if at all from the bottom can she climb:

Secretary Clinton did blow the biggest opportunity for the United States of America near maybe yet since Thomas Jefferson didn’t pass up his Louisiana Purchase.  Secretary Clinton before her nomination for such post was already defeated as a too polarizing and partisan political carpetbagger - it is a wonder to start with how one so defeated and with near half her thought dramatic Hollywood friends of the historical abandonment with a heralding near in chorus of “Clintons are BIG LIARS” did even make the list for “top diplomat” - right?

You could get distracted by issues so as much about President Obama and even side tracked into a discussion that he would better have been to proposals of an international troika in lew of his titling of so many (landed) czars.  We have the “inheritance” and “legacy” of the Clinton “two-fer” most to consider, and, well it is First Lady Michelle Obama’s birthday still.

How can she be that bad?  How can she be so bad that an opportunity the like of our Louisiana Purchase is the equal of what she let slip, and slip away maybe for a very long time?  How can she, Madam Secretary of State, essentially be our worst failure as top “diplomat”?

These are serious times and serious questions.  I usually while of my ten years in DC living on Capitol Hill did arrive home looking dirtier than most school janitors, and for most of those years while driving my old fab used Dodge B250 white cargo van that I mostly maintained myself - and while parked outside on the Hill, for oil changes, new brake shoes/pads,… and even for when I took off top of engine and installed 8 new valve seals.  The design phase of most of my contracting while a self employed sole operating sole proprietor was usually the cleanest of my work, and yes I did a bit of design build, that may have exceeded most janitors skill set or confidence.  I did in middle school days after elementary school days much closer to home walk the halls and otherwise “attend” to schooling aware that my uncle did execute the contract and labors for then nearly new school’s fire alarm systems - so I heard.  Elementary school was directly across the street from my home and so that its janitor was regularly and often seen and greeted and greeting.

But about this disaster that we can say is Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton:  It seems we can specifically discuss this as her personal shortcoming and of the historic “too polarizing” legacy long so tagged.

Not only did I come home most of my years in DC with construction debris cover - I did usually carry my bundle of keys off my belt and have a Leatherman multi-tool holstered in sheave.  The dirty job may have been the apartment building ground floor project on Georgia Ave at Gresham near Hobart that was across the street from Howard University School gymnasium.  I had contracted to gut near 3,000 square feet of old neighborhood medical offices that had 13 half baths and concrete block interior walls that mostly had to all go.  It did annoy me when the dumpster I had mysteriously would fill up though left empty by me, over some nights.  I was of the design and permitting process for such to have such space become an additional new five apartments with Howard Students or community to eventually call home.  I did contract the architect and see through the design and permitting - building did change hands after such phase - I don’t know if project completed by new owners.

No really:  Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton should be compared to all past of such office holding calling for “diplomacy” and starting at the bottom of all and then and only then progress above “worst” after long and thorough comparing and contrasting.  That she let go the greatest opportunity for the United States of America maybe actually since the chance of our Louisiana Purchase may be her greatest hurtle.

There is no denying “Hillary” has lived up to her “too polarizing” street cred.  There as well is no walking away that “BIG LIAR” tag has stuck to her like tar and feathers might.  I don’t know if “czar” scheme for near titling of Americans was her baby - but did get a sense that it was “Bill” that punked President Obama into political move to present himself as a late Teddy Roosevelt and before or without consideration that such “Teddy” was as much a power hungry former President willing to say almost anything much like “Bill.”  It is a problem of both “Teddy” and “Bill” that after two terms they tried to stay around and were willing to embrace the likes of early Fascists as “Teddy” did by 1910.  I did get the sense that it was “Bill” that punked President Obama to such and after he first flexed the idea to benefit himself as if he was maybe, maybe, just testing it for President.

I did live near ten full years on Capitol Hill - it included some walking through the halls of the Senate buildings with Senator Lieberman before he was ever a VP option.  It happened to be coincidence that day and turned into a path crossing in Senate basement near Senators’ subway  to us then in opposite directions to me of a turn around and long walk with ride up Senators’ Only elevator to attend then commenced new after swearing in party for Senator Dodd.  The work on Georgia Ave NW near Howard University wasn’t the only work I did in a DC “hood” nor the only “hood” in DC I did work part of such years.  I may though have come home dirtier those days I was back from working on my own projects that was so much fiberglass work involved in the boat restorations I busied myself with in my own time.

I am serious, so serious about Madam Secretary “THE WORST” for it was a rare “inheritance” she trashed and wrecked that was left her as “GRAND” and near as “RARE” as if it were an option so as was once our Louisiana Purchase.  President Bush’s Middle East policies, including Operation Iraqi Freedom, were of an international standard operating method coincident and involved with the end of our Cold War and to the rarest of diplomatic conditions as her spoiling of a really good “inheritance.”  Because of the attention to bottom up democracy and detail shown and worked about settling lingering remainders from politics and geo-politics of the Cold War we once early in Obama administration had an opportunity for our country near as significant as if it were a new Louisiana Purchase - we were globally positioned (after some tough love by Bush administration) to be to a moral high ground and ability to collect and share global expenses about being a global policing power.

Secretary Clinton more than President Obama is responsible for squandering this real now near gone greatest opportunity for the United States yet since Thomas Jefferson exercise real “diplomacy” and “leadership.”  The Clintons could be said not to have collaborated, and perished, politically.  The Clintons did collaborate with each other but that is how their political “perishing” of defeats in 2008 present still to buffer Obamas from what is more all or just Clintons’.  This grand new opportunity that recently has been squandered that otherwise was a grand and great and rare inheritance left after hard and dedicated purposeful work to such ends by President Bush and all his men and women wasn’t about taking ownership of new lands or neo-colonialism but to a new high ground for America about the world as we know it where we had a chance after years of strategic tough love to foreign countries was actually positioned to be to a collecting or sharing of many of our global expenses.

We should really figure out who currently otherwise is affirmed our “worst” before Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton, Secretary of State under President Barack Hussein Obama.  We then should then take our time to consider how costly this legacy of easy gifting and brown bag diplomacy will be in just the next decade.  We have that it is confusing as per “socialism” tag since it seems President Clinton has privatized part of what was long a duty of office holders of our executive branch and is essentially operating a private department of state as another Clinton global initiative.

We may have to move on unless secured at an institution of higher learning or of the Obama unemployed as discussions about how the “socialist” agenda before and including the “new nationalism” “Teddy” programing attempt are pressing many now for it is still hard to figure that such was attempted at all at our national level and so then necessarily as a slight to all our governors as if incompetents and “failures” for “official” national record.  Sure it may have been so that “Bill” punked President Obama into sounding like the pre-Nazi Fascist that Theodore Roosevelt of 1910 was near as much as all those that had wined and dined and hosted in high court fashion all across Europe in months just prior to “Bull Moose” pro hunting and pro gun ownership campaign attempt.  President Obama may actually have been better to fire Clintons very publicly and even if to promoting a need for a global troika, and as well so better if yet without the near titling, domestically of so many like “landed” czars. 

“Teddy’s” new nationalism push did (accidentally) have President Obama sounding as if he should have been speaking from the steps or lobby of our National Rifle Association - “Teddy” of 1909 is told as COLONEL ROOSEVELT to have taken to an earlier title than his two terms a President afforded him internationally to have been of world’s largest ever mounted safari so and of mass killing for collecting and sport across much of then British East Africa.  The “Teddy” of President Obama’s recent spin was then of 1910 back in his own country as the great hunter and specious collector of species enough for many museum and private collections.  It is hard to separate him from his tour of then gone Fascist Europe and all the hosting and tooting celebrated about him and for him before he then returned to America historically, it seems nearly a full convert to that then a pre-Nazi Fascism.

It may have been Friedrich Nietzsche that was done in posthumously by his sister, his sister that is told to have had Hitler at her wedding.  I forget what I read that stirred such a thought that Nietzsche wasn’t the monster his sister then made him into after an encounter with a horse.  I was thinking if we are beyond all the good and hopefully now evil of the Clintons selfish and polarizing political and extremely partisan aspiratings.

Enough about me, for now.

Yes because our current Secretary of State, due to the specific selfish politics and aspirations still of her “two-fer”, a “BOGO” almost sold,  is most responsible for the squandering of maybe the greatest governance inheritance since days after the Louisiana Purchase — It is fairly more on Clinton (Clintons’ “two-fer”) and their existentialism with a socialistic state department co-operating with President Clinton essentially running a privatized state department that we can say “worst” - “WORST EVER YET!”

Oh, yeh, we are at a time where we have to discuss how our governance is funded and where it is appropriate to fund it for the newly agreed to purposes.  We have that we shouldn’t expect that the strategies of the Democrats to a new nationalism were ever workable with a federal revenue from income and profit taxation.  We have that our states hold rights to tax more on property and wealth and that is in itself a tell-tail tale historic that could have been earlier considered around discussions to prevent a “socialism” or “nationalism” above a new statism actually of our states, not our State.

Well I was about so much muscular hard labor about DC as mentioned and specifically to a deep visceral consideration and reconsideration of much of this, as party developed and redeveloping theory while very concerned those years that Clintons were already heading us in a dangerous and wrong direction.  I seem to have been proven right, and actually of the type of work that was needed to prepare me to be this type of writer and of such depth and/or quality.

It may not be too late for us as U.S.A. — but it seems irreversible for “Hillary” that it is incontrovertible that she has been at least near our worst ever top diplomat and for what is a unique argument based in Clintons’ BOGO “two-fer” illogic.  It was near as rare and grand an opportunity that really was an actual inheritance left the Obamas as our new First Family and their staff of rivals that was that President Bush years did position the United States of America as “unpopular” with its tough love to an at least almost now lost global opportunity to not become the sucker of the world and stuck so with our tax payers funding alone or nearly alone most of the global peace/peace keeping or creating.

Because our states have the power to tax wealth and property in ways our Federal Government is still restricted we must now consider that our states not our State is where any of this “socialism” should have been attempted or limited itself.

The Clinton State Department was wrong to start buying new popularity and to reverse years of tough love that was set to position the United States into a rare place where it could have and should have been finally able to at least get more financial contribution and expense sharing from foreign sovereign nations not of the unique responsibility derived of and from an democratically checked Armed Forces of an all voluntary conscript/populating.  The Clintons couldn’t necessarily avoid squandering this rare opportunity near as great or grand as our Louisiana Purchase by Thomas Jefferson had been - with though self incriminating themselves and tagging President Obama permanently as a liar for “All Bush’s fault” dictates, regular.

I am tired and about to log off for the night - this has been my second column today - It may deserve editing but that will have to wait.

For your homework please start the above mentioned due and necessary consideration of an ordering of all our past top diplomat office holders so that we can decide whom is our worst already to first measure Madam Secretary of State Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton against fully and thoroughly.

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It is inevitable.  We are at a crossroads about the world and especially here closer to home nearer our “Americana.”

We can consider ourselves lucky or fortunate now that President Clinton has been side-lined and is finally fading away.  We were saved.

Michelle Obama has been a pleasant - more pleasant reality than “inevitable Hillary” would have been if returned to being our First Lady by Presidential electoral play as hoped and over-dreamt.  Happy Birthday First Lady Michelle Obama.  Thank you for being the Democratic Party alternative to Clintons’ global initiatives thought our unavoidable “inevitable” fate.

We have seen enough and heard enough to appreciate, luckily, that Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton is less of a King Leopold than she could have or would have been if from “inevitable” to anew as our First Lady from Presidential electoral play.  We have yet to help First Lady Michelle Obama counter though, in her Democrat Party politics, how Clintons’ global popularity and “foreign charisma” is mostly of a bought foreign political machinations sold too much by foreign state run media at times too much of a selective propaganda.

Now that President Clinton is finally fading away and now less of injections of Clinton new bites to counter and be political against Obamas - we should still remember that his global charisma if of a poor return economically on Haiti dollars raised and not hardly spent and otherwise of a consideration that “popularity” global for him has been extra-constitutional and more bought than democratic.  We have that he unless he was already of an economic miracle or basic recovery for Haitian economy with all the monies and power vested through him he shouldn’t be heard speaking otherwise “economically” as if of a “solution” for others. 

And, luckily for First Lady Michelle Obama, and yes - on her birthday - President Clinton isn’t as much of old scheduled political moves like his past selective surgery then timed to counter Obama White House healthy eating and dieting food messaging meant to be another First Lady’s spotlight.  President Clinton did elect to schedule a sure to grap the headlines health related story for himself that day years ago that another’s First Lady tried to be the political headliner and for suggestions that people at least not eat as President Clinton had - had championed.

And, if it had been meant to be a collaboration between Clintons and Obamas it would have been planned and spotlighted very differently and not been the attempt to steal the political spotlight so by President Clinton with a personally political choice so of the timing of refusal to reschedule his selective surgery, maybe necessary for just the championed eating habits First Lady of another was then attempting to head line herself against.

The Clintons still sport a domestic and foreign popularity and charisma at times - they have worked as rivals to Obama’s cleverly these past years to daily be a alternative still and of an air that people made the wrong choice.  We have the serious consideration still much ahead of us for rest of 2012 real domestic democratic electoral considerations that Clintons’ global and foreign popularity as it is and what “foreign charisma” they trumpet as real is actually mostly and largely “BOUGHT” and too much with state run media operations and too near a “propaganda.”

And, it was years ago reported, by a doctor that claimed to be a friend of the Clintons, that if America could just get back to the average personal weight they had just before about the time of 1993 inauguration we could as Americans save near a trillion dollars in health spending - related to the increased average weights of the Clintons dieting championing, excessive dieting better labeled fast food feasting.

We do now have a real concern about former First Lady Hillary Clinton, even though as Secretary of State she has been less able to be a King Leopold than she could have or would have been “inevitably” if again our First Lady Clinton by Presidential electoral plays.

I can leave it to future scholars and PhD and masters students to write the volumes now possible to accurately trace the politics of the Clintons during the Obama years and each and every single moment the worked cleverly as rivals nearly of a partisan party treasonousness against the messaging meant to highlight and spotlight the Obamas.  There are volumes and volumes that can now already be written - I will stay with punditry and commentary myself, though.

The Democrat Party can accurately be tagged with being a party divided and much every time President Clinton is fronted whether by bought and paid for foreign propaganda by state run media or by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for being taggable as our worst leader of State ever. 

We can tag “Hillary” many different ways and maybe as much for buying and paying for a partisan and political foreign propaganda at least as much selfishly set for Clintons’ charisma as her boss’s and another First Lady. 

We can tag “Hillary” as being like of an “INTO THE DARKNESS” though less the King Leopold than she otherwise if actually “inevitable” might have been.

Our “King of Beers” now Belgian may have been topped as seemingly reported - and so may have the designs and plans of the Clintons to become cleverly “inevitable” and of a bought and paid for global charisma so that they would be undemocratic to a global new necessity and of essentially a practicable Clinton Autocracy.  We do have a Democrat Party divided — maybe though, still in denial. 

President Obama took it upon himself to offer a quick whitewashing of Clintons foreign support and expected bought and paid for “foreign charisma” when accepting that the Clintons could be too obstructive to his political chances after inauguration and to bending to Secretary of State Clintons as a “two-fer” politically inevitable and unavoidable.  Only on President Obama sense of financial ethics are we to rest any confidence that all of the funding of Clintons’ library and foundations have been properly and sufficiently probed for improper balances or unacceptable “foreign” gifts.

As Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s epitaph carved so and place more so than if a quote as it is about him for centuries to be considered after death as if a DRUM MAJOR FOR PEACE AND JUSTICE we should as President Obama in life to celebrate this eternal beat expressed by Dr. King as it seems when then in his last year seemed to answer so to a question for eons on how he long would best or most specifically care to be first remembered. 

I write here with President Obama having more opportunities to beat in life as dedicated to peace and justice and now as it seems his calling to address his too global and divided house/party. 

We have that it is likely that much or most of Clintons still existing foreign charisma and popularity has been bought and paid for and with private dollars when Secretary Clinton couldn’t find enough tax payer dollars even with vast new borrowing and debt assumptions.  We have that before we can think that President Clinton has any economic authority we should first see that he had made a noticeable difference to “revolutionary” change for those locally of Haitian economy.  This has been his current “JOB” much so and so the most deserved and recent consideration for a metric and measurement to judging.

I don’t know if it is easier to Google Senator Harry Reid for his comments about blacks who speak with a negro dialect having no real future to find it - or whether it is easier to search “Haiti Earthquake” and then look for news clipping about this port so full as a Port o Prince with blacks of strong negro dialect but to the news the day before of Senator Reid comments so then being aired as inappropriate.  I seem to be confident that it was day or two at most before all the “princes” of Haiti port so also of global put down - beat down about implications of “no negro dialect” and Haiti earthquake that Senator Harry Reid’s commentary set sail.  I don’t know how much this is of your beat - your drum beat or majoring.

Again, Happy Birthday First Lady Michelle Obama - again it is sad the partisan and political polarized mess you are still inheriting from the Clintons - and that you are a First Lady now much of a party divided, and now a nation at least so, too.

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Alive still at eight three Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is likely rolling over in his grave - tossing and turning with news of today maybe his second or third worst nightmare scenario.

We can imagine that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. would have been and early and proud supporter of this our still “present” and voting “Congress of NO!” as tagged.  There is a moral clarity offered by such.  We have those not of the “party of NO!” more to a “fog of war” and reach for eternal grayness.

Welcome to this new century - ALL!  As Martin Luther wasn’t born Michael nor as a “King” he did rise above his lot himself and to a construct of civility about forgiveness, and even such to a bought moral new clarity, it seems.  Martin Luther King Jr. and Martin Luther must be now if of today, physically and metaphysically, of wondering about Jobs and jobs - JOBS AND JOBS.

The half breed President now with a job too Jobian for some more than others may be one of the worst overdramatizations Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. might have ever imagined.  A black American, yes, but still too black but not enough a “black Irish” specifically — A son of a father and his dreams yet raised by the hard toil and work of a single mother, white.

The “Party of NO!” stands still with a real moral clarity quite inconvenient for President Obama and his JOB.  President Barack Hussein Obama can now only run towards 2012 elections to ask for a repeat - for a “new and improved” just not reasonable - just not “re-elect” “mandate” quality.  This Party of spend, spend, spend — spend, spend, spend again that is our modern Democrat Party has President BO stinking up faith and community and most race religions with its divisiveness and grayness.

We have a morality more fitting to even just Donald Rumsfeld and Richard Cheney for the championing and passage of much of the core of our current civil rights legislation. (You have all read their memoirs, yes?)  We have the storification of years of civil rights struggles with many Republicans of a Lincolnesque and of long Jobian struggles excessive to their jobs just for the obstructive behavior and politics of many Democrats of those days.  We have that President BO to stink up 2012 elections with his grayness up against contrast of “Party of NO!” moral clarity so that we are at a rare time where truth is to be flushed out for all and more of an equality with a “re-election” only to offering an option to “repeat” not to “new and improved.”

It is simple that half breed President Barack Hussein Obama could be today the worst possible truth for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and his life’s work - his ministry.  We have him Jobian, yes, and a hallmark figure for a Jobian life for all black men - but was massive unemployment and so more Jobianism as promise of “JOB” really what Dr. King was preaching?

President Obama with his ECONOMIC SUPPRESSION (not “recession” nor “depression” but design over-government “suppression” of economies.) has been an equal opportunity unemployer.  He has not been bigoted while to his Jobian for all.  He is hardly separable from the “mother figure” “Hillary” he keeps close - he keeps so close that it demeans his Lady Michelle, and looks like necessary compensation/compensating.

Critical to Democrat Party “grand” strategy was that there be some “bipartisan” history in any first term about so much top down torrent or trickles to so much forced “Jobian” for so many.  To be “re-electable” to a better future and not just a threat of a dangerous “repeat” they needed a corruption and complicity that a “Party of NO!” moral clarity does prevent.  It is a “dandy” - he has been quite a “Political Dandy.”

To be a man “Jobian” is to have a “job” even though you may not know it - right?  President Barack Hussein Obama with his “green” energy incivility and sans bipartisan has done more than Dr. King may have imagined to give every black man a “JOB.”

We have a half breed black man with a job - a holding of office of our President but with a keeping of a white mother figure a former master of such house close - too close - REALLY.

Really, you should have read KNOWN AND UNKNOWN, &, IN MY TIME by now - and not need a remedial educating now about how Rumsfeld and Cheney did as Republicans historically champion so much of our new civility.

Richard Milhous Nixon would have made a better Secretary of State than “Madam Secretary of State Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton ever might, even in her own dreams - her dreaming of getting away with being “Nixonian” without any calling her out on such presentations inadequately dramatic or timely considered.

We could make the case that “Hillary” is more “Jobian” as of a job and struggle she doesn’t understand - a real job challenge - too challenging.

Maybe Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. would today be having his first laugh, and a real belly laugh — at all these now “Jobian”.

It can be said that President Barack Hussein Obama is “BLACK IRISH” and his Irishness his secret - but I don’t think he is at all Spanish - so the Irish may be safe.  Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. today would either being crying or laughing - really hard to nail up today, you could say.

And so we have Democrat Party and their long worked ECONOMIC SUPPRESSION they prefer to dress up as a new GREAT DEPRESSION though really much worked less of a “Jobian” unawareness than a purposeful and dedicated socialism, as spoken indirectly and at time directly to.  We have that the SUPPRESSION got its first real political legs with “Hillary for President” announcement and that which soon followed as a partisan and very political polarizing declaration against capitalism and market principles as it was near:  “I will seize all oil company profits.”

It is hard to say how aware President Obama is about his existence in a world “Jobian” much the specific handiwork and plotting of the Clinton “two-fer.”  He may be too “Jobian” in his job - due to an unawareness of his politics.

I myself may be of a “Jobian” with wishful thinking that it isn’t actually all the Irish black half of President Obama.

We have that the old lower fuel economies was a job hog - a massive somewhat hidden private - public socialism.  We have that the Democrat Party acted without balance or bias condemning what had been one of Industrial Era greatest job saver and creator.  We have that President Obama was quite “Spanish” in his “greenness” with all his marches to whiter energy (cleaner?)  done with prior and full knowledge that such by Spanish did kill two jobs, about, for every new politically correct job it created.  We have that President Obama whether “Jobian” in such as his petty handiwork did overcome “Spanish” with such a rare dedication to partisan and polarizing politics was to, it seems, a march that killed three jobs for each of his ideological existentialism.


I am being “Jobian” writing about JOB - I am not the person best to discuss with scholarship Dr. King’s “JOB” or “JOB”.  I have no idea how he meant thought:   A JOB FOR EVERY BLACK MAN.  I don’t know if it was as “white” a condition consideration where a finding of a Holy purpose above savagery and isolation his specific ideological existentialism, and or metaphysical consideration.

It seems irrefutable that Clinton “two-fer” enough in the know to have known they would kill two jobs with every one of these new partisan and polarizing politically correct agendas otherwise effected — it may actually be “Jobian” for first black President, the more black “First Black President” than President Clintons “two-fer” was in their “8″ and that we may still yet have a “First Black President” with exclamations more American and historically fulfilling with one not a half-breed but directly up and out of savagery they way they once were more democratically considered.

And as now on review for consideration to a “repeat” President Obama knowingly or not, or not yet, approaches the steps anew to such free markets, such less free markets, historically.   President Obama is now up for sale with his labors what they be for our consideration of “p’s & q’s”.   He is set up now to be of lashings better meant or deserved by “Hillary” and yet may consider it his “JOB” to just suffer the fool.

Because Democrat Party “grand” strategy needed a corrupted and cooperative bi-partisanship to effect a new think to cover-up their own decades of malfeasance and misconduct and inadequate laboring - our Republicans are set now to run not “against” President Obama but FOR OUR GOVERNORS & WE THE PEOPLE.  President Obama is so left the scraps of his partisan politics to run against the Republicans running for what he has been long against.

I don’t know whether Dr. King would be laughing finally or crying today.  President Obama can be said to be one of the worst imaginable evolutions of his ministry, though black.

The grayness of the partisan polarizing political agenda of this sect of Democrat Party leadership has the “Party of NO!” set to 2012 elections with a clearer moral clarity.  They can stand for clean energy and proudly as we all bare witness now to miracles of science to new higher mileage economies that can only have been from their decades of careful job saving politics kept long supported as well in research and development so that when JOB’s less significant “new and improved” could be ushered in carefully and scientifically without it being a rash partisan knee jerk political a devastation upon a rather socialized private and public jobs construct in our free markets with lower mileage standards long a JOB saver and creator.

We have it obvious that President Bush must have been a “green” equal opportunity employer and leader as otherwise we couldn’t possibly be now witness to so many fast mileage improvements so quickly - we could be here today after Democrat Party rash political market meddling unless Republicans had long purposefully supported all the research and development that was ready so before it was prudent or necessary - unless purpose was to JOB killing.

Yes President Obama’s suffering may date primarily to “Hillary for President” announcement and effecting that had her of embodiment of a “socialism” with her declaration near exactly of “I WILL SEIZE ALL OIL COMPANY PROFITS.”

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Tonight Morgan Freeman receives the Cecil B. Demille Award from Foreign Press.  I am in this picture that was in Entertainment Weekly  when AMISTAD was the cover story - Morgan Freeman sits at end of isle to right that I am in middle of in back just off right shoulder of tall spectator with top hat.

Steven Spielberg would basically be best described as near camera and of same view - a view as if actually of his own jury.

This is where Paul Gulfoyle and I had a little tet a tet with him wondering who I could be that would dare tell him the acting instructions I did - I did pass on with confidence as he was to come into court room from a small balcony as if a main door and pivot dramatically with a piece of paper supposedly proof that Africans in trial were property of Cubans. 

RIP Pete Postlethwaite.

Congrats Kelsey Grammer - been an honor having you following my tweeting.

Paul Giamatti you still haven’t moved from Facebook friend request pending or confirmed that we played Little League together.  I do remember being on errands when near kindergarten to your home to pick up my sister then in first grade with you, or maybe it was then to memories for me of first grade and you of second.  You may be one of my longest Facebook “friendship pending” of the maybe near fifty that stay more hidden than most.

Jody, couldn’t help but notice you and many others.  Former Senator Christopher Dodd it has been a while, a long while since I once was asked by Princess Grace’s former personal photographer Howell Conant to include him in an order of flags flown over our Capital on Capitol Hill with certificates so from you - your office and as well for him as for his Block Island, RI home, and an Arizona home if I recall.  Jody, if I recall correctly Matthew M. here pictured was of this as audience when he received word he would be in CONTACT.

RIP Robert Mitchum and James Stewart - I will never be able to forget you two died within a day of each other and on the first days of what might have been my road trip to Hollywood if my used van hadn’t needed a rebuilt Dodge 318 engine from New Orleans area and so given me time to consider so much and decide to move to Washington DC instead. 

And to all of you - so many of you otherwise also mentionable and for many many years.  Have you told the foreign press about me yourselves yet?

J.P. Hogan

PS.  Christopher Dodd, a big hello to your daughters that but five years ago on some weekends would bounce by me out reading near Eastern Market with a big “HI Peter!”

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It is nearly two years
and two months that President Barack Obama has been our chief
administrator - especially if you include the months of “transition”
where Bush admin worked with them in an unprecedented manor for our

Are we now to a tomorrow where the
“remarks” given in “response” and tonight scheduled so for two of
opposition to President Obama to “more downloads” to private media for
later repeated listening?

That said: In the words of Barack Hussein
Obama, and in no particular order: His words, some, picked now from

p.163 > “Both Marty and Smalls knew that
in politics, like religion, power lay in certainty — and that one man’s
certainty threatened another’s.”

     “I realized then, standing in an empty
McDonalds parking lot in the South Side of Chicago, that I was a
heretic.  Or worse — for even a heretic must believe in something, if
nothing more than the truth of his own doubt.”

p.143 > “’Excuse me, mister,’ he
shouted. ‘Do you know why sometimes the river runs that way and then
sometimes runs this way?’”

     “…The answer seemed to satisfy the
boy, and he went back to his mother.  As I watched the two of them
disappear into dusk, I realized I had never noticed which way the river

     “A week later, I loaded up my car and drove to Chicago.”

p.140 > “Every path to change was well
trodden, every strategy exhausted.  And with each defeat, even those
with the best of intentions could end up further and further removed
from the struggles of those they purported to serve.”

p.139-40 > “Through a tall window, sunlight streamed down on a bust of Dr. King.”

     “’I like it,’ the director said after
looking over my resume.  ‘Particularly the corporate experience.  That’s
the real business of a civil rights organization these days.  Protests
and pickets won’t cut it anymore.  To get the job done, we’ve got to
forge links between business, government and the inner city.’”

     “On the spot he offered me the job,
which involved organizing conferences on drugs, unemployment, housing. 
Facilitating dialogue, he called it.  I declined his generous offer,
deciding I needed a job closer to the streets.  I spent three months
working for a Ralph Nader offshoot up in Harlem, trying to convince the
minority students at City College about the importance of recycling. 
Then a week passing out flyers for an assemblyman’s race in Brooklyn —
the candidate lost and I never did get paid.”

     “In six months I was broke,
unemployed, eating soup from a can.  In search of some inspiration, I
went to hear Kwame Toure, formerly Stokely Carmichael of SNCC and Black
Power fame, speak at Columbia.  At the entrance to the auditorium, two
women, one black, one Asian, were selling Marxist literature and arguing
with each other about Trotsky’s place in history.” … “At the end of his
remarks, a thin young woman with glasses asked if such a program was
practical given the state of African economies and the immediate needs
facing black Americans.  Toure cut her off midsentence.  ‘It’s only the
brainwashing that you’ve received that makes it impractical, sister,’ he
said. … The woman remained standing for several minutes while she was
upbraided for her bourgeois attitudes.  People began to file out. 
Outside the auditorium, the two Marxists were now shouting at the top of
their lungs.”

     “Stalinist pig!”

     “Reformist bitch!”

p.134-5 > “…I saw the African-American
community becoming more than just the place you’d been born or the house
where you’d been raised. … –I believed that it might, over time, admit
the uniqueness of my own life.”

     “That was my idea of organizing.  It was a promise of redemption.”

p.133 > “In 1983, I decided to become a community organizer.”

     “There wasn’t much detail to the
idea; I didn’t know anyone making a living that way.  When classmates in
college asked me just what it was that a community organizer did, I
couldn’t answer them directly.  Instead, I’d pronounce on the need for
change.  Change in the White House, where Reagan and his minions were
carrying on their dirty deeds.  Change in the Congress, compliant and
corrupt.  Change in the mood of the country, manic and self-absorbed. 
Change won’t come from the top, I would say.  Change will come from a
mobilized grass roots.”

     “That’s what I will do, I’ll organize black folks.  At the grass roots.  For change.”

p.125 > “It wasn’t your father’s fault that he left, you know.  I divorced him.”

p.122 > “Unwilling to make that choice, I
spent a year walking from one end of Manhattan to the other.  Like a
tourist, I watched the range of human possibility on display, trying to
trace out my future in the lives of the people I saw, looking for some
opening through which I could reenter.”

p.123 > {Barry’s sister on finding him
in NYC after first year:} “’Barry’s okay, isn’t he?  I mean, I hope he
doesn’t lose his cool and become one of those freaks you see on the
streets around here.”

p.115 > “Where did I belong?” … “What I
needed was a community, I realized, a community that cut deeper than the
common despair that black friends and I shared when reading the latest
crime statistics, or the high fives I might exchange on a (Hawaii)
basketball court.  A place where I could put down stakes and test my

p.100 > ”To avoid being mistaken for a
sellout, I chose my friends carefully.  The more politically active
black (Oxidental) students.  The foreign students.  The Chicanos.  The
Marxist professors and structural feminists and punk rock performance
poets.  We smoked cigarettes and wore leather jackets.”

p.98 > “Anyway, most of the other black
students at Oxy didn’t seem all that worried about compromise.  There
were enough of us on campus to constitute a tribe, and when it came to
hanging out many of us chose to function like a tribe, staying close
together, traveling in packs.”

p.82 > “We were in goddammed Hawaii.  We
said what we pleased, ate where we pleased; we sat at the proverbial
front of the bus.  None of our white friends, guys like Jeff or Scott
from the basketball team, treated us any differently than they treated
each other.  They loved us, and we loved them back.  Shit, seemed like
half of ‘em wanted to be black themselves — or at least Doctor J.”


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We now live with an extremism of radical environmentalist government
priorities.   And, yet, a:  ”HOW FAR FROM AN ADEQUATE PATH WERE WE
ACTUALLY?” is still a generally unasked question about our general
Welfare legend.  Was slow and steady working well enough?  Was regular
supporting and funding for research at our institutions of higher
learning actually on an acceptable and sufficient pace?

I am sure you all covered this actual survival story of our United
States this past weekend with your short and long talk — I am sure you
remembered all those that fell defending us from past facism and
socialism spreading attempts.  I am not sure yet that you knew or
remembered that other ways were available to address the GLOBAL WARMING

@MikeBloomberg tweeted this morning statistics informing his
“followers” and the curious with access that 70% of polution with
greenhouse gases reportedly come from urban areas.

Before President Barack Hussein Obama, maybe still of “greatest
hardship in life” being that night he slept in a NYC alley with his
luggage/possessions because he had made inadequate plans around his
arrival and first night in his new city — before our current President
condemned our previous pace as per the environment and green
technologies — we were of inventive entreprenuers with TV documentaries
about how they had succeeded in inventing a “greenhouse gas” capturing
“filter” device light enough to fit even on most city rooftops or more
“greenhouse” drafty areas near congestion points – we also were of
documentaries about how in just a few years residential roofing shingles
would be available as a wired yet mostly invisible solar energy
collector using entire roofs at least on sunny sides, and at expected
reasonable costs.

We did not need to go with Al Gore’s solutions even if his science
yet checks out – we could have added new industries and government
prioritizing without chasing the solution Spain had used that was known
to have cost two jobs for each new politically correct “green” job.

Now what?  Now what since President Obama and his “Demo Destructos”
have proven that their politics and policies are less “socialist” that
past carbon based industrialness of Republicans that was knowingly of
sustaining extra jobs and extra employment, and globally?

So to future Memorial Days.   May America still honor its legacy and
years of sacrifice to protect people from facism and socialism, for
many decades.   And, well, now:  What they heck is happening, really,
with the purported Cuomo “miracle” for New York State — how can a
special election be conclusive of anything yet since New York State
likely doesn’t yet have GLOBAL WARMING fully solved and nor does it seem
to yet have a set alternative to OBAMACARE as it likely will soon
need?   Shouldn’t it also be explaining “CUOMO MIRACLE” as with a way to
provide Medicare alternative within state just as part of our national
expectations that local alternatives should necessarily be “on our

Our Republic still stands but not without the greatest threats yet to it being the most recent threats?

Demo Destructos, though I may have said, back in 90s, when of
biggest thinking for change possibilities that such a green politic
could work - I am still believing about such old thinking that though it
“could work” I wasn’t endorsing it or suggesting that it should work or
be best.   And, well, with that said, now we are at an interesting
political crossroads where to “create jobs” the Republicans may have to
argue they are more “socialist” and to a hybrid modern solution,
different, but maybe too much as well of with attempts to “stimulate”
our economy of our United States of America from Washington. 

Are we now at a place in our Republic’s history where only our
Governors can offer “AMERICAN” solutions to our economics?   Our
Washington based Demos have taken apart so much once of “invisible
hands” capitalism and economics that Republicans at such level can only
also seem to be “socialists” to fix such?

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It is nearly ice cream season here in America’s northeast area of southern Connecticut.

With recent new of killing of Osama bin Laden was local state
government stories about legislative efforst against capital
punishment.  I still haven’t figured my state’s Democrats - I used to
categorically vote against them on any “foreign policy” advancement
thought regular to supporting them for local/community and state based

Seems we are ready as a country and an overgrown nation to be now to
a grand consideration of at least one new amendment to our nation’s
Constitution – seems such is a 29th Amendment suggestion.  

We can use Madam Secretary of State Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton’s
“example” much towards a justifying and ratifying towards such — If
President William Jefferson Clinton can be impeachable and disbarrable
for lying under oath then we really have to consider if any one charged
to be a professional liar within an administration is necessarily to a
Constitutional condition to stipulate a voluntary surrendering of any
law licence or bar association upon swearing into an executive office.

As suggested in earlier blogged column(s) a 29th Amendment seems now
justified so that any lawyer elected to our office of the President is
then to a required and voluntary surrendering of any and all law
licences and bar affiliations/associations – and all cabinet officers
not of Justice or Law enforcement duty.

We have a confusing complications about “impeachable” and
“disbarrable” these days, and not needingly so.   Our “diplomacy” is
largely about being as long dramatized specialists in “professional
lying” and so no Secretary of State should be allowed to undermine our
law profession by being still a licenced professional beholden to
smaller standards and affiliations.

We still have, with the impeachment and disbarring of President
Clinton, the fat of the story that had much consideration put into
whether First Lady Hillary Clinton was also complicit both in violations
of standards of our office of President and of legal ethics standards
about her law profession.  We still have the story of her as a willing
accomplice maybe essential and necessary about the “lying” that
President Bill Clinton was so long prosecuted about.

We should only be having to consider whether any so charged in
duties can be charged with “impeachment” or “treason” and such not as
well about a “professional” standard of a mere legal
establishment/affiliation/association/state jurisdiction.

Since the will of the People was recently remeasured and recorded
with 2010 elections we have been fresh upon, again, a corruption and
impeachableness of a Clinton and as also a disbarrable charging. 
President Obama’s administration wasn’t called “THE MOST CORRUPT
ADMINISTRATION IN OUR HISTORY” without such really being much about his
embrace of both “Bill” and “Hillary” and of their known and unknown but
supposed corruptions.

Clearly we should allow a lawyer to run for our office of the
President - yet hopefully for a full and well rounded personality,
sufficient to our nations “music” - but best now looking forward to such
only with a swearing in to such, if winnable, only after a voluntary
surrendering of all law licences and bar affiliations signed to so as
then to be sworn to.   And, yet so that any and all licenses could be
restored after office by review and finding by highest ethics commitees,
essentially present. 

Seems even “progressive” to advance a new legal standard that could
save us from so many discussions about “disbarrable” behavior by our
charged executives.   If we are to continue thinking we are asking them
to be as near above our laws as they seem to hope, then we really should
make it official, right?


We should be able to leave it for our lawyers and Washington
representatives to continue the discussions already ongoing as to how
“corrupt” this administration is and still as to “impeachable” or
“disbarrable” details especially around ethics - and ethics specifically
about one now much in a job as long dramatized near specifically to
“professional lying.”

Yes, this goes to “transparency” but more to a better “bureaucratic separation.”

I only saw the headline about my state of Connecticut being about
discussions against “capital punishment” so near after OBL headlines – I
have no idea yet how they argued around such “coincidence.”

As per Clintons, now, what do we have to lose – they have proven
that a “repeat” by them, as we have had with Obama near with Clintons’
old team, didn’t actually know how to “repeat” performance – such
suggests that they still aren’t the ones responsible for much of their
own “successes” and that they didn’t know it until recently themselves -
since why would they have tried a “repeat”.  Seems confirming of
thoughts that someone other than such Democrats actually responsible for
what were actually “successes” of Clintons’ 8. 

Don’t know what you can or should believe - really.  Don’t know how we can fix economy until such isn’t so true.



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Their “preparation Hillary” has worn off - a rash is about their own efforts to “set asunder.”

They are still one, oddly one a “two-fer” and supposedly a divided union or at lease one divisible.

The set to max the pomp to pompous around the circumstances they
deemed necessary to distract Americans from common sense and
sensibilities of Martha and George and old those until such much more to
an willing honoring of Washington(s).  They may have thought they had
found an effective work around our Constitutional prohibition from
grants of Title/titling by working to an essence of “titled” secured,
but not “official.”

Clintons must have spent years figuring out their strategies to even
break from English and their standards, to be and attempt to be even
further more necessarily French and Descartean.

It is quite elementary my dear blogites - a 24/7 “holding” cannot
legally be set asunder by another 24/7 “holding” - The Clintons are as
much still ONE in marriage, legally, for all souls as “Will” and “Kate”
of Cambridge now are.  They are English and subjects some of the Church
of England - we do use much of their language though not their
juridictions and jurisprudence here abouts.

The Clintons are quite scandalous.  If only they had been able in
essence to effect the pompous and circumstantial necessary to their
needed Descartean “separation” of a “two-fer” mind from its united soul
and physicality.  The needed to succeed at least to a minor essence of
“crowning” for themselves to get their desired and long sweated “work
around” of our “Martha” and “Geroge” sensibilities.  They needed their
hopes to become “essentially” titled to be hidden by distractions and
illusions of patriotism.

What is “Holy Matrimony” - to the Clintons?  What is “let no one set asunder” as about all “holding”?

Quite right, bloke, yee — The Brits don’t have our Constitution nor its 22nd Amendment limiting.

“Hillary for President” was a corrupt and illegal and un-American
quite corporate corruption hidden with clever Democratic attempts at
aggrandizements to a working and better left pedestrian Washington.

The Clintons being Clintons were best left to prove to us all first,
as they have, that we wouldn’t have missed anything if we had from day
one enforced the 22nd Amendment in the spirit of the days it was writ
and ratified so then of great and growing concerns seemingly still
likely of days of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt last terms really
having been the years, necessarily of Eleanor and their daughter as the
able minds allowed to assume helm of our ship of state, our State
vessel.   It was so writ, our 22nd Amendment by a new Republican
Congress nearly of as large an electoral sweep as our current Congress,
and with concern for all issues about a First Couple and transference of
power necessarily a part of term limiting amending.

So they nearly worked us counter to our history with their pompous
circumstantial “lawyers in love” constructs with the un-American
“Hillary for President” (or “Bill for President” if “Hillary” had
actually been a true feminist and force Bill to submission to her long
known desires to become President and he then to being the second
helping romanced). 

So they nearly worked us into their necessarily French and
Descartean separation constructs not at all seeming a part of now
partially witnessed “Will” and “Kate” ceremonies. 

The Clintons have, with their near domination of President Obama,
now shown us we wouldn’t have missed much and likely have been better
off not to have ever bought into their new Frenchy ”camelot” and their
“preparations Hillary” have worn off.

They have a Whitehaven and maybe still a Chappaqua - don’t know -
last I read they were trying to move up to something more courtly also
near New York City.   No Buckingham for Clintons now, and now with a
Buckingham instructive and soulful – Let no one set asunder not even
American elective standards/norms.

The French may even protest and laugh at Clintons for not getting
the French – like how can a married couple sworn to a marrital holy
union attempt to consider themselves and their 24/7 marrital soul
holding and physical holding when manageable attempt to posit that their
24/7 sworn holding wouldn’t be set asunder by another 24/7 prohibition
enabled on them Constitutionally against further “holding” of such an
also soulful charge and 24/7 “holding” duty?

Yes, the pomp and ceremony needed to secure the pompous and
circumstantial the Clintons long fought towards for themselves to as
near a “titling” as The United States of America allows has been
thwarted.  The Clintons are caught still sworn to their marrital
“holding” and oaths to “let no one set asunder” that also means American
elective politics that is not legally allowed to differentiate their
union as one into the convenient Descartean “two-fer” they
purport(ed).   Really our American Presidency is long historic as a
charge and duty to a 24/7 soulful and mindful “holding” as an embodiment
of such - an prohibition from future holding as in our 22nd Amendment
does necessarily raise that spouses are both “elected” when a married
candidate is elected.

The Clintonesque may actually be an absurd Descartean - I apologize
now to those all or also some French.   An election of another of
Clintons’ “two-fer” a united “one” in marriage would set asunder the
marriage vows about “holding” around “to have and to hold…” for a
prohibition from further “holding” already enabled by bulwarks of our
democracy and Constitution.   One cannot now be “elected” again to a
holding/embodiment still our tradition without such legally setting
asunder the other spouses marriage rights to “have and to hold.”  It is
definitely absurd, this Clintonesque, where it fails to work around
their sworn “holding” oaths such that it couldn’t and wouldn’t be legal
for a spouse otherwise writ as legal to such return to office of our
home office establishment within THE WHITE HOUSE then to “hold” the
other as such is an office of 24/7 embodiment/holding now
Constitutionally off limits.

“Hillary for President” was a corrupt and illegal/Unconstitutional
power grab also selfish and un-American.  “Hillary” as a member of
another administrations cabinet and so in our lines of succession to a
possible other “work around” to a prohibited further “holding” of office
of President still seems quite against the spirit of our bulwark of a
law - our 22nd Amendment - so of an era specifically of concerns about
FDR and Eleanor and even their daughter as maybe our then actual only
able and fit “leader”/”holder of office.”

Yes the 22nd Amendment forbids further holding by election and a
“two-fer” is still a legal union with oaths sworn to protect “having”
and “holding” and such usually with “let no one set asunder” – The
Clintons attempted a suggestion that their legal minds were separate and
completely objective and not barred by their united souls and
bodies/physics.  What nonsense.  Even if so, or possible, or just
granted to all members of the bars, such if possible is such quite to
being a natural disqualifier along “character” and “personality”
standard concerns.

What nonsense!  What nonsense all this in Clintonesque so about them
asking us to overlook how elective politics would set asunder their
sworn oaths to let no one “set asunder” their marrital “holding” and
“having.”   We want our First Couple to have soul - we expect our
President to have and hold his office/charge viscerally 24/7 - there
would be no time allowed for any further marrital “holding” such that
their marriage vows and commitments would be “set asunder” by another
election or charge within our line of succession.

Swear to one - be one - please!

Please don’t also try to be a Descartean or Clintonesque “two-fer”
construct positing and impossible and unnatural “objectivity” at least
if you are an American.

At least now they themselves have proven there was nothing special
or necessary that we now would be missing - at least they have been
given the space and even around their extra-Constitutional “Bill” as
either AMBASSADOR TO THE WORLD or as accepting of titling as PRESIDENT
OF THE WORLD BILL CLINTON.   It is much easier now that they have proved
they only had their same basic legal attitudes and character
deficiencies/objectivity again and so that President Obama at least had
more to offer.

Viva le French!  Beware still the pretenders.  I may be more
“French” than my name suggests - I have never cared much for Descartean
logic though.

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As Democrat Party head Wasserman Schultz waxed recently some hairy feminine issues saw air. 

A battle of the first ladies a tussle and tawdry with a war footing, yes, but that isn’t how it is being reported.

Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz as Democrat Party head did a disservice to First Lady Michelle Obama.  These are the days untried with legs of First Lady Hillary Clinton, the former, still walking falsies and with a loyalty more to her man than Michelle’s man.  It is quite debatable but hardly deniable - First Lady Michelle Obama has First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton now Madam Secretary of State Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton more loyal to her man than her man.

Attempts could be made to tell you what First Lady Michelle is thinking and specifically about seeming undeniable betrayals by First Lady Hillary, the former.  We have though now the tawdry of the tussle of Democrat Party Head Wasserman Schultz now with her recent waxing quite a feminine storm.  “Debbie” has legs - “Debbie” and her recent partisan and political incivility is incomparable - but quite reviewable and comparable.

This is still American Politics - though now more global and “instant” than ever before in our brief histories.

“Debbie” has called out “Michelle” now re: “Hillary” — this may be welcome and overdue - not the otherwise “does in…”.

There is hardly even one of President Obama’s foreign and domestic policy failures and short comings that cannot be blamed on inadequate council from Secretary Clinton.  Madam Secretary of State Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton has arguably stayed more loyal to her man than “Michelle’s” man.

By now you all likely have heard of the recent incivility by Democrat Party head Debbie Wasserman Schultz with her offering of partisan and political slant as a clear slight and attempt at smear.  We have that she, this one that is so doing in “Michelle” as mentioned may now incidentally be dragging First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton, though, finally into the gutter of this politics where she has belonged a while.  So we have Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz so recently of a near “TEA PARTY responsible for incivility that was Arizona shooting.”

I may have a unique status to comment on much of this - I have known “Bill and Hillary” since they were law students and so have since early 70s been stuck with a bad first impression, and momentous first impression that was dynamic and quite complicated, and yet I was only near first grade studies.  I have known “Bill” to bear false witness with ease and arrogance and “Hillary” to suck in up and then express “Then I will marry you.” and yet what “Bill” had said just before “Hillary” of such was a lie and bearing of false witness to what I had answered - had amended to my first answer upon a realization that their polling about whether they could both become President was actually not of two ambitious classmates separate fully but two bent on a union and grab at excess power holding, quite un-American.

And so now we are all in the gutter with “Hillary” — if it is to be heard and seen as with the political and partisan legs of Debbie Wasserman Schultz - Democrat Party head - then we are now late and overdue to the comparison:

The Tea Party is no more responsible for inciting the Arizona shooting incident with one of my earliest twitter followers Representative “Gabby” Giffords, speaker of the First Amendment in this Congress’ orations of our Constitution at it sessions commencing, and wife to a proud astronaut Commander Kelly, at all or at most even by half than First Lady Hillary Clinton is responsible for inciting radicalized Muslims to 9/11 attacks.

I have known these Clintons since early 70s and for a first impression real of a willful bearing of false witness now long to a marriage based on at least one lie, and a lie about what my honest answer had been to their polling when they found me alone at play in the school yard across the street from my home in a neighborhood otherwise much “Yalie” and one they seemed to know or think they would always have to have with them for even one win.

There are serious and hairy political legs with real history of First Lady Hillary Clinton and her crusades while such now critical and concerning as she goes little reviewed or litigated for her inciting behavior then seeming quite invasive and purposeful across delicate geopolitical otherwise independent and sovereign areas about the globe.

What can “Michelle” now do but express very publicly any and all concerns about Madam Secretary of State Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton and a history arguably clear and decisive of her more loyal to her man than her man?

“Debbie” and her review may now give cause for a parading of “Hillary” to the benefit of “Michelle” but not in a nice of civil way since airing of attmepts of partisan and political legs hairy quite as well with accusations of “inciting” causation against Tea Party that can only pale in comparison to the real legacy of First Lady Hillary Clinton and her inciting crusading that either was of a clear negligence with her as of a meddling without preparation or fair consideration or clearly of an willful inciting with an expectation that she would draw in and draw out radicals into a type of attack that then could be used as a convenient crisis to launch a real crusade to further her feminist goals, yet in ways so “executive” and “Powerful” that it should better have been limited. 

We have that “Hillary” could have edited or offered improvements to so many of the telepromptered speeches of her boss that is “Michelle’s” man.  We have that most of President Obama’s problems are seemingly from a lack of support or intelligence from one or both of Clintons’ power coupling - their “two-fer.”  We have that his State Department could have and should have provided many rewrites now for many of his speeches and especially simply so for a spell check for Russian word equal to “reset” or “overcharged” even.

We now are too a cat fight we shouldn’t be denied.  We have had early events and fights that could have been avoided, or avoidable more.  We have that our new Tea Party cannot be any or at least half as responsible for Arizona shooting incivility than former First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton aka Madam Secretary of State Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton is historically with clear provenance to a causation for 9/11 with her feminist crusading maybe an excessive use of executive power by a First Lady, or at least one too unchecked.  We have that she did travel to areas globally known to be turf for radicals and did offer dictates quite arrogant and imperialistic with emphasis on such peoples to a need to become more American in ways she “Hillary” was prescribing as to radically different social structuring both public and private.

The Arizona shooting is a sad event - yet sadder now for Democrat Party head Wasserman Schultz unerudite spillage so political and illogical unless a discussion of 9/11 causation also related and a decade already of attempts at protection and cover-up specific for the Clintons and their 8 years.

This is a tawdry tussle now walked out for review with hairy history and quite partisan and political legs — The Tea Party can not be at all or even half as responsible for inciting Arizona madness than former First Lady Clinton is actually for inciting radicalization across the Middle East (the whole Muslim World) whether willful or just with a naive negligence. 

We have as well that such crusading quite imperialistic that is First Lady Hillary Clinton’s legacy may not have been enough - but then we have that the Clintons together staked their political ambitions and future as well with gamble at gross and irresponsible cuts to our bulwarks of defense and intelligence departments and as well with a meddling quite with specific allowance and direction to new and greater walls of separation at our FBI between intelligence and enforcement security bureaucracy.

We have had this cat fight coming or one like it for a while.  We shouldn’t now be denied a full and dirty airing - our overdue litigation of hairiest of such so long of democrats and these issues and their hairy political legs.  We have as well that it is much still how Speaker Pelosi with the “Pelosi Congress” did fashion the purse strings.

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Yesterday I likely walked by more people than voted for charming Mitt Romney in New Hampshire primary. 

We have ourselves all now presently witness to Republican support of the arts - campaign art - PLUS.

It may be hard to shake that President Bush was too much “Little Rascal” and that Senator McCain too much “Hogan’s Heroes” but that a “President Willard Mitt Romney” as of republican legs - we may now be citizen people of “The beaver.”

As we walk our walks these days we are embraced by the Republican standards and their coddling of art with private funds.  Each heels up sit down whether in a museum or train station or home all comfy charms our souls now electorally with “smarter power” projections by even just “Mitt” - Mitt Romney for President artistry.

These channel considerations that are about may blanket you and yours all cozy and safer and while we see that Republicans are equal opportunity funders of political art - with private or personal funds/commitments.

Yesterday I returned home myself to put up my legs, but not without needing to cut off the blistered skin on my left heel and dress appropriately - attend with cream and coverage due after seven hours near of solid walking with all but two all around New York City.  Yesterday I walked by more Park Ave doormen - saw more and was seen by more such than maybe yet in all my walks.  I was as well all through NOHO and SOHO and Flat Iron and quite near redeveloping World Trade Center neighborhood.  I think I could have stayed with more athletic socks - but then I thought I would get to know New York subways instead.

There is a piece of skin now dry on my vanity once near the size of a silver dollar.  I did have moments to rest against the Council on Foreign Relations building and with entertaining distractions I have long found fascinating - I did find my self in town and at a location where Hollywood was set up and producing for TV new scenes for a new episode.  This time I was taken back in time some by proximity to a production for Pan Am.  I did nearly suggest I could get a cameo appearance, at least.  I did though wonder if I wasn’t looking for 86th Street and not 68th and so did walk up further north to compare and contrast before return and rest so mentioned.

We have many options now for “smarter power” domestically and abroad with most of this still sizable field of Republicans - the many proving that GOP do like to support art - and artistry.  If it is to be “beaver” Mitt as our smarted selection and deciding this November we likely will have a new arts scene to match and one not dependent on State art edicts and disbursements.  Our nation and our citizen people at home and abroad may though be quite washed/awash in beaver - we have Speaker Boehner of such country as well as Senator from Kentucky McConnell from such lore and rearing more customary of their/our BEAVER WARS.

Will Willard Mitt Romney and his Republican cast be a new Andy Warhol - and so of a new artistic revolution or devolution?

“Smarter Power” by most of these of modern campaign artistry that is our field of GOPers is more promising than a late or this late “Smart Power” machinations by Democrats that again has to have many stirring and spinning wondering why now if not earlier - how with Hillary now and not with Hillary whence?  It seems crass and crude art for Democrats now to so fund for “Smart Power” when such seems to suggest that then the eight years of Clintons’ 8 must now have been “smart” governance.

Global citizenry is an old condition and consideration.  We are now though anew to a consideration about Christianity and our Founding Fathers and all our peoples as to whether when traveling to travel as political devotees or just well heeled and soulful people/persons.  We have anew that some of Islam may be favorites and better at art and soul stirring of citizen people of desert habitats.  What is a “global citizen” and how much in the wrong direction and to an extra-Constitutional or Un-Constitutional have Democrats already hoofed it too far - their way(s)? 

We have that doors should have been barred from Clintons and their crass and crude “art” - that more barriers should have been established to have kept them from what was their second term.  We now can clearly appreciate a retrospective on Clintons and their second term as worse than a mockery of Jackson Pollock.  An:  “If only the Clintons hadn’t been re-elected!”  is a modern consideration due much retrospection and introspection, now.   We are Americans and yet the Clintons seem to have prioritized attempts to crown themselves with “Global” unelected charisma and associated foreign political popularity gathered not by electoral or democratic assumptions and attempted to move us all to a necessary global initiative to pronounce them essentially a Clinton Global Autocratic to be the new celebrated and adorned new “power” art.

If only the Clintons hadn’t been re-elected!  Fewer people have now voted for Willard Mitt Romney together in Iowa and New Hampshire than served at once as of our troop deployments for smarter power under President Bush in adherence to our Constitutional principles and with such a boots on the ground with walks and walk abouts to stand with as equals so that equal rights could be spread more equally, globally - at least where we had a duty or right to return and revisit where our security interests have had us previously engaged and with undesired compromises once ‘necessary’ yet no longer so.

President Bush a “Little Rascal” you could pine - did work steadily and with a standard and globally standard operating method to spread equal rights more equally.  He didn’t seize the day to try to use a rare global condition to effect a crowning of his “two-fer” to GLOBAL CLINTON AUTOCRACY.   A “retrospective” on President Bush is already showing artistry before little or sufficiently considered or discussed.  If I were to reread Turgenev’s FATHERS AND SONS I might now be able to work in a literary rendition for Presidents Bush.  We have a recent American story of a son picking up the standard of his father and carrying it forward as democratically as it was meant and still as much in a battle to stall or prevent any or all global initiatives to Autocratic machinations.

We now as we all move on South Carolina in mass have that Senator McCain would have been a better President and that the direction he wanted to take us though then thought the wrong way by enough is now refreshed and considerate, and, the direction we of a majority seem decided towards as both artistic and practical and necessary.  He may have been too “Hogan’s Hero” but he was “real” as a past prisoner of war.

We now must consider that Willard Mitt Romney is more or most “The beaver” and so for US most since Reagan.  We have that we have Republicans now more concerned than Democrats about pink slips for all beavers, and more so smartly globally still by such standard bearers of our GOP.  We have “Austrian” commentary and a TEA PARTY that could re-brand itself now as earlier in our history - that could now do Concordian artistry themselves as maybe an Austrian and America homage if now to “CONCORD HYMN SINGERS.”

We are not and were not consecrated to accept a “smart power” autocratic elite as Democrats have been to global initiatives as if expecting a crowning of just Clintons as necessary CLINTON GLOBAL AUTOCRATS.  We have that a “rascal” may have been right all along and “corrective” more than “apologetic” as per Iraq with a walk about to show America as an equal willing to stand with people of a nations majority, and keep standing until their own more “autocratic” removed and replaced with art more of the majority. 

We have that our Cold War had us inconveniently partied with Saddam and compromised geo-politically in Middle East and that when end of such global war ended we had an new paradigm about Iraq and Iran that was now then to a mine field of religiousity.  We have that if we hadn’t move to finally prosecute Saddam Hussein he likely would have us all globally of a nuclear arms race between Iraq and Iran, as of the rights that the Clintons’ “two-fer” were corrupt to allowing.

We have that Saddam Hussein if allowed the new freedom from prosecution and justice that the Clintons were nearly successful to he would be globally supported despite all his past criminality and war crimes to a right to be of a nuclear power and weapons race with Iran.

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[Really this must be some of George on Georgia - his peachy contraceptive query, political.]

See:  http://myblog.jphogan.org/index.php?s=samantha+powers&submit=go


Or visit http://myblog.jphogan.org and input “SAMANTHA POWERS” yourself in search pane.

Top of the morning you all.  - Peter

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To stay abreast of necessary modernity, civily, you might espouse, artfully, suggestions to a new “romantic.”

While strutting for absorption with fit ties for alignment a pot-hole still can become a “national” or “AMERICAN” expense.

Not now, not here? – So what
if you could pick-up a bag of hot-patch at a local homeowner oriented
service/supply center, while already out and about so strutting, and for
a fix for a pothole that could be near $20-$60 depending on how close
to minimum wage you are willing to adjust yourself as “shovel ready.”

Surely you wouldn’t need to
threaten funding for ARMY INTELLIGENCE with such a local solution - and
please don’t take this as asserted about our interstates - please keep
your reckoning and imagining here to your “LOCAL” street(s). Please
remember to diffentiate between your local militias and our AMERICAN

I have no idea how a town or your
town, specifically, values each “pothole” “repair”. I don’t know if you
and your neighbors think President Obama has tried to rush us all to a
JETSONS’ AMERICA. I do hope he isn’t cutting back on intelligence
spending, as the Clintons did, if so, and if not quite so.

Have we become a
Washington-centric over-dependent mass of futurists now out of touch
with a better locality, better romantic and heralded, such that we see
all potholes as AMERICAN POTHOLES?

Keeping the “intelligence” in ARMY
INTELLIGENCE, especially if President Obama is overzealous to a
JETSONS’ AMERICANA of grand Obama social constructs, is of a necessary
balancing respectful to, lesser considered fantasies of Obama energies,
spent so.

For the JETSONS it may have been
more an issue about turbulence, while Americans now wrestle with
“AMERICAN POTHOLES” a cost consideration as inappropriate as an
“AMERICAN DOCTORS” with “AMERICAN” as a qualifier for “doctor” in your
locality, and all American localities too, so unnecessary.

How much more does each pothole we
call an AMERICAN POTHOLE end up costing us and other taxpaying
citizens?  How much more will medicine by AMERICAN DOCTORS cost us than
here to fore general practicing as Medical Doctors of the Hippocratic

President Barack “Jetson” of
futuristic expectations and electric cars - and maybe some that can
fly?  A President charged up himself as the Commander in Chief - and yet
of questionable executive skill as per WAR POWERS and CONSTITUTIONAL
RIGHTS having some thinking “relevant experience” has his past
pre-office “experience” has his command of fantasy basketball league
decisions listed.  His “exit strategies” seem fantastic as only usual to
those of “fantasy league” play might explain, it seems.

Does his car talk fall apart near
as fast as his “intelligence” strategizing?  He is too much stuck
between a seeming intended planned and executed like: Bill will be the
dove and then Hillary will get to play the hawkisk Clinton?  Has he
missed all the warning and alarmism and years of dramatization about
crisis situations suggesting domestic evacuations and exit plans?

An interpretation of a Obama
strutting out as a new AMERICAN ROMANTIC of an ushering in of a new
homely and domestic localism with sporting competitions between counties
across states and state borders - now necessarily beyond “intelligence”
and so relegated to fantasizing.

Bump, bump, bump. What’s that?  What did the radio just warn?  Why did my car just die - how can I get out of here now?

Why didn’t he tell us?  Why didn’t
they start telling us before even the all electric car that our primary
vehicle will likely become disabled and unavailable for any domestic
evacuation if an electromagnetic pulse weapon part of first strike?

Why is it so quiet now — why don’t I have a car that even a Holley carburator could still be bolted upon in times of emergency?

Why is everyone saying now
“EMP?”? Are we now already that if we were to be attacked and with such
intelligent methods that we mostly would be without means now to
“escape” our localities?

If our technology now binds us
more “locally” even without considerating how many places it now lessens
a need to travel to, for many, how though now are we better to
intellectualize a medical fix not as nearer the afore mentioned pothole
scenario and with an avoidance of additional costs necessarily from a
shift from MEDICAL DOCTOR governance to AMERICAN DOCTOR government?

How now to an old HOLLEY ROMANCE
recarburated and strutted for years of growth back near the AMERICAN
OPEN ROAD glory days?  Before we go “all-electric” we should at least
ask if our current car isn’t already too-electronic?

“Barry” JETSON - I presume - I presume your Armies and all our forces have intellectualized adequate counter measures.

“Barry” JETSON - I presume all
AMERICAN DOCTOR conspiracies just add costs upon the expectations of a
sufficiently ”old-school” for days when 

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[Am looking for a economic piece - found this first - now to look again for pot hole economics focus other column.  I noticed some styling of this piece could possible be due some edits and revisions - it is reposted without any - Don’t have time to consider as much as I was when I wrote it this way at this moment.] 
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Are you ready to laugh - I mean it, are you ready to laugh?  ARE YOU READY TO LAUGH?

We could start with a immoral of this blog - of this column - of
this story - of these stories mixed and mashed, we could start off with
the heavy stuff but again:  ARE YOU READY TO LAUGH?

WAKE UP!  Remember where you are - and what time it is - and whom is likely to become President if you can.

It really annoyed me after 9/11 that I a resident of Washington DC
was one of most kept from access to Capitol Hill steps - that I was one
who had location on his side - in his “backyard” - and so was most
restricted of all Americans, with all others residing in DC while the
steps to our Peoples’ building a top Jenkins Hill, the Capital of the
United States were secured and closed for security purposes.

(These recent columns are giving rise to old confusion about our old English around “capital” and “capitol” again.)

This is America, the union of loosely affiliated and kept superior
in many ways with powers from “creator(s)” states.  We can speak of
rights to vote and be represented and then juxtapose over adage about
“location, location, location.”  We can say a proximity to power and
when otherwise with access due to location/nearness like restaurant and
grocery store communing or elbow rubbing may grant one greater powers
than a right to vote or also have a voting Representative - we can
suggest that a voting Representative for Washington DC is excessive
power for its residents and such “power” if granted to a diminishment of
American motivation and get up and go participatoriness.  It can be
said that to bring DC past “non-voting delegate” to full voting
“REPRESENTATIVE” may give the mixed and mashed of all parts of DC and
unfair amount of power near of double representation.

Really,  are you ready to laugh?   And, yes it really annoyed me
while out in our “backyard” our Washington Mall our Capital those years
of my ten so that the steps to power of the People were secured and
closed - I might have lost more weight sooner if I could have added step
running or climbing to the end of so many of my past short and long
walks - I posit.

So why are you back here this morning - are you looking for an escape - a piece of escapism political punditry?

Really, are you ready to laugh?  Governor Mitt Romney has an
interesting religiousity for our current problems and could probably
sell or pull off a driving of a tank of the Army of our Republic - the
American Army - The Army of the United States of America.

Not laughing?  Not laughing yet?  Have you read the earlier columns
here?  Can you guess the “immoral” message maybe to soon be the moral of
this storification today?

WAKE UP!  I used to regularly to see machine guns and guard stations
added permanently to annoying security presence tasked to keeping
public from steps to the power of the People built into architecture and
its purpose there upon Jenkins Hill.  The regular DC pot holes weren’t
as prevalent as I could remember from visits a decade or so earlier.

WAKE UP!  In DC and any where so a urban gathering center those of
residency in such a location with so much proximity may have by such and
excessive amount of “access” and “representation” if those of all
states there representing and their staffs and family are of local
community and normal human routines and practices - there is an inherent
“HOPE” that should be considered part of our “celebration and
discovery” for the incubator of democracy that is our District.

WAKE UP!  Governor Mitt Romney, the Mormon, so I hear, could maybe
pull off tank driving but only if he did so in all fifty states and in
their militia’s tanks of their state guard units.  I don’t think the
tithing revenue in the state of Utah funds their armored vehicles, but
that I haven’t looked into.

Not laughing?  Not laughing yet? 

Ok!  Well, then how about an immoral of this storification often
arising when those suspect arise seeing escapism possible and available
more than they think themselves of a fair due or worthiness - what about
when leaders have been around so long that each day that members
intimate in a past administration wake up still with powers of a new
administration and with sense that they are escaping due justice - what
about those that awake each day a more morally diminished American

No, this in not about an “immorality” about Mormons or their THE
there” at all - we have specifically been asked to awake and consider
members intimate in current administration also intimate in an earlier
administration and how by their waking each day they wake to an
undeserved escapism that diminishes their own “morality” so it would be
expected naturally with each new waking of a knowing sense of “getting
away with highway robbery or murder” ever present cloud like due

Not laughing?  Not laughing yet?

Still glad you logged back on here to see what may be a new political consideration necessary for our body politic?

Yes, this is about how the Clintons both awake diminished and
damaged more each day - each day more escapism offered them smart enough
and knowing enough to have some self awareness and conscience to and of
their personal guilt and past of at least some negligence.  But then it
is also about how a Mormon could be President and wear a “tithing”
system for states as a solution without injected of over lording a
forced religiousness.

Did you already know that part of one of our state’s American magic
is that it is maintained and somewhat marketed specifically with a
community sense and participation actually of a state based tithe

Can Governor of Massachusetts - former Governor Mitt Romney pull off
an Olympic new tank image but for powers to our states inviolate and
bolstered.  Can he pull off an Olympic Presidency where a Constitutional
set a march or maneuver not a retreat but actually an evolution
backwards to originally intended preservation of state and citizen
people rights?

Yes, we may all be suffering now - suffering more than necessary and
because one of both of Clinton 8 wake each day with an undue escapism
for them to weigh on them (their souls) all day to an immorality natural
to “getting away with highway robbery” or “getting away with murder”
self awareness or conscience.

Like Massachusetts and its Governor Mitt’s prototype for state
responsibility of a “community” that may still have been a government
intervention at too large a scale - we shouldn’t presume a support of
Utah and its tithe revenue stream as well either right for a
nationalization or appropriate for any other state within our union - of
the USA.

A “candidate” Governor Mitt Romney or as well a “President” Mitt
Romney may be better to avoid tanks as a domestic defense could still be
mistaken as a global offense - and well for these times - these times
also Olympic - a golf cart for commuting and messaging - or a Capitol
Hill Capital Subway - offers better gaming more discernible to a “moral”
administering and one as sporting and competitive as if either a stars
cart in Hollywood or Olympic in a specific non-Greek American way with
each governor of their own teams and venues also with vessels or
vehicles of like and/or matching quality.

But, how much diminished do Clintons become anew each day they wake
with more escapism from “immoral” tagging while knowing in their hearts
and minds that they were at least some complicit and negligent?

WAKE UP!   Yes, it is just as wrong to think that “Romneycare” meant
to work nationally as it would be to think that Utah’s tithing system
and revenue also appropriate for our union, our union not subscribed as a
necessary compromise or a “deal with the devil” imperfectness or
agreement to a lesser “perfect.”

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And so it came to pass, that a great opportunity was left to wither on the Dems’ “vines.”

We had the technology - we had the economics - we had a NEW “house” on a good foundation!

We just needed like “new Alcoa Aluminum” gutters for a “Certificate of Occupancy” and “TEXT… TO…”!

But, alas, they came to say “we need a new foundation” - but why, but how?

“We just needed the new Alcoa Aluminum seemless gutters and a new key can be passed properly C.O.’d:  APPROVED!”


Why still to: “we need a new foundation” and in old big government “GUILTING” to record new SPEND AND TAX?

<  > CASH for short?  [old canvassing joke, from days of winter
door to door citizen action canvassing chit chat.]

A new “foundation” wasn’t needed nor new BIG GOVERNMENT anew in GUILT TAXATION and GUILT justifications.


We can rebuild it!  We can rebuid it!  We can rebuild it?

And to a new tech solution that allows
less BIG GOVERNMENT GUILT and more happy citizen cohorting and
socializing with flocking around “pop” and “hip” new “solutions” where
dollar for dollar a dollar given to go further?

[I think the old canvassing joke
started as:  Hello, my name is _______________ and I am here tonight

So no need for Million Dollar Man
solutions most days you walk down the street - your street - and see a
pot-hole or a broken water main?   No instinct even to think past what
bus or “how many blocks to walk” to find a doctor and medical care?   So
when and where are you in your daily trapsing where you actually do
think you need to call Washington first even because of a pot-hole - and
while remembering seeing a “Hot-Patch” at local lumber yard on sale for
less than $20 and sufficient for such?

{Hard to blame this one on just
Clintons – but then “Mr. President” Bill Clinton did seem to hold newly
elected President Obama “hostage” on first official visit (or near) to
New York City with a political power play of insisting President Obama
visit his Harlem Fiefdom and with Press and CAMERAS for a “bowing” to
President Clinton with a broadcastable “President Obama of saying ‘Mr.
President” to President Bill Clinton with enough respect and “aires” of
like “well I can never be as great as you - Mr. President Clinton”?}

{Hard to blame this one on just
Clintons – but then near first move of new Secretary of State Hillary
Clinton was to a proclamation that she would take her “guidance” from
same place Dante did (meaning I think God and not the Devil) and as
Presidents Clintons had and so as most clever “insubordination” and to
obvious “subterfuge” yet maybe ever witness in Executive Office Cabinet
Level Politics.  See “Hillary” seemed outright from day one to be saying
she wouldn’t be listening to President Obama for her sense of “duty of
charge of office.”}

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THE WORLD doesn’t need to be guilted into doing the right thing - it
doesn’t need its WASHINGTON to tell it what to do to be great.

It corporate jet “problem” is really as much a problem of its liberal artists and their compensation and private jet lifestyle.

America doesn’t need its GOVERNMENT in
WASHINGTON to control all its monies for good - it once had a more
vibrant and energized voluntary good organizing about it just in past
decade in days before this “community organizer” set about the
“redistribution” he threatened “Joe the Plumber” he would.

Our office of the President seems to be
disappointing its current holder as once again like his earlier personal
problems with community organizing that have a tone about them
throughout his DREAMS OF MY FATHER with “I got to get out of this place
(community) - If I only had real power what I could do - I got to get
out of this place” nearly as now again “Barry” finding that easy money
isn’t easy to come by and much else inherently in such tone of book.

President Barack Hussein Obama seems to be
finding that exactly what he felt a strong desire to get away from
cannot be gotten away from even by our President with our Constitutional
Powers of our office of the President.  His recent performances seem
much of same attitude expressed in his DREAMS OF MY FATHER of trying to
move on when going got real – he seems to be stuck thinking ROBIN HOOD
Powers came with an inauguration to holding such office and without real
powers to bring people together would be needed not just a title and
simple attempts to dictate.

It can be argued and has much over many
years been so aired that we are THE GREATEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD just
because we don’t need our WASHINGTON based national government to do all
the spending, and specifically much of spending spree/binging this
administration has been attempting.  If liberal artists can have
their very high compensation and private jets how can it be so bad for
our corporate leaders to be compensated with similar balance/ratios?

President Obama objects to “carrots” of
corporate psychology and ambition that have long motivated business
leaders and similarly liberal artists - and so now obviously with a
personal method prefering the “stick” to “carrots” with “guilting” his
motis operandi. 

Again, we are a great country today
specifically because our citizens have been willing to spend much
voluntarily and selfishly with personal passions for causes of their
hearts and minds and so that we haven’t needed the type of spending that
President Obama has been wanting powers to since, it seems, his
distasteful community organizing days.

With such so much at issue with these
recent performances by President Obama it is now even more sad that last
night with his calls to “balance” and “to avoid politics” he not only
mostly played politics he denied many real causes of economic downturn
and played politics with 9/11 and then as well with veterans with his
specific priorities per “necessary spending” putting “roads” ahead of
“veterans care” and then “medical advances” after “veteran care.”

If you have found the above here than you
likely already know I strongly believe the Democrats have been mostly at
fault for this current great economic down era and well beyond the
quite real factor about such that was announcement of “HILLARY FOR

Besides how many private citizens were
empowered with interests and new technology and internet(s) (use “(s”)
when emphasizing competition in net web world) such that many issues
about these “spending” excesses by President’s degrees and attempts to
dictate are also much of spending that our Washington doesn’t need to do
because our states, counties and cities are actually set up to do it
better and more fairly with wealth and property tax systems.

It is also much the Democrats fault for
very poor economy just because they attempted so much without first
attempting to change entire federal tax system so that our income tax
basis couldn’t work as a natural check to over-reaching and
over-governing by our leaders.  Dems shouldn’t have told people that
they shouldn’t be working so hard and expected to still get enough
revenues from taxing their work - as a “green” example — and shouldn’t
have told those making profits that they were bad and guilty for
creating so many profits and income such that a “compliance” or
“acceptance” would then greatly as well cut off the revenue from profits
and income these Dems had been planning on spending.

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IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE, as “past is prologue”?

President Obama’s past with OBAMA’S BERLIN SPEECH now critical reverbing concerns?

Is our new banking reform now profiteering like fortune telling
towards a unlikely and improbable turn to right’s favor to community
based capitalism, and now with local neighborhood and community banks
empowered in fair “revaluations” to help level the confederate republic
of our United States at state and local levels to better rulings on
international playing fields, towards more level competitions?

Has it turned out to be so that these Democrats in attempting to
excercise a thought loophole in our Preamble verbage, and subjectifying
in certainly odd cappings, have now consecrated new laws, financial,
that cannot long hold their socialist dreaming as inherent now to
hallowing all back to community capitalism, and faster to a new
federalism than any Republican electing in 2008 could have dreamnt or
hoped, audacious, due to likely unavoidable opposition from these same

Things not at all how you thought they were?

SCOTUS:  Did you consider the lesson I recently reread telling of
while reading ARAFAT by Alan Hart, by Hart as official biographer with
necessary access back in early 80s?  Did you consider the lesson ARAFAT
and his brothers tought his captors of jailing them for activities so
told about wouldn’t keep them from such activities and coordinatings of
current or future such activities?  Do you know or did you of a history
of birth of Ba’athist Party in Damascus maybe in late 40’s I hadn’t read
of specifically of “Ba’athist” as a word meaning “resurrection” or
“renaissance” and that party was started by progressives intent in
creating a single Arab socialist state?   Have you considered how such
birth helps explain American Democrats favoring and forgiveness of
Saddam Hussein as our Republican couldn’t abide, and yet still with
Saddam’s personal history of having climbed such party ranks as an

Things not at all how you thought they were?

POTUS:  So you did mean your orations from Berlin to have been
legended and keyed around an allegorical of all “heirs to” of with usage
of “my father” as “Father Russia”?

SOCIALISTS:  If government is supposed to have all the answers,
socialist, and top down, then now how do you explain our blue bayous?  
Their MMS?  There threats of years on since Hillary for President soap
box rants to sieze all oil company profits and such as it may have
driven oil companies to risk cost cutting to try to find a way to stay
in business without profits?

seems certain in its odd and specific emphasis with unexpected and
unusual for its and our times still - capitalizations, and, as intended
as a legend or key for the chorus and refrains of all that follows more
specifically than such few poetic words, legal, though still poetically,
and, legal, within our preamble of “We the People…general
Welfare…secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves…” and with
“general” certain in obviously not “General” as dreamnt up meant by
Obama’s father and himself to so “socialist” fit and loophole needed
with “People” not “people”?

Washed up now on our shores, all, these words of once young Senator
Barack Hussein Obama, from Berlin, and with “my father” as like “Father
Russia” (dream):

{note:  yes this speech shows more pride in communism than American
capitalism and apologizes for America and speaking of America not
getting along with other nations and peoples, and almost all its while
pining for Soviet communism. His comments yesterday as President Obama
speaking also pinningly of old Patriots, Soviet add confirmation to this

  1. “I come to Berlin as so many of my countrymen have come before.”
  2. “I know I don’t look like the Americans who’ve previously spoken in this great city.”
  3. “The journey that led me here is improbable.”  (me: not as past American leaders go)
  4. “And, you are here because you too know that yearning.”
  5. “On that day, much of this continent still lay in ruin.  The rubble
    of this city had yet to be built into a wall. The Soviet shadow had
    swept across Eastern Europe,…and pondered how the world might be
  6. “People of the world – look at Berlin!”
  7. “Look at Berlin, where Germans and Americans learned to work
    together and trust each other less than three years after facing each
    other on the field of battle.”
  8. “Sixty years after the airlift, we are called upon again.”
  9. “The fall of the Berlin Wall brought new hope. But that very
    closeness has given rise to new dangers - dangers that cannot be
    contained within the borders of a country or by the distance of an
  10. “In this new world, such dangerous currents have swept along faster
    than our efforts to contain them.  That is why we cannot afford to be
    divided. No one nation, no matter how large or powerful, can defeat such
    challenges alone.”
  11. “Yes, there have been differences between America and Europe. No doubt…”  (me: what no mention of USSR here where fitting?)
  12. “That is why the greatest danger of all is to allow new walls to divide us from one another.”
  13. “That is why America cannot turn inward.  That is why Europe cannot
    turn inward.”  (me again:  What about Russia and Soviet “Patriots”?)
  14. “If we could win a battle of ideas against the communists, we can
    stand with the vast majority of Muslims who reject the extremism that
    leads to hate instead of hope.”  (me:  Oh God!  Reagan wouldn’t have
    said “a battle” and so that this was as seeming a pining to winning one
    for the socialists with a defensive win in debating for ideas of
    communism - Reagan would most likey have said at least “The battle” and
    not let a sentence stand that by with just adding a coma after “ideas”
    would also read strongly as pining to win the battle of ideas for
    communism.   Again, Ba’athist Party as told founded by Alan Hart in his
    authorized biography of Arafat was of a conception as a “ressurection”
    or “renaissance” progressive party towards the goal and idea of a united
    singular Arab socialist state.)
  15. “This is the moment when we must build on the wealth that open
    markets have created, and share its benefits more equitably.”  (Oh,
    God!  no capitalist and free marketer would be caught alive saying such,
    right?  “Build on the wealth that open markets created…” and not on the
    ideas of open markets that created it like of “teach a person to fish,
    instead of just giving them a fish?)
    ISOLATINGS:  “Will we stand for the human rights of the dissident in
    Burman, the blogger in Iran, or the voter in Zimbabwe?  Will we give
    meaning to (me: JUST?) the words “never again” in Darfur?”  (Oy! Oy! Oy!
    – so in his dreams from his father he gets to lead with there only “one
    dissident” and “one blogger” and “one voter” and play golf while only
    considering the meaning of words “never again”?)
  17. “We are people of improbable hope.”
  18. “But I come before you to say that we are heirs (to his great “my
    father” and his dreams and such as allegorical as “Father Russia” - long
    live the Patriots, Soviet - Hi Afghanis, recognize me?) to a struggle
    for freedom.”
  19. “…and remake the world once again.”

SCOTUS:  A ruling please, a ruling please just treating USA equal,
please!  Again, if President Obama were to shift his “speech” back to a
“war on terror” wouldn’t your recent “terrorist support” speech ruling
act as a gag on free speech as “critizing President Obama would seem
desired by Executive Branch as “terrorist support” speech?  Please, oh,
please rule and judge our preambe to be a full and legal Constitution in
itself and so as written a bar to socializing Americans at any grouping
larger than near community as such a bar in it odd and certain
messaging in rare and quality capping with “People” in contrast marked
so with “general” in “general Welfare” and with “secure the Blessings of
Liberty to ourselves…” too.  Please treat the preamble as law and the
legend and key for rest of binding Constitution with each oath of office
taken with defending pledge. 

ECONOMISTS:  Yes our preamble seem a poetically keyed legend in law
for full scope and purpose and economics of all that follows within. 
Yes, economists, its odd and certain capping does bar socialism with
nationalism and nationalization also with such consecrated around income
taxation instead of wealth taxation and free press instead of state run
media.   Yes our communities and parishes are still free to be small
communists and argue regularly for a fair redistributing in their PSAs
and sermonizings, even our state governors, have nearer basis in wealth
taxation and a duty to act more “communist” where federal representation
so barred, seemingly, and more regularly but with debate and
justification in cause, cooperative, for more or greater and even
sometimes less - redistribution.

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Whose jurisdiction is it anyways?

She who smelt it - dealt it?   She who smelled it - cast it?  She who smelt it cast it?

It is inescapable now.    The beat goes on, the heat must be brought to cast still anew.

The Clintons a poor “alloy” of poor and inferior “metallurgy”?

Whose jurisdiction is it anyways?

The “rich” - the “evil capitalists” do
not have to work, but have, and have been to generating to income and
profits into a federal revenue stream.  

Whose jurisdiction is it anyways?

Our communities and states have the power to tax wealth and property, rightly.

Whose jurisdiction is it anyways?

Our federal government and its primary
revenue justification of a basis more “democratic” in productivity and
“work” and as yet another way to “express” or “vote” upon current
policies and politics.

Whose jurisdiction is it anyways?

And, now with our state’s Nation Guard
units “combat ready” for “globe wide theaters” able maybe soon to
return home ready to defend just their home states?

And, now so with a celebration of our
states and such uniqueness and comparative advantages with a specific
“quartering” program?

And, now with our federal government
of attempting a taking of state’s rights beyond the practicability of
our federal government’s revenue structure and “taking” method in it’s
basis on income and profit/gain?

Whose jurisdiction is it anyways?

The wrought of the Clintons of faulty “alloys” and “metallurgy”?

The wrought of the Clintons with “Hillary for President” a conundrum to a lesser American essence?

The wrought of the Clintons with
“Hillary for President” not just a call to vindication of “Bill” for his
history of infidelity but also a call to celebrate “Hillary” as the
empowerer and enabler? 

The wrought of the Clintons with
“Hillary for President” still an unthinkable beat of a calling to
celebrate infidelity and at our highest levels more than as just a favor
to Clintons?

Whose jurisdiction is it anyways?

As the stink and “ode o’ Clintons” wafts anew?

As the era of Clintons of a recent attempt theirs to a vindication haunts anew in still poor “metallurgy”?

As the policies and politics of Clintons now of the same poor cast anew as Obama’s?

Whose jurisdiction is it anyways?

The rich do not have to work,  cannot be told to work to “income” or “profits” and can use not working as another way to “vote”?

The rich do not have to work,  and
especially while Washington politician of a saying Americans have a
right to not work, or at least not work to have comfortable living and
benefits once of a needing of all to be working?

The rich have as much right not to
work and to embrace Federal Government wanting to take care of them, and
yet the Federal Government’s revenue stream isn’t of a taxation
jurisdiction to fund such so?

Whose jurisdiction is it anyways?

Because of our tax structure across
different levels of our Republic mustn’t some conclude it is not our
fed’s jurisdiction to run programs that necessarily need a basis in
wealth and property taxation - for fairness?

Oh, my what is all this “stink” - the ode o’ Clintons exposed ridiculous and rude?

Shoot, what are all these “faults”?

Shoot, whose are all these poor casts?

Question authority?   Live our
preparedness for our own states now even globally ready for “combat”
with a “good” from the Clintons’ years a new emphasis also on our
states’ National Guard uniquenesses, and each to their own “readiness”
for global competitions? 

Quarter authority?   These are ”COMMUNITY” issues not “BIG GOVERNMENT” necessities?

Question quartering?   Our federal
revenue flow dependent on the will of the taxed and their “motivations”
and “common sense” calling them to “adjust” to less productivity and
profits whence a sense of “immoral” or “irrational” pervades into our
national politic?

Whose jurisdiction is it anyways?

And, now with “Clintons are BIG LIARS” more to a “Clintons are bad liars”?

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