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A disrobing of the President is about - per his “Let me be clear(s)” - and his Lew’s demonstrative postulating considerable regarding “The President’s ‘PRINCIPLES’” as if a sufficient end-all of all be-alls:  It seems our current President has a lot of religiousity to specifically answer of and for - it seems as our President disrobes it should take a while as a robe for each of all faiths co-existent now with-in America and the rest of the world as we know are of his high claims and braggadocio unique to his “personality.”

We should expect he is ready to be before our highest of Justices ready to “prioritize” with his expectable pontification with a professional thoroughness respectful for each faith’s “robe” he claims to be fit to wear.  We should expect he and all of his of Obamacare are ready to thoroughly “disrobe” - to peal away all applicable sensitivities and nuances due full respect and freedoms under our separations of the naked beauty of their attempt (over-reaching?) to a new “body politic” for the United States of America.

How will President Barack Hussein Obama who wanted, so wanted, to be easy in office of just a “personality based presidency” now show all the “robes” of all his already existent past claims and properly “prioritized” to be respectful of all faiths he claims no abridging or infringing of contrary establishment.  I think I have actually had his number since I was maybe in 7th grade - but left him more for my older sisters politeness and Christian benevolence, as I remember it wasn’t fair that a question about whether I was ready for schools oratory contest with President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s “DAY OF INFAMY” speech as if I had to give it in Hawaii instead had someone four years older from Hawaii, it seemed, the only challenger, taking the spirited call. It is easier to understand my political relationship with my sister if you think I have disagreed with her politics and political skill more than agreed, yet start at 50-50.  It is hard to forget when a serious moment like readiness to publicly orate a declaration of war becomes a “B.O.” childish whimsy between pal questioner and myself both a wondering if we would even think we should run for president if our initials also were abbreviation for “body odor.”

I was just remembering Gloria Steinem for having been a reviewer on Judith Herman M.D. then brand new book “TRAUMA AND RECOVERY” - and this fits with my sisters varying degrees of designed separation much within and of years of my entertaining and very political musing.  I grew up with older sisters much in our 70s and 80s and around so many “new” ways being tried piecework by piecework obviously for a new feminism but not one already figured out.  For those of you joining my regular reader with this piece as near your first - I know I have known Bill and Hillary since I was in first grade, and for a bad first impression they left that left me aware and considerate that it may be best never to forget them.  I must have taken out of my K-4 Worthington Hooker School Library (converted classroom with books) one of two or three copies of “MEET GEORGE WASHINGTON” at least near 20 times in those years there.  I don’t know if I thought it an antidote to the bad impression the Clintons left - but I cannot now say that is not why I was so often returning to a book about George Washington.

I do not know how a former Constitutional Law Professor can let any underling do the disrobing of his defensiveness of Obamacare for our highest review while it is his own claims that have been called out seriously regarding he and his “principles” as per Un-Constitutionality.  As per my seventh grade oratorical performance I did take second place that year - and may have agreed with first place thought that I didn’t want to take a declaration of war city wide, or initiated and stood with that thought by myself - I may have been willingly psyched out by one speaking flowery and romantically, and even in an African American verse which with she was naturally more familiar and strong.

We have a history of Nixon tripped up by what became a too secular and political partisan socializing than nearly turned our national ratings all to XXX as with Mark Felt dramatization as “Deep Throat.”  We have a new President embroiled also in a fog of separations and foresworn rights.  We have that President Obama has implied and/or asserted that he is of a personality able to bring the peace and understanding as per all regards of our otherwise Constitutional writs and recently with his Chief of Staff specifically pontificating of an existent “Obama Principles” - we have heard now of the French Revolution and anew references to guillotines - we have as well with all the supposed “robes” to be peeled away with a careful, and respectful prioritization that President Obama isn’t to be crucified or knocked onto wood, so.

If you are like me now about all this you likely have more questions than answers - and really - knock on wood - there seem to be so many “establishments” to hear out and especially with an anticipation fairly to be expectable specifically from President Barack Hussein Obama, our 44th President.  We do have that our “Deep Throat” historical did blur the lines of separations and individual uniquenesses betwixt and between each and all and each and State - that as we near XXX rating cross-religious realms fogged up.

Happy Presidents Day - I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t now want to be in this President’s “robes” - not this month, not next month, not likely at all for 2012.


                               XX   XXX  XXXX  XXX   XX

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HAM = #SMW12 - Thank you all that decided @jphoganorg had the most interesting tweets and post of 2012 Social Media Week
STOCKS = #SMW12 Healthcare reform issue gets interesting when “jury” in
“injury” reminds us our is of and from frontier justice - but old law
and practice such that our Bill of Rights interestingly foreswears
America from having National Healthcare - as the ten rights give Power
to cause injury in protection of person and property that our National
Government best leave alone to penance, penitence, and forgiveness if
not the blocks for public shame for chicken thiefs.
PORK = #smw12 - other dark meat of politics to entitlements partisan to “re-election” more than “governance.”
= #smw12 - What some politicians still haven’t been able to
realisitically find for the rising (costs) they promised when promising
their spending as smart and intelligent and even actually possible.
= #smw12 - hope you all enjoyed learning of my involvement and length
of creative involvement - If I posted another old poem of mine from
efforts to global positive change and IBM and Politics from my THE
CHARGE OF NEW FEDERALISM I might put up the one harkening as Da Vinci
code in poetry - my: DRUMS ROLL. For I believe it is from the sharing
of that one from 1991 or92 that had a Dan Brown in my head asking for
the part of a stanza or two spirit that was in such but that I didn’t
want to develop. I had been about helping Eli Whitney Museum then
design and build an exhibit on Leonardo when I wrote such to close my
TCONF - Hmmm? Hadn’t abbreviated it before - interesting as “TCONF.”
= #SMW12 - What Clintons shouldn’t have had so much of during 90s when
wanting to have it too. What we are thankful for still and much now
because the world didn’t end - the world didn’t end by fire in 1992.

STOCKS = #SMW12 Healthcare reform issue gets interesting when “jury” in
“injury” reminds us our is of and from frontier justice - but old law
and practice such that our Bill of Rights interestingly foreswears
America from having National Healthcare - as the ten rights give Power
to cause injury in protection of person and property that our National
Government best leave alone to pennance, penitence, and forgiveness if
not the blocks for public shame for chicken thiefs.

= #SMW12 - I was going to make “GRAVY” yet thankful but remembering
that our 90s were a great mess and not yet the foretold more complex and
heavy mess it looks like it could have been. Thankful like when of
gravy but grateful we still have our bacon. Don’t know why when
Clintons’ got served what they did they ate and ate and ate so that now
we still may have statistic that if Americans could get back to their
pre-Clintons average weight our nation should be to saving a trillion
dollars in healthcare costs. “PEACE” wasn’t on their platter - and yet
all they shilled was PEACE DIVIDENDS - Go figure?

[To consider how thankful I am that some, even most, of artists that benefited from my creative - strategic and direct musing for so many year - It helps to know that when Hillary Clinton announced “Hillary for President” I put out the word that near none of them were supposed to believe or interpret that any of such past collaboration and sharing should or could be interpreted as meant to help her and Bill with such.  I may not be thankful that most may have forgotten or ignored a consideration to if their common muse was actually being kept with any normal motivation towards such so generous - but I am still thankful that letters emailed to Kelly Bush as Natalie Portman’s Public Relations Professional (And Stan Rosenfield - If I am this morning remembering correctly without double checking) seem to have gotten such word out that nothing I did was supposed to now be used at all to help the Clintons, and that I owned most of such S**T - not them.  There were some efforts I considered exempt from such cease and desist that pre-date David Geffen and that half of Clintons’ “friend” that walked away very publicly and politically from them.  I might have been willing to help Barack Obama once elected - but not after he embraced the Clintons - and kept them embraced past the first year he should have used to try to clean up his own party and politics.]

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{Format oddity is from “copy” - “paste” — It is not here
 as purposeful, just as too much to bother re-justifying.}

How fitting and
mad, just mad, that legend of Amabo the anti-Declaration of
Independence, did either stand proud, and diminutivish, with the Crown,
or did stand, as a conquering neo-colonialist so with first speach for
such on high as Americans support, so with his Westminster Hall
appearance likely still too much of his apology and apeasement tours.

Was it all such too much for HARPO Productions to cover with Oprah Show?

How mad, just mad.  How now even a “Madness of King Amabo”?

Was it grand colonial power envy that has long
known neo-colonialist Amabo seeking such a stage — was it something less
sinister and socialist - a modern “hybrid” much ensconced in a mad made

First we had the madness that was of the lead
up to 2008 elections of the Pelosi Congress suggesting President Bush
should be able to fix economy by staying true to spending side of
Clintons’ SURPLUS, and Pelosi’s personal rabidness about such irrational
party pride.

So now we have a generally corrupt media with
the reported “most corrupt administration in American history” (like -
like maybe from Rep. Issa).  There is so much they could have shared to
better inform all - there is so many truths they could have broadcast to
help more focus on relevant variables.

So now with such “MADNESS OF KING AMABO” it is a wonder if it isn’t really AMABO PRODUCTIONS setting us up for MESSIAH III.

NOTE:  If you are from my past and my origins
in New Haven I may have a general disappointment in you as a
“class”/lumped together group – Democrats weren’t supposed to get or
keep credit for so much that was me trying to be bi-partisan to
right-of-center and such that my story and of “Citizen Rosebud” as a
specifically Hearst Publications story also maybe too much for Oprah or
Harpo.  I find a disinterest just think of cycling towards New Haven
these days for so many years that so many could have helped protect me
from further mugging of my intellectual property by the Clintons and the
even more unwelcomed collateral crediting to my sister by you and my
father of so much that was really specifically and very cleverly and
covertly me.  I really have a near unshakeable disappointment in so many
I have known for so long - and largely specifically because of
“political” lack of skill of Clintons.  2010 was 1994 all over again at
least as of the years I held back, now with my being on strike since day
“Hillary for President” announcement, and let my Dad and sister’s input
be straight party line and party pride in more simply partisan in
Democrat limits.  Yes Capital One I am still very disappointed in your
banking practices and mean to make an example of you in future blogs
- Sears and Chrysler I must say you have departmental issues as it seems
you of a ‘cluelessness’ about me who made you many millions over with
intellectual contributions really not by or of the Clintons - and
certainly not of “inspired” by the Clintons since most of what I
contributed was often “damage control” needed because of the Clintons. 
So my strike continues - how to reaffirm it now my current problema. 
Again, I am of earlier remarks where President Obama would lose all my
confidence if he failed to clean up his own party by moving out the
Clintons to near an irrelevancy within his first year.  Oh, yeh, I can
bike towards Bridgeport instead - you know “The Park City” - a city with
which I have less historical disappointment.  I know some of this was
because I got trapped in my own cleverness about spin to help my dad
help my sister and her career without it being detectable as the
unacceptable as “help from her brother” but that only needed a few to
right back when checking the Clintons’ dementing efforts to turn more to
mere like “muggles” with their “big lies” furthered or enhanced to
further make simple logic seem untrue and irrational. 


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Did you hear the one about the Supreme Court?

I mean we are of a day when it seems that the world Democrat legal “experts” are living in doesn’t really exist.  I am now seated listening some to Akhil Amar, a Constitutional Law Professor of Yale Law School, and other members of a panel on healthcare oral argument preview replaying now on CSPAN. 

We have a new world order,  much of these arguments went out with the fall of the Berlin Wall.

There is no basis for Professor Amar’s claim that state now are incapable of fixing or sufficiently policing his “spill-over” constructs.  It is an argument that was of the pre Jobian Tablets decades when Senator Ted Kennedy might have been justified himself with such.  There are many other ways to address such concern now and experts that could move laterally from comstats for community policing to a new web based community county wide system using technology to police his spill-over.

What got me back to social media tonight after some livestreaming of healthcare debates also today but as part of Social Media Week was some absurd “commerce” or other attempt to justify Obamacare as written. 

We have a new world order,  dangerously now a bio-threat may be more real since Obama inauguration, but that is not a good reason to say his failures in world wide diplomacy, justify a mandate due to a new greater threat.

It is hard to see where the world some of these Democrat defenders of Obamacare over-reaching actually exists.  I may have had more issue with Neal Katyal’s legal constructs and as well for seeming removed in time and place from defense of our Constitutional purpose and especially import of our Bill of Rights.

I don’t know about you all but I did grow up in a neighborhood with a Christian Science Monitor (?) place of worship and all the neighborhood polite whispers to guide concerned that such was a house of worship that didn’t believe in medical interverence or interruption in their existence and their beliefs.  This was my New Haven of my youth - such building is in new hands and has been built out and enhanced into a state of the art new New Haven Public School - a new Hooker School.  Representative Rosa DeLauro knows it well - she must - she has lived a block away for decades.  For me it was a neighborhood parking lot that could be a play ground and with a wall good at times as a tennis backboard.

Professor Amar misses that we are in a new world order - a different State order since the days Senator Kennedy started on such path.  We have now that keeping radical changes attempted by Democrats to our otherwise “general Welfare” ambling ways may put at more at risk as a nation not less at risk.  He can mention bio-threats as causal for mandate as if forcing citizens to possess guns but if the act of establishing such a Constitutional variation from our norms makes us that of a greater danger we should pause and wonder.

The changes they are arguing for in defense of Obama’s over-reaching are a fundamental Constitutional shift and a pre-emption from a mass of other alternatives at least available to fight or stem burden risk of “spill-over” mentioned already.  We haven’t ever at least tried to deal with “spill-over” as we did the once over centralized and near bunker mentality that had become our policing standard pre 1990s.  We now only have more options and many that could use mass of Jobian Tablets currently available as well as medical bracelets with computer memory to otherwise make record as portable as “need” suggested some by Obamacare.

I heard a lot about “limiting principles” and yet Obamacare defenders seemed to suggest that recent remarks by Chief of Staff Lew as of “Obama’s principles” weren’t admissible for their positions - that “principles” so mentioned by Lew would muck up their assertions of “limiting principles” since Lew’s comments force flush theirs for both offer a relevance of “principles” and in a contrariness.  There cannot really be a place where their defense that “principles” aren’t needed or relevant and where Obama is asserted to have the “Principles” established that defend such.

When the United States of America became a sole superpower we became of a different necessary Constitutional interpretation about federalism and state(s) versus State rights.  We became of a time where we should become safer globally by becoming renewed to a more original regionalism.  That said, still if defenders of Obamacare cannot argue how a county wide reformed system could work then they shouldn’t be able to assert that they have an argument of understanding for a centralization starting instead much too far away or maybe above county wide to country wide.  We have that you can say it needs a national fix and yet not be saying truthfully that a nationalized fix with centralization is needed.

I don’t know where in the known world these Democrat Obamacare legal “experts” actually exists.  We have that our Bill of Rights give all citizens the right to protect themselves and their property with ten that preserve them a Right to thwart those against them acting against the Ten Commandments.  Our Bill of Rights preserve the Power of citizens to protect themselves from others braking faith with the Ten Commandments.  As per healthcare reform it cannot be like requiring a citizen to possess a weapon for it is more like requiring them to refrain from a defense with them, and as a domestic threat.  We don’t have to be believers of a church where their faith prohibits medical care to see that some hold in their faith that some illness comes from crossing barriers of society or community around establish sins.

It is extraordinary for sure that Obamacare may actually change our American ways Constitutional so much that it could set us to a higher national risk level to the very type of attacks it wants to defend us from.  We have that they attempted to start at the top with a grand ideological centralizing when the problems they claim make it necessary actually now still are a new frontier of possibilities to enhance not strangle our reputation and freedom.  We have that Obamacare healthcare reforms have yet hardly had an alternative of many now possible and plausible even tried yet in New York State - even attempted by NY to compete with MASS.  We have all of the Clintons’ 8 and then their New York Senate power projection days all to wonder on - all as evidence that goal must have been to avoid finding local and community more county based alternatives.

Before the new world order came in with America standing as a sole superpower we had State over state(s) in ways that since have not necessarily been wise or economically prudent or attractive.  We have that Obamacare may be of an economic suppression actually causal partly to our down economy.  We have that they are too many commercial and county or state based possibilities that haven’t been attempted yet, though now plausible with internet age.  We have that “spill-over” is where we should start - that we have at least county based problems effecting costs that are not impossible and insurmountable and so justifying of a new nationalism.

How can this be allowable under our Commerce clause if it ideologically asks for a bias that depends on us not looking at all the commercial alternatives actually still available, and at least before a permanent change made to our Constitutional foundation here to fore up held within our national security conditions and priorities? 

I don’t know how Clintons’ New York hasn’t yet offered a regional alternative - to have avoided such still only adds to a foreign perspective of America that if the National government rushes to over-take their states with such over-reaching it must as well therefor think it should be dictating to their sovereign states as well, where ever.  Only by embracing that this era allows us near a renaissance in regionalism within current Constitutional interpretation can we show the world that we aren’t all thinking our Washington based “New Nationalism” isn’t meant to be an “imperialism.”

The new world order with us left standing as a sole superpower suggested we would be safer and better to be ourselves more, with a renewed regionalism to show that we still weren’t an imperial nation by design - weren’t a neo-colonialist conglomerate egomaniacal soulless mass looking to spread a forced assimilation, still.

And as I considered much of this just the same in early 90s and around days of IBM struggling with PC marketing now I do for Jobian Tablets again with same commerce concerns that Democrats have to be checked from their hopes that such computer hook-up are better towards assimilation than a renewal or renaissance in originality and free expression.

We have an economy of the Democrats now - we have that Republicans seemed to accept that the best defense was to let the Democrats defeat themselves - to let them have their unreal vacuum and see if such wouldn’t actually just fail and fail as of their pure design - their worked out applications of their ideological bias.

We have the Chief of Staff Lew implied President Obama already has “Principles” that can explain all of this and even so to cover all “limiting principles” restraints.

I don’t - I don’t know that the world Democrats seem to be living in actually exists anywhere, anywhere in the world as we know it.  I do know that Obamacare attempts to prevent and preclude so many commercial alternative still possible and plausible and yet still not yet attempted and yet still being discussed by Americans interested in national resolving without such being nationalized option.

The grandest fallacy heard by Yale Constitutional Law Professor Amar regarding his “spill-over” justification is that Obamacare was passed before we solved our national border and immigration big issues, and so isn’t actually offering to prevent “spill-over” just move it more grandly with out sufficient forethought to a new big national issue, with healthcare reform a great big carrot now to encourage and attract more illegal spilling across our borders. 

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Can you see visions of Fascist originalist Benito Mussolini in his last moments?

From Benito Mussolini Wiki page:  “After being shot, kicked, and spat upon, the bodies were hung upside down on meathooks from the roof of an Esso gas station.”

And there once were a whole lot of Liberty Ships made in Bridgeport Connecticut — I don’t know where the one Christened the Joseph V. Connolly un-dry docked from originally.   I did spend some summers on Block Island in a humble “President’s Room” of a quaint bed and breakfast run by Joseph V. Connolly Jr and his bride Violette Connolly, of Dutch descent like Adrian Block.  I did help Mr. and Mrs. Connolly, as a college student summering in the Town of New Shoreham, with some of their modifications when founding their THE WHITE HOUSE B&B.  As part of this I spent many nights sleeping under an autographed photo of Benito Mussolini to Connolly Sr. and as well a picture of the Naval vessel Joseph V. Connolly (Sr.).

And when one may here of “tools” and the 1992 Presidency contestations it may help to think of more than one Stanley.

As I recall and attempt to self curate with social media or “new media” it is that I recall first meeting Joseph V. Connolly Jr. before realizing his father was in the first graduating class of 1906 of the New Haven Public School Worthington Hooker School that I had attended as then a K-4 and not as originally a K-12.  See it was on a visit of my parents while I so summer situated that my dad opened up a picture book about Joe’s dad and saw him standing with his class in 1906 on the steps of such school directly across the street from our home.  Joe used to write a column for the Block Island Times - I think it was called “Comments from a Cottager” - that could have been someone else’s, I haven’t checked in a long time.  I forget the when where or how that Joe was an upper classmen to the more famous Russell Baker and possibly as an older fraternity brother.

Yeh, like, I know, if “SUMMITEERS” didn’t have a plural “S” it would seem more to be a referencing of Moses and/or Jewish leadership, and maybe less poetic or non-obviously inclusive of and to now President of Yale Richard C. Levin - First Jewish President of Yale and former Dean of Economics - and near earliest of my clients as a Connecticut S-Corp known so by my neighbors.

And yet for all the Hearst history already wired with mentioning of late Joseph V. Connolly Sr. and Joseph V. Connolly Jr. I do remember that though a matter of weeks about 1983 that it seems my awareness and connection to Sarah Heath Palin did precede my quite interesting connections to Anne and Patty Hearst.  I seem to have to rely on thinking first of wondering if there was another Sarah Heath that I should become aware of if I did use the photography and dark room skills learned earlier from my neighbor and elective teacher when in Middle School professionally after being my Governors Yearbook Photographer with another that incidentally did go on to race or drive some dogs sled herself.  I seem to think that I caught an airing of CITIZEN KANE after first to such thoughts and then to family linking for of ambitiousness maybe to becoming a media mogul myself.

When it comes to Stanleys not “TOOLS” it is still somewhat poetic that because renowned Pollster Stanley Greenberg was also a neighbor and parent of friends of my circles around swim team and youth group I might knowingly have balanced my knowing Sarah Heath of Alaska as Republican and jested at times using “Title IX” tags to build a broader republican strategic net around my personal beliefs while around a Stanley not of the Stanley tools and shared interests from my maternal grandfather Arthur M. Menadier - retired 1971 from Young and Rubicam after nearly 25 years running much or all of then Johnson & Johnson Marketing and Advertising business.  I do remember I used to refresh my sister as regards my “Title IX” interests on almost all my DC visits when she was working then for Senator Christopher Dodd - this may be the first chance she has to finally understand what I was wiring, hard to say.

I did grow up to be a J Peter man, it seems, and from days - even tennis team days with two older sisters in a time of feminist movements and general liberalism where maybe more so - where “lanky” Kramers a necessary consideration to any or all my strategizing around my personal beliefs and media ambitions - each of my sisters had a lanky Kramer brother in their class or groups.

I have already recently mentioned another Hearst long of interest - and boy was she at first a real political concern.  When I first noticed her on TV in a show with Julia Louis-Dreyfus, a special documentary broadcast - I didn’t know where or how she fit in a broad Hearst Corporate or family tree.  I count myself as lucky now that she did turn out to be Anne’s daughter - but I was a while in figuring out who she was so - and now better understand only some of what seems to be her power over me.  When I found her on social media via myspace and we became publicly friends, and she then so one of my five with Leonardo De Caprio, Bar Refaeli, Petra Nemcova & Tom Andersen I was still much unrefreshed on much of the above.  I was still thinking about moving to Los Angeles and maybe even managing a figure skater who helped me keep a drug free sports message about my then thought fully redirected ambitions - accommodations made thinking Clintons had unknowingly destroyed most of my original plans - I may have still been sharing poetry and thoughts with Petra Nemcova on her now former site.  Because I did so much to direct a way for snowboard sport and so much else for positive change I was heavy to keeping a drug free message for at least Americans.

This should be enough sharing and use of social media/new media for today but for the hours more I expect to catch “livestreams” from Social Media Week. 

Really, my Hearst personal connection do trump my Hearst Corp ambitions, and I had no idea who Amanda was when we first connected because she was on a show that Julia Louis Dreyfus was also highlighted, then again, on.

And, well you have heard of J.K. Rowling, right?  Well the confidence I gave her was from a known focus worked without collaboration otherwise to be to stories that I thought would peak and hold maternal interests and publishing interests of both Anne and Patty Hearst.  And, that was some type of secret I was trying to keep until books were all complete - boy did she complicate my life not using only the five years I thought the challenge to seven books could or should take her.

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                                                                               J.P. HOGAN
                                                                                  JULY 11, 1992

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Waiting for President Barack to work his messianic further now may be as fruitful as if our waiting for him to release his college papers were as if we were still waiting for books of John or Matthew or Luke.

We should expect nothing less now than an Obama “Bible” as a Book of Barack, or just a book of a “Book of Barack.”

He has waded rudely into bridging long historical for community and global morals, he has fired off crass remarks suggestive that early Declarations not at all as he would have then or would now have written them, if he could have written them.  We have still to wait, and wait, and specifically especially for his early works when more a disciple of Harvard and Columbia.

President Nixon is proving to have been more prudent and diligent when of dramatized “If a President says it is legal then it is legal” far more than President Obama could rightly suggest or publish truthfully if to parables of a Book of Barack necessarily of these recent years of 1st Amendment over speak still not supported with his or our written texts.  He, President Obama, has been recorded saying near:  “I didn’t know that I wouldn’t be able to dictate on these matters once President.”  Hmmm?  He has been long as President, tortuously long, economically speaking, for of “supply” social spending hardly related to “economic science.”  He has walked and talked as if people should fall before him as disciples even in economics though he more than Nixon of the negative side of “If a President says it is legal then it is legal” supposing.

If President Barack Hussein Obama who wanted to be of a “Personality Based Presidency” where his “story” was not his “training” was not necessarily his study or actual work experience - then surely as our Supreme Court readies to hear the Un-Constitutional push back from many non-Obama Statists statists more themselves, they and we will expect some actual “principles” from President Barack Hussein Obama.  It does seem impossible that Obamacare can actually lower costs as it claims - yet there are the “principles” that should be of Obama’s new foundation for healthcare that are to be expected and as legal and admissible.

I have already pondered that like our Declaration of Independence President Obama has been disregarding at least the Bible and institutions so otherwise based.  I have already suggested “Bible” was taken so a book by President could be “Trible” or “Ible” but really we have that he is suppressing faith and offering pill based morals.  So, it seems a book, a “Book of Barack” could be titled “Drible” for “Dr Ible” a way of Obama (Barack) by chemically altered states, legal and illegal.

The other day while at a Social Media Week event with Jermaine Dupri I did realize I am taller than he is, physically.  He may be taller than the President spiritually - he announced something about a “G-BOX” for his Global14 web/communities.  The President is taller than I am - by inches, and yet has my same birthday but from four years earlier.  Did you know Jermaine Dupri likes “Blondie”?  I saw him get all posie near a strip.

A “DRIBLE” by and of “BOOK OF BARACK” to explain his past anti-Independence statements and his efforts of dictates to Congress suggesting they should make laws establishing his sense of “religions” should also really deal with “drugs” and dependence on “entitlements” and/or “chemicals - recreational or self medicatory.  Such now would need hymns and chapters on his capology of seamless rubbers and any “principles” he might have to explain why and/or how such can be “free” - economically speaking to his belief system(s).

I did meet Jermaine Dupri enough while at Hearst Tower on 8th near Columbus Circle - I do wonder if he appreciates it as well for maybe being the most socially conscious and phallic architecture in building for anywhere currently in New York City.  Around its base is its history and legacy with eggs cradled with care for the ages above its original six, from within such rises straight up and proud a spire wrapped and structured most obviously in diamonds but as well of a consciousness in triangles.  It looks well ribbed and uniformly covered, and with Monks or maybe Jesuits or other Brothers less than gargoyles standing pensive near or next to feminine concerns similarly there drafted and carved for New York minutes and daily blank pages of all ages.  I have not studied architecture - I have read some but not studied any where near a majority of even a minority of Manhattan’s architecture.  Hearst Tower may be so new that it is still “green” and “greenest” new building - its ribbing is deserved and appropriate for all “green” concerns and global or local consciousness using acceptable natural inspiration and yet about 25% less carbon based steel.

It does look like if it were stepped on by a giant it would pop right back up - Hearst Tower, that is.  I may prefer to work in new Tower One at Ground Zero some day and so that I could daily be reminded of what a mess our 90s actually were.  A re-election of Barack Hussein Obama without a “BOOK OF BARACK” or a sufficient basis for his “DRIBLE” has me now already on issue so with such if not just from an apparent lesser of two evils erudite and measured and check democratic foundation and as so about such as an issue of our today with concerns for what it might say bad about too many Americans.

It is still a ridiculous American condition that the pre-existing legacy of the Clintons and their “two-fer” First Coupling hasn’t had citizen people of these United States of America and global spectators being wise, prudent, and/or consciously cautious in our Post Clinton Presidency - Post 9/11 years of learned lessons and a guarded deciding.  It is ridiculous already that a Clinton can be any how now a part of any post 9/11 administration, conservatively speaking to basic street sense and “live and learn” pragmatism.  A re-election of President Obama is nearing as bad a “ridiculous” and “dangerous” that would speak poorly of “American” common sense and so as if it has all been lost - that American “common sense” has been lost. 

We have “innocent until proven guilty” (now less globally and locally thanks to both Clintons?) and we have our 90s to look back on daily with guarded concern.  We have these truths already self evident in public realms and yet not accepted as politically relevant.  We have indivisible that the Clintons acted politically as a “two-fer” Washington power couple and shared, and shared, and shared.  We have the Church taking issues with them while taking issue now with dictates from President Obama & Book of Barack (or “DRIBLE”) still unpublished. 

The three seem inseparable. 

Without DRIBLE or at least a BOOK OF BARACK we will be left to be of a blind faith in President Obama and still the Clintons by association - a re-election of President Obama may be more concerning for what it would or might say about those that voted for him/for them. 

We have still that by November 2012 we may have to take sides and yet still below our best standards and high holy hopes for America as conceived and subscribed whence - we have President Obama has positioned himself as anti-Independence and, now at least it looks like Republicans are of establishments historical hopeful and honestly already superior than a fate for US anew of “lesser of the two evils” as if already in shades of “evil” more than hopeful shades of “good”.

We have it as a possibility and existent that “OBAMACARE” may find its “Un-Constitutional” basis soon measured and judged by nine to a no by nine as citizen people and their experts are stomping it daily with a rap and beat down for failing publicly already on 1st Amendment turf.  We have it now exposed of dribble for a DRIBLE of at least a BOOK OF BARACK necessary to an explainin’ as it seems to be becoming common sense and measured to side with parties of and for steppin’ tuned to an appreciation that OBAMACARE just doesn’t look like it can or will reduce healthcare costs.

Somehow this is kept from being racist.  I don’t know that President Obama can do the same with a due “DRIBLE” at least.  He isn’t the “New York Minutes” he hoped to be - hoped to be while contrary in his ways.  We could use a BOOK OF BARACK now, it seems necessary at least for his defense against the “Un-Constitutional” review soon of SCOTUS bar.


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Ok guys, please today remember to put down your Bemis or American Standard your Westport or Church or maybe your Eljer or TOTO or Koehler toilet seat, and if you made a mess on its covering please remove and start the wash.  I understand you might have a Fisher-Price cover or another brand and rightly so depending on how many special valentines share your throne(s).

Part of my New Haven Public Schooling story is of middle school curriculum of those years required to study Home Economics and with sewing and cooking as well as real math obviously not much of Obama’s example being set relative to Race to the Top. 

“A stitch in time can save nine.”  I didn’t stop working on threads whence such was balanced with time in Industrial Arts and school’s woodshop.  I did tend if to sewing though more to heavy thread and awls and leather, of some further practical applications learned from camp in Massachusetts at Becket - a YMCA in the Berkshires.  I did learn canoeing and sailing their so really appreciate how important stitching can be (for sailors).  When in past dozen or so years I took to restoring vessels for myself and to the sail covers and boat cushion covers - I did set about such as a challenge for myself - I have since sold the sewing machine I bought for such while in DC on Capitol Hill near Eastern Market - while out side with small yard sales convenient as social weekend reading times.  Sewing isn’t my forte - I did consider “liquid courage” a necessity for each new boat cushion cover to adorn the 1968 Cal 25 I was restoring to as near “like new” as I could.  I did sell this boat but not from yard sale so as above mentioned and so that I could afford the time and energy needed to focus on keeping Clintons from success with “Hillary for President” - This was a boat save and restoration - a labor of love for five years, nearly, and commenced near April 15, 2001.

Now, I am really not sure where I am going with this column - I have fashion and fashionings of 2012 and our politics still to fit and pattern in punditry and political latitude and attitudes.  When J.K. Rowling took to taking more than five years for the seven book challenge - I did consider I needed to find new things to learn, to maintain my secret wizardry of muse street cred.  But some of the trick to such secret musing was facilitated as a general contractor who could hide relevance and purpose of musing by offering my thoughts were just to ponderances for or with homeowners dreaming of change for their front doors - any of their doors.  Oh, yeh, Griffin Hospital doors were part of such secreting of my wizardry and hidden Potter street cred - a friend was a PR director their so a balance to so many Yale doors had opportunity for traction - to “Gryffindor”….  I won’t mention her name here but she did end up marrying another friend from our Jaycees and Special Olympics Games organizing volunteer activities that was then maybe already ESPN Chief Accountant before ending up, if I recall correctly, so now as a chief accounter for Ann Taylor.

Though I did rebuild to Cal 25 heads with new off-shore and in-shore capability using valves and holding tanks and new floors, very small floors both, if I recall correctly with new Formica work by my hands - It was a past door fashioning and fastening for then NSA Advisor Condoleezza Rice for the “Condi condo” that had me see her grand glass enclosed multiple head walk in shower - and shower that I am sure would have pleased Grover Norquist - my old neighbor Grover whose landlord hired me to seal some roof gutters and powerwash and treat roof top deck….  See, I have heard Grover Norquist let loose on his feelings and appreication for large walk-in showers at least for the size of more closet and tiled style in his then rented townhome.  This is about when before Bush tax cuts we were speaking about such and I with thinking that they should move on such for my gut still was haunting me that the Clintons had made some unexpected new expenses something unavoidable as their actual “Surplus” hand me downs/inheritance/buck passing for President Bush.  Oh, it was new closet doors that later Secretary of State then needed for her condo.

There is a difference between porcelain and china - I will leave you to that.  Trenton, New Jersey, somehow may still be the porcelain capital of the world.  Chris Christie’s Trenton, like.

But for American Girl Dolls and fashioning and/or fastening I am taken back to days with Operation Iraqi Freedom was near in its worst state and a contractor asked for another door and a doll shelf, and some custom made raised panel doors for some shelves.  See these two are related for than the particular hard to please customer was our recent Ambassador to Taiwan and as well her husband that was then Secretary Rumsfeld’s Chief of Staff.  It was a second door for a bathroom to become a wall through bath adjoining two rooms in lew of just one.

You could say I have been “in the closet” even “in water closets” for Amanda R. H. for many years, yet not all of above transgressed.  If you read O’HARA’S CHOICE - the last novel by Leon Uris you read about an heiress Amanda as about an heiress Amanda while concerned with “CONSTABLES” and boat builders - refitters - and regular passage likewise right by Marine Barracks on 8th St SE in my then neighborhood.  There were many complications in my life when my challenge to J.K. to write seven books for seven years of advancing curriculum around magic slipped passed fitting into five year allowance, first considered as part of challenge so originally organized.  Leon Uris seemed willing to work himself about such to O’HARA’S CHOICE.  As some of this flowed I did leave J.K. to find her own way to last two books using her feminine and maternal instincts and fan base and fan/market awareness.  And, she didn’t necessarily like that at first - but it was to helping her finish the series with more uniform standards and connected threads.

Yes, it did turn out that my gut feeling that the Clintons were of having left unexpected and surprising new expenses from the Clintonomics and housing bubble “economics” (hard to call it “economics”) and their PEACE DIVIDENDS that likely needed CIA cooperation or lies about a “peace” around sufficient to justify their slashing and burning through existing otherwise more safe and full budgeting in Defense and Intelligence and how so ever as it applied to their serious efforts to hinder FBI with greater walls of separation between its enforcement and intelligence duties.

Hillary Clinton, a.k.a. Madam Secretary of State Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton may deserve a serious dumping now already as near the worst or the actual worst TOP DIPLOMAT that our United States of America has yet had to suffer.  But as per today it seems President Obama of his likeness to “THROWN” wants in more LEW COMPLICIT, and exposed and deserving of a general flushing.  He seems to becoming a bad and dangerous roll model for any’s race to the top. 

He, President Barack Hussein Obama, now has a lot of explaining to do - he has set Americans to “less is more” in more ways than a career advancing merit standard/metric mass reduction.  He has fluffed and puffed as if a grand dandy, but his math - his home economics - are seriously poor and not passing.

To understand how complex and quite complicated my past musing for a growth economy as it was as part of my generous musing in part as a think around use of my BA in Economics while otherwise enough entrepreneurial more boat talk is due and for Amanda Peet casting for Studio 60 so as said “to be Jamie Tarses” of NBC days with FRIENDS Tueday line up and ER for Thursdays at 10pm.  As the basis for David Swimmer character was the swimmer, David from my public high school days and co-tri-captain of swim team with another female Geller, and, that it was this David that I stood with on our sledding hill after bring my plank wood with toe rope “snowboard” to brainstorm with him as to how we could improve its design and have upright sledding fun winter alternative, even maybe on such hill that we sledded as if a natural half pipe.  See:  I owed myself some time getting to fiberglass boat work for we decided to let our ideas go freely to others in part because I thought we should start by cutting up his sailing dingy into shapes that our minds had imagined quite exactly like today’s modern snowboards - even the different possible sizes possible as from cross sections across such where of different “beam.”  He wanted prototype to have metal edges like his skies and I thought as a prototype cut outs from his boat would faster and better at least test or fully imagined and figured concept for a modern snowboard - an improvement on my wood plank board now in a corner feet from where I now blog.

[This column in now a work in progress - may take hours to finish this particular one - expect to see one paragraph or two added bit by bit to same.]

[DONE!  For now - Though George Clooney did more than any other get first cast to play a considered alternate me when at least first cast to ER and so after Jamie Tarses with NBC back in my head and thoughts wondering if I had one more show idea and specifically for Thursdays at 10 slot.  I don’t think I can take credit for all the jobs George Clooney has created - but at least “Burn After Reading” was a continuance or furtherance specific to another Hogan musing - and as I was considering it might be interesting to have Cohen Brothers attempt to play with my already playful thoughts of gym time at Results on Capitol Hill in DC.  I don’t know all his credits so really it would be presumptuous to use “all.”]

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Obama’s Lew flushed - flushed out to a dumping on Catholic Church today.  President’s “mouth piece” Chief of Staff Lew offered at least on Fox News Sunday that President’s “principles” are better than Church’s Principles.

My Facebook “status” posts automatically post on my twid @jphoganorg as tweets - This morning Lew on “principles” proclamation as existent in President as other than Catholic and even that of Bible suggested that their Catholic experts were smarter and more right than that of American Catholic Bishops, of Holy See of Pope.

“Twid” = twitter ID (a word I may have invented).

The following are some of what Obama’s Lew seemed to spill out today as if of a complete “principles.” >>

J Peter Hogan
*–@BarackObama — A Book of your Principles? Hmmm, now after Lew
seems such will have to explain your Constitutional skill as about explaining
your Free Sex - Drugs MANDATE doesn’t offer a prejudice and bias if not also
then for those most at risk of AIDS from personal behavior for free AIDS
medicine as a prophylactic to allow them few or no concerns while about
their freedoms. FREE TOO - A without any pre-existing condition bias
allowed. Right? Correct Constitutional interpretation?

*–In the Lew comments a suggestion of President of PRINCIPLES - better
Principles than Catholic Church & its American Bishops - But Obama
book - book of principles? Ok, not “Bible” that taken - “Trible” maybe?
but seems Obama’s Principles being air as “Ible.”

*–Seems that if President is to a “right” to sex - drugs he is then to be
endowed - all future Presidents to mandate a “not in the mood” too.
Can’t say that would be free or less expensive - just that a right to
provide a drug for sex presupposes a right to mandate a pill to “kill
the lust” and “prevent the mood.”

*–Obama could offer rightly concern Catholic Bishops a “pill” alternative for
related sex freedoms - a pill made for mentioned but with something in
it to create a hyper moral paranoia when “stimulated.”

*–No, Obama’s free sex & drug principle for insurance mandates cannot be
free or “less expensive” as Lew flushes — reducing risks for risky
behavior should increase risky behavior and have more people paying for
others increased practice of risky behavior and for products and
services at first claimed important for being too expensive for
“consumers” of Obama’s “sex drugs” implications.

So now to catch up with your thinking let me try to understand how the Catholic Church was supportive of such, so it seemed at least as a right of states, not of State.  We have the economics I am better able to be writting about with some erudition - we have that President Obama is trying to make charity mandatory and of a Government See - his, and, that American Catholic Church is still based upon voluntary charity.

Economically speaking:  We have that even the Church and our religious institutions of America the original providers, and able to cope with such as they did before some of theirs in their own community found new extraordinarily expensive ways to expand the costs of their charity.

Economically speaking:  We have that just the Catholic Charity that was one of our historically original health care providers may have thought that if Government would pay for some of what had been mostly handled by communities willing to gather and sing and have shame exposed (politely?) then they would be free to spend money otherwise, and have it cost them less.

Economically speaking:  Our Governments since such started have like the idea of getting to play the hero with charity more than they should been allowed or permitted themselves and offering of.  We have that once our Government became a player that it may have started costing our communities and their houses of worship too much by making their value seem diminished and so to a reduction near to obsolescence of its relativity and attractiveness.  Did our first Government establishments to such assumption of presumption to Christian Charity and the likes begin a depreciation of our communities houses of worship and establishments to a moral continuum maintained locally such that a shifting of healthcare costs did costs such too much?

Economically speaking:  Did the first passing of the buck by our houses of worship even though if just to states, not State, amount to the beginning of the end of “affordable” care?  When whence the “religious” community organizing tried to see if their job would become less expensive if they did shift costs for such community moral maintenance to Government did they allow State a dangerous and expensive hand in what had been their keep or kitty?  Did our community faith organizations end up losing membership and thus revenues needed to sustain important community endeavors exactly because they attempted to let Government play at their alters?

J Peter Hogan

*–Politically speaking:  Is President Obama trying to outlaw the seven deadly sins?  - Remove “premeditation” from conscious human behavior?

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Posted by: JP HOGAN @ 11:32 pm

To start we could all try to offer Catholic University governors a work around for conscience violations of Obama’s healthcare barriers.  First though we should consider how many phrases and areas of study or expertise are actually involved.

I don’t know what they are teaching I don’t know how their bi-laws are parsed and nuanced - I don’t argue that their beauty is that they value humanity in its human potential as you can carry it anywhere, hopefully.  I don’t assert or profess that they support or profess that one good Catholic bull is enough for forty women.

This is not a battle legal I am trained for but their is some innocent sharing and debating in the air not too suggestive that colleges have become breading centers, and not all about promiscuity.

It is not a “health issue” so far as I can see as assert so far heard so claiming against Church positions.

It is a barrier to existentialism in ones vital humanity - one’s possible enhanced Catholic humanity fully celebratory of beauty of being human and all its natural potential.  It is about asking for a barrier to ones humanity as per so far heard assaults and relative religious traditions or standards.

While now forced so far into such a public airing so with intrusive over-reaching by nearly still green lawyer President Obama we have some drawn into vulnerable public displays speaking to emotion and suggestive of promiscuity and maximum use of and need for contraception.  And to first taking me back to memories of my college days at a Catholic University where single sex dorms and very limited visitation hours its prophylactic, primarily provided.

I have not been to such a unchecked open range discussion of so much of these complex issues that is now so public at least since college but likely yet not actually since high school.

If it were as simple as a “medical provisioning” and a “health concern” then Catholic Universities would be just a proper as arguments I have heard against them and principled to such perspective with a work around more in keeping with their conscience and defense of humanity and its Holy potential - without chemical or physical barriers.

See:  I am obviously not trained or self taught in the philosophies of the complexities of these belief issues.

If it is to be not a life issue of barriers suggestive of conditioning of humanity of their students/charges then it is either a “barrier” offering a valuation or devaluation of life or of human condition/humanity and potentials to holiest existentialism.

It is so at this state that a few suggestions are already in the air to offer Catholic University governors some “work around” but still only if specific reported wording of mandates are also changed quite a bit.

1.  Catholic Universities could suggest a new “Cougar” state for education and work a new education plan to encourage full embrace of humanity earlier if so much activity the craving now so as it appears with youths wanting love free - and so be to embracing women to be older college students and men to enter yet when still mostly boys.  Is there still to much of a stigma to success for women now just because a later in life education not the current standard?

2.  Catholic Universities if such is supposed to not be a condition of students wanting love free and with free barriers to their human existentialism to avoid any metaphysics - self awareness - stoicism or reflection, could be to treating it fully as a concern medical and social and offer contraception cover to just the male students but with limited dosages and requirements for couples screening - with both consenting active sex explorers agreeing to full biological and psychological work-ups for “health” and “care” concerns.

Again, I am not trained in these areas of Catholic ministration or governance, I am trying to explore the lighter sides now as much a necessary and proper realm of judicial considerations as our President’s mandates so writ are about trampling our Constitution and basic principles.  President Obama, who wanted to have a “Personality Based Presidency”, is may now showing too much moodiness and irregular rationalizations.

Ok, so I have offered a change to “Cougar Universities” and that coverage if for “health” and “medical” though actually a physical barrier to Catholic traditions to train and instruct to the full beauty of unencumbered humanity - (hmmm? “unencumbered” - Catholic in naked beauty and without manufactured barriers?).  And, I have offered coverage might be conscionable for Catholic University governors if provide just under male students health plans but with small dosage amounts and a requirement before issuance of a full medical physical and mental work up of both passionate partners. 

3.  All Catholic students could go Dutch yet with a requirement if the argument is for the Catholic Institutions to “care” and “intrude” in the physical personal and private naked expressions of its charges/students where half of each contraception is covered for male student and a necessary other half covered for the female students (even if to “Cougar” new traditions) and still though to preserve the Catholic conscience with a requirement for full couple matching and health check ups maybe at least twice a month for check-ups and then as regular as necessary related to promiscuity of student(s) for the full physical and mental desired health guardianship being suggested as each woman’s private right.

We are still just talking now about how President’s predilection to violate our Constitution is now touching all college aged person in America and many more personally and spiritually as per his attempt to dictate again mandates that again show him quite arguably still green as an esquire, and even naive as an administer - as a President. 

I don’t have time now to discuss more of these concerns about REPUBLICAN BULL(S) - I did confirm that for cows one bull is said to be enough in a ranches herd for forty cows.  I don’t know how the President plans to address this side of his assault on Catholic celebration and traditions long to the beauty of humanity in all it unbridled nakedness.

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Now this could get real interesting for bloggers and politicos, journalists and general folk, politicians and people, if even just the Church were to start into an in depth psycho babble about Dem’s rabble rousing quite related to valuation and devaluation of life politicing.

Since I am one more want to write about economic stuff and can explain how economy started its down turn much because Senator Clinton announced a bid to reacquire White House for her “two-fer” specifically with the over-reaching clearly stated near:  I will seize all oil company profits - I will wait but wait with anticipation and fore-knowledge whence of how nervous new President Clinton was while preparing for his first visiting with the Pope.

I find myself today with three different events I could have or might have attended.  I registered to attend at Yale School of Architecture a multi-day event to delve into and discuss art and drafting as near a lost art now in computer drafting era, and yet don’t see myself finding time to attend.  I as well see that CPAC is gathering and am wondering why I didn’t also register for such even if I too wouldn’t find time to attend.  And then the global Social Media Week has kicked off today.

We have that Al Gore’s GLOBAL WARMING ALARMISM best explains the housing crash, but only after realizing how Clinton’s housing bubble PEACE DIVIDENDS - SURPLUS economy pushed Americans to spend too much, eat too much and stop saving enough so that when Gore’s ALARMISM started and caused the spike in gas prices from over subjectivication of market behavior such the children were going home to call their parents the likes of “Polar Bear Killer!” or “Destroyer of the Environment”.  We have that once Gore’s ALARMISM caused the fuel price spike those many that Clintons had encouraged and mislead to maxing out their spending could no longer afford the gas to get to work or then keep the dangerous balance that kept up hyper-consumerism on false economic basis.

So as Conservatives gather with CPAC we all have Governor Mitch Daniels splendid recent Republican Response to SOTU to consider and its erudition that the President “did not create down economy” - however he worded it.  No, well yes, well no President Obama didn’t - yes - but no, Democrats Clinton - Gore - Pelosi - Clinton specifically otherwise did.

But as per a full understanding of some of the complexity of our past economy - there is much to consider that was stimulative in 1990s that was created and furthered specifically from a personal think and strategizing purposeful to “PROTECT” America and our economy from the Clintons.  This is a little considered economic factor that good economy of 1990s wasn’t something the Clintons owned and could attempt to pass spouse to spouse for mutual benefit financial and political to their ‘two-fer”.

If you do get to considering any, some, or much, attempt a full understanding of my past involvement in economic development and stimulation than it may help to consider that most of what I came up with and was to originating in decade before Clintons ever did enter 1992 race was done with an awareness and concern about them and design to protect myself and others from them, and not meant to be for their benefit as happened during their first term.

When Senator Clinton announced her attempt to succeed in the type of behavior I long expected from her much that had been stimulative and economicly mutual was naturally to stopping, and stopping because it wasn’t designed to work for her - as it was designed and encouraged like my musing for J.K. Rowling to help protect many from her.  There was a balance in such that would shut down if someone like her tried to hog power and crediting.

But it was most Al Gore’s GLOBAL WARMING ALARMISM that started economy on road to “tanked” for too many that were mislead by Clintons to max out their consumerism couldn’t afford their mortgages and the new spiking price of gas and first though likely the money to pay for more costly gas just to get to work.  I can remember working in DC those years and seeing just one type of steel I would by for custom welding work for Asylum Wake-Skate-Snow stores I was designing and building nearly double in price from about 12 dollars to 25 dollars for a 20 foot 2 x2 14 gauge steel section.

By the way the way Operation Iraqi Freedom was started and planned it was more of ODYSSEY DAWN messaging of an involvement that was suppose to pay for itself - was paid for by plans at least until Pelosi Congress got busy making it mostly and unfunded expensive hard to budget vast liability.

So there was much in what I was doing that was expiring from being stimulative to economy and then some parts that would fall apart if likes of Clintons tried to hog power, and hog power for too long.  But there is some blame to fall on President Obama, but quite as Governor Mitch Daniels has explained not for having caused the down economy.

President Obama rose asking to be our chosen President during a developing and so well know economic down turn - and so should avoid stating that he “inherited” what he actually knowing fought long and hard to possess as his.  But President Obama has accountability for length of down economic time for he asked to have a personality based Presidency, and was given all the room he as our first black President should deserve to develop and economy street cred for himself based only on his “personality.”

Sure, what ever I was doing to help economy still since many of the lost hours of our 90s towards such, and again as per my motives as a check and balance to Clintons and not ever hardly to honor or celebrate the Clintons.  Almost all I have ever done to help economy was specifically done with a knowledge of both Clintons that dates back to early 70s and as they left me wired like a fly on the wall for they once asked me if they could both become President some day.  The left a bad first impression but I was in a school yard and already wanting to be a top ad man someday like my maternal grandfather so stomping on their dreaming seemed inappropriate - at least until they actually tried to accomplish some of their thinking they long kept me exposed to.

What wasn’t expiring of mine towards economic stimulus before Senator Clinton announced near Fascist plans to seize all oil company profits then became due a wrapping up and closing out.

What Senator Clinton or Al Gore weren’t already doing to suppress our economy then became a political and fairness concern about right and wrong and the right of a first black President to have all the room to effect a “personality Presidency” as he claimed he planned to attempt. 

Republicans cannot be blamed for President Obama not having had the “personality” to bring and economic recovery.   And, again most of what I had been doing without credit/acknowledgement or compensation a couple decades had been already reaching the end and maturity of most of what ever all it may have been. 

And, President Obama wanted to succeed with a clean slate of a “new foundation” and deserved the right to develop his own economic street cred.

Yes, I remember how nervous President Clinton seemed before his first visit to meet with the Pope.  I remember he being grateful some for my (moral?) support whence, and as I felt somewhat responsible for having helped Clintons become more electable against President Bush than I had meant to. 

To figure this in those times and global conditions it helps to remember what Cheneys’ quoted Thaddeus Stevens about regarding Reconstruction and Congress a better body for such - it can help to consider that I was thinking America actually after 1992 needed basically a “do nothing President” - I don’t know where I may have written that down but I sure used to say it a lot back then.

It seems the Clintons and Obama weren’t concerned about my past efforts expiring since they never picked up a pen or phone to call and solicit help or a right to any attempt at an authorized first lawful usage.  So much that the Clintons did use after 1992 unexpected victory that stemmed from my thinking was not thought to be for an after election usage or designed to be such, nor was such ever authorized unless actually of a national security concern specifically responsive to threats from Saddam Hussein.

I long have found the Clintons’ practice of “transference” and/or “projection” intolerable and abominable.  I did feel some responsibility after they won 1992 election but never gave them permission to keep using so much that stemmed from me and my story and much because most of it was originally conceived and strategized to be a prophylactic from them. 

But with that said let me be clear:  What they persisted in using that did stem from me wasn’t designed to be used the way they used it nor was it at all how I would have proceeded following on from or with such, myself.  They did use stuff that if they had asked me I would have said they couldn’t but while also explaining that they shouldn’t and that I would not have myself.  By the end of their first year the did some stuff that left no way back, and so as characteristic of the very character flaws I had thought I had worked a way to at least protect more than myself, by a few.

It really could get interesting if our religious institutions now progress with their defense in an erudite synthesis inclusive of most concerning and latest in psycho-babble. 

And again, the Clintons’ political practices of “transference” and “projection” have at least since 1992 been abhorred by me.

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We are here today to raise Representative John Murtha of Pennsylvania, not to praise him.

There are few others more responsible for confusions that led to Senator Richard Santorum having lost his last Senate race.

Top of such list is the confusion that spread while spewed by Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts and as well Representative John Murtha of Pennsylvania.  The Pope for having said something instead of more or nothing may actually so as per Senate seat loss for Santorum be tops.

Working from memory now this morning I think I will be hitting the issues near enough in proper order and so with fair relating to how it can be, though only maybe because of the Pope, that Senator Richard Santorum did get “Murthanized.”

This is a day I am maybe due a search pane primary keyword probing even just with “Kerry.”  I should have a lot already said towards much of these matters, somewhere, that speak to how Senator Kerry dumbed down all of Middle East politics while specifically then of efforts long and tiring to make Iraq seem of Operation Iraqi Freedom for a singular simplicity too elementary and parochial.  We can all use a refresher now that it more obvious that Iraq and Operation Iraqi Freedom were never as simple and reducible as made out to be by Senator John Kerry.

Senator Hillary Clinton is basically, intellectually, a non issue as per Operation Iraqi Freedom - she flip flopped so many times and after an early acknowledgement of lack of due diligence specific of having voted without having read the intelligence estimates.

Recently I recalled and re-posted comments specific to my understanding of content of the Pope’s remarks prepared and delivered for American Catholic audiences and others.  Recently I wrote again, as I was regular to while Senator Santorum and many others were being “Murthanized” in chorus with monotonous and elementary beat of Senator Kerry of Massachusetts.  Just recently I pointed out just one of many ways this Senator from Massachusetts was wrong in dumbing down Operation Iraqi Freedom and most of Middle East geo-politics.  I recently included now old thoughts that the Pope’s message about Catholics not having a duty to support war in Iraq or “Operation Iraqi Freedom” as Catholics was in part needed so that President Bush wouldn’t  seem to be engaged in Holy War but as well just an otherwise parochial instruction to American Catholics that as Catholics they had no special duty calling them to go into a sovereign Muslim country to help bring justice to a Muslim majority from a Muslim minority.

It is considerable and suggestible that some or more from Massachusetts should have been objecting to their Senator’s very partisan and excessive politicization of United States of America efforts as regards Operation Iraqi Freedom.  Senator Kerry did more to dumb down the issues and complexity and while willful in a political battle may joined no more greatly than by Representative John Murtha of Pennsylvania.  Today Senator Kerry’s efforts could be illuminated best in retrospect by suggesting he was as smart as a little boy proudly announcing to his mom and neighbors that he had invented a better wheel and while walking around with a square “wheel” in a too public “show n tell”.

But for the Pope’s instructions that failed to get the thought due, but maybe specifically due to champions in a dumbing such as Senator Kerry and Representative Murtha, we have that Senator Santorum got “Murthanized” more than “mislead” by the Pope.  The Pope did confuse matters by not offering to American Catholics that otherwise than as Catholics they might have a duty to Country as Americans and its legacies and reliance on jurisprudence and precedence.  But, if not for the massive efforts of just Kerry and Murtha in their partisan and polarizing political dumbing down the Pope’s opinions might have been better considered and more thoroughly thought through in public arena and electoral contests.

It is ridiculous now still to embrace “Bush lied - soldiers died” as if it were the be all and end all that was all we were needing to know and yet, and yet that is much the key to the beat that saw not just Senator Santorum get “Murthanized.”  Senator Kerry and a big Marine in his song and dance - he had Representative John Murtha, “Marine” - “War Expert.”

I guess most of my blogging on this when it was all new and most dangerous and concerning is archived with newbusters.org and politico.com.  I was a regular strong commentator on threads then with efforts to keep it real - I was never one to like Senator Kerry of Massachusetts since Operation Iraqi Freedom started, at least, at least nearly, for he acted crassly like a turn coat and too political after the commitment to be in Iraq started.  When you look back he doesn’t look so heroic - a look back has him too seemingly of sufficient briefing before vote to have addressed all issues before we had committed troops and yet of a waiting until after President Bush was committed to be of the proverbial pulling of a rug from under such.

It did seem Senator Kerry did more to undermine Operation Iraqi Freedom and the expected and needed confidence of at least a majority of Iraq than any other than say Representative Murtha.  We have that Massachusetts’ Senator seemed to want an anti-war revival more than a well run Operation Iraqi Freedom and that his efforts suggestive of a cut and run did end up making our agreed on efforts for Iraq take longer and cost us dearly much more.

It just seems ridiculous to still consider that Senator Kerry’s perspective and summations “educated” or “intelligent” - though that they seem of a pining and romance want for a new anti-war era to recall his earlier post-war anti-war past - as that though that we have learned Iraq was as complicated and as much a tinder box as per Iran and nuclear power and sectarian strife with the history of Saddam Hussein actually of having years sent his Shiite subjects off into Iran to kill their Shiite brethren. and be killed by them.

Senator Rick Santorum lost his last Senate seat mostly because he was “Murthanized” and while Catholics were still not provided fair media coverage to discuss that the Pope’s message wasn’t conclusive to their “American” duties.  It is complicated for President Bush could be said to have had a duty to comment on the Pope’s directives as per Iraq and for even Pennsylvania Catholics - but not necessarily easily without there then too great a risk that Operation Iraqi Freedom could seem as if a crusade or Holy War.

At least now more know that both Senator Kerry and Representative Murtha were not at the top of their game, and shouldn’t have been playing political games so with our brave of our Armed Forces - and as that they had time to have objected before we became committed and didn’t have to start undermining the efforts just days after it commenced, for real of actual realities. 

But as per Santorum’s Pennsylvania we should ask them now if it was the Pope’s message to American Catholics as equal and the same as all Catholics or more the “Murthanization” of a Marine turned anti-war activist and yet still a “war expert” too complicit with dumbing down by Senator from Massachusetts John Kerry.

2006 & 2007 were busy years for blogging to counter some of above ridiculousness - real quite so, so much so it may explain best why there was a mirror on cover of TIME magazine the year after Putin so adorned “Person of the Year.”

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Hmmm - Seems it better to leave this for our Religious institutions as a battle or the battle they are trained for.

I get the Obama administration thought they needed to try to evangelize Obamacare support, and so while with such only then not quite to a clear majority of support after a year so preaching for his legislative overreaching.  I can remember and hope you do that Pelosi Congress worked to belittle the majority expression specific from gospels of Obamacare preaching and so that they could use “elected” officials from representative considerations at least a year earlier and when citizen people less specifically informed.

But if we are One Nation Under God - how are any Religious institutions secured to preserve and protect such realm supposed to let Obama insert himself between them and their God - and have us stay American?  Seems before, legally speaking, a once Constitutional Law Professor did take to trying to insert himself between “Under God” and “Church” he should at least have at least tried as well to dictate that “ONE NATION UNDER GOD” be stricken and removed where ever and how ever so present as American.

I get that President Obama was Constitutionally out of line suggesting his dictates about Christ should or could be law so as a sound national basis for Congress to make laws of establishment of religion by his say so. 

Hmmm - Seems it better to leave this for our Religious institutions as a battle or the battle they are trained for.

I do get that our states now more than maybe ever before have their National Guard Forces at battle ready - battle hardened.

I still disagree with President Obama and his Secretary of State most though because I believe their foreign policies are wrong for America of 2012 and onward - that any NEW NATIONALISM on top of this already long bad and more bad and much worse.  I still believe I should focus more on how Dems did actually cause this down economy and that their foreign policies are still about the worst we could be attempting to move forward with and not just because of concerns specific to weakness in personality of Obama or his foreign policy staff that may relate as well to above but not more so than those with him in his domestic dictates.

Yes, I do believe - I do believe that Democrats have caused this down economy.   I do get that current conflict had President dressed up for dictating about “LIFE” and either offering a devaluation or valuation of issues of rights from God that I know I am not trained to answer and think that he hardly is himself. 

Hmmm - What was that huge church Stalin torn down to build a great monument to himself that then due to war never did get built were huge Russian Church (Cathedral) had once stood proudly on its shining hill?

Left to me it might get surreal in an odd suggestion of and “if then” for President Obama the “community organizer” that if he is to now have such power(s) he economically speaking would be better to healthcare reform and community restoration per his example to dictate that all communities are required to corral all their neighbors and for at least Sunday Service with tithing restored to communities ability to budget unexpected healthcare costs.  As it is he is a-rye for not following Church  - for his funding system for such with his predilection to dictate mandates and required tax payments though based on income not base on voluntary participation and contribution. 

No it seem, if left to me, I would have to look at economics of healthcare reform politics and cost and suggest that President use these powers if actually his to a way maybe most sure to help reduce costs about healthcare among counties and communities and by dictating that all must attend a house of worship and with mandates his dictate to required contributions some how still with him wanting of a desire or think to call it still “charity.”  No, better not for me to answer - seems President could over-turn Obamacare himself and for a likely greater cost saving and community restoration summation with at least a suggestion that communities and counties with renewed civil civic freedom to worship with actual worshiping.


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This is what I chose to quickly reread or scan tonight:  This was the columns for the month of April 2010:


This was my first month using URL “myblog” — there are the near 227 columns from the near year before of original jphogan.org blog page that are now still hidden that precede these, and maybe so that some “context” to new in old.

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Democrats most are now still hung up with the misbegotten oral legacy of the Clinton Presidency.   We have a Catholic issue now that may though date to Hillary Rodham Democrat Party defense during Watergate just as much, and yet more Constitutional.

Our First Amendment is to that Congress shall make no law respecting establishment of religion - and Watergate and “DEEP THROAT” misnomers and politics still today weaken Church positions are regards our Constitution due to decades of Democrat power reaching about “DEEP THROAT” partisan politics of metrics of communions.  Since Watergate days our state has assumed and presumed a breaking of bread superiority for at least its Democrat Partisan Politics.

There is a lot to parse and reconsider now - we have President Obama now stepping out more against selective communions once better protected and preserved with our separations.

It has been decades now that Democrats have played all to thinking it was all just the Republicans fault and without having to consider what cause Democrats might have given to give rise to Watergate “Plumbers” as to of an import to check the legal and/or illegal flow stemming from Dem HQ.

Catholics were recently challenged by Rome and Pope to think for themselves - at least back when Rome offered statements regarding Operation Iraqi Freedom and as well to American Catholics of such not being a duty or calling for Catholics - a battle theirs.  This on its face only seemed to have offered a Catholic response to Catholic “family” religious participation.  This on its face left open for American Catholics that though as Catholics not called to then be mixed up as of a duty to like bring justice to Muslims for other Muslims, so, that as Americans they could be called as American Catholics secularly in their American.

The Pope’s message as regards Operation Iraqi Freedom seems still to have only answered for American Catholics issues regarding their global Catholicism and as of no religious duty to go into a Muslim country to help Muslims get justice from other Muslims.

For Catholics now in America to exercise protections of our First Amendment and all our original Constitutionality must a re-opening of Watergate and “DEEP THROAT” secularism be commenced? 

Has our Executive Branch since whence been of a presumption to dictate ecumenical specificities - Catholic doctrine, too?  Though “DEEP THROAT” started not of the “BJ” politics celebrated by Clintons but more as of a tag for a perp than a social or political sucking up of consenting adults of sufficient age, it did become what it wasn’t and far deeper than any associated guilt would have been decideable.  As a nick-name offered for a federal focus as per concerning political threats with ties to Dem HQ it was never what it became, it did become what it became, though started otherwise, for “Plumbers” justification became admissible yet while a fair or full disclosure would have created collateral damage factors greater than original concerns.  Mark Felt as “DEEP THROAT” still seems more as of a duty in damage control to protect privacy and innocence - though “DEEP THROAT” really was the cause about the prudence towards Dem HQ attempted snooping - for corruption, so it still seems.

President Bush did keep Operation Iraqi Freedom from being interpretable as a Holy War and kept it to a secular and prudent effort to better jurisprudence to more being treated equally.  

President Obama has a Ba’athist problem still.  It is told by Alan Hart in his book ARAFAT - TERRORIST OR PEACE MAKER like that Saddam’s Ba’athist party started out to be to a United Arab Socialist State and then got perverted by others into a way to get and keep power more secularly selfishly where ever.  We have that Saddam Hussein rose to power in his Ba’athist Party as an assassin.  We have that many Democrats including President Obama were want to let at least Saddam’s Ba’athist party stay in power if Saddam H. himself had to go.

I don’t know how the Catholic Church can fully or fairly establish its rights to be of old and original intent.  Since Dems and media took ownership of “DEEP THROAT” for secular populism the ecumenical and selective communion criteriums (criteria?) have been Constitutionally compromised without much contest.  It may help to look at Democrats for “character” and at their attempts to let Ba’athists slide for so much to stay an ally in secular control by minorities - It may help now to see Democrats as those willing to let Saddam Hussein off just not without prosecution but as well without any confession, and because the ideology of Ba’athism started as to being to a Socialist ideal.

As American Catholics it seems such Americans as Catholics had no duty as Catholics as mentioned to go to a Muslim state to offer assistance to Muslims even of the majority towards justice from other Muslims.  As American Catholics with jurisprudence and pledges eternal against all forms of tyranny over minds of men - and the past complicity of their United States of America and precedence political and legal of reconstruction efforts post past previous prudent postings - and as Americans called then though, secularly, as American Catholics in their “American - a duty did exist even for American Catholics to be for Iraq at least what it had been some to Japan and Germany after early global entanglements of warring with allies.

Our First Amendment does specify that out Congress cannot make laws respecting establishment of religion, and that President Obama has been “FROSTY” with a preponderance presumption more “Nixonian” than Nixon’s to of “IF A PRESIDENT SAYS IT IS LEGAL THEN IT IS LEGAL.” 

It seems apparent now more since maybe since before Watergate and media taking of “DEEP THROAT” as their darling, and in a partisan secular communion partisan and political without America much having to ask or learn of how Democrats were better on the defensive even then that we now have a First Amendment issue critical to Obamacare overreaching and Catholic beliefs.

President Obama has been wrong recently to offer his “Christianity” as an argument for Congress to act and legislate as he was want to dictate towards specific making of laws so respecting, maybe, only his establishment of religion.  He has been quite secular and demonstratively so for a while, otherwise, except in so such that Obamacare does fail even a First Amendment challenge as per it an attempt to justify as if “Christian Charity” establishment - but secular too.

How does Catholic Church now reset its specific ecumenical American presence and province?   How do we all now restore our First Amendment rights and in a less communioned partisan where “DEEP THROAT” partisan popularism is reset to Nixonian conditions where “DEEP” a tag for not so guilty minor perp who deserved protection from national “Plumbers” politics too - and as American populism about politics of “DEEP THROAT” only had a basis in improper and “not deep” minor considerations - that though had corruption stemming from Dem HQ of a maybe childish threat - national and political?

I for one, have long never believed allowing Ba’athists of Saddam Hussein’s minority governance of or near tyrannical had any right or reason towards “staying” in power.  I still now cannot figure how Democrats were willing and near successful, otherwise.

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We have heard long enough that imitation is possibly flattery.  President Obama, it seems, now has two Nixon problems, at least.

Imitation though can be a matter of LAW AND ORDER and now an opportunity - duty - opening, for “tricky” Mitt.

It is a toss up.  I am not sure what I will be cooking tonight - I may be putting out a cross-partisan local and global calorie count. 

I have had my MAXIM longer than some of my maxims,  though longer than my carbon steel restaurant style cooking wok and nearly two foot long stainless steel spatula, and those far longer than my still new pizza stone that has me now to attempting New York style thin crust pizza from home.

I find my thoughts have me learning from a variety of TV cooks now though more often not to attempt to imitate. 

President Richard Milhous Nixon lost his first election - he lost his Whittier High School run for Class President to another named Logue.  Secretary Hillary Clinton helped take down President Nixon for matters then that now look minor compared to Obama snooping e-like standards.  Secretary Hillary Clinton helped take down President Nixon and yet now may be copying him on China more than any other - and hoping people don’t see it as it stands inviolate as quite a bit of flattery.

So will I now cook out to New York thin crust pizza imitating tonight and now experimental for first now of a pizza stone and cooking with yeast to using earlier hand made dough, now defrosting?

Will my Maxim electric wok be put into service as a deep fryer for fried chicken, again made without aid of an existing recipe?

I have had my Maxim wok since mid 80s and for use specifically for stir frying from Ken Hom’s recipes of Chinese Cookery.  I didn’t buy my carbon steel restaurant style cooking wok (kept for when of gas stoves) until 1987 when I moved to Boston area.  My steel wok best for gas cooking is from a restaurant supply store of Boston’s China Town.

“Tricky” Mitt is a far cry better a Presidential nick-name than that unfortunate one the preceded with “Tricky Dick” the Nixon walking with and around “Deep Throat” and “Watergate.”

President Bush once was our Ambassador to China, and that before he became Director of Central Intelligence.

The other later President Bush must have done pretty well for us as regards China - Obamanoughts are imitating more than criticizing - yet avoiding suggestions that flattery due.

We are now to a consideration that Mitt Romney, nominee, can offer Republicans a pride in Nixon and his LAW AND ORDER aspirations - if only because those of Obama Administration have been to so much arguable “flattery” with so much theirs now an imitation of his.

His Chinese, President Obama’s foreign plating, has broken the Mormon barriers already - we all should easily remember that as per critical relations with whom that is becoming a great ally - greater ally - he leaned on a Republican - he leaned on Jon Huntsman Jr.  We do have that if President Nixon hadn’t had lost his Whittier Class Presidency election just so nor had “Tricky Dick” as nick-name a pre-existing condition once “Watergate” broke we would likely have Obama and his Secretary of State needing to footnote and document their flattery that is so much imitation of President Richard Milhous Nixon at least as per China - right?

If you consider or accept that “Deep Throat” started as an official FBI concern and a case file name that gave cause and suggestion that powers corrupt we stemming from Dem HQ you may begin to understand why J. Edgar Hoover was afraid, after so many years closely working with Liberal Democrats to spear head such an investigation, overtly or covertly.  If history now becomes more exposed to a time-line for Nixon’s “Plummers” as first of a FBI official word of mouth earful concern about a then open “Deep Throat” nom de plume - then our long trying partisan storification resets to “Tricky Mitt” opportunities to bring late law and order for President Nixon whence “Tricky Dick” became an X-rated exposure un-Presidential and a media darling then unavoidable.

I do expect I will be dialing up my Maxim electric wok as a deep fryer for some fried chicken and likely as well though to dough work and pizza stone baking to some personal size New York thin crust cheese pizzas.  My Boston bought carbon steel wok and stainless steel spatula are in storage until I again am cooking with gas.  I haven’t decided yet whom I am rooting for - and may not until after the game - I come from a town/city betwixt and between the two franchises.  I may be stuck just looking for sportsmanship and honor on the field of play.

It is remarkable how Nixon may become the new Reagan even if Obama is re-elected.  Obama’s quiet but public imitation is amounting to much flattery that cannot help but become exposed during general election against any Republican nominee, now.

We have witnessed since SOTU 2012 that President Obama chose to start off in such towards 2012 as if running as the “GOOD” Mitt Romney and with hopes that he will be able to trap “Tricky” Mitt into being only able to present as a new and bad - changed from whence Governor, Mitt Romney.  President Obama though is now getting stuck for Constitutional misunderstanding of our protected rights of our First Amendment, and well Candidate Mitt Romney, also of Harvard Law seems to have a different interpretation.  President Obama may now have to explain all of THE FEDERALIST PAPERS if to prove Mitt Romney is now a “BAD” Mitt and he is our only hope - PBO may have to explain how Candidate MR is consistent with Publius pieces and so that PBO now more of as if New York state wouldn’t have entered our Constitutional Union if there hadn’t been those THE FEDERALIST PAPERS.

First out of the gates to 2012 from which ever corner Candidate Willard Mitt Romney has a chance to be a new and improved LAW AND ORDER PRESIDENT and with pride as “Tricky Mitt” - if it comes to that.  We have that though successes of Obama - Clinton foreign policy, seemingly dependent on them having had the ambassadorial assistance with China so whence then of Republican Jon Huntsman Jr. they have been contrary and disavowing of due process protections dangerously, and publicly.  If a time-line is adjusted respective of Nixon’s Presidency to pay more attention to his loss to Logue and later as relevant more to years Hillary Rodham of Watergate Hearing staff duties as of “Deep Throat” having been an inconvenient naming as inconvenient as “Tricky Dick” afterwards and one that has today official sympathies that then were not necessarily admissible in defense of Republican President, though records may be able to establish that it was a case file name that gave cause for an official snooping by FBI but one that J. Edgar Hoover felt too exposed still with Kennedy Democrat associations to execute in house.  Who do we have to dig down deep enough into all this now - Anyone?

Is Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton (a.k.a. Madam Secretary of State Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton) now imitating freely and without due credit and historical bibliography and footnotes the Republican President she helped take down, and as flattery she is hoping people won’t get to discussing?

We have many issues to see walked about and talked about throughout remainder of primary season and then whence to general election contests best now to a new and improved and more historical intellectual honesty.  We have that this administration has run our due process into same ditch much of their driving of false stories did to our economy during 2007 and 2008 - We have a new need to reset even maybe to Republican Presidency of Richard Milhous Nixon and to a refreshed “LAW AND ORDER” reglobalized with a new localization and decentralization effectation even more than we need now a new President Ronald Reagan.

A “Tricky Mitt” Constitutionally safer now as also a Harvard Law Grad than President Barack Obama and likely able to explain that his is the real “GOOD” Mitt still and yet able to explain that Democrats are being BAD NIXONIANS more that Nixon actually was. 

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Your bureau may be all disarrayed and the Martians may be a competitive bunch strong of faith.

As you may recall, Ron Paul, Representative to Congress for part of the State of Texas and an also ran for President in 2012, did speak in a debate of an invitation to ride. 

Some cycling is unavoidably of a haunted or haunting in an a priori and/or a posteriori revolutionary concern.

As I heard candidate Ron Paul with his Texas invitation to ride I was stirred and interested - and again with prepository reflection to be not too Campy, and somewhat spurred on still by rise of SRAM - as of years of concern that American cyclists to be globally competitive as American had to find an alternative to riding Japanese or French all the time, or only.

Governor Mitt Romney is on track with velo-ness of sufficient velocity and banking with his Olympic past venue friendly sufficiently moderated internationalism so too trued not to be too SRAM RED or CAMPY or high stepping SHIMANO “RACING”.  Governor Mitt Romney may be now better than recycled LAW AND ORDER to a candidate now toeing the lines as if to soon a new and improved NIXONIAN better to LAW AND ORDER PRESIDENCY.

A business training now beyond just Marketing 101 beginner limits is not necessarily a requirement to ride out rest of this storification.  It might help - but only towards and early or more certain appreciation of its market value and truisms/truths.

To be a top racing cycling personality it is like getting to Carnegie Hall, supposedly.   Like > “PRACTICE - PRACTICE - PRACTICE!  And like their needs to be a passion and commitment and a history of quality and appreciation for the best that is available, scientifically most advanced and as well with soft sciences more of best in marketing and advertising penmanship.

The Kennedy Legacy and working to Camelot courting for America did leave room for improvement and even for others later as well of an Irish Catholic American rooting.  There is always a Lancelot in Camelot - though not necessarily always the happiest of Knights nights.  When there is political competition there still is always a competition with Camelot and lances, and now Bushes of Texas long of New Haven and Connecticut rallying and competitiveness.

When I met Eric Heiden he was new to competitive road racing cycling challenges and just recently from front pages for 1980 Olympic speed skating prominence.  In both sports he may have been more of ROBIN HOOD MEN IN TIGHTS than CAMELOT styled armor.  At such moment in American cycling history we still had the Wright ministries, however, more of their flights than their cycling - but a proud American competitive example and legacy - at about that time that I lived a block away from the race course for New Haven Columbus Day Bike Race.

I did respond via facebook to Ron Paul and his cycling quip to offer that I would ride with him if he happened to be in New Haven, Connecticut area and to my old haunts still stirring from early 1980s and especially some hills within his 25 mile range mentioned.  As a budding cycling enthusiast from early 80s when Campy (Campagnolo) gear almost the only choice available if a racer you wanted to be.  The Japanese were on the rise - I was then able to shop bike upgrades to earlier heavy more “commuter” rides as I was want to be more for America by being for Japanese instead of selling out to French Campy.

I don’t know how Representative Ron Paul rides or want his mount is - what he rides.  I sounds as if he is a road cycling enthusiast but he could be a off-road “mountain biker” more like President Bush.  He likely rides with as much chivalry as he runs.  He likely rides wondering still how to carry a Lance.  He was a doctor - is still a doctor officially too, I think - Doctors work with lances, at least as a scalpel or lancet.

As a budding road cyclist more towards touring than racing I did consider much and as if an ambassador for American cycling specifically for those who may use the same quality or better and for competition and competitiveness.  I was a budding bike mechanic already with neighborhood clientelle also professionally reliant on good and best lances, and so that for at least a client I did clean and maintain some good Campy.

I know when I bought my used and then new Rams I was still considering all past cycling networking and considerations - I can remember to before the days of SRAM and SRAM RED.  I still have my now vintage Shimano complete groupo of 600ex but for last year finally swapping out the rear hub to facilitate 16 speeds as upgrade from 12.  I could have used the Park Wheel Truing Stand - the one in 80s I could borrow time on in neighborhood by another doctor yet one less dependent on lances has moved with its owner now maybe many times.  I do not know its owners politics but do know his ride stayed true to facts that President Bush had been a college chum - a collegiate bud.  I did rebuild my own rear wheel and while working as if an accidental tourist only having trained eye and bike to use to get to true.

I can remember back to old shop talk while visiting or shopping at frequented area bike shops of my asking questions like: “Why don’t handlebars have a more comfortable flat spot in drop down curvature?”  And to learning their and industry answer that it won’t fit through handle bar stem if not curved just so, like.  And then as well to querying near:  “What do you is new and in development that might be out in a few years?” This so and when 12 speeds was reported the most number of gears that could be fit on a road bike before such would work against itself and wear out or wear down too quickly as of riding with too much friction and twisting.  I did learn from professional mechanic that had bikes that cost more than his used van and for racing where he might, with their team, at least, that someone somewhere was then starting to work on a design for brake levers that could also be gear shifters, and all this while it was still our early or by then mid 80s.  I forget which year Demi Moore wore cycling shorts to the Oscars, though, and do not know how she hooked up with a Kutcher as to cycling Kutch is the Indian region most of the chamois in the cycling shorts derived from.

I did use social media to communicate a Connecticut invite to Representative Ron Paul and to ride out to an old haunt that worked me always towards a competitiveness with Kennedy Camelot as well as a business ethics and marketing set, mental to considerations that I had client(s) who made the living and held their most esteemedness as “Best” in nation in their field with lances as so scalpels are.  I was again to careful selection of Japanese Shimano 600ex groupo equiped Panasonic racing/touring designed ride and so as to balancing a dominance in cycling by Campagnolo.  I did dream that America and Americans would have its own pride of high end racing components sooner, if not later.  I did even return to shop weeks after my mentioned question of days long ago before handlebars looks generally now so admiral as they do now, and, with a stem from a childs bike I had been working on to be visibly of a pointed presentation to suggest that such could be a four screw method for new racing and road stems to allow a turn from traditional and too Campy reliance on old molded single screw fascination.  And, that to racers it could be sold as lighter - or at least likely lighter.

I lost track of so much of this cycling focus as a primary focus for over a decade,  when I moved then away from even the borrowed truing stand proximity of New Haven, I was already musing for Harry Potter development as to a mass market promised potential to make JK very rich, and so as such before she had much more than notes on napkins to challenge to write seven books that so in early years when she regularly of “it just came to me - I don’t know where from.” (like - as is “paraphrased”).  See I realized since I was musing to such for a posse of young neighbors also of my neighborhood bike mechanic clientelle and for the one I then nick-named “Peter Rowe-ling” when I was preparing to move away and as if the small posse all the also “Rowe-lings” to have an umbrella of professionalism maintained in part better by creatively covering and blocking with nick-naming patriarchal to them under “Peter’s” real grandfather “Pete Rowe.”  I realized as a muse to such I had best to avoid being the anal bike and bike maintenance enthusiast I had been - and focus on lighter and more entertaining thoughts to marketing a more global developmental that their parents would find entertaining and be surprised by.

A couple years ago I broke away from this once thought better practice and general to more admiral thought and got back in the saddle - my not too worn out Avocet Racing III once mail ordered from Palo Alto as an upgrade to go with my “ricey” Sakae Road Champion racing handlebars that as well was carefully chosen to be better for my riding purposes and interest in being a quiet ambassador for American cycling and competitiveness.   Now though, my old Olympic thoughts to American cycling that once was more 1980 centric as of a Russian or USSR concern tend to have me thinking of Sakae still like RICE and yet to memories more recent from having been the contractor hired to install new closet doors years ago in Watergate for NSA Condoleezza Rice.

And so re: CYCLING:  When thinking otherwise of carpentry tools and those of STANLEY gifted me by my maternal grandfather once a top New York Madison Ave “Mad Man” I would balance thoughts of Stanley Greenberg, another neighbor, but away from cycling as I could while his daughters were of my swim team and youth group - my high school circle, like.

And so re:  CYCLING:  If you want to ride fast - as fast as road racers like Lance - you may have to practice, practice, and practice, and look to associate with the best equipment and marketing teams - you may though have to join a race to race or just ride as fast for you to be so quick may need as well to have roads dedicated and closed but for your use.

And so re:  CYCLING:  When I got back in my old saddle a couple years ago I did ride enough that year to finally wear out my old saddle - an to near old haunts that I would ride out with Rep Ron Paul if occasion arose, where I did ride again that year when accumulating at least near 1,400 miles turned out near old Camelot road concerns.  To ride fast, again, you may need to enter a race — Where I grew up riding I could find a long hill to ride down, a mostly quiet road of rolling low hills with light traffic and think about moments possibly available to ride down one hill and then speed up the next, and in this case a steeper but shorter next hill then just after a small side street of Camelot Courts of Guinivere & Kennedy literary haunting at the road I think was and is called Lancelot Road (or Lane).  But so, if you do want to ride fast and as fast as racers you may need roads to be closed for I have nearly no memories of this old still haunting ride where I was free to ride down one hill at full speed and up the other without that rare car being leaving Camelot and with a rolling stop characteristic of back roads or another car topping next hill with its signal on for left turn across my path or with turned planned without signaling, and then there was usually sand at side street that had to be considered while considering that neither cars leaving Camelot via Lancelot tended to fully stop or at least until across my lane and stopped to double check that a car wasn’t suddenly appearing from over nearby hill while both then of limited sight lines for fair consideration of cycling enthusiasts.

When the yet undiscovered Martian lives arrive - will if of space travel not be predators and be more missionary and friendly?


[What I learned from competitors of Eric Heiden back whence was that pro-cyclists went out before races for warm-up rides as long as I then considered a full ride.  I did appreciate this back whence when self motivating to century tour with packs (panniers) full of near extra thirty pounds up to and back from Berkshire campiness mine for YMCA camp Alumni Weekends, twice.  I did appreciate this a couple years ago as I got to serious road touring locally with enough 10-60 mile day rides to amount to near 1,400 total miles for that year - and so to physicality that brings knowledge that after first 45-60 minutes riding just gets easier, not harder, though “tiring” can become a concern.]

                                                             * *

{Lance Armstrong — I did manage to get bike so mentioned out at least once a year, at that when so did tend to be on or near the last day of French tour.  I should figure out now this new “Live Strong” cycling atmosphere now that I did already refresh and share old memories that thought a better priority if now back to training for years more of riding.  Please, again, pass on my thoughts and greetings to Eric Heiden - he is still working as team physician for BMC and with American Olympic hopefuls, yes?}

                                            * * *

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Posted by: JP HOGAN @ 1:24 pm

I was going to title these thoughts for this column THE BOUNCING BALL but then I realized I was reaching, and so reaching back that it was raising the concern of Clintons’ years that they were “yellow” most of their 8.

We have clearly with President Barack Hussein Obama orated erudity in acceptance of his Nobel Peace Prize the barb and warning of dangers of “inaction” and “avoidance” (as of near all eight years of the Clintons) a factual suggestion very publicly heralded, as if “source one” only needing one more to confirm.

Today we have so much that isn’t adding up - these days we have stories and claims that when presented vastly as a summation seem vast void of sufficient variables and constants.  It may be easier, and yet short of “yellow journalism” to say that Clintons were both “green” and “yellow” during their 8.

It isn’t “yellow journalism” to suggest that President William Jefferson Clinton with his Clinton Global Initiative has been trying to live an outsourcing of some to too much that long has been considered a perk and easy duty for our office holders of our Presidency.  It is as if CGI is a clear attempt as maintained to run privately part of our office of the President as if the People agreed it should be outsourced and with wisdom of term limits left to blow in their winds.

Our President Clinton is years now of behaving with CGI contrary to his promises to be non-partisan and non-political with such — we now have Newt Gingrich of contracts with “Chief Lobbyist” to compare and contrast with Bill Clinton as of the similar excesses to loose legalisms like blatant loopholes for a few so that we should be asking how Bill Clinton’s “not” political is actually still almost as political as any political endeavors past or present. 

President Clinton is more “in politics” and as a very partisan actor than Newt Gingrich is or has ever been a “lobbyist”?

President Clinton had many sympathetic figures about him - male and female - after having to disembark from the Clintons’ grand public housing that is our White House and so it seems to coddling and organizing to figure a way to let him find a way to gather and hold extra-officially and agovernmentally as much money power and influence his friends could manage, and so in the days they were it appears selling our Constitution as out of date and inappropriate for the cult of personality global dictates whimsy had some thinking better - and excusable if due to “CRISIS.”

President Clinton may have seen this consecrated around him and for him in ways that kept him from accepting the fate and wisdom of our term limits - but it isn’t so much to how it was conceived but how he is abusing it in daily practice almost always turned to a partisan and political, especially when he has his near mandatory annual meeting set to overshadow United Nations gatherings and has soaked up new domestic and global energy with interviews and those so near all with partisan and political turning of biased phrasing.

As practiced it is arguable that since our Constitution has been determined already to have a real relevance still it seems President Clinton with CGI is apparently practicing an un-Constitutionality and one thought to become excusable due to “CRISIS” convenient storification, partisan and political.  We have a contrast there for reporting of how CGI isn’t being run as it was promised to be run, and especially about the times of mandatory attendance by globally significant leaders scheduled so to duel with importance of current USA administration and also the entire United Nations.

As it is being run we may all be being put at risk and with our standard checks and balances.  Past lesser meddling by thought retired politicians not as of willful serious attempts to appear not as term limited but as if promoted out of and above our office of the President brings us to a due consideration that our very few applicable checks and balances are now undermined and violated - we have it a ridiculous condition of this current politics that Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton is our fine line of over-sight with duty to attempt to probe and scrutinize Mr. William Jefferson Clinton.   Our Secretary of State is our officer responsible (so I heard) of checking balances and all “commitments” of spirit and coordination of CGI - and specifically to confirm that non of such is intentionally or accidentally then to dangerous supporting “materially supporting” of terrorism.

I know as you look back at this bureaucratic mess we have that the Clintons’ Global Initiative was operating like wise during the Bush 8 - that to suggest this as bad and of a meddling now suggests that President Clinton likewise was interfering and meddling globally contrary to the Bush administrations efforts then, and then as motivated with means and opportunity specific to goal to first be first husband and wife both elected and so of a practical need to find a way even then to avoid surrendering all the power our 22nd Amendment was meant to limit.

We have President Barack Hussein Obama’s orated erudity of his warnings within his Nobel Peace Prize Acceptance Speech as a partial condemnation of the Clintons for like of a “yellowness” of their 8 - and one now regularly confused as we are spooned out that we are to celebrate the Clintons as if “Bill” the “Dove” and “Hillary” the “Hawk” naturally though of a pathology traceable as a machination worked as if spinning and handling of public thems different from private thems.

Sure if their case that America actually needed to surrender its reliance on its Constitution and embrace their suppositions and subscriptions to a need now from CRISIS to become more of a cult of personality even if such meant more “government by man” than “by law” - then we could now be celebrating both Clintons and now raking them deservedly now over coals.

Never before have a past First Couple, it seems, both deserved to be separated and questioned and even maybe waterboarded with at least as much to be learned as from those we have considered such due already before and so as appropriate, historically, so far.

There is still a lot for them to explain from early nineties that has been credited to them that hasn’t yet been deserved or factually accurate or of an intellectual honesty so with whence.  It shouldn’t take “yellow journalism” or waterboarding to break this out of them - an new nationalism in a reset Constitutionalism might flush it out all by itself.

                                        * * *

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Posted by: JP HOGAN @ 8:18 pm

In the memories and reflexology of some like Jack Welch are some interesting and now critical past experiences of an old battle from our early 1990s.

John F. Akers, former CEO of IBM is another touched by a time and internal battle that most of America little still considers.  It was a war within America for the heart and soul of America and one almost not fought in our boardrooms then, whence.

I want your memories too Mr. Louis V. Gerstner and even maybe Catherine Black - I am remembering an old “oh, don’t you dare” utterance near scream from me that predates a rallying of the likes of our Business Roundtable to take back some statements and reverse course.

Mr. Welch, I know you have these memories and likely with a recently renewed awareness of my presence in such from afar - afar as New Haven, CT was and is, still.

I do feel I would be most responsible to recall and reconstruct a timeline with players, places and times affixed properly and substantially.

I do not remember when Clintons became a part of this battle to save a near surrendering, or that they had any significant contribution or that they weren’t a part of the problem from within too before we effected a back step and change of course that had American top CEOs walk away from earlier public statements, and with John F. Akers of IBM maybe the first of such.

Please collect yourselves, and your thoughts and memories of the early nineties, I could use such and America deserves still an better informing as to this old battle that almost was lost before it was even fought - that battle that became a united effort to only say America needed a new American management spirit and methodology and not what had first been near the surrendered to.

This is all relevant to 2012 because it again goes to so much that public give both Clintons credit for too much and as time has proven them hardly likely deserving of such for of judgement since quite inconsistent and years without successful repeating of depth or quality of once then quickly adjusted economic and corporate think and practices.  My memory is they were part of the problem naturally and willingly before becoming just like a silent partner to a grand portion of political good, not so silent about any economic good being creditable as theirs, though.

Please, those all who were involved, and especially Mr. Welch, Mr. Akers and Mr. Gerstner, please stir your memories of such years now hopefully not too long ago so that they all feel alive again with the old about face step back and turn from first steps towards telling all of America that they now needed to become Japanese, more Japanese, to learn the Japanese “team” management obedience as if their lives depended on it.

It may help to remember that this remembered about face that had me first to “oh, don’t you dare” like, and then to a responsibility to show you that an American RESET was possible and more proper and patriotic and actually much better for business was then shortly before the Asian or Japanese break out of bird flu.  There was no way my earlier shared new marketing synthesis that was of and for a decentralization was needing a Japanese management teamwork obedience - and it was but a lot more work then to consider and share the still American way that was stronger and freer and much still available.

Please your memories are wanted - and as ALIVE anew as you can manage.  I may be important now to actually determine how much the Clintons had naturally been part of the problem before they too managed some to become part of something more of an American renaissance - but I am thinking future leaders are better to be prepared if they can actually learn properly of a war that really was fought, and nearly not, back in early 1990s and for the heart and soul of America.

[I was stirred to remembering more with the columns that now seem to follow this that do actually predate it but so as the storification goes - I was to wondering anew how or why I may have been to enough corporate exposure to be to the remembered “put it to fixing up TIME SQUARE & LAS VEGAS…”]

Please, all that helped turn American corporate leaders from the near surrender to an unnecessary acceptance of a think that America then had to learn to become Japanese, remember, please remember, even if before you became a hero of such you were first nearly a _______________. 

Please, and yes as ALIVE as you can manage and with as many of the involved players, places and times. 

America may need you know as you were and as you are.  Our next President deserves a chance to live in a political world a little more realistic and understandable. 

It was a war that was fought within, a war that almost wasn’t fought at all.  Our early 1990s were a mess in so many ways and ways of resentments from old wars lost as well as confusion in new wars or operations unfinished, as well as that America was facing competition in quite remarkable ways worth emulating but for that emulating wasn’t needed or best when a strong and freer American renaissance of sorts was still a viable and available option.

[No, you should not wait to see a story of me for having shown up to work, anywhere, with a bed for in bedding, as embedding an accepted and sufficient lure.  That, would seem trite today - I do try to avoid being trite, still.]

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Posted by: JP HOGAN @ 11:41 am

This is not a treehugger piece about the spotted owl.  For myself it was of our endangerment near the end of the Persian Gulf War with Time Square and Las Vegas then as “Achilles Heels” our very own.

A lot exciting is happening now.

It is still a toss up as to which party was in the early nineties when such as two “Achilles Heels” existed in America and globally as American more want and tracked towards partisan dangers - a partisan pride to an economy like now but in a more dangerous time.

I didn’t write a personal memoir or publish a book of my “dreams” while nearly still a student - this may not be the most advisable first steps - it may be less advisable now to be one of their twenties of a life memoir, it seems.  Again I did not scribe a memoir in early nineties when hardly past “student.”

Now though, while still four years younger than one such and to the day, the same August day, I sit this morning thinking it now more important to reassociate with parties of our nineties towards a timely reconstruction of events and developments as they occurred.  I sit this morning thinking something now more towards a memoir is better and more vital now than jumping aboard any political campaign.

We have political hazards of our early nineties like how Senator Al Gore stirred a near Constitutional CRISIS when and how he did announce as likely top Dem candidate that he wouldn’t run - and that he was thinking he should because President Bush “deserves a second term.”

We have political and religious hazards as concerning then that were of the end of Cold War and fall of Berlin Wall while of wrapping up Persian Gulf War (prematurely?) that was specific to a Republican Party dangerous PRIDE.  We have that a Conservative Coalition (Christian Coalition) was then dominant and more so than a re-elected more moderate President Bush could check and balance in coming years.  We still have problem that was of Christian Coalition to an excessive political pride towards a near:  America won Cold War only because it was a conservative and Christian State.

The last place now to look for useful answers to so much of the early nineties and days before Clintons a party’s nominee or even before they were an announced “two-fer” candidacy.  This is more of private industry and evil corporate people seeing important things to do and doing them, publicly but quietly.

It is fair to suggest that Time Square and Las Vegas make-overs that happened so much in early 90s would have happened and just as well if not better if President Bush had been re-elected.  I haven’t written a memoir yet - I still have to dig down to remember players, places and times - now is a time calling me to such as more important than entwining in a campaign.

We have to hold now more self evident that Saddam Hussein may have seen the Democrats as a more useful weapon against their own America than the rude pride then of a less checked Christian Coalition towards a possible useful domestic imbalance if President Bush had been re-elected.

Thoughts of showing up at Hearst with a flat bed with a bed in back to begin a physical in bedding has long been an element of my maybe better once clearly compartmentalized media ambitions about our Fourth Estate.  To be so long as “Citizen Rosebud” as since days in 1983 after watching CITIZEN KANE and considerate to my own networks was to be one in defense of such media house and not against it, passed friends could tell of how their father once ran such company in years the founder that once in NY acquired “Hogan’s Alley” - William Randolph Hearst - was passing.  Here again a memoir effort would help sort out players, places and times — time maybe to become a philanthropist - time to look for endowments, maybe to such.

It is now maybe our greatest dangers to confuse so much that was great of our early nineties and of positive change at least in New York and Nevada as actually due to the Clintons campaigning and/or governance.  Again, much of this was started before they could hop up on such wave and ride it sloppily or haphazardly.  We have to contrast now the fate of Governor Andrew Cuomo now busy trying to unlearn and then learn a new way different from his and Clintons’ governance methodology of nineties, necessarily.

President Barack Hussein Obama has inherited from his own party too limited an understanding of Clintons’ actual capability and historical significance.  He did not inherit the mess for our politics and economy that comes from his pride and ignorance about his pronouncements about Operation Iraqi Freedom - that is his own vulnerability of his own dangerous assumptions - but for an ignorance of efforts of evil corporate types back in early 90s to fix our TIME SQUARE and LAS VEGAS before they were used globally and at least by Saddam Hussein against us all.  S.H. likely did think that our Democrats were his best weapon against us, then there about in his dreaming of ways to take and keep Kuwait as his booty - he seemed at least confident he had a winning global public relations case to make against the United States of America and in part due to how bad some parts of our cities were if not entire cities. 

What has been happening since suggests both Clintons still lack the sufficient creativity and or experience to have been enough of such with understanding to be wise enough to be of such still now.

I have not flip-flopped as Hillary Clinton did about Operation Iraqi Freedom - I have been for such as necessary and likely unavoidable ever since their first term — I as well though didn’t read the national intelligence estimates about such as she is reported to have avoided before voting - but then I didn’t vote nor was I privy officially to such classified publications.

If more people don’t know how evil corporate types helped expedite moving of urban mountains as happened in extra-governmental ways maybe agovernmental then now they are likely not to have enough factual and relevant information to form intelligent opinions and specific decisions.  We, again, have that the Clintons may be the last any should ask about such.

I know I had the ears of members of The Business Roundtable - and deans and Presidents of universities - I had been giving free ideas towards an integrated positive change, a rapid change as then seeming prudent, and again, as to it being as likely to work for a re-elected President Bush if such the peoples decision while voting largely uninformed.  I do have to consider it time to compile depth for such years to dig up players, places and times - it seems more important now that joining a campaign or just covering the races.  Due to my past intellectual involvement and past arms length distance kept during such I am now not necessarily the right player for a few more years - as I will be looking and looking until then for enough activity reset in American by Americans and to which levels of governance refreshed or re-tasked about so much. 

I know I had leverage with NBC from TV show idea sharing and anchoring for creative character and plot developments and as well with IBM and yet so busy about such so concerning and of thoughts of arriving at Hearst with a bed that getting parties that could have paid me a whole lot were thought better to be asked to dedicate much instead towards remodeling of TIME SQUARE and LAS VEGAS as our best starting points after basis set and checked in and with New Haven.  But I do really have to now spend time checking and digging down to remember players, places and times - and how much I joined and how much I led.  

Again, the Clintons are probably the last people needed to be checked with about so much of this that was to be there for a re-elected President Bush.  Before we went into Baghdad to collect Saddam Hussein for a judgement of his peers in a prosecution if not by a new Nuremberg like global review we had first to fix that we and our cities were in such disrepair that we had to fix ourselves before we could attempt to stand with and help Iraqi majorities at least attend to Baghdad post Saddam Hussein.

But I really am just now feeling free to dig deep to remember how much wasn’t really the Clintons, as now long thought.  I have that I was wired with James E. Burke by effort kept up respecting my maternal grandfathers last years of his own career as a Madison Ave top “Mad Man” for such as per his Johnson & Johnson marketing and advertizing needs and hopes.  I know as well that James E. Burke fired IBM CEO & CFO as per boards wishes and led search committee the picked Louis V. Gerstner Jr. and with a special confidence that most of changes that IBM had then needed to quickly make it had managed to adjust to before Akers & Metz actually turned over charges to Gerstner and his.

A lot exciting is happening now - and yet most may not have enough critical historical knowledge to understand enough.  Once past creating a basis in a “back to basics” in New Haven it is remembered now some that thoughts that TIME SQUARE and LAS VEGAS were maybe our most critical nexts.

Yes, it seems to be an accurate memory that Saddam Hussein thought our Democrats could be used and played well enough by him with his global public relations trickery and acumen so to be used much against us as they then were a set.

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