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Posted by: JP HOGAN @ 11:16 am

Yesterday I likely walked by more people than voted for charming Mitt Romney in New Hampshire primary. 

We have ourselves all now presently witness to Republican support of the arts - campaign art - PLUS.

It may be hard to shake that President Bush was too much “Little Rascal” and that Senator McCain too much “Hogan’s Heroes” but that a “President Willard Mitt Romney” as of republican legs - we may now be citizen people of “The beaver.”

As we walk our walks these days we are embraced by the Republican standards and their coddling of art with private funds.  Each heels up sit down whether in a museum or train station or home all comfy charms our souls now electorally with “smarter power” projections by even just “Mitt” - Mitt Romney for President artistry.

These channel considerations that are about may blanket you and yours all cozy and safer and while we see that Republicans are equal opportunity funders of political art - with private or personal funds/commitments.

Yesterday I returned home myself to put up my legs, but not without needing to cut off the blistered skin on my left heel and dress appropriately - attend with cream and coverage due after seven hours near of solid walking with all but two all around New York City.  Yesterday I walked by more Park Ave doormen - saw more and was seen by more such than maybe yet in all my walks.  I was as well all through NOHO and SOHO and Flat Iron and quite near redeveloping World Trade Center neighborhood.  I think I could have stayed with more athletic socks - but then I thought I would get to know New York subways instead.

There is a piece of skin now dry on my vanity once near the size of a silver dollar.  I did have moments to rest against the Council on Foreign Relations building and with entertaining distractions I have long found fascinating - I did find my self in town and at a location where Hollywood was set up and producing for TV new scenes for a new episode.  This time I was taken back in time some by proximity to a production for Pan Am.  I did nearly suggest I could get a cameo appearance, at least.  I did though wonder if I wasn’t looking for 86th Street and not 68th and so did walk up further north to compare and contrast before return and rest so mentioned.

We have many options now for “smarter power” domestically and abroad with most of this still sizable field of Republicans - the many proving that GOP do like to support art - and artistry.  If it is to be “beaver” Mitt as our smarted selection and deciding this November we likely will have a new arts scene to match and one not dependent on State art edicts and disbursements.  Our nation and our citizen people at home and abroad may though be quite washed/awash in beaver - we have Speaker Boehner of such country as well as Senator from Kentucky McConnell from such lore and rearing more customary of their/our BEAVER WARS.

Will Willard Mitt Romney and his Republican cast be a new Andy Warhol - and so of a new artistic revolution or devolution?

“Smarter Power” by most of these of modern campaign artistry that is our field of GOPers is more promising than a late or this late “Smart Power” machinations by Democrats that again has to have many stirring and spinning wondering why now if not earlier - how with Hillary now and not with Hillary whence?  It seems crass and crude art for Democrats now to so fund for “Smart Power” when such seems to suggest that then the eight years of Clintons’ 8 must now have been “smart” governance.

Global citizenry is an old condition and consideration.  We are now though anew to a consideration about Christianity and our Founding Fathers and all our peoples as to whether when traveling to travel as political devotees or just well heeled and soulful people/persons.  We have anew that some of Islam may be favorites and better at art and soul stirring of citizen people of desert habitats.  What is a “global citizen” and how much in the wrong direction and to an extra-Constitutional or Un-Constitutional have Democrats already hoofed it too far - their way(s)? 

We have that doors should have been barred from Clintons and their crass and crude “art” - that more barriers should have been established to have kept them from what was their second term.  We now can clearly appreciate a retrospective on Clintons and their second term as worse than a mockery of Jackson Pollock.  An:  “If only the Clintons hadn’t been re-elected!”  is a modern consideration due much retrospection and introspection, now.   We are Americans and yet the Clintons seem to have prioritized attempts to crown themselves with “Global” unelected charisma and associated foreign political popularity gathered not by electoral or democratic assumptions and attempted to move us all to a necessary global initiative to pronounce them essentially a Clinton Global Autocratic to be the new celebrated and adorned new “power” art.

If only the Clintons hadn’t been re-elected!  Fewer people have now voted for Willard Mitt Romney together in Iowa and New Hampshire than served at once as of our troop deployments for smarter power under President Bush in adherence to our Constitutional principles and with such a boots on the ground with walks and walk abouts to stand with as equals so that equal rights could be spread more equally, globally - at least where we had a duty or right to return and revisit where our security interests have had us previously engaged and with undesired compromises once ‘necessary’ yet no longer so.

President Bush a “Little Rascal” you could pine - did work steadily and with a standard and globally standard operating method to spread equal rights more equally.  He didn’t seize the day to try to use a rare global condition to effect a crowning of his “two-fer” to GLOBAL CLINTON AUTOCRACY.   A “retrospective” on President Bush is already showing artistry before little or sufficiently considered or discussed.  If I were to reread Turgenev’s FATHERS AND SONS I might now be able to work in a literary rendition for Presidents Bush.  We have a recent American story of a son picking up the standard of his father and carrying it forward as democratically as it was meant and still as much in a battle to stall or prevent any or all global initiatives to Autocratic machinations.

We now as we all move on South Carolina in mass have that Senator McCain would have been a better President and that the direction he wanted to take us though then thought the wrong way by enough is now refreshed and considerate, and, the direction we of a majority seem decided towards as both artistic and practical and necessary.  He may have been too “Hogan’s Hero” but he was “real” as a past prisoner of war.

We now must consider that Willard Mitt Romney is more or most “The beaver” and so for US most since Reagan.  We have that we have Republicans now more concerned than Democrats about pink slips for all beavers, and more so smartly globally still by such standard bearers of our GOP.  We have “Austrian” commentary and a TEA PARTY that could re-brand itself now as earlier in our history - that could now do Concordian artistry themselves as maybe an Austrian and America homage if now to “CONCORD HYMN SINGERS.”

We are not and were not consecrated to accept a “smart power” autocratic elite as Democrats have been to global initiatives as if expecting a crowning of just Clintons as necessary CLINTON GLOBAL AUTOCRATS.  We have that a “rascal” may have been right all along and “corrective” more than “apologetic” as per Iraq with a walk about to show America as an equal willing to stand with people of a nations majority, and keep standing until their own more “autocratic” removed and replaced with art more of the majority. 

We have that our Cold War had us inconveniently partied with Saddam and compromised geo-politically in Middle East and that when end of such global war ended we had an new paradigm about Iraq and Iran that was now then to a mine field of religiousity.  We have that if we hadn’t move to finally prosecute Saddam Hussein he likely would have us all globally of a nuclear arms race between Iraq and Iran, as of the rights that the Clintons’ “two-fer” were corrupt to allowing.

We have that Saddam Hussein if allowed the new freedom from prosecution and justice that the Clintons were nearly successful to he would be globally supported despite all his past criminality and war crimes to a right to be of a nuclear power and weapons race with Iran.

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