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Posted by: JP HOGAN @ 11:57 am

SOTU tonight as another TRUTH-O-METER TUESDAY for us of what is left of our Country — it is hard to believe that ever before a President at Congress so is more deserved of such public exposure being treated like a perp walk.

Republicans last night nicked away at truths that the media isn’t likely to walk or talk without pressure - last night Republicans spoke enough truths and about how housing crisis got started such that Representative Darrell Issa is looking civil for his past remarks tagging the Obama administration as “the most corrupt.”

No,  we cannot expect the media to jump on board quickly to affirm the truths the Republicans shared last night and the 2012 and beyond concern so responsibly stepped about how we are at a time and crisis much of “government’s” (Democrats’ of government) causation that our fellow Americans have their government more at fault for their housing messes than themselves.

I am not here happily writing today trying to brag with an “I told you so” or “see, I was right” attitude - being right now annoys me and angers me and even depresses me some.  Last nights Republican debate broke through with some truth telling a major unearthing of truths that media has helped somehow knowingly or unknowingly bury for decades.  Enough shovels full of truth from Republican were thrown last night to expose some essential truths, much I have not been two decades about.

It is hard to wrap your hands around much of this for how much and how long efforts have been accepted and the norm towards burying them knowingly or unknowingly.  We have the likes of the Bush tax cuts as one oddity about such that easily slides back or falsely covers truths — The Bush tax cuts were of a justification not to stimulate economy and create jobs but more simply as they were as a pre 9/11 politics of a reduction in revenue justified by Clintons’ surpluses — The Clintons set it up that more taxes by Republicans weren’t necessary and tax cuts by Republicans then built on such.

We have that Speaker Pelosi long defended the Bush tax cuts maybe better than most and yet we hardly look at our history this way.  We have that Speaker Pelosi with her steadfast and constant defense of the Clintons’ surpluses was always justifying the Bush tax cuts - that she as well as Clintons were saying that the Clintons’ cuts were inviolate, and so justifying of tax cuts.  We have that Speaker Pelosi did then maybe more knowingly become more political about such without even shoveling some truths her self about how 9/11 and collateral spending since has been more an “inheritance” from the Clintons, and, the Clintons spending cuts.

We have that but for all of Secretary of State Clinton’s droning and ODYSSEY DAWN walk of a shoveling that has dirtied her hands, even stained her hands with blood, President Bush with Operation Iraqi Freedom was first to attempts to have our global fighting of monsters be compensated with State revenues from those countries once they of a Congress themselves able to be democratically about determining their own terms of reconstruction.  We have inviolate that the Clintons were lousy on sanctions and that First Lady Hillary Clinton marched around the world heeling inciting political remarks and dictates near of an imperialism and that is a near buried truth now that with such the Clintons and their budgeting and surpluses shouldn’t have been thinking PEACE and Peace Dividends while she out and about stirring anti-American angst and raising threat levels with her dictates as said near of an imperialism.

It is a revealing truth now from recent shoveling of Republicans of truths full of debate and campaign work that has this partly getting air as shovel full and shovel full that still have Hillary Clinton of stained hands bring more to the surface in even our media.

When you start to consider that the spending cuts and new revenue levels set proudly yet very politically and partisan by Clintons and as well of a corruption of Republicans then also high on new tech and dot com boom for it of toolage to allow nearer a fooling of all the people all the time:  Badda Boom! > Operation Iraqi Freedom was to letting a democratic Iraqi Congress be the deserved venue Thaddeus Stevens once fought about after our Civil War as proper for United States — We have that Iraqi people came to have a Congress of their own and such the body politic best to determine the terms of their own reconstruction.  Taken with Bush tax cuts being justified by Clintons’ surpluses and before the inheritance of the Clintons became known as it is as “9/11″ much — we have that we didn’t need the revenue it seems before 9/11 and then had the thinking of ODYSSEY DAWN about United States getting compensated for fighting of global monsters as the earlier Bush league thinking of Bush administration so that much of our debts about “war” in Iraq was to be “paid for.”

We have that Hillary Clinton is at times being successful - those few times - as if she is being more like Nixon and or more like President Bush than like the Hillary we thought we knew.   I stand by my blogged comments that she can go into the history books as near our worst Secretary of State ever - and that she deserves to first suggest whom she sees as our ten worst before her before we get to the deserved and due comparisons.

It is too early to defend the work of Republicans last night with their shovel fulls of truth unearthing that media will likely be slow to cover for it is years of their covering that is being now removed.  It is not too early to call it all very defensible - to give kudos to this work by Republicans.  They deserve awards for telling the truth and bravery - we still have whether they have enough innocence in them and fight to see it fully cleared and shared.  We have that last night Republicans started the hard work now to explaining that Democrats did cause most of this down economy and much as it has buried much complicity and corruption specific of dirty hands of both Clintons.

President Obama does deserve tonight to be greeted and hosted with hostility most allowed within decorum standards - he is deserving of as near the perp walk consideration as above discussed - he has been to attempts to say add a permanent concrete barrier over these covered truths that implicate the Clintons the most - he have been since day one of a cover-up to this effect.

No, this is not something I wanted to be right about, though long quite confident — so but, and at last:  I told you so. :-(

Yes!  Somehow President Bush was supposed to be able to create new jobs and find new revenues all the while the Clintons extra trillion rashly cut and match revenue reductions were supposed to be and stay right and inviolate.  Go figure how now (finally) that President Bush was supposed to be able to fix anything without showing that the Clintons had been wrong and dangerously wrong and not just with their surpluses.  Ask Speaker Pelosi if you must - she was the one toward 2008 that kept this preposterousness fresh and alive as a rational - though quite irrational.

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