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A general masquerade was still in the air…  As it happens we may be due a focus now on pragmatists.  We are still of multiple crisi of valuation about the foci of elliptical.  A storm is  still about the “redistribution” usage as the focus of crisis, but not all crisi of Obama’s round about-ness.

If you are like me you may be trying to avoid just talking about 2012 State of the Union Address.  There are enough issues and of sufficient complexity in Federalism issues much of Obama’s states of emergencies.   We can, we can if we try - we can talk to issues also of “redistribution” and “fairness” without making light of President Obama.

There is a localism concern about a recent much masqueraded storm about two of America’s top wealth “neighborhoods” so counties that speak to a crisis of Obama crisi.  [I didn’t study Latin - hope I am not actually saying I blog in my underwear.]

To reset our focus now and speak to emergencies and Federal Emergency Response funds we can high light an “October Surprise” a recent masquerading Halloween Surprise snow storm.  This is seriously an issue of our crisis of valuation much afoot since Obama inaugural and before.

But did you see First Lady Michelle Obama at State of the Union adorned in volumes of hues of blues in political dress that screamed and bit with an air of:  Clintons are in an open marriage! - ?

I don’t know what to make of five - only five justices.  But if you heard of the storm that was a snowy “October Surprise” so for Connecticut that it took itself to top - the top of the list for storm damage of most number of power outages as a single event than you know it wasn’t a treat with its masquerading and more a trick.

Connecticut got a wallop reigned down upon it and across it as a snow storm back near Halloween.  Fairfield and Litchfield Counties long thought of as some of richest counties in America got served an unexpected natural expense.  They are long in part also considered rich suburbs of New York City - they are no Buffalo NY - they can afford such times.

I am trying to avoid talking about the State of the Union - but I cannot help but write about fairness and burden sharing and still the crisi of many crisis a foci about our elliptical.  There seems to have been an unfair redistribution of a nationalized “emergency” coddling for a snowy region able to pay for damages about their communities.  I haven’t checked the recent demographic reports to see if nearby Fairfield and Litchfield counties have fallen from like being the 1percent of places to live.

Beyond Federalism and governance as a ideological exercise of mental faculties we have a pragmatism about localism and as well “fairness” and “redistribution” yet of President Obama to a fast and vast “emergency” coddling.

New York staters may as well have been dealt a service interruption and called to consideration for “emergency” state - but New York is more pedestrian in some ways and places and its new Governor has a miracle to perform - a make over of he and his state.  Governor Cuomo is moving ahead focused well it seems so far towards the necessary and near complete unlearning and retraining necessary for him to move past his years as a Clinton administration expert with skill and ways not now much useful in New York.

And so about the snow job — we really have “redistribution” and “fairness” as real local and global political consideration to a new or reset governance pragmatism.  

Oh, yeh!  Michelle was the BOMB!  First Lady Michelle Obama carried hues of blues politically with bite tonight - she was the BOMB!

How can Connecticut even if it did have over 900,000 without power due to a storm that masquerade as an “October Surprise” not have been set up within counties of Fairfield and Litchfield to cover the service interruptions and tree work with a snow tax or something?  How does a snow belt provincial season expense become an expensing for our nationalize “emergency” response funds?  People of such a provincial of such counties likely have moved there or stayed there to have snow in their mix - I would think.

Why did President Obama so quickly coddle such even though a crises of his crises of valuation of his daily ponderance of Washington Monument views over the nearby ellipse?  How did he “redistribute” from have-not funds to have funds after a desirous snowy region got snow and its complications quite within its means. 

Was it wrong for Connecticut Governor to ask President Obama to redistribute unfairly federal “emergency” funds to Connecticut even though it had just been taxed to handle the most ever number of power outages across and about the state?

How did we get here?  How has global warming and alarms about inevitable addition and maybe bigger storms been here so long and yet such rich counties of Connecticut hadn’t yet adjusted their local and community balance sheets - or the state?  How did additional funds not already get appropriated and put aside for seasonal storm damage?

Was it wrong?   Is it wrong that Connecticut asked for “emergency” funds for these two counties despite that outages set a record?  Where is the “responsibility” about “fairness” or “redistribution”?  How is it “ability to pay” and with “available funds” reachable by taxes not just have Connecticut issue some type of emergency bond to then raise new local taxes to cover?  Or which ever other taxation methods might be available for issue that are related to community maintenance and upkeep?  Did these counties cheap out on providing enough tree care jobs prior to the storm and then ask others from our nation to cover that they had cut corners in their own community and not out of hardship?

Maybe the new Andrew Cuomo - Governor Cuomo - had an answer newly figured for New Yorkers.  I don’t know.

How did this happen - how did our national government become a crutch for states instead of a standard bearer?  Again, this was about snow in a region people choose to live in and about for the snow - how did this happen?

President Obama approved such a upside down redistribution and without explaining a philosophy correction.  We have that we have all been warned to expect more and maybe bigger storms of all sorts of weather as due to global warming - however caused.  We have that if such is so then our states are all due a reconsideration about “fairness” and “redistribution” as much a new federalism for our nation so that they adjust all and every one to a new normal - a new more stoic balancing less of dependency on nation as a quick financial crutch, right?

But did you notice it seemed President Obama did use the recent State of the Union to run against Mitt Romney he used it so it seemed to run as if Mitt Romney - but without the experience.   Again:  How do you get the job?  You need experience!  How do you get experience?  You need the job to get experience!  {Don’t know whom to quote or if I got the old adage quoted correctly.}  Seems President Obama is suggesting a new way forward and one that is varient from his earlier focus about our elliptical and its foci - he seems to be stating we need him to have skills yet seen - he seemed to be saying we need our nation now of expertise much of Mitt Romney’s “cups of tea.”

And REALLY!!!  All our states need a federalism reset for crisi or crises due as a/the “NEW NORMAL” as focus, now.

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