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Posted by: JP HOGAN @ 10:41 pm

Where there was the surprise attack about our Pearl Harbor and economics of war has been since also calculated.  Young have stirred there about, free, regardless of race or color towards a free market capitalist mathematics, some by mostly white teachers, maybe, though.

I do not know if of all of the years of President Obama’s educating and class time if he had 99% of his teachers and professors of the caucasian provenance while passing as a dark native, and of many years more of an apparent majority.  To refresh some of our leaders rearing is to go back and relearn he was raised by a white mother fond of micro-loan humanitarian creative banking while coddled by a more big bank/banking grandmother, also white.

President Obama may only know white math. 

President Obama’s economics maybe be foreign to most.

We have a wonderful history of a free market capitalism within America, many surprised soldiers have already died defending its special freedoms and opportunity over much of our young country’s history.  We have for the most part avoided go to war with a free economy and returning home with a forced centralization more foreign to our legacy and ways.  We still somehow have managed not to have our armed brave of our forces and logistics teams return to their homes and communities after battling to defend justice and freedom and then be forced to turn in their pride for State plowshares - their pride for socialism at home.

These that long paid the high price and those all about those that paid the highest price have somehow been preserved still in the American ways of freedom and economics that made victory possible.  They didn’t go off to war as capitalists - win the contests - and then return home forced to try to understand why they now were being told they should be of the ways they had been fighting against.

Some surprising math of our melted pot of our economic legacy is some of our most recent attempts to sum up an irrational set of considerations.  We can have carrots and sticks in capitalism and still are wise to consider cause and effect and which first steps to take first, especially if the goal is cost savings - necessary new efficiencies.

I cannot explain the idealism or misplaced optimism of President Barack Obama of Hawaii, he may have grown up mostly educated by whites and while treated quite as if he was a native and of the majority.  As he took his first President economic steps those of Davos may have been a wondering - as he took his first steps where sticks were better he offered carrots.  Our problems for post swearing Presidency commenced in 2009 were to necessary cost savings and much about a concern for our borders.  It still is up-side down economic math and practice that he walked and talked healthcare for all before border and immigration reformations and JOBS strategizing.

It all seemed for a minority a convenient set of crisi perfectly timed to usher a new nationalism or even grand socialism - if not even more obvious domestic economic conversion to a system full of special czars.  For those who were diehards for American free market economics and a continuation to “land of opportunity” it was publicly considered that healthcare carrot should have been the last offering of policy reform if cost cutting and savings searching actually the necessary calling.

It was so elementary and magical it seemed while healthcare carrots offered first while our economy and immigration issues needed a timely and stern review first that Obama Democratics thought they just had to click their heals for such to work at home.  (For now I will continue uniformed with presumption (assumption?) that until college President Obama had few African American (black) instruction.)

To save and find as much reasonable cost cutting through reforms, again, healthcare should have been last and not offered so as a carrot to complicate effectiveness or fairness for economy JOBS issues and border and immigration reforms.  A stick wasn’t necessarily needed at least as long as new grand temptations as “carrots” were hung out like a free for all.

Heights, he has reached, and racially alike as too that have clicked with black President Barack Hussein Obama.  His story of being a American black of minority status may not have started to well past puberty for him.  This may not be the first thing we should be considering, and it may need some checking and yet it is something to wonder about as Mitt Romney enough a global mover and shaker to be on par with those clicking at Davos but to President Obama - not. 

It is odd that President Obama has moved to running more as Romney than “against Romney.”  It seems that Davos to President Obama is all good and yet he walks and talks reflective of  Governor Mitt Romney yet somehow as a “bad” - a capitalist.

We have that Obama Democratics did cherish CRISIS as opportunity for radical reforms - we have that besides if to cost savings and reasonable efficiencies from economic reforms that first we as a nation should have worked really to a full immigration reformation and then to a new growth economy with maximum efforts towards new jobs.  I don’t know or understand how we move to Obamacare - well I don’t for sake of this column understand how they moved towards Obamacare so simply without first doing all the needed hard work and politics then and still needed for immigration and borders and to a new American free growth economy.

It may be all the fault of his years of white mathematics though more likely since balanced through youth with a big banking grandmother and creative financier of micro-loaning legacy that this was a later in life conversion.  He has spoken greatly about influences of dreams, his dad’s dreams his.  But does Davos consider already or enough that as well as this all upside down for American free economy general Welfare body politics our Constitution is less a market consideration now than, so you might say are the Harry Potter books — what Obama Democratics attempted shouldn’t have been timed with such free market success that had embedded greatly a romanticism for old and well worn.

They have gone all glittery and clickish these past few years.  They must not have been serious about jobs or cost savings, though, considering how they ignored human nature and nurturing long teased with global marketing by dangling massive socialized “carrots” without other necessary disciplines considered.

And as I now reflect some on my decades an active beacon of economic considerations by at least some I am remembering how I have long been to thinking what “could work” wasn’t what would or should work.  I did shine that thought out unsuccessfully in earlier old battles of similar clickish Democratics economic dreamings with some welcoming an “it could work” from me though I clearly disagreed that such should be tried or would actually work.

Yes, the Clintons have made a mess.  President Obama now has been making their mess worse.  And I can remember that there were things in my shared economy thought that I still think they never should have tried to use without actually asking me to explain how there was more they should be looking at and that which they would have had to known enough to look for to ask for, and yet didn’t. 

And well, it may help even now to remember or consider that most of good economy and growth during Clintons’ first four of eight was inherited from the politics and clever marketing touch of Reagan and those of Reagan Revolution.  We have as well that these of Obama Democratics have also been contrary and inconsistent with the general free market and capitalism reset that was and is often legally discussed as the Rehnquist Revolution.

I guess if they new capitalism was working so well and with such complexity they may have worked just as long and hard to take it so far and completely apart.  We don’t though now have to see their economic “crisis” of only having their solutions as our modern options.  We still can look at Obamacare and see that it shouldn’t at least have been attempted until our border and immigration and also our economy and jobs crisi democratically addressed and reformed.

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