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1984ish STILL
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Posted by: JP HOGAN @ 12:43 am

What follows has been copy and pasted from my updates as to status via Facebook.com/jpeterhogan account today:

Quite simply the global economy can be said to have become too corrupt with
each effort of the Clintons to reign for forty years or nearly.
Every one of our Governors but maybe Vermont’s would be now better for our
and worlds economy than Secretary Clinton and better now or as next if
actually us of a Secretary of State from rolls of our current Governors.
They have to be just as international and even more market and
economically focused, don’t they now?

Has anyone yet calculated the number of jobs I created? I have no idea but
do remember being a godfather to modern snowboard and half pipe since
pal & I got giddy brainstorming such before the fact on a New Haven -
Hamden hill almost a natural half pipe - and well as well my
godfathering of American handsaw reinvention by Stanley Tools to blend
the best of my English and Japanese hand saws regularly
then both used and then as well to be very brief also all that grew
with Harry Potter mused challenge and decade plus of support? I may
have generated over a 120,000 jobs just for Hollywood types separate
from above, too - but has anyone calculated such and as the price we are
paying for Clintons’ attempt to reign as near forty years as they can -
I do apologize still for making them more electable than they were but
not for their shortcomings since election in 1992 - they didn’t
collaborate the tried to reign as sold not as they were better to be
exposed as more so and really so.

J Peter Hogan
There is also I took a likely to a depressed classmate about our fifth
reunion at Villanova for his business idea of “Life is good” even though
by his telling he and his brother were ready after three years only
with a few products and their van were
ready to give up. I did speak from my confidence about economic
recovery then in early 90s even though still of the recession that the
recession was basically over and he should stick it out a little longer.
I liked that such as also of Villanova might help me remember my years
helping guide politics and business and media types to a faster
recovery. I did plug his brand after meeting him to most in my network.
I still don’t know that I own a single item from their business but
did tell him then if he had a frisbee in his product line I would have
bought one if fit for Ultimate.

J Peter Hogan
But as per IBM what ideas shared casually with its CFO back whence about
middlemen less necessary around blue jean entrepreurs may mean such
thought that preceded the new turn to lay offs may be to a reduction of
“jobs created” math except where new
competitiveness was kept and not all sold off. I did canvass while near
a year about streets of Connecticut through winter months much more
than a few early retired from IBM - I was a citizen organizer of
canvasses for cleaner air and healthcare reform with ConnPIRG and CCAG -
and from such to a greater confidence that our counties were better
venue for reform and that Canadian system wrong for us and especially

J Peter Hogan
With the mention of years of hard labor in this is that such was of my need
to be capable & effectively of a repeat and also that I had to be
able to refresh my original works and strategies anew so that I while of
a repeat could also, daily if needed, be to showing in writing that I
understood Clintons’ strategies better than they - as should be expected
of one that cries foul with like of this:

It may help to consider that because of the Clintons I have been since
1992 quite as if paying more than 100% in taxes as their use of my
intellectual property and its well worked rhyme and reason after once
sworn in was not authorized or proper and did keep me with my very vast
and complex marketing integration and coordination as I had planned it
and set it up without the ability to be me in the character and
propriety I needed to get acknowledged and compensated from. They kept
me by playing as if me and then abusing me further when they
triangulated around me as to a “get back to the center” as they again
yet spun out from getting paid or acknowledged as me and more critically
so to keeping the public from the planned knowing I needed to rework
most of such economic and marketing integration so that it could stick
and last. Yes the Clintons have had me protesting near two decades that
they thought my private initiative and skill and integrations could be
treated as a public good of a like autocratic authority theirs to use
and use as they did so showing an inadequate understanding and skill as.
This is that 100% where all the earnings I expected were prevented
because they assumed an improper and unauthorized use, and then to
unintended or planned shorter term economic life for much of such
efforts actually meant and expected to be of a greater public good while
I could get paid than their misuse of such has ever been. So if of such
as a 100% tax it is so for it kept me near from 100% of earnings and
then had me doing hard labors as best way I had left to preserve my
intended and evident property rights so maybe more truthfully like I
have been at over a 1,000% or far greater TAXINGNESS by my country due
to Clintons improper and authorized or planned usage.

(My Facebook status updates are rebroadcasted as tweets of @jphoganorg.  In light of the above sharing it maybe helpful to consider as I do that at least the Tea Party has been reseting our country in ways I was kept from earlier and so that I now am freer to just focus on sharing useful and much involved truths more about justice and fairness than as they may have been more regularly considered a political or partisan.  This is more personal and defensive of a victim hood than a new effort - than a political effort.  We dropped and corrupted as a nation many of our standards during the Clintons’ years and especially their second term.  And, now again others now are empowered to pick up as they desire in a new democratic reset, as many already have been busy.)

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