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Posted by: JP HOGAN @ 1:06 am

Imagine for a moment that you are a fool and realize it.

Were you taken in by Democrats tear jerking politics often and regularly
crass and inappropriate with each parading of individual citizen peoples
and their most personal and trying medical stories/histories?

Did Newt Gingrich support “Hillary for President” over Republican ticket
with McCain/Palin?  Is it suggestive from his recent interview with Sean
Hannity and his confession of thinking Hillary would win that he had
rolled over and rolled Republicans over with him early, and then often?

It may be hard to adequately or full asses your predicament since Speaker
Newt Gingrich for all his promise may have been too much of the nineties
when our politicians in Washington lead in a seductiveness by Clintons
seemed to think Washington, their Washington finally had technology
sufficient to them, to them as our government, in their/own own time
with media/medium to fool all of the people all of the time.

If you have missed it all along:  Newt Gingrich has admitted that he was
one of past “top Republicans” of early thinking supportive of thinking
that Hillary Clinton would be our next President.  If you have missed so
much that once, before so much tech was available to be near to
capacity to fool not just some of the people some of the time but
actually thence already to an arrogance about Washington leaders that
they then already seemed to have the tools to fool all of the people all
of the time.

Should we believe that “candidate” Gingrich has been born again and released
from past “bipartisan” underhandedness when old problems of “educating”
voters seemed surmountable?  Yes, it is complicated that we now have
even our entire Senate of days of confirming Senator Hillary Rodham
Clinton as President Barack Hussein Obama nominee for Department of
State secretarial duties, to only be getting to due comparisons and
discussions about a “political nepotism” inherent and rooted in the
story of First Lady Clinton being waved into Senator Daniel Patrick
Moynihan step on hierarchical national Democratic Party structure with
its more limited office with a minor state role as just one of two state
Senators from New York!

To consider dangers from being fooled or worked around - a discussion of an unfairness about nepotism is often called for.

To let your national leaders be of a tear jerking political grandstanding
inappropriate, as mentioned, and crass so about treating individual
personal citizen peoples’ private medical history is DANGEROUS.

Did Newt Gingrich give up the Republican fight early - so early that he
wasn’t fully with his own party and its candidates even before most
junior and inexperienced peer in our Senate to other most junior and
also inexperienced Senator Hillary were still embroiled in party
struggles and contests about a primary chase?  Did Speaker Gingrich go
over to the dangers and darkness of the other side mostly during the
reign of the Clinton 8 and maybe now have gotten back but not before
having still been to of the other that he rolled over early for Hillary
and Bill to get back their White House?

It is inappropriate for their to be a national institutionalization about
healthcare for the classes of working age able Americans, and while,
again, it seems crass that our national leaders can parade tear jerking
politics with personal and private medical histories.  To have a
national government skip over so many local and community possibilities
and yet tried alternatives to rush madly to a mass objectifying with
each citizen person necessarily now more just a number and of a State
metric is to also kill God and Heaven benefits - it is to move us to a
national daily think as “numbers” and a categorized and boxed metric
such that past of being stirred by song and sermons can no longer parade

There may be a clear progression of “Newt” from days addicted and
seduced/corrupted by Clintons to the “candidate” now out and about
speaking of lessons learned and new opinions reached with new policies
to offer.

There is a clear problem if a nationalization of an insuring of those of
working age able bodies masses become fodder for politicians now still
able to turn numbers and metrics for contrary good with tear jerk

There is a problem that a nationalization so beyond being UnConstitutional is
contrary to original march and purpose and general good practices
spiritual and sermonized around days of our founding and federalism
struggles - there is that we will be expect to wake and walk each day
more concerned with ourself as of a national numerical objectivity in a
set category boxed so in the metric of the day, political by new design,
and no longer able to see community as otherwise and original once of
people of souls and trials daily in God’s work to save their own souls
and live to a purity of soul with community not as an objective number
but as an equal soul with equal chance of saving or grace toward Heaven.

We can’t be both and stay objective with foreign entanglements if
government of “official” “caring” - we will either be of Congress in a
positive establishment of religion or a negative establishment of
religion - their either will be a God or and establishment that there is
not a God and Congress so must take over all “saving” and

Obamacare does reach beyond a “commerce” of Medicare and Medicaid that was of an economic concern about forgotten or ignored children or elderly and from
days we didn’t have the technology to protect one community doing good
from another working to force its burdens to be mobile and to move out
of their community to benefit as fairly as those in the community that
was trying to lead in a good doing.  We have moved passed these old days
and even such conundrums that could be said to have necessitated for
“commerce” a nationalization of and “entitlement” for what was largely
masses of forgotten elderly and children.

Maybe you know the real “Newt” - maybe you haven’t even yet questioned how
much past supportiveness of Clintons has him compromised and
historically as in the wrong retrospectively.  Maybe, he is exempt from
problems of “Hillary” and New York Senate seat arrangement from the
Clinton White House and our Senators that didn’t air and haven’t yet
processed that the deals for New Yorkers with the offering of First Lady
Hillary Clinton is inseparable from a “nepotism” tag - from a
“political nepotism” tagging.

And so now, again about you:  We have that Newt Gingrich did basically roll
over for Hillary early and so with such a problem for it seems a
silence from him would have been better for his party and national
security.  We have that “Newt” may have had more fight in him for
President Bush - or that he didn’t as now “concerning” and evidence of
inadequate “judgement” or insufficient global “strategic” thinking.  We,
have that he may have Republican ghosts now for having been of the
Clintons’ 8 too much and when such was an era for our Washington
politicians seemingly for a new think that they now had the tools not to
just fool some but to actually fool most or all of the people all or
most of the time.

Just imagine,  just imagine for a moment if you can.  And if relevant to
your think that as a national boxed “number” your soul and goodness will
be undermined - that a community organizing to “God’s work” will be
legislated and so that instead of seeing neighbors as neighbors equally
to opportunity to goodness you will see worry and national wonder of
them more as a national “number.”

Just imagine,  just imagine for a moment if you can.  And really protest! 
Really protest for it still seems inappropriate that our State’s
national or Federal Congress is allowed to parade tear jerking personal
and private medical stories as part of their politics/politicing

I mean you have remembered that arrangements were made hierarchically from Clinton White House and I believe in Clintons’ White House with New York Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan such that all First Lady Clinton would need to do to effect the
organized political nepotism would be to be escorted around New York state a few times with the full luxury and protection and pomp and
circumstance that the full Secret Service detail and amenities had for
term limited Presidential protection and ceremonial traditions, right?

Right?  Just imagine if you hadn’t just imagined (anew)!  If you believe in
Democrat Party ideology to nationalization and of socialism hierarchical
leadership by a few and a limited “chosen” then it is unavoidable to
see that First Lady Hillary Clinton only became a New York Senator by
arrangement and an specific effecting traditionally considerable as
“political nepotism”!

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