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Posted by: JP HOGAN @ 2:09 am
(Repeat)  Searched for an old column by with “fiction as non-fiction” found this - good time to repeat it, and yet it isn’t the one I am looking about that goes to “victim hood” as struggles mine, from the Clintons’ misappropriations led to me having to live my fiction work as if it non-fiction and they could help me with it in unsolicited ways and make me have to write new fictions and so do twice the work to cover the mess they were making helping me without request/solicitation and then making me work twice as hard and just to protect my fictions not non-fictions or autobiographical but carefully considered marketing strategizing using “fiction.”  >>

Filed under: POLITICS  08/23/11
Posted by: JP HOGAN 

OOh, but where to start?

We could get silly and suggest on to of an earlier punditry that she is of President Obama’  “Oedipal” complexity and necessary as a surrogate “mom.”

But really, today, we seem most of “SOCIALISM” - the GOOD Socialists and the LESSER Socialists.

How can she be a GOOD Socialist for  Americans if her other half - the other one in their “two-fer”  complexity so of alterations to one union of two halves as instead a pragmatic political “two-fer” of two ones - is a half or other one running a Clinton Global Initiative outside of her state socialism and
obedience to her leader?

We could suggest this isn’t feminism of any reasonable or rational modern American but more a clearly arguable case of a political nepotism.  It could be an advancement more often of case considerations around sexual harassment or sexual favors
for advancement - well if we only knew if she was half of a one or
otherwise just one of a two.  As per “Bill’s” foreign policy and
experience and her’s - who slept with whom to get it — can they really both be qualified yet both not be term limited?

Oh, but where to start - how can I keep it “summer lite”?

A GOOD and obedient czar of President Obama’s administration, an also “socialist”, must be to an expectation to some global balancing and judging of other state socialists - clearly Americans were ready to have a “socialism” if actually necessary only if one that redistributed from wealth of other nations extreme wealthy into our dire labor and common needs at least as much?

Since Clintons’ Global Initiative has been allowed to co-exist as either a half again or just a one of two separable in a contractual inseparable of an air and agreement of vows to let “no one set asunder” then one or the either is necessarily a LESSER socialist — Must it be the administration (not intimate?) around their “two-fer” - the Obama administering?

With former President William Jefferson Clinton of such transition expense requests “for life” (life after small office holding of our Presidency?) so extent to GLOBAL INITIATIVES and coy financing that is at least of the story of his original requests for NYC office rentals in the Carnegie Hall Tower building next door to Tiffany’s and THE RUSSIAN TEA ROOM, if my memory serves me correctly, then we may have the obvious one not the LESSER of two so entwined but supposedly not in at least a CLINTON AUTOCRACY INITIATIVE, maybe?  We certainly have that original NYC real  estate rental story of asking for each year “for life” a rental that alone in just the first year was a rental sum greater, reportedly, than all past
Presidents combined.

Oh, but where do we start?  How did that get by Senate ethics just during campaigning pretense that may just have been actual political nepotism for former First Lady Hillary Clinton, a carpetbagger to New York State and New York City?

So we now essentially have either a GOOD socialist and a LESSER socialist both in the Clintons’ “two-fer” that oddly isn’t supposed to be any longer a celebration as two grand halves united as a hopefully glorious one.  But how do we now actually judge the Presidency of Barack Hussein Obama with Clintons both being ones that seem to lay claim to being world top Diplomat? 

Oh, where is the humanity?

Could it as well be a confused socialism of “Hillary” a replacement or surrogate socialist to replace President Obama’s mom?  Is it yet actually compromise even in more ways with two in National Security concern mixed up in an Oedipal?

I know it is a little late for us to be starting on this -  But where do we start?

How are they GOOD socialists - the odd lot that is troika of sorts, inseparable, by our laws and ethics - if we are not at least discussing that we of America and it Powers of “We the People” are not actual LESSER socialists now better to wait at least until one of these three (or is it two?) show us that uberwealthy around the world are contributing their fair share to our inequalities?

I know, it is a little late to start.  I tried.  I tried when I was encouraging a focusing around a general woe and Ford with common “beg all ah”-ishness so set around villes and cars for all or those that could afford such about car villes - they weren’t supposed to take it here - take my marketing fictions and non-fiction anywhere near here though all of a focusing once necessary to carry the day(s) for better jurisprudence and fairness and positive change for all that goes back to be of a humor one day of heading off as a guest to an exclusive club with the daughter of one member and suggesting I would park my blue collar 1988 Ford F-250 4×4 Pick-up truck on its front lawn and with a big sign with his last name anchored in its bed. 

It may not be too late to save America yet - I hope not, they weren’t supposed to interpret my marketing fictions anywhere near like they have, not even as such daughter still had a Greenberg as competition (a standard at least for her to be as good or better than) for my heart even while thinking such club dinner would seal the deal for her. 

God life is complicated - but YIKES!!!  Hillary is really COMPROMISED isn’t she?

Oh, Harris Wofford where have you gone too - do you remember the early days then against Thornburgh with Begalla and Carville and maybe Greenberg also on your side?  Did you know that President Nixon of Saddle River New Jersey likely was a member of above mentioned club, even then - and that I still was more a Republican nationally and a Democrat locally?  Oh, and that it seems
some members of Hearst family also members then, at least, while I there as invited by a friend of my sisters I had previously thought more a DC American “Cinderella” story for having been renting on the poorer side of F Street NE? 

She wasn’t supposed to be a member of such associating as I was intentionally working hard to avoid such company for more years than such surprised discovery any longer allowed.  Ours days to be two or one by then on a necessary wane - Amy and I were part of something far larger best not of further proceeding even as separable as “inseparable” of Clintons either each a half of one or a
one of two and back when I was realizing America needed more pieces on the board of our global and domestic politic and that remembered Clintons could play a dispensable temporary role, for maybe actual national security purposes.

Well maybe we all know better now - but YIKES!!!  Hillary really is COMPROMISED and of a political nepotism than most have avoided considering or judging or attempting to consider or understand.

How did I do on “summer lite”?  I tried to be a rising tide that lifted a whole lot of boats - but did even then think it best that known Clintons stay more unknown and so temporary as to be like disposable political pieces.  I think but for all this LESSER new socialism much of hours, days and years spent working to positive change and more equal rights more equally and globally, as a writer/marketer, have left a lot improved for many - more if Clintons hadn’t found ways to stay around and work to make much of it work for fewer and work more selfishly just for them.

As you may have gathered by now times in the 1990s were far more dangerous and complicated than the Clintons were addressing and maybe for they were compromised already trying to prioritize a rise of the other half (other one?) above concerns expected by Americans with oath of office swearing.  Is she “compromised” even
for a plotting near political nepotism that was seemingly a real
distraction and dominant focus of the Clintons’ 8 in our 1990s?

But how can they all be “socialists” if their isn’t actually a bureaucratic hierarchy with “Bill” still dominant and globally, at least on top?  Is President Obama actually a LESSER socialist of two more than a one way?

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