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“Another purpose that The Federalist was supposed to serve was as a
debater’s handbook during the ratification controversy, and indeed
advocates for the Constitution in the conventions in New York and
Virginia used the essays for precisely that purpose.”*

“Meet Ross Perot”**

Inter: Mr. Perot it is pleasure to have you with us today.  To begin please tell us about yourself.

Perot: Thank you; it is a pleasure to be here.  Let me start by saying that “ to know me is to love me.”   Beyond that you should read the book; it is all spelled out in the book.  Ooh!  Isn’t this wonderful!

Inter: Mr. Perot which book?  Do you mean “Irreconcilable Differences: or your recent book?

Perot: That is for the voters to decide - my recent book is an economic plan - I’ll do what they tell me to do.

Inter: Mr. Perot may I repeat my question?

Perot: Golly sure you can.

Inter: Mr. Perot would you tell me about yourself?

Perot: As I said “to know me is to love me.”  Apart from that the voters must decide.  I just wish politicians would listen to the American people.  The people can decide what is good for the country.

Inter: Mr. Perot who are you?

Perot:   That is for the American people to decide - “ to know me is to love me.”

Inter: Mr. Perot, please, how do you propose that we get to know you?

Perot: Well as I said we will have to wait to hear what the American people think I should do.

Inter: You didn’t answer my question about how we, as American voters, can get to know you.

Perot: Now, now, that is just the tone for which I do not care and to which I will not respond.  I do not believe there should be any negative personal discussions in a Presidential campaign.  Just listen to the American People.  “To know me is to love me.”

Inter: (SIGH!)  Why did you leave your last job Mr. Perot?

Perot:   The American people told me to.

Inter: How did they do that?

Perot: I appeared on the King Live Show and said I would run for President if the American people put me on the ballot in all fifty states.  They telephoned, wrote and faxed me to tell me to run.

Inter: So it was on a whim that you left your last job?

Perot: NO!  It was because the American people asked me to save - I mean - to run for President.

Inter: How unconventional!  Does that then mean that if you did become President and your popularity dropped, hypothetically of course, which could mean that we the American people did not want you, would you then abdicate - rather - move out of the White House?

Perot: As a Hypothetical question I don’t think it would be appropriate to respond.  And further I have already explained who I am.

Inter: (SIGH!)  Moving on - Let me ask you what excites you about your current work?

Perot: American democracy, isn’t it wonderful!  Over five million Americans think I should be President.

Inter: Why do you suppose they want you?

Perot: To know - well - to know me - ahh - they, the system is not working; we need change - Americans know how to accept sacrifice.  We must get rid of the deficit.

Inter: How do you propose to do that?

Perot: My best seller book, a best seller for weeks now, will explain what to do about the deficit; and further, the American people will decide.

Inter: How will the American people let you know?

Perot: Well that is the beauty of my Town Hall idea.  Some areas are more sophisticated than others yet we should still be able to hear by phone, fax, mail or the pony express.

Inter: I am glad you mentioned your Town Hall idea, I have been meaning to ask you something:  Are you proposing the abolishment of our democratically elected Congress in favor of a system in which a President would wait for the American people to call him/her with marching orders?

Perot:   Let me start by recognizing that you are on a deadline and I also have to be going now, and before I leave let me just add that the American voters can decide what is good for the country.  “ To know me is to love me.”


Perot managed to get elected and now the shareholders (we the people) of our diverse and not so simple country, having foregone our Congress for the honorable Perot, are meeting privately with former GM executives to learn how best to remove Perot.  We are trying to find the buy-out option Perot said he could have.  We realized too late that we already had a town hall system with our levels and branches of government, and that had we only participated more with our elected representatives we could, by staying on top of the issues, have made our representative system work smoothly.  Our apathy has been duly represented.

*{from:  Wikipedia article - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Federalist_Papers}

**{written by J. P. Hogan
                 John Peter Hogan
                 September 29, 1992

Sent to Clinton/Gore people prior to Gore vs Perot debate to show attitudes, words and phrases Al Gore could use to appear as responsive as presented in this fictional script.  It was written and sent to Clinton/Gore after thinking Senator Al Gore may be worried about upcoming debate - his debate performance did seem much to stay within the lines, as I recall.} 

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