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Posted by: JP HOGAN @ 11:41 am

This is not a treehugger piece about the spotted owl.  For myself it was of our endangerment near the end of the Persian Gulf War with Time Square and Las Vegas then as “Achilles Heels” our very own.

A lot exciting is happening now.

It is still a toss up as to which party was in the early nineties when such as two “Achilles Heels” existed in America and globally as American more want and tracked towards partisan dangers - a partisan pride to an economy like now but in a more dangerous time.

I didn’t write a personal memoir or publish a book of my “dreams” while nearly still a student - this may not be the most advisable first steps - it may be less advisable now to be one of their twenties of a life memoir, it seems.  Again I did not scribe a memoir in early nineties when hardly past “student.”

Now though, while still four years younger than one such and to the day, the same August day, I sit this morning thinking it now more important to reassociate with parties of our nineties towards a timely reconstruction of events and developments as they occurred.  I sit this morning thinking something now more towards a memoir is better and more vital now than jumping aboard any political campaign.

We have political hazards of our early nineties like how Senator Al Gore stirred a near Constitutional CRISIS when and how he did announce as likely top Dem candidate that he wouldn’t run - and that he was thinking he should because President Bush “deserves a second term.”

We have political and religious hazards as concerning then that were of the end of Cold War and fall of Berlin Wall while of wrapping up Persian Gulf War (prematurely?) that was specific to a Republican Party dangerous PRIDE.  We have that a Conservative Coalition (Christian Coalition) was then dominant and more so than a re-elected more moderate President Bush could check and balance in coming years.  We still have problem that was of Christian Coalition to an excessive political pride towards a near:  America won Cold War only because it was a conservative and Christian State.

The last place now to look for useful answers to so much of the early nineties and days before Clintons a party’s nominee or even before they were an announced “two-fer” candidacy.  This is more of private industry and evil corporate people seeing important things to do and doing them, publicly but quietly.

It is fair to suggest that Time Square and Las Vegas make-overs that happened so much in early 90s would have happened and just as well if not better if President Bush had been re-elected.  I haven’t written a memoir yet - I still have to dig down to remember players, places and times - now is a time calling me to such as more important than entwining in a campaign.

We have to hold now more self evident that Saddam Hussein may have seen the Democrats as a more useful weapon against their own America than the rude pride then of a less checked Christian Coalition towards a possible useful domestic imbalance if President Bush had been re-elected.

Thoughts of showing up at Hearst with a flat bed with a bed in back to begin a physical in bedding has long been an element of my maybe better once clearly compartmentalized media ambitions about our Fourth Estate.  To be so long as “Citizen Rosebud” as since days in 1983 after watching CITIZEN KANE and considerate to my own networks was to be one in defense of such media house and not against it, passed friends could tell of how their father once ran such company in years the founder that once in NY acquired “Hogan’s Alley” - William Randolph Hearst - was passing.  Here again a memoir effort would help sort out players, places and times — time maybe to become a philanthropist - time to look for endowments, maybe to such.

It is now maybe our greatest dangers to confuse so much that was great of our early nineties and of positive change at least in New York and Nevada as actually due to the Clintons campaigning and/or governance.  Again, much of this was started before they could hop up on such wave and ride it sloppily or haphazardly.  We have to contrast now the fate of Governor Andrew Cuomo now busy trying to unlearn and then learn a new way different from his and Clintons’ governance methodology of nineties, necessarily.

President Barack Hussein Obama has inherited from his own party too limited an understanding of Clintons’ actual capability and historical significance.  He did not inherit the mess for our politics and economy that comes from his pride and ignorance about his pronouncements about Operation Iraqi Freedom - that is his own vulnerability of his own dangerous assumptions - but for an ignorance of efforts of evil corporate types back in early 90s to fix our TIME SQUARE and LAS VEGAS before they were used globally and at least by Saddam Hussein against us all.  S.H. likely did think that our Democrats were his best weapon against us, then there about in his dreaming of ways to take and keep Kuwait as his booty - he seemed at least confident he had a winning global public relations case to make against the United States of America and in part due to how bad some parts of our cities were if not entire cities. 

What has been happening since suggests both Clintons still lack the sufficient creativity and or experience to have been enough of such with understanding to be wise enough to be of such still now.

I have not flip-flopped as Hillary Clinton did about Operation Iraqi Freedom - I have been for such as necessary and likely unavoidable ever since their first term — I as well though didn’t read the national intelligence estimates about such as she is reported to have avoided before voting - but then I didn’t vote nor was I privy officially to such classified publications.

If more people don’t know how evil corporate types helped expedite moving of urban mountains as happened in extra-governmental ways maybe agovernmental then now they are likely not to have enough factual and relevant information to form intelligent opinions and specific decisions.  We, again, have that the Clintons may be the last any should ask about such.

I know I had the ears of members of The Business Roundtable - and deans and Presidents of universities - I had been giving free ideas towards an integrated positive change, a rapid change as then seeming prudent, and again, as to it being as likely to work for a re-elected President Bush if such the peoples decision while voting largely uninformed.  I do have to consider it time to compile depth for such years to dig up players, places and times - it seems more important now that joining a campaign or just covering the races.  Due to my past intellectual involvement and past arms length distance kept during such I am now not necessarily the right player for a few more years - as I will be looking and looking until then for enough activity reset in American by Americans and to which levels of governance refreshed or re-tasked about so much. 

I know I had leverage with NBC from TV show idea sharing and anchoring for creative character and plot developments and as well with IBM and yet so busy about such so concerning and of thoughts of arriving at Hearst with a bed that getting parties that could have paid me a whole lot were thought better to be asked to dedicate much instead towards remodeling of TIME SQUARE and LAS VEGAS as our best starting points after basis set and checked in and with New Haven.  But I do really have to now spend time checking and digging down to remember players, places and times - and how much I joined and how much I led.  

Again, the Clintons are probably the last people needed to be checked with about so much of this that was to be there for a re-elected President Bush.  Before we went into Baghdad to collect Saddam Hussein for a judgement of his peers in a prosecution if not by a new Nuremberg like global review we had first to fix that we and our cities were in such disrepair that we had to fix ourselves before we could attempt to stand with and help Iraqi majorities at least attend to Baghdad post Saddam Hussein.

But I really am just now feeling free to dig deep to remember how much wasn’t really the Clintons, as now long thought.  I have that I was wired with James E. Burke by effort kept up respecting my maternal grandfathers last years of his own career as a Madison Ave top “Mad Man” for such as per his Johnson & Johnson marketing and advertizing needs and hopes.  I know as well that James E. Burke fired IBM CEO & CFO as per boards wishes and led search committee the picked Louis V. Gerstner Jr. and with a special confidence that most of changes that IBM had then needed to quickly make it had managed to adjust to before Akers & Metz actually turned over charges to Gerstner and his.

A lot exciting is happening now - and yet most may not have enough critical historical knowledge to understand enough.  Once past creating a basis in a “back to basics” in New Haven it is remembered now some that thoughts that TIME SQUARE and LAS VEGAS were maybe our most critical nexts.

Yes, it seems to be an accurate memory that Saddam Hussein thought our Democrats could be used and played well enough by him with his global public relations trickery and acumen so to be used much against us as they then were a set.

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