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Posted by: JP HOGAN @ 8:18 pm

In the memories and reflexology of some like Jack Welch are some interesting and now critical past experiences of an old battle from our early 1990s.

John F. Akers, former CEO of IBM is another touched by a time and internal battle that most of America little still considers.  It was a war within America for the heart and soul of America and one almost not fought in our boardrooms then, whence.

I want your memories too Mr. Louis V. Gerstner and even maybe Catherine Black - I am remembering an old “oh, don’t you dare” utterance near scream from me that predates a rallying of the likes of our Business Roundtable to take back some statements and reverse course.

Mr. Welch, I know you have these memories and likely with a recently renewed awareness of my presence in such from afar - afar as New Haven, CT was and is, still.

I do feel I would be most responsible to recall and reconstruct a timeline with players, places and times affixed properly and substantially.

I do not remember when Clintons became a part of this battle to save a near surrendering, or that they had any significant contribution or that they weren’t a part of the problem from within too before we effected a back step and change of course that had American top CEOs walk away from earlier public statements, and with John F. Akers of IBM maybe the first of such.

Please collect yourselves, and your thoughts and memories of the early nineties, I could use such and America deserves still an better informing as to this old battle that almost was lost before it was even fought - that battle that became a united effort to only say America needed a new American management spirit and methodology and not what had first been near the surrendered to.

This is all relevant to 2012 because it again goes to so much that public give both Clintons credit for too much and as time has proven them hardly likely deserving of such for of judgement since quite inconsistent and years without successful repeating of depth or quality of once then quickly adjusted economic and corporate think and practices.  My memory is they were part of the problem naturally and willingly before becoming just like a silent partner to a grand portion of political good, not so silent about any economic good being creditable as theirs, though.

Please, those all who were involved, and especially Mr. Welch, Mr. Akers and Mr. Gerstner, please stir your memories of such years now hopefully not too long ago so that they all feel alive again with the old about face step back and turn from first steps towards telling all of America that they now needed to become Japanese, more Japanese, to learn the Japanese “team” management obedience as if their lives depended on it.

It may help to remember that this remembered about face that had me first to “oh, don’t you dare” like, and then to a responsibility to show you that an American RESET was possible and more proper and patriotic and actually much better for business was then shortly before the Asian or Japanese break out of bird flu.  There was no way my earlier shared new marketing synthesis that was of and for a decentralization was needing a Japanese management teamwork obedience - and it was but a lot more work then to consider and share the still American way that was stronger and freer and much still available.

Please your memories are wanted - and as ALIVE anew as you can manage.  I may be important now to actually determine how much the Clintons had naturally been part of the problem before they too managed some to become part of something more of an American renaissance - but I am thinking future leaders are better to be prepared if they can actually learn properly of a war that really was fought, and nearly not, back in early 1990s and for the heart and soul of America.

[I was stirred to remembering more with the columns that now seem to follow this that do actually predate it but so as the storification goes - I was to wondering anew how or why I may have been to enough corporate exposure to be to the remembered “put it to fixing up TIME SQUARE & LAS VEGAS…”]

Please, all that helped turn American corporate leaders from the near surrender to an unnecessary acceptance of a think that America then had to learn to become Japanese, remember, please remember, even if before you became a hero of such you were first nearly a _______________. 

Please, and yes as ALIVE as you can manage and with as many of the involved players, places and times. 

America may need you know as you were and as you are.  Our next President deserves a chance to live in a political world a little more realistic and understandable. 

It was a war that was fought within, a war that almost wasn’t fought at all.  Our early 1990s were a mess in so many ways and ways of resentments from old wars lost as well as confusion in new wars or operations unfinished, as well as that America was facing competition in quite remarkable ways worth emulating but for that emulating wasn’t needed or best when a strong and freer American renaissance of sorts was still a viable and available option.

[No, you should not wait to see a story of me for having shown up to work, anywhere, with a bed for in bedding, as embedding an accepted and sufficient lure.  That, would seem trite today - I do try to avoid being trite, still.]

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