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Posted by: JP HOGAN @ 1:24 pm

I was going to title these thoughts for this column THE BOUNCING BALL but then I realized I was reaching, and so reaching back that it was raising the concern of Clintons’ years that they were “yellow” most of their 8.

We have clearly with President Barack Hussein Obama orated erudity in acceptance of his Nobel Peace Prize the barb and warning of dangers of “inaction” and “avoidance” (as of near all eight years of the Clintons) a factual suggestion very publicly heralded, as if “source one” only needing one more to confirm.

Today we have so much that isn’t adding up - these days we have stories and claims that when presented vastly as a summation seem vast void of sufficient variables and constants.  It may be easier, and yet short of “yellow journalism” to say that Clintons were both “green” and “yellow” during their 8.

It isn’t “yellow journalism” to suggest that President William Jefferson Clinton with his Clinton Global Initiative has been trying to live an outsourcing of some to too much that long has been considered a perk and easy duty for our office holders of our Presidency.  It is as if CGI is a clear attempt as maintained to run privately part of our office of the President as if the People agreed it should be outsourced and with wisdom of term limits left to blow in their winds.

Our President Clinton is years now of behaving with CGI contrary to his promises to be non-partisan and non-political with such — we now have Newt Gingrich of contracts with “Chief Lobbyist” to compare and contrast with Bill Clinton as of the similar excesses to loose legalisms like blatant loopholes for a few so that we should be asking how Bill Clinton’s “not” political is actually still almost as political as any political endeavors past or present. 

President Clinton is more “in politics” and as a very partisan actor than Newt Gingrich is or has ever been a “lobbyist”?

President Clinton had many sympathetic figures about him - male and female - after having to disembark from the Clintons’ grand public housing that is our White House and so it seems to coddling and organizing to figure a way to let him find a way to gather and hold extra-officially and agovernmentally as much money power and influence his friends could manage, and so in the days they were it appears selling our Constitution as out of date and inappropriate for the cult of personality global dictates whimsy had some thinking better - and excusable if due to “CRISIS.”

President Clinton may have seen this consecrated around him and for him in ways that kept him from accepting the fate and wisdom of our term limits - but it isn’t so much to how it was conceived but how he is abusing it in daily practice almost always turned to a partisan and political, especially when he has his near mandatory annual meeting set to overshadow United Nations gatherings and has soaked up new domestic and global energy with interviews and those so near all with partisan and political turning of biased phrasing.

As practiced it is arguable that since our Constitution has been determined already to have a real relevance still it seems President Clinton with CGI is apparently practicing an un-Constitutionality and one thought to become excusable due to “CRISIS” convenient storification, partisan and political.  We have a contrast there for reporting of how CGI isn’t being run as it was promised to be run, and especially about the times of mandatory attendance by globally significant leaders scheduled so to duel with importance of current USA administration and also the entire United Nations.

As it is being run we may all be being put at risk and with our standard checks and balances.  Past lesser meddling by thought retired politicians not as of willful serious attempts to appear not as term limited but as if promoted out of and above our office of the President brings us to a due consideration that our very few applicable checks and balances are now undermined and violated - we have it a ridiculous condition of this current politics that Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton is our fine line of over-sight with duty to attempt to probe and scrutinize Mr. William Jefferson Clinton.   Our Secretary of State is our officer responsible (so I heard) of checking balances and all “commitments” of spirit and coordination of CGI - and specifically to confirm that non of such is intentionally or accidentally then to dangerous supporting “materially supporting” of terrorism.

I know as you look back at this bureaucratic mess we have that the Clintons’ Global Initiative was operating like wise during the Bush 8 - that to suggest this as bad and of a meddling now suggests that President Clinton likewise was interfering and meddling globally contrary to the Bush administrations efforts then, and then as motivated with means and opportunity specific to goal to first be first husband and wife both elected and so of a practical need to find a way even then to avoid surrendering all the power our 22nd Amendment was meant to limit.

We have President Barack Hussein Obama’s orated erudity of his warnings within his Nobel Peace Prize Acceptance Speech as a partial condemnation of the Clintons for like of a “yellowness” of their 8 - and one now regularly confused as we are spooned out that we are to celebrate the Clintons as if “Bill” the “Dove” and “Hillary” the “Hawk” naturally though of a pathology traceable as a machination worked as if spinning and handling of public thems different from private thems.

Sure if their case that America actually needed to surrender its reliance on its Constitution and embrace their suppositions and subscriptions to a need now from CRISIS to become more of a cult of personality even if such meant more “government by man” than “by law” - then we could now be celebrating both Clintons and now raking them deservedly now over coals.

Never before have a past First Couple, it seems, both deserved to be separated and questioned and even maybe waterboarded with at least as much to be learned as from those we have considered such due already before and so as appropriate, historically, so far.

There is still a lot for them to explain from early nineties that has been credited to them that hasn’t yet been deserved or factually accurate or of an intellectual honesty so with whence.  It shouldn’t take “yellow journalism” or waterboarding to break this out of them - an new nationalism in a reset Constitutionalism might flush it out all by itself.

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