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Your bureau may be all disarrayed and the Martians may be a competitive bunch strong of faith.

As you may recall, Ron Paul, Representative to Congress for part of the State of Texas and an also ran for President in 2012, did speak in a debate of an invitation to ride. 

Some cycling is unavoidably of a haunted or haunting in an a priori and/or a posteriori revolutionary concern.

As I heard candidate Ron Paul with his Texas invitation to ride I was stirred and interested - and again with prepository reflection to be not too Campy, and somewhat spurred on still by rise of SRAM - as of years of concern that American cyclists to be globally competitive as American had to find an alternative to riding Japanese or French all the time, or only.

Governor Mitt Romney is on track with velo-ness of sufficient velocity and banking with his Olympic past venue friendly sufficiently moderated internationalism so too trued not to be too SRAM RED or CAMPY or high stepping SHIMANO “RACING”.  Governor Mitt Romney may be now better than recycled LAW AND ORDER to a candidate now toeing the lines as if to soon a new and improved NIXONIAN better to LAW AND ORDER PRESIDENCY.

A business training now beyond just Marketing 101 beginner limits is not necessarily a requirement to ride out rest of this storification.  It might help - but only towards and early or more certain appreciation of its market value and truisms/truths.

To be a top racing cycling personality it is like getting to Carnegie Hall, supposedly.   Like > “PRACTICE - PRACTICE - PRACTICE!  And like their needs to be a passion and commitment and a history of quality and appreciation for the best that is available, scientifically most advanced and as well with soft sciences more of best in marketing and advertising penmanship.

The Kennedy Legacy and working to Camelot courting for America did leave room for improvement and even for others later as well of an Irish Catholic American rooting.  There is always a Lancelot in Camelot - though not necessarily always the happiest of Knights nights.  When there is political competition there still is always a competition with Camelot and lances, and now Bushes of Texas long of New Haven and Connecticut rallying and competitiveness.

When I met Eric Heiden he was new to competitive road racing cycling challenges and just recently from front pages for 1980 Olympic speed skating prominence.  In both sports he may have been more of ROBIN HOOD MEN IN TIGHTS than CAMELOT styled armor.  At such moment in American cycling history we still had the Wright ministries, however, more of their flights than their cycling - but a proud American competitive example and legacy - at about that time that I lived a block away from the race course for New Haven Columbus Day Bike Race.

I did respond via facebook to Ron Paul and his cycling quip to offer that I would ride with him if he happened to be in New Haven, Connecticut area and to my old haunts still stirring from early 1980s and especially some hills within his 25 mile range mentioned.  As a budding cycling enthusiast from early 80s when Campy (Campagnolo) gear almost the only choice available if a racer you wanted to be.  The Japanese were on the rise - I was then able to shop bike upgrades to earlier heavy more “commuter” rides as I was want to be more for America by being for Japanese instead of selling out to French Campy.

I don’t know how Representative Ron Paul rides or want his mount is - what he rides.  I sounds as if he is a road cycling enthusiast but he could be a off-road “mountain biker” more like President Bush.  He likely rides with as much chivalry as he runs.  He likely rides wondering still how to carry a Lance.  He was a doctor - is still a doctor officially too, I think - Doctors work with lances, at least as a scalpel or lancet.

As a budding road cyclist more towards touring than racing I did consider much and as if an ambassador for American cycling specifically for those who may use the same quality or better and for competition and competitiveness.  I was a budding bike mechanic already with neighborhood clientelle also professionally reliant on good and best lances, and so that for at least a client I did clean and maintain some good Campy.

I know when I bought my used and then new Rams I was still considering all past cycling networking and considerations - I can remember to before the days of SRAM and SRAM RED.  I still have my now vintage Shimano complete groupo of 600ex but for last year finally swapping out the rear hub to facilitate 16 speeds as upgrade from 12.  I could have used the Park Wheel Truing Stand - the one in 80s I could borrow time on in neighborhood by another doctor yet one less dependent on lances has moved with its owner now maybe many times.  I do not know its owners politics but do know his ride stayed true to facts that President Bush had been a college chum - a collegiate bud.  I did rebuild my own rear wheel and while working as if an accidental tourist only having trained eye and bike to use to get to true.

I can remember back to old shop talk while visiting or shopping at frequented area bike shops of my asking questions like: “Why don’t handlebars have a more comfortable flat spot in drop down curvature?”  And to learning their and industry answer that it won’t fit through handle bar stem if not curved just so, like.  And then as well to querying near:  “What do you is new and in development that might be out in a few years?” This so and when 12 speeds was reported the most number of gears that could be fit on a road bike before such would work against itself and wear out or wear down too quickly as of riding with too much friction and twisting.  I did learn from professional mechanic that had bikes that cost more than his used van and for racing where he might, with their team, at least, that someone somewhere was then starting to work on a design for brake levers that could also be gear shifters, and all this while it was still our early or by then mid 80s.  I forget which year Demi Moore wore cycling shorts to the Oscars, though, and do not know how she hooked up with a Kutcher as to cycling Kutch is the Indian region most of the chamois in the cycling shorts derived from.

I did use social media to communicate a Connecticut invite to Representative Ron Paul and to ride out to an old haunt that worked me always towards a competitiveness with Kennedy Camelot as well as a business ethics and marketing set, mental to considerations that I had client(s) who made the living and held their most esteemedness as “Best” in nation in their field with lances as so scalpels are.  I was again to careful selection of Japanese Shimano 600ex groupo equiped Panasonic racing/touring designed ride and so as to balancing a dominance in cycling by Campagnolo.  I did dream that America and Americans would have its own pride of high end racing components sooner, if not later.  I did even return to shop weeks after my mentioned question of days long ago before handlebars looks generally now so admiral as they do now, and, with a stem from a childs bike I had been working on to be visibly of a pointed presentation to suggest that such could be a four screw method for new racing and road stems to allow a turn from traditional and too Campy reliance on old molded single screw fascination.  And, that to racers it could be sold as lighter - or at least likely lighter.

I lost track of so much of this cycling focus as a primary focus for over a decade,  when I moved then away from even the borrowed truing stand proximity of New Haven, I was already musing for Harry Potter development as to a mass market promised potential to make JK very rich, and so as such before she had much more than notes on napkins to challenge to write seven books that so in early years when she regularly of “it just came to me - I don’t know where from.” (like - as is “paraphrased”).  See I realized since I was musing to such for a posse of young neighbors also of my neighborhood bike mechanic clientelle and for the one I then nick-named “Peter Rowe-ling” when I was preparing to move away and as if the small posse all the also “Rowe-lings” to have an umbrella of professionalism maintained in part better by creatively covering and blocking with nick-naming patriarchal to them under “Peter’s” real grandfather “Pete Rowe.”  I realized as a muse to such I had best to avoid being the anal bike and bike maintenance enthusiast I had been - and focus on lighter and more entertaining thoughts to marketing a more global developmental that their parents would find entertaining and be surprised by.

A couple years ago I broke away from this once thought better practice and general to more admiral thought and got back in the saddle - my not too worn out Avocet Racing III once mail ordered from Palo Alto as an upgrade to go with my “ricey” Sakae Road Champion racing handlebars that as well was carefully chosen to be better for my riding purposes and interest in being a quiet ambassador for American cycling and competitiveness.   Now though, my old Olympic thoughts to American cycling that once was more 1980 centric as of a Russian or USSR concern tend to have me thinking of Sakae still like RICE and yet to memories more recent from having been the contractor hired to install new closet doors years ago in Watergate for NSA Condoleezza Rice.

And so re: CYCLING:  When thinking otherwise of carpentry tools and those of STANLEY gifted me by my maternal grandfather once a top New York Madison Ave “Mad Man” I would balance thoughts of Stanley Greenberg, another neighbor, but away from cycling as I could while his daughters were of my swim team and youth group - my high school circle, like.

And so re:  CYCLING:  If you want to ride fast - as fast as road racers like Lance - you may have to practice, practice, and practice, and look to associate with the best equipment and marketing teams - you may though have to join a race to race or just ride as fast for you to be so quick may need as well to have roads dedicated and closed but for your use.

And so re:  CYCLING:  When I got back in my old saddle a couple years ago I did ride enough that year to finally wear out my old saddle - an to near old haunts that I would ride out with Rep Ron Paul if occasion arose, where I did ride again that year when accumulating at least near 1,400 miles turned out near old Camelot road concerns.  To ride fast, again, you may need to enter a race — Where I grew up riding I could find a long hill to ride down, a mostly quiet road of rolling low hills with light traffic and think about moments possibly available to ride down one hill and then speed up the next, and in this case a steeper but shorter next hill then just after a small side street of Camelot Courts of Guinivere & Kennedy literary haunting at the road I think was and is called Lancelot Road (or Lane).  But so, if you do want to ride fast and as fast as racers you may need roads to be closed for I have nearly no memories of this old still haunting ride where I was free to ride down one hill at full speed and up the other without that rare car being leaving Camelot and with a rolling stop characteristic of back roads or another car topping next hill with its signal on for left turn across my path or with turned planned without signaling, and then there was usually sand at side street that had to be considered while considering that neither cars leaving Camelot via Lancelot tended to fully stop or at least until across my lane and stopped to double check that a car wasn’t suddenly appearing from over nearby hill while both then of limited sight lines for fair consideration of cycling enthusiasts.

When the yet undiscovered Martian lives arrive - will if of space travel not be predators and be more missionary and friendly?


[What I learned from competitors of Eric Heiden back whence was that pro-cyclists went out before races for warm-up rides as long as I then considered a full ride.  I did appreciate this back whence when self motivating to century tour with packs (panniers) full of near extra thirty pounds up to and back from Berkshire campiness mine for YMCA camp Alumni Weekends, twice.  I did appreciate this a couple years ago as I got to serious road touring locally with enough 10-60 mile day rides to amount to near 1,400 total miles for that year - and so to physicality that brings knowledge that after first 45-60 minutes riding just gets easier, not harder, though “tiring” can become a concern.]

                                                             * *

{Lance Armstrong — I did manage to get bike so mentioned out at least once a year, at that when so did tend to be on or near the last day of French tour.  I should figure out now this new “Live Strong” cycling atmosphere now that I did already refresh and share old memories that thought a better priority if now back to training for years more of riding.  Please, again, pass on my thoughts and greetings to Eric Heiden - he is still working as team physician for BMC and with American Olympic hopefuls, yes?}

                                            * * *

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