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Posted by: JP HOGAN @ 2:39 pm

We have heard long enough that imitation is possibly flattery.  President Obama, it seems, now has two Nixon problems, at least.

Imitation though can be a matter of LAW AND ORDER and now an opportunity - duty - opening, for “tricky” Mitt.

It is a toss up.  I am not sure what I will be cooking tonight - I may be putting out a cross-partisan local and global calorie count. 

I have had my MAXIM longer than some of my maxims,  though longer than my carbon steel restaurant style cooking wok and nearly two foot long stainless steel spatula, and those far longer than my still new pizza stone that has me now to attempting New York style thin crust pizza from home.

I find my thoughts have me learning from a variety of TV cooks now though more often not to attempt to imitate. 

President Richard Milhous Nixon lost his first election - he lost his Whittier High School run for Class President to another named Logue.  Secretary Hillary Clinton helped take down President Nixon for matters then that now look minor compared to Obama snooping e-like standards.  Secretary Hillary Clinton helped take down President Nixon and yet now may be copying him on China more than any other - and hoping people don’t see it as it stands inviolate as quite a bit of flattery.

So will I now cook out to New York thin crust pizza imitating tonight and now experimental for first now of a pizza stone and cooking with yeast to using earlier hand made dough, now defrosting?

Will my Maxim electric wok be put into service as a deep fryer for fried chicken, again made without aid of an existing recipe?

I have had my Maxim wok since mid 80s and for use specifically for stir frying from Ken Hom’s recipes of Chinese Cookery.  I didn’t buy my carbon steel restaurant style cooking wok (kept for when of gas stoves) until 1987 when I moved to Boston area.  My steel wok best for gas cooking is from a restaurant supply store of Boston’s China Town.

“Tricky” Mitt is a far cry better a Presidential nick-name than that unfortunate one the preceded with “Tricky Dick” the Nixon walking with and around “Deep Throat” and “Watergate.”

President Bush once was our Ambassador to China, and that before he became Director of Central Intelligence.

The other later President Bush must have done pretty well for us as regards China - Obamanoughts are imitating more than criticizing - yet avoiding suggestions that flattery due.

We are now to a consideration that Mitt Romney, nominee, can offer Republicans a pride in Nixon and his LAW AND ORDER aspirations - if only because those of Obama Administration have been to so much arguable “flattery” with so much theirs now an imitation of his.

His Chinese, President Obama’s foreign plating, has broken the Mormon barriers already - we all should easily remember that as per critical relations with whom that is becoming a great ally - greater ally - he leaned on a Republican - he leaned on Jon Huntsman Jr.  We do have that if President Nixon hadn’t had lost his Whittier Class Presidency election just so nor had “Tricky Dick” as nick-name a pre-existing condition once “Watergate” broke we would likely have Obama and his Secretary of State needing to footnote and document their flattery that is so much imitation of President Richard Milhous Nixon at least as per China - right?

If you consider or accept that “Deep Throat” started as an official FBI concern and a case file name that gave cause and suggestion that powers corrupt we stemming from Dem HQ you may begin to understand why J. Edgar Hoover was afraid, after so many years closely working with Liberal Democrats to spear head such an investigation, overtly or covertly.  If history now becomes more exposed to a time-line for Nixon’s “Plummers” as first of a FBI official word of mouth earful concern about a then open “Deep Throat” nom de plume - then our long trying partisan storification resets to “Tricky Mitt” opportunities to bring late law and order for President Nixon whence “Tricky Dick” became an X-rated exposure un-Presidential and a media darling then unavoidable.

I do expect I will be dialing up my Maxim electric wok as a deep fryer for some fried chicken and likely as well though to dough work and pizza stone baking to some personal size New York thin crust cheese pizzas.  My Boston bought carbon steel wok and stainless steel spatula are in storage until I again am cooking with gas.  I haven’t decided yet whom I am rooting for - and may not until after the game - I come from a town/city betwixt and between the two franchises.  I may be stuck just looking for sportsmanship and honor on the field of play.

It is remarkable how Nixon may become the new Reagan even if Obama is re-elected.  Obama’s quiet but public imitation is amounting to much flattery that cannot help but become exposed during general election against any Republican nominee, now.

We have witnessed since SOTU 2012 that President Obama chose to start off in such towards 2012 as if running as the “GOOD” Mitt Romney and with hopes that he will be able to trap “Tricky” Mitt into being only able to present as a new and bad - changed from whence Governor, Mitt Romney.  President Obama though is now getting stuck for Constitutional misunderstanding of our protected rights of our First Amendment, and well Candidate Mitt Romney, also of Harvard Law seems to have a different interpretation.  President Obama may now have to explain all of THE FEDERALIST PAPERS if to prove Mitt Romney is now a “BAD” Mitt and he is our only hope - PBO may have to explain how Candidate MR is consistent with Publius pieces and so that PBO now more of as if New York state wouldn’t have entered our Constitutional Union if there hadn’t been those THE FEDERALIST PAPERS.

First out of the gates to 2012 from which ever corner Candidate Willard Mitt Romney has a chance to be a new and improved LAW AND ORDER PRESIDENT and with pride as “Tricky Mitt” - if it comes to that.  We have that though successes of Obama - Clinton foreign policy, seemingly dependent on them having had the ambassadorial assistance with China so whence then of Republican Jon Huntsman Jr. they have been contrary and disavowing of due process protections dangerously, and publicly.  If a time-line is adjusted respective of Nixon’s Presidency to pay more attention to his loss to Logue and later as relevant more to years Hillary Rodham of Watergate Hearing staff duties as of “Deep Throat” having been an inconvenient naming as inconvenient as “Tricky Dick” afterwards and one that has today official sympathies that then were not necessarily admissible in defense of Republican President, though records may be able to establish that it was a case file name that gave cause for an official snooping by FBI but one that J. Edgar Hoover felt too exposed still with Kennedy Democrat associations to execute in house.  Who do we have to dig down deep enough into all this now - Anyone?

Is Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton (a.k.a. Madam Secretary of State Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton) now imitating freely and without due credit and historical bibliography and footnotes the Republican President she helped take down, and as flattery she is hoping people won’t get to discussing?

We have many issues to see walked about and talked about throughout remainder of primary season and then whence to general election contests best now to a new and improved and more historical intellectual honesty.  We have that this administration has run our due process into same ditch much of their driving of false stories did to our economy during 2007 and 2008 - We have a new need to reset even maybe to Republican Presidency of Richard Milhous Nixon and to a refreshed “LAW AND ORDER” reglobalized with a new localization and decentralization effectation even more than we need now a new President Ronald Reagan.

A “Tricky Mitt” Constitutionally safer now as also a Harvard Law Grad than President Barack Obama and likely able to explain that his is the real “GOOD” Mitt still and yet able to explain that Democrats are being BAD NIXONIANS more that Nixon actually was. 

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