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Posted by: JP HOGAN @ 7:06 pm

Democrats most are now still hung up with the misbegotten oral legacy of the Clinton Presidency.   We have a Catholic issue now that may though date to Hillary Rodham Democrat Party defense during Watergate just as much, and yet more Constitutional.

Our First Amendment is to that Congress shall make no law respecting establishment of religion - and Watergate and “DEEP THROAT” misnomers and politics still today weaken Church positions are regards our Constitution due to decades of Democrat power reaching about “DEEP THROAT” partisan politics of metrics of communions.  Since Watergate days our state has assumed and presumed a breaking of bread superiority for at least its Democrat Partisan Politics.

There is a lot to parse and reconsider now - we have President Obama now stepping out more against selective communions once better protected and preserved with our separations.

It has been decades now that Democrats have played all to thinking it was all just the Republicans fault and without having to consider what cause Democrats might have given to give rise to Watergate “Plumbers” as to of an import to check the legal and/or illegal flow stemming from Dem HQ.

Catholics were recently challenged by Rome and Pope to think for themselves - at least back when Rome offered statements regarding Operation Iraqi Freedom and as well to American Catholics of such not being a duty or calling for Catholics - a battle theirs.  This on its face only seemed to have offered a Catholic response to Catholic “family” religious participation.  This on its face left open for American Catholics that though as Catholics not called to then be mixed up as of a duty to like bring justice to Muslims for other Muslims, so, that as Americans they could be called as American Catholics secularly in their American.

The Pope’s message as regards Operation Iraqi Freedom seems still to have only answered for American Catholics issues regarding their global Catholicism and as of no religious duty to go into a Muslim country to help Muslims get justice from other Muslims.

For Catholics now in America to exercise protections of our First Amendment and all our original Constitutionality must a re-opening of Watergate and “DEEP THROAT” secularism be commenced? 

Has our Executive Branch since whence been of a presumption to dictate ecumenical specificities - Catholic doctrine, too?  Though “DEEP THROAT” started not of the “BJ” politics celebrated by Clintons but more as of a tag for a perp than a social or political sucking up of consenting adults of sufficient age, it did become what it wasn’t and far deeper than any associated guilt would have been decideable.  As a nick-name offered for a federal focus as per concerning political threats with ties to Dem HQ it was never what it became, it did become what it became, though started otherwise, for “Plumbers” justification became admissible yet while a fair or full disclosure would have created collateral damage factors greater than original concerns.  Mark Felt as “DEEP THROAT” still seems more as of a duty in damage control to protect privacy and innocence - though “DEEP THROAT” really was the cause about the prudence towards Dem HQ attempted snooping - for corruption, so it still seems.

President Bush did keep Operation Iraqi Freedom from being interpretable as a Holy War and kept it to a secular and prudent effort to better jurisprudence to more being treated equally.  

President Obama has a Ba’athist problem still.  It is told by Alan Hart in his book ARAFAT - TERRORIST OR PEACE MAKER like that Saddam’s Ba’athist party started out to be to a United Arab Socialist State and then got perverted by others into a way to get and keep power more secularly selfishly where ever.  We have that Saddam Hussein rose to power in his Ba’athist Party as an assassin.  We have that many Democrats including President Obama were want to let at least Saddam’s Ba’athist party stay in power if Saddam H. himself had to go.

I don’t know how the Catholic Church can fully or fairly establish its rights to be of old and original intent.  Since Dems and media took ownership of “DEEP THROAT” for secular populism the ecumenical and selective communion criteriums (criteria?) have been Constitutionally compromised without much contest.  It may help to look at Democrats for “character” and at their attempts to let Ba’athists slide for so much to stay an ally in secular control by minorities - It may help now to see Democrats as those willing to let Saddam Hussein off just not without prosecution but as well without any confession, and because the ideology of Ba’athism started as to being to a Socialist ideal.

As American Catholics it seems such Americans as Catholics had no duty as Catholics as mentioned to go to a Muslim state to offer assistance to Muslims even of the majority towards justice from other Muslims.  As American Catholics with jurisprudence and pledges eternal against all forms of tyranny over minds of men - and the past complicity of their United States of America and precedence political and legal of reconstruction efforts post past previous prudent postings - and as Americans called then though, secularly, as American Catholics in their “American - a duty did exist even for American Catholics to be for Iraq at least what it had been some to Japan and Germany after early global entanglements of warring with allies.

Our First Amendment does specify that out Congress cannot make laws respecting establishment of religion, and that President Obama has been “FROSTY” with a preponderance presumption more “Nixonian” than Nixon’s to of “IF A PRESIDENT SAYS IT IS LEGAL THEN IT IS LEGAL.” 

It seems apparent now more since maybe since before Watergate and media taking of “DEEP THROAT” as their darling, and in a partisan secular communion partisan and political without America much having to ask or learn of how Democrats were better on the defensive even then that we now have a First Amendment issue critical to Obamacare overreaching and Catholic beliefs.

President Obama has been wrong recently to offer his “Christianity” as an argument for Congress to act and legislate as he was want to dictate towards specific making of laws so respecting, maybe, only his establishment of religion.  He has been quite secular and demonstratively so for a while, otherwise, except in so such that Obamacare does fail even a First Amendment challenge as per it an attempt to justify as if “Christian Charity” establishment - but secular too.

How does Catholic Church now reset its specific ecumenical American presence and province?   How do we all now restore our First Amendment rights and in a less communioned partisan where “DEEP THROAT” partisan popularism is reset to Nixonian conditions where “DEEP” a tag for not so guilty minor perp who deserved protection from national “Plumbers” politics too - and as American populism about politics of “DEEP THROAT” only had a basis in improper and “not deep” minor considerations - that though had corruption stemming from Dem HQ of a maybe childish threat - national and political?

I for one, have long never believed allowing Ba’athists of Saddam Hussein’s minority governance of or near tyrannical had any right or reason towards “staying” in power.  I still now cannot figure how Democrats were willing and near successful, otherwise.

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