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Posted by: JP HOGAN @ 8:08 pm

Hmmm - Seems it better to leave this for our Religious institutions as a battle or the battle they are trained for.

I get the Obama administration thought they needed to try to evangelize Obamacare support, and so while with such only then not quite to a clear majority of support after a year so preaching for his legislative overreaching.  I can remember and hope you do that Pelosi Congress worked to belittle the majority expression specific from gospels of Obamacare preaching and so that they could use “elected” officials from representative considerations at least a year earlier and when citizen people less specifically informed.

But if we are One Nation Under God - how are any Religious institutions secured to preserve and protect such realm supposed to let Obama insert himself between them and their God - and have us stay American?  Seems before, legally speaking, a once Constitutional Law Professor did take to trying to insert himself between “Under God” and “Church” he should at least have at least tried as well to dictate that “ONE NATION UNDER GOD” be stricken and removed where ever and how ever so present as American.

I get that President Obama was Constitutionally out of line suggesting his dictates about Christ should or could be law so as a sound national basis for Congress to make laws of establishment of religion by his say so. 

Hmmm - Seems it better to leave this for our Religious institutions as a battle or the battle they are trained for.

I do get that our states now more than maybe ever before have their National Guard Forces at battle ready - battle hardened.

I still disagree with President Obama and his Secretary of State most though because I believe their foreign policies are wrong for America of 2012 and onward - that any NEW NATIONALISM on top of this already long bad and more bad and much worse.  I still believe I should focus more on how Dems did actually cause this down economy and that their foreign policies are still about the worst we could be attempting to move forward with and not just because of concerns specific to weakness in personality of Obama or his foreign policy staff that may relate as well to above but not more so than those with him in his domestic dictates.

Yes, I do believe - I do believe that Democrats have caused this down economy.   I do get that current conflict had President dressed up for dictating about “LIFE” and either offering a devaluation or valuation of issues of rights from God that I know I am not trained to answer and think that he hardly is himself. 

Hmmm - What was that huge church Stalin torn down to build a great monument to himself that then due to war never did get built were huge Russian Church (Cathedral) had once stood proudly on its shining hill?

Left to me it might get surreal in an odd suggestion of and “if then” for President Obama the “community organizer” that if he is to now have such power(s) he economically speaking would be better to healthcare reform and community restoration per his example to dictate that all communities are required to corral all their neighbors and for at least Sunday Service with tithing restored to communities ability to budget unexpected healthcare costs.  As it is he is a-rye for not following Church  - for his funding system for such with his predilection to dictate mandates and required tax payments though based on income not base on voluntary participation and contribution. 

No it seem, if left to me, I would have to look at economics of healthcare reform politics and cost and suggest that President use these powers if actually his to a way maybe most sure to help reduce costs about healthcare among counties and communities and by dictating that all must attend a house of worship and with mandates his dictate to required contributions some how still with him wanting of a desire or think to call it still “charity.”  No, better not for me to answer - seems President could over-turn Obamacare himself and for a likely greater cost saving and community restoration summation with at least a suggestion that communities and counties with renewed civil civic freedom to worship with actual worshiping.


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