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Posted by: JP HOGAN @ 3:28 pm

Now this could get real interesting for bloggers and politicos, journalists and general folk, politicians and people, if even just the Church were to start into an in depth psycho babble about Dem’s rabble rousing quite related to valuation and devaluation of life politicing.

Since I am one more want to write about economic stuff and can explain how economy started its down turn much because Senator Clinton announced a bid to reacquire White House for her “two-fer” specifically with the over-reaching clearly stated near:  I will seize all oil company profits - I will wait but wait with anticipation and fore-knowledge whence of how nervous new President Clinton was while preparing for his first visiting with the Pope.

I find myself today with three different events I could have or might have attended.  I registered to attend at Yale School of Architecture a multi-day event to delve into and discuss art and drafting as near a lost art now in computer drafting era, and yet don’t see myself finding time to attend.  I as well see that CPAC is gathering and am wondering why I didn’t also register for such even if I too wouldn’t find time to attend.  And then the global Social Media Week has kicked off today.

We have that Al Gore’s GLOBAL WARMING ALARMISM best explains the housing crash, but only after realizing how Clinton’s housing bubble PEACE DIVIDENDS - SURPLUS economy pushed Americans to spend too much, eat too much and stop saving enough so that when Gore’s ALARMISM started and caused the spike in gas prices from over subjectivication of market behavior such the children were going home to call their parents the likes of “Polar Bear Killer!” or “Destroyer of the Environment”.  We have that once Gore’s ALARMISM caused the fuel price spike those many that Clintons had encouraged and mislead to maxing out their spending could no longer afford the gas to get to work or then keep the dangerous balance that kept up hyper-consumerism on false economic basis.

So as Conservatives gather with CPAC we all have Governor Mitch Daniels splendid recent Republican Response to SOTU to consider and its erudition that the President “did not create down economy” - however he worded it.  No, well yes, well no President Obama didn’t - yes - but no, Democrats Clinton - Gore - Pelosi - Clinton specifically otherwise did.

But as per a full understanding of some of the complexity of our past economy - there is much to consider that was stimulative in 1990s that was created and furthered specifically from a personal think and strategizing purposeful to “PROTECT” America and our economy from the Clintons.  This is a little considered economic factor that good economy of 1990s wasn’t something the Clintons owned and could attempt to pass spouse to spouse for mutual benefit financial and political to their ‘two-fer”.

If you do get to considering any, some, or much, attempt a full understanding of my past involvement in economic development and stimulation than it may help to consider that most of what I came up with and was to originating in decade before Clintons ever did enter 1992 race was done with an awareness and concern about them and design to protect myself and others from them, and not meant to be for their benefit as happened during their first term.

When Senator Clinton announced her attempt to succeed in the type of behavior I long expected from her much that had been stimulative and economicly mutual was naturally to stopping, and stopping because it wasn’t designed to work for her - as it was designed and encouraged like my musing for J.K. Rowling to help protect many from her.  There was a balance in such that would shut down if someone like her tried to hog power and crediting.

But it was most Al Gore’s GLOBAL WARMING ALARMISM that started economy on road to “tanked” for too many that were mislead by Clintons to max out their consumerism couldn’t afford their mortgages and the new spiking price of gas and first though likely the money to pay for more costly gas just to get to work.  I can remember working in DC those years and seeing just one type of steel I would by for custom welding work for Asylum Wake-Skate-Snow stores I was designing and building nearly double in price from about 12 dollars to 25 dollars for a 20 foot 2 x2 14 gauge steel section.

By the way the way Operation Iraqi Freedom was started and planned it was more of ODYSSEY DAWN messaging of an involvement that was suppose to pay for itself - was paid for by plans at least until Pelosi Congress got busy making it mostly and unfunded expensive hard to budget vast liability.

So there was much in what I was doing that was expiring from being stimulative to economy and then some parts that would fall apart if likes of Clintons tried to hog power, and hog power for too long.  But there is some blame to fall on President Obama, but quite as Governor Mitch Daniels has explained not for having caused the down economy.

President Obama rose asking to be our chosen President during a developing and so well know economic down turn - and so should avoid stating that he “inherited” what he actually knowing fought long and hard to possess as his.  But President Obama has accountability for length of down economic time for he asked to have a personality based Presidency, and was given all the room he as our first black President should deserve to develop and economy street cred for himself based only on his “personality.”

Sure, what ever I was doing to help economy still since many of the lost hours of our 90s towards such, and again as per my motives as a check and balance to Clintons and not ever hardly to honor or celebrate the Clintons.  Almost all I have ever done to help economy was specifically done with a knowledge of both Clintons that dates back to early 70s and as they left me wired like a fly on the wall for they once asked me if they could both become President some day.  The left a bad first impression but I was in a school yard and already wanting to be a top ad man someday like my maternal grandfather so stomping on their dreaming seemed inappropriate - at least until they actually tried to accomplish some of their thinking they long kept me exposed to.

What wasn’t expiring of mine towards economic stimulus before Senator Clinton announced near Fascist plans to seize all oil company profits then became due a wrapping up and closing out.

What Senator Clinton or Al Gore weren’t already doing to suppress our economy then became a political and fairness concern about right and wrong and the right of a first black President to have all the room to effect a “personality Presidency” as he claimed he planned to attempt. 

Republicans cannot be blamed for President Obama not having had the “personality” to bring and economic recovery.   And, again most of what I had been doing without credit/acknowledgement or compensation a couple decades had been already reaching the end and maturity of most of what ever all it may have been. 

And, President Obama wanted to succeed with a clean slate of a “new foundation” and deserved the right to develop his own economic street cred.

Yes, I remember how nervous President Clinton seemed before his first visit to meet with the Pope.  I remember he being grateful some for my (moral?) support whence, and as I felt somewhat responsible for having helped Clintons become more electable against President Bush than I had meant to. 

To figure this in those times and global conditions it helps to remember what Cheneys’ quoted Thaddeus Stevens about regarding Reconstruction and Congress a better body for such - it can help to consider that I was thinking America actually after 1992 needed basically a “do nothing President” - I don’t know where I may have written that down but I sure used to say it a lot back then.

It seems the Clintons and Obama weren’t concerned about my past efforts expiring since they never picked up a pen or phone to call and solicit help or a right to any attempt at an authorized first lawful usage.  So much that the Clintons did use after 1992 unexpected victory that stemmed from my thinking was not thought to be for an after election usage or designed to be such, nor was such ever authorized unless actually of a national security concern specifically responsive to threats from Saddam Hussein.

I long have found the Clintons’ practice of “transference” and/or “projection” intolerable and abominable.  I did feel some responsibility after they won 1992 election but never gave them permission to keep using so much that stemmed from me and my story and much because most of it was originally conceived and strategized to be a prophylactic from them. 

But with that said let me be clear:  What they persisted in using that did stem from me wasn’t designed to be used the way they used it nor was it at all how I would have proceeded following on from or with such, myself.  They did use stuff that if they had asked me I would have said they couldn’t but while also explaining that they shouldn’t and that I would not have myself.  By the end of their first year the did some stuff that left no way back, and so as characteristic of the very character flaws I had thought I had worked a way to at least protect more than myself, by a few.

It really could get interesting if our religious institutions now progress with their defense in an erudite synthesis inclusive of most concerning and latest in psycho-babble. 

And again, the Clintons’ political practices of “transference” and “projection” have at least since 1992 been abhorred by me.

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