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Posted by: JP HOGAN @ 11:32 pm

To start we could all try to offer Catholic University governors a work around for conscience violations of Obama’s healthcare barriers.  First though we should consider how many phrases and areas of study or expertise are actually involved.

I don’t know what they are teaching I don’t know how their bi-laws are parsed and nuanced - I don’t argue that their beauty is that they value humanity in its human potential as you can carry it anywhere, hopefully.  I don’t assert or profess that they support or profess that one good Catholic bull is enough for forty women.

This is not a battle legal I am trained for but their is some innocent sharing and debating in the air not too suggestive that colleges have become breading centers, and not all about promiscuity.

It is not a “health issue” so far as I can see as assert so far heard so claiming against Church positions.

It is a barrier to existentialism in ones vital humanity - one’s possible enhanced Catholic humanity fully celebratory of beauty of being human and all its natural potential.  It is about asking for a barrier to ones humanity as per so far heard assaults and relative religious traditions or standards.

While now forced so far into such a public airing so with intrusive over-reaching by nearly still green lawyer President Obama we have some drawn into vulnerable public displays speaking to emotion and suggestive of promiscuity and maximum use of and need for contraception.  And to first taking me back to memories of my college days at a Catholic University where single sex dorms and very limited visitation hours its prophylactic, primarily provided.

I have not been to such a unchecked open range discussion of so much of these complex issues that is now so public at least since college but likely yet not actually since high school.

If it were as simple as a “medical provisioning” and a “health concern” then Catholic Universities would be just a proper as arguments I have heard against them and principled to such perspective with a work around more in keeping with their conscience and defense of humanity and its Holy potential - without chemical or physical barriers.

See:  I am obviously not trained or self taught in the philosophies of the complexities of these belief issues.

If it is to be not a life issue of barriers suggestive of conditioning of humanity of their students/charges then it is either a “barrier” offering a valuation or devaluation of life or of human condition/humanity and potentials to holiest existentialism.

It is so at this state that a few suggestions are already in the air to offer Catholic University governors some “work around” but still only if specific reported wording of mandates are also changed quite a bit.

1.  Catholic Universities could suggest a new “Cougar” state for education and work a new education plan to encourage full embrace of humanity earlier if so much activity the craving now so as it appears with youths wanting love free - and so be to embracing women to be older college students and men to enter yet when still mostly boys.  Is there still to much of a stigma to success for women now just because a later in life education not the current standard?

2.  Catholic Universities if such is supposed to not be a condition of students wanting love free and with free barriers to their human existentialism to avoid any metaphysics - self awareness - stoicism or reflection, could be to treating it fully as a concern medical and social and offer contraception cover to just the male students but with limited dosages and requirements for couples screening - with both consenting active sex explorers agreeing to full biological and psychological work-ups for “health” and “care” concerns.

Again, I am not trained in these areas of Catholic ministration or governance, I am trying to explore the lighter sides now as much a necessary and proper realm of judicial considerations as our President’s mandates so writ are about trampling our Constitution and basic principles.  President Obama, who wanted to have a “Personality Based Presidency”, is may now showing too much moodiness and irregular rationalizations.

Ok, so I have offered a change to “Cougar Universities” and that coverage if for “health” and “medical” though actually a physical barrier to Catholic traditions to train and instruct to the full beauty of unencumbered humanity - (hmmm? “unencumbered” - Catholic in naked beauty and without manufactured barriers?).  And, I have offered coverage might be conscionable for Catholic University governors if provide just under male students health plans but with small dosage amounts and a requirement before issuance of a full medical physical and mental work up of both passionate partners. 

3.  All Catholic students could go Dutch yet with a requirement if the argument is for the Catholic Institutions to “care” and “intrude” in the physical personal and private naked expressions of its charges/students where half of each contraception is covered for male student and a necessary other half covered for the female students (even if to “Cougar” new traditions) and still though to preserve the Catholic conscience with a requirement for full couple matching and health check ups maybe at least twice a month for check-ups and then as regular as necessary related to promiscuity of student(s) for the full physical and mental desired health guardianship being suggested as each woman’s private right.

We are still just talking now about how President’s predilection to violate our Constitution is now touching all college aged person in America and many more personally and spiritually as per his attempt to dictate again mandates that again show him quite arguably still green as an esquire, and even naive as an administer - as a President. 

I don’t have time now to discuss more of these concerns about REPUBLICAN BULL(S) - I did confirm that for cows one bull is said to be enough in a ranches herd for forty cows.  I don’t know how the President plans to address this side of his assault on Catholic celebration and traditions long to the beauty of humanity in all it unbridled nakedness.

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