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Ok guys, please today remember to put down your Bemis or American Standard your Westport or Church or maybe your Eljer or TOTO or Koehler toilet seat, and if you made a mess on its covering please remove and start the wash.  I understand you might have a Fisher-Price cover or another brand and rightly so depending on how many special valentines share your throne(s).

Part of my New Haven Public Schooling story is of middle school curriculum of those years required to study Home Economics and with sewing and cooking as well as real math obviously not much of Obama’s example being set relative to Race to the Top. 

“A stitch in time can save nine.”  I didn’t stop working on threads whence such was balanced with time in Industrial Arts and school’s woodshop.  I did tend if to sewing though more to heavy thread and awls and leather, of some further practical applications learned from camp in Massachusetts at Becket - a YMCA in the Berkshires.  I did learn canoeing and sailing their so really appreciate how important stitching can be (for sailors).  When in past dozen or so years I took to restoring vessels for myself and to the sail covers and boat cushion covers - I did set about such as a challenge for myself - I have since sold the sewing machine I bought for such while in DC on Capitol Hill near Eastern Market - while out side with small yard sales convenient as social weekend reading times.  Sewing isn’t my forte - I did consider “liquid courage” a necessity for each new boat cushion cover to adorn the 1968 Cal 25 I was restoring to as near “like new” as I could.  I did sell this boat but not from yard sale so as above mentioned and so that I could afford the time and energy needed to focus on keeping Clintons from success with “Hillary for President” - This was a boat save and restoration - a labor of love for five years, nearly, and commenced near April 15, 2001.

Now, I am really not sure where I am going with this column - I have fashion and fashionings of 2012 and our politics still to fit and pattern in punditry and political latitude and attitudes.  When J.K. Rowling took to taking more than five years for the seven book challenge - I did consider I needed to find new things to learn, to maintain my secret wizardry of muse street cred.  But some of the trick to such secret musing was facilitated as a general contractor who could hide relevance and purpose of musing by offering my thoughts were just to ponderances for or with homeowners dreaming of change for their front doors - any of their doors.  Oh, yeh, Griffin Hospital doors were part of such secreting of my wizardry and hidden Potter street cred - a friend was a PR director their so a balance to so many Yale doors had opportunity for traction - to “Gryffindor”….  I won’t mention her name here but she did end up marrying another friend from our Jaycees and Special Olympics Games organizing volunteer activities that was then maybe already ESPN Chief Accountant before ending up, if I recall correctly, so now as a chief accounter for Ann Taylor.

Though I did rebuild to Cal 25 heads with new off-shore and in-shore capability using valves and holding tanks and new floors, very small floors both, if I recall correctly with new Formica work by my hands - It was a past door fashioning and fastening for then NSA Advisor Condoleezza Rice for the “Condi condo” that had me see her grand glass enclosed multiple head walk in shower - and shower that I am sure would have pleased Grover Norquist - my old neighbor Grover whose landlord hired me to seal some roof gutters and powerwash and treat roof top deck….  See, I have heard Grover Norquist let loose on his feelings and appreication for large walk-in showers at least for the size of more closet and tiled style in his then rented townhome.  This is about when before Bush tax cuts we were speaking about such and I with thinking that they should move on such for my gut still was haunting me that the Clintons had made some unexpected new expenses something unavoidable as their actual “Surplus” hand me downs/inheritance/buck passing for President Bush.  Oh, it was new closet doors that later Secretary of State then needed for her condo.

There is a difference between porcelain and china - I will leave you to that.  Trenton, New Jersey, somehow may still be the porcelain capital of the world.  Chris Christie’s Trenton, like.

But for American Girl Dolls and fashioning and/or fastening I am taken back to days with Operation Iraqi Freedom was near in its worst state and a contractor asked for another door and a doll shelf, and some custom made raised panel doors for some shelves.  See these two are related for than the particular hard to please customer was our recent Ambassador to Taiwan and as well her husband that was then Secretary Rumsfeld’s Chief of Staff.  It was a second door for a bathroom to become a wall through bath adjoining two rooms in lew of just one.

You could say I have been “in the closet” even “in water closets” for Amanda R. H. for many years, yet not all of above transgressed.  If you read O’HARA’S CHOICE - the last novel by Leon Uris you read about an heiress Amanda as about an heiress Amanda while concerned with “CONSTABLES” and boat builders - refitters - and regular passage likewise right by Marine Barracks on 8th St SE in my then neighborhood.  There were many complications in my life when my challenge to J.K. to write seven books for seven years of advancing curriculum around magic slipped passed fitting into five year allowance, first considered as part of challenge so originally organized.  Leon Uris seemed willing to work himself about such to O’HARA’S CHOICE.  As some of this flowed I did leave J.K. to find her own way to last two books using her feminine and maternal instincts and fan base and fan/market awareness.  And, she didn’t necessarily like that at first - but it was to helping her finish the series with more uniform standards and connected threads.

Yes, it did turn out that my gut feeling that the Clintons were of having left unexpected and surprising new expenses from the Clintonomics and housing bubble “economics” (hard to call it “economics”) and their PEACE DIVIDENDS that likely needed CIA cooperation or lies about a “peace” around sufficient to justify their slashing and burning through existing otherwise more safe and full budgeting in Defense and Intelligence and how so ever as it applied to their serious efforts to hinder FBI with greater walls of separation between its enforcement and intelligence duties.

Hillary Clinton, a.k.a. Madam Secretary of State Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton may deserve a serious dumping now already as near the worst or the actual worst TOP DIPLOMAT that our United States of America has yet had to suffer.  But as per today it seems President Obama of his likeness to “THROWN” wants in more LEW COMPLICIT, and exposed and deserving of a general flushing.  He seems to becoming a bad and dangerous roll model for any’s race to the top. 

He, President Barack Hussein Obama, now has a lot of explaining to do - he has set Americans to “less is more” in more ways than a career advancing merit standard/metric mass reduction.  He has fluffed and puffed as if a grand dandy, but his math - his home economics - are seriously poor and not passing.

To understand how complex and quite complicated my past musing for a growth economy as it was as part of my generous musing in part as a think around use of my BA in Economics while otherwise enough entrepreneurial more boat talk is due and for Amanda Peet casting for Studio 60 so as said “to be Jamie Tarses” of NBC days with FRIENDS Tueday line up and ER for Thursdays at 10pm.  As the basis for David Swimmer character was the swimmer, David from my public high school days and co-tri-captain of swim team with another female Geller, and, that it was this David that I stood with on our sledding hill after bring my plank wood with toe rope “snowboard” to brainstorm with him as to how we could improve its design and have upright sledding fun winter alternative, even maybe on such hill that we sledded as if a natural half pipe.  See:  I owed myself some time getting to fiberglass boat work for we decided to let our ideas go freely to others in part because I thought we should start by cutting up his sailing dingy into shapes that our minds had imagined quite exactly like today’s modern snowboards - even the different possible sizes possible as from cross sections across such where of different “beam.”  He wanted prototype to have metal edges like his skies and I thought as a prototype cut outs from his boat would faster and better at least test or fully imagined and figured concept for a modern snowboard - an improvement on my wood plank board now in a corner feet from where I now blog.

[This column in now a work in progress - may take hours to finish this particular one - expect to see one paragraph or two added bit by bit to same.]

[DONE!  For now - Though George Clooney did more than any other get first cast to play a considered alternate me when at least first cast to ER and so after Jamie Tarses with NBC back in my head and thoughts wondering if I had one more show idea and specifically for Thursdays at 10 slot.  I don’t think I can take credit for all the jobs George Clooney has created - but at least “Burn After Reading” was a continuance or furtherance specific to another Hogan musing - and as I was considering it might be interesting to have Cohen Brothers attempt to play with my already playful thoughts of gym time at Results on Capitol Hill in DC.  I don’t know all his credits so really it would be presumptuous to use “all.”]

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