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Can you see visions of Fascist originalist Benito Mussolini in his last moments?

From Benito Mussolini Wiki page:  “After being shot, kicked, and spat upon, the bodies were hung upside down on meathooks from the roof of an Esso gas station.”

And there once were a whole lot of Liberty Ships made in Bridgeport Connecticut — I don’t know where the one Christened the Joseph V. Connolly un-dry docked from originally.   I did spend some summers on Block Island in a humble “President’s Room” of a quaint bed and breakfast run by Joseph V. Connolly Jr and his bride Violette Connolly, of Dutch descent like Adrian Block.  I did help Mr. and Mrs. Connolly, as a college student summering in the Town of New Shoreham, with some of their modifications when founding their THE WHITE HOUSE B&B.  As part of this I spent many nights sleeping under an autographed photo of Benito Mussolini to Connolly Sr. and as well a picture of the Naval vessel Joseph V. Connolly (Sr.).

And when one may here of “tools” and the 1992 Presidency contestations it may help to think of more than one Stanley.

As I recall and attempt to self curate with social media or “new media” it is that I recall first meeting Joseph V. Connolly Jr. before realizing his father was in the first graduating class of 1906 of the New Haven Public School Worthington Hooker School that I had attended as then a K-4 and not as originally a K-12.  See it was on a visit of my parents while I so summer situated that my dad opened up a picture book about Joe’s dad and saw him standing with his class in 1906 on the steps of such school directly across the street from our home.  Joe used to write a column for the Block Island Times - I think it was called “Comments from a Cottager” - that could have been someone else’s, I haven’t checked in a long time.  I forget the when where or how that Joe was an upper classmen to the more famous Russell Baker and possibly as an older fraternity brother.

Yeh, like, I know, if “SUMMITEERS” didn’t have a plural “S” it would seem more to be a referencing of Moses and/or Jewish leadership, and maybe less poetic or non-obviously inclusive of and to now President of Yale Richard C. Levin - First Jewish President of Yale and former Dean of Economics - and near earliest of my clients as a Connecticut S-Corp known so by my neighbors.

And yet for all the Hearst history already wired with mentioning of late Joseph V. Connolly Sr. and Joseph V. Connolly Jr. I do remember that though a matter of weeks about 1983 that it seems my awareness and connection to Sarah Heath Palin did precede my quite interesting connections to Anne and Patty Hearst.  I seem to have to rely on thinking first of wondering if there was another Sarah Heath that I should become aware of if I did use the photography and dark room skills learned earlier from my neighbor and elective teacher when in Middle School professionally after being my Governors Yearbook Photographer with another that incidentally did go on to race or drive some dogs sled herself.  I seem to think that I caught an airing of CITIZEN KANE after first to such thoughts and then to family linking for of ambitiousness maybe to becoming a media mogul myself.

When it comes to Stanleys not “TOOLS” it is still somewhat poetic that because renowned Pollster Stanley Greenberg was also a neighbor and parent of friends of my circles around swim team and youth group I might knowingly have balanced my knowing Sarah Heath of Alaska as Republican and jested at times using “Title IX” tags to build a broader republican strategic net around my personal beliefs while around a Stanley not of the Stanley tools and shared interests from my maternal grandfather Arthur M. Menadier - retired 1971 from Young and Rubicam after nearly 25 years running much or all of then Johnson & Johnson Marketing and Advertising business.  I do remember I used to refresh my sister as regards my “Title IX” interests on almost all my DC visits when she was working then for Senator Christopher Dodd - this may be the first chance she has to finally understand what I was wiring, hard to say.

I did grow up to be a J Peter man, it seems, and from days - even tennis team days with two older sisters in a time of feminist movements and general liberalism where maybe more so - where “lanky” Kramers a necessary consideration to any or all my strategizing around my personal beliefs and media ambitions - each of my sisters had a lanky Kramer brother in their class or groups.

I have already recently mentioned another Hearst long of interest - and boy was she at first a real political concern.  When I first noticed her on TV in a show with Julia Louis-Dreyfus, a special documentary broadcast - I didn’t know where or how she fit in a broad Hearst Corporate or family tree.  I count myself as lucky now that she did turn out to be Anne’s daughter - but I was a while in figuring out who she was so - and now better understand only some of what seems to be her power over me.  When I found her on social media via myspace and we became publicly friends, and she then so one of my five with Leonardo De Caprio, Bar Refaeli, Petra Nemcova & Tom Andersen I was still much unrefreshed on much of the above.  I was still thinking about moving to Los Angeles and maybe even managing a figure skater who helped me keep a drug free sports message about my then thought fully redirected ambitions - accommodations made thinking Clintons had unknowingly destroyed most of my original plans - I may have still been sharing poetry and thoughts with Petra Nemcova on her now former site.  Because I did so much to direct a way for snowboard sport and so much else for positive change I was heavy to keeping a drug free message for at least Americans.

This should be enough sharing and use of social media/new media for today but for the hours more I expect to catch “livestreams” from Social Media Week. 

Really, my Hearst personal connection do trump my Hearst Corp ambitions, and I had no idea who Amanda was when we first connected because she was on a show that Julia Louis Dreyfus was also highlighted, then again, on.

And, well you have heard of J.K. Rowling, right?  Well the confidence I gave her was from a known focus worked without collaboration otherwise to be to stories that I thought would peak and hold maternal interests and publishing interests of both Anne and Patty Hearst.  And, that was some type of secret I was trying to keep until books were all complete - boy did she complicate my life not using only the five years I thought the challenge to seven books could or should take her.

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