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{Format oddity is from “copy” - “paste” — It is not here
 as purposeful, just as too much to bother re-justifying.}

How fitting and
mad, just mad, that legend of Amabo the anti-Declaration of
Independence, did either stand proud, and diminutivish, with the Crown,
or did stand, as a conquering neo-colonialist so with first speach for
such on high as Americans support, so with his Westminster Hall
appearance likely still too much of his apology and apeasement tours.

Was it all such too much for HARPO Productions to cover with Oprah Show?

How mad, just mad.  How now even a “Madness of King Amabo”?

Was it grand colonial power envy that has long
known neo-colonialist Amabo seeking such a stage — was it something less
sinister and socialist - a modern “hybrid” much ensconced in a mad made

First we had the madness that was of the lead
up to 2008 elections of the Pelosi Congress suggesting President Bush
should be able to fix economy by staying true to spending side of
Clintons’ SURPLUS, and Pelosi’s personal rabidness about such irrational
party pride.

So now we have a generally corrupt media with
the reported “most corrupt administration in American history” (like -
like maybe from Rep. Issa).  There is so much they could have shared to
better inform all - there is so many truths they could have broadcast to
help more focus on relevant variables.

So now with such “MADNESS OF KING AMABO” it is a wonder if it isn’t really AMABO PRODUCTIONS setting us up for MESSIAH III.

NOTE:  If you are from my past and my origins
in New Haven I may have a general disappointment in you as a
“class”/lumped together group – Democrats weren’t supposed to get or
keep credit for so much that was me trying to be bi-partisan to
right-of-center and such that my story and of “Citizen Rosebud” as a
specifically Hearst Publications story also maybe too much for Oprah or
Harpo.  I find a disinterest just think of cycling towards New Haven
these days for so many years that so many could have helped protect me
from further mugging of my intellectual property by the Clintons and the
even more unwelcomed collateral crediting to my sister by you and my
father of so much that was really specifically and very cleverly and
covertly me.  I really have a near unshakeable disappointment in so many
I have known for so long - and largely specifically because of
“political” lack of skill of Clintons.  2010 was 1994 all over again at
least as of the years I held back, now with my being on strike since day
“Hillary for President” announcement, and let my Dad and sister’s input
be straight party line and party pride in more simply partisan in
Democrat limits.  Yes Capital One I am still very disappointed in your
banking practices and mean to make an example of you in future blogs
- Sears and Chrysler I must say you have departmental issues as it seems
you of a ‘cluelessness’ about me who made you many millions over with
intellectual contributions really not by or of the Clintons - and
certainly not of “inspired” by the Clintons since most of what I
contributed was often “damage control” needed because of the Clintons. 
So my strike continues - how to reaffirm it now my current problema. 
Again, I am of earlier remarks where President Obama would lose all my
confidence if he failed to clean up his own party by moving out the
Clintons to near an irrelevancy within his first year.  Oh, yeh, I can
bike towards Bridgeport instead - you know “The Park City” - a city with
which I have less historical disappointment.  I know some of this was
because I got trapped in my own cleverness about spin to help my dad
help my sister and her career without it being detectable as the
unacceptable as “help from her brother” but that only needed a few to
right back when checking the Clintons’ dementing efforts to turn more to
mere like “muggles” with their “big lies” furthered or enhanced to
further make simple logic seem untrue and irrational. 


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