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Posted by: JP HOGAN @ 9:30 pm

A disrobing of the President is about - per his “Let me be clear(s)” - and his Lew’s demonstrative postulating considerable regarding “The President’s ‘PRINCIPLES’” as if a sufficient end-all of all be-alls:  It seems our current President has a lot of religiousity to specifically answer of and for - it seems as our President disrobes it should take a while as a robe for each of all faiths co-existent now with-in America and the rest of the world as we know are of his high claims and braggadocio unique to his “personality.”

We should expect he is ready to be before our highest of Justices ready to “prioritize” with his expectable pontification with a professional thoroughness respectful for each faith’s “robe” he claims to be fit to wear.  We should expect he and all of his of Obamacare are ready to thoroughly “disrobe” - to peal away all applicable sensitivities and nuances due full respect and freedoms under our separations of the naked beauty of their attempt (over-reaching?) to a new “body politic” for the United States of America.

How will President Barack Hussein Obama who wanted, so wanted, to be easy in office of just a “personality based presidency” now show all the “robes” of all his already existent past claims and properly “prioritized” to be respectful of all faiths he claims no abridging or infringing of contrary establishment.  I think I have actually had his number since I was maybe in 7th grade - but left him more for my older sisters politeness and Christian benevolence, as I remember it wasn’t fair that a question about whether I was ready for schools oratory contest with President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s “DAY OF INFAMY” speech as if I had to give it in Hawaii instead had someone four years older from Hawaii, it seemed, the only challenger, taking the spirited call. It is easier to understand my political relationship with my sister if you think I have disagreed with her politics and political skill more than agreed, yet start at 50-50.  It is hard to forget when a serious moment like readiness to publicly orate a declaration of war becomes a “B.O.” childish whimsy between pal questioner and myself both a wondering if we would even think we should run for president if our initials also were abbreviation for “body odor.”

I was just remembering Gloria Steinem for having been a reviewer on Judith Herman M.D. then brand new book “TRAUMA AND RECOVERY” - and this fits with my sisters varying degrees of designed separation much within and of years of my entertaining and very political musing.  I grew up with older sisters much in our 70s and 80s and around so many “new” ways being tried piecework by piecework obviously for a new feminism but not one already figured out.  For those of you joining my regular reader with this piece as near your first - I know I have known Bill and Hillary since I was in first grade, and for a bad first impression they left that left me aware and considerate that it may be best never to forget them.  I must have taken out of my K-4 Worthington Hooker School Library (converted classroom with books) one of two or three copies of “MEET GEORGE WASHINGTON” at least near 20 times in those years there.  I don’t know if I thought it an antidote to the bad impression the Clintons left - but I cannot now say that is not why I was so often returning to a book about George Washington.

I do not know how a former Constitutional Law Professor can let any underling do the disrobing of his defensiveness of Obamacare for our highest review while it is his own claims that have been called out seriously regarding he and his “principles” as per Un-Constitutionality.  As per my seventh grade oratorical performance I did take second place that year - and may have agreed with first place thought that I didn’t want to take a declaration of war city wide, or initiated and stood with that thought by myself - I may have been willingly psyched out by one speaking flowery and romantically, and even in an African American verse which with she was naturally more familiar and strong.

We have a history of Nixon tripped up by what became a too secular and political partisan socializing than nearly turned our national ratings all to XXX as with Mark Felt dramatization as “Deep Throat.”  We have a new President embroiled also in a fog of separations and foresworn rights.  We have that President Obama has implied and/or asserted that he is of a personality able to bring the peace and understanding as per all regards of our otherwise Constitutional writs and recently with his Chief of Staff specifically pontificating of an existent “Obama Principles” - we have heard now of the French Revolution and anew references to guillotines - we have as well with all the supposed “robes” to be peeled away with a careful, and respectful prioritization that President Obama isn’t to be crucified or knocked onto wood, so.

If you are like me now about all this you likely have more questions than answers - and really - knock on wood - there seem to be so many “establishments” to hear out and especially with an anticipation fairly to be expectable specifically from President Barack Hussein Obama, our 44th President.  We do have that our “Deep Throat” historical did blur the lines of separations and individual uniquenesses betwixt and between each and all and each and State - that as we near XXX rating cross-religious realms fogged up.

Happy Presidents Day - I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t now want to be in this President’s “robes” - not this month, not next month, not likely at all for 2012.


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