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So you know me, mostly, already as a Citizen Rosebud. That said do you know how to read or re-read these following paragraphs now presented out of original order and all from just before collapse of U.S.S.R.?

August 1991 had me of two political letters written to Washington and following on a letter to the editors from June 1991, attached so though original to New Haven, CT market/readers.  That said something written for New Haven with Yale so much of such can be said by those who at least attempt such to actually be knowingly have been written though as of New Haven as really a useful global metaphor.

The trick in starting out to challenge our current politicians and our media of such day was much in part to intentionally avoid yellow journalism. I may have erred to much to another extreme with some flattery or golden journalism, not quite yet earned by those seemingly being spotlighted.

President Obama was about such time, still hardly out of Harvard Law School and much an unknown Russian Studies Love Child named Barry, maybe more of the dreams of his mother than his father.  I don’t recall where he was living by August of 1991.  He was born to salt and pepper parents as collatoral from their shared passions then from meeting as students engrossed in Russian Studies. He may have had an Oedipal need to RESET with the Russia of his weening while his Secretary of State had a personal an autocratic need for her two-fer sustaining.

So for me to still avoid Stockholm - a syndrom that would have me now liking and needing the Clintons that should be avoided:

From 1991 and the pen of J.P. Hogan - then a little known closet poet:

*Have you considered that Bush may not want to be reelected; at least not with one hundred or probably even eighty percent conviction.  He, himself, shortly after his election visited the Lincoln memorial and said something to the effect that he wondered if he too would be tested by the fire as was Lincoln.

Now like Lincoln he has and he has come to international fame for helping to unite the world, not just a nation.  We have a new world order and now our nation needs to undergo a type of reconstruction.

I am at this moment reading KINGS OF THE HILL by Cheney.  The chapter on Thaddeus Stevens.  At the top of page 63, Cheney wrote: who had given the president the right to determine the terms of reconstruction?  Stevens wasn’t alone in thinking the matter belonged to the Congress and in resenting executive incursion.

*With the reconstruction needed in America to ready it for the increasing global competition the Executive will need the ability to work effectively with the Hill.  We need a strong democrat.

*New Haven is a great city, with problems yes, but none that the culturally diverse and talented peoples and businesses of the greater New Haven area can’t address and solve together.

*It is getting tiresome to listen to the candidates for mayor speaking of an either/or world, one in which the problems are seen in black and white simplicity.  There is a NEW WORLD ORDER emerging and what it amounts to is that if we, the people of the greater New Haven area, are to survive let alone prosper in the world economy we have to, out of economic necessity, resolve our differences.  We don’t have to like each other but we do have to learn to respect each other and our different backgrounds.  It is our great cultural diversity in New Haven that already make the city great, regionally.

*It is no wonder then that campaigning has become negative when the democratic party and the republican party instead of worrying about the needs of the community, state and nation have instead focused on how to make themselves appear different and better than the other party.  It is about time that they realize the voters want substance in their representation.  We know what we need, and we know what we want.  So Candidates, if you want to succeed show us you know how to listen, and know how to lead.  In a Democracy we aim to elect the candidate who will best serve our needs. [Yes, this is out of place in original letter for being of a GLOBAL or NATIONAL while structure of letter seeming just about a mayoral race]

*It is because of our successes as a nation that the dollar sign is such a powerful and important symbol.  It is a pity that so few people know where we got this symbol.  It is nothing but the abbreviation for out nation… It represents capitalism, its successes as well as its failures, but most importantly it represents our leadership in the world.  The power behind the dollar is WE THE PEOPLE, the democratic ideal. {I learned of dollar sign origins from reading Ayn Rand}


*(FLATTERY???)  Personally, I think you are the only democratic candidate that can defeat George Bush.  Though I want to help you accomplish this feat, I’ll wait until later, after I have proven my usefulness, to take up such an ambition.  For now I’ll just try to offer encouragement. (Yikes, this is one of the funniest political sentences I may ever have written so slanted to be about Rep. Gephardt yet statistically because he was the only one that had run before still left from Democrats A team to not seem maybe an afterthought.)  (I was a Reagan and Bush supported then and much of concerns mentioned in blog before this one.) (My use of lower case democratic when a upper case Democratic seemingly desired and vice versa was intentional and poetic/telling not a typo.)

*Unless we get a democrat in office we are likely to lose our role as leader in social structures.  Now that the world is copying our example our job becomes more difficult.  We can no longer rest on our laurels, other cities, states, and nations are now closing the gap and are eager to try to show the U.S.A. a better way.  We are history if we lose this lead.  Unlike our position in the market which we can regain, I fear our social lead if lost would be lost forever.  Let us never fail to be the greatest union of peoples united through self-interest!

*It seems people are getting tired of hearing about our great international relations and benevolence.  WE THE PEOPLE will soon demand to know what’s in it for us. I just hope it is a Democrat who can tie the big picture together and communicate it to ‘we the people’.  To borrow a phrase: We must think globally but act locally, in the cities and the states.  (Maybe even funnier.  My hope for it Democrat not to favor a Democrat over President Bush and Republicans but specifically because our greatest threat may have been that the Democrats seemed furthest from and near incapable of such at such time.)

*New Haven, Connecticut is a city to watch.  There is a subtle movement underway that might just set an example for all cities to follow.  The people are standing up for their rights and beliefs and are striving to improve their lot.  The city is becoming a team which is also just starting to recruit the suburbs. The Greater New Haven Area is just starting to realize the issues are not as simple as black and white.  There seems to be a growing understanding that in order to protect our local economy we will have to all work together as a team to compete globally.  The local paper has gotten behind this effort.

Note:  I have now finished KNOWN AND UNKNOWN and appreciate that such memoir neither confirms nor denies nor walks all over or walks much at all over my story from same years.  My story does fit uncontested yet untold around all that I have just read.  My story though is complicated for all of above was written to play politics, Democrat Party politics, for my Dad and my sister then on Senator Dodd’s staff, without my playing politics, and bipartisan and Republican politics being a hindrence to my efforts to help them enhance and improve so politically at risk, and while the Mayor of New Haven was its first black mayor and like me also a Villanova University alum. Bud Connolly was Joseph V. Connolly Sr.’s son and a Block Island Times columnist those years he and his wife (bride) Violette hosted me summers as their SUMMER SON.  Bud Connolly had a big band while his father was still alive and running much of Hearst during those years around dramatization of CITIZEN KANE, but I had already been at least a year into calling myself: More a Citizen Rosebud than a CITIZEN KANE.  Joe’s (Bud’s) father JVC Sr. suggested there were not enough old successful drummers for his son to keep up his (successful) big band leading days as a real career - Joe’s father died early, and maybe from efforts trying from turning around Hearst in the years its founder was fading and passing and being treated as he was with CITIZEN KANE. If you want to understand CITIZEN ROSEBUD better you may have to ask both Patty and Anne Hearst and about hopes and alliances for good kept since near about 1983, I can only give you my side. 

Oh, yeh, Donald Rumsfeld, and, Bush Admin were offered this collection drawn from here, in complete, both to help America after 9/11 and as well to fix so much that the Clintons had gotten wrong, and dangerously wrong. It wasn’t an ordained solution already ready but it was American and reusable from days of its original conception as about mostly same balances and issues around days of PERSIAN GULF WAR.  We may have known who our enemies were by 9/12 and maybe a already worked out once way to check their ambitions and strategies. 

Once written and shared, though, the above was best to be kept from ever helping my Dad or sister try to pull rank on me, they just think differently and may be incapable of understanding all its nuance at once.  Such though is more a real criticism of political skill specifically deficient in Clintons, and their mea culpas.

Also:  Recently it was Senator John Kerry who seemed to actually confess to war crimes in a Senate hearing with him near of (to Republicans & world): You have us on our drone use and lack of due process.

Democrats and Republicans are very noticeably different and distinctly so these days, thankfully.

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