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Posted by: JP HOGAN @ 10:39 pm

I think it may have been Michael Moore’s pda. for capitalism that heralded the boon to General Motors specifically from WWII.

Why he has so much affection for such story, a with such public display, as well it seems to argue we should have reconstructed the victorious United States as we did reconstruct the defeated Japan and German socio-economic limitations.

I don’t know why Europe now would want fewer varieties - fewer faces on a more limited and efficient “currency.”

Such is our times - and though due to limited research I am remembering now Michael Moore public displays I believe on boon to General Motors from the regular bombing of Germany’s motor works - their car companies - and that Joseph Kennedy is remembered for having been of selling GM vehicles to Hitler.

Doubts sprouting - and with jobs and computers now what they are it seems a jobs program could be had with more currencies not fewer - not fewer for an unnecessary efficiency or unified leadership.  And, now I am remembering the Hollerith-IBM punch card and tabulating/computing story as told by Edwin Black book with such essential to the grand plans for efficiency march of Hitler.

This is not a column meant to comment on Michael Moore and his pda for capitalism - this should be confusing enough to work out with President Obama of a “New Nationalism” while also supposedly of a separable yet equal “global citizen” neocolonialism - confusing enough now with “RACE TO THE TOP” also with his “New Nationalism” promise to make his actually a message for marching to the middle.

See, it is hard to put a single “face” on Obama’s efficiency march and ambitions - if we weren’t an established melting pot it could be seen as “fascist” at least some.  But we don’t all look alike - yet he wants us to march as one - maybe a monopoly nearer of an oligarchy for him, of his own extreme efficiencies. 

Doubts sprouting and near the reconstructed Germany center but of Brussels where even with their extremely engineered “superior” auto machinations drivers are embraced “Bavarian” or “Mercedes” as if of another time, and, place.  And with these petite shouts Brussels sprouting of doubts their still as well the old story from reconstructions for Japanese and a luxuriating in an embrace even for Japanese designed superior planning and engineering if even actually built or assembled in America.  I am not trying to leave out Italian stories here.

See, it is hard to put a single superior face on President Obama’s attempt to “wire” a new superior “global citizen” march in minds and hearts with little or just too little regard for the freedom bulwarks our Constitution and freedoms daily rely upon.

See, it is hard to differentiate a desire for a “fascist” like loyalty now with calls for a “New Nationalism” and it too monopolistic or oligarchical possibly through eyes and minds of free Europeans and others more of other global places.  We are a melted pot of peoples now with our brains their new frontiers for a “New Nationalism” - still starkly contrary to earlier “global citizen” neocolonialist nation building still in play since second publishing of DREAMS OF MY FATHER early Obama autobiography with such kept in it as a favorite “friend” of sorts.

As we might all be laughing now if Senator Hillary Clinton had vanquished this most junior Senatorial peer and then herself been to largely the exact same economic team and policies in keeping with the legacy of theirs of having made nearly the same political campaign promises throughout that contest that even just for Massachusetts saw a number of voters between them of a spread near the same size as total number of  that near about 150,000 for “troops” in Iraq.  See we could all be laughing now if you remember Lawrence Summers well enough - and his “feminine” public displays while at Harvard — we could be hearing now and remarking much with exact same economy but necessarily with “Hillary” taggable as Harvard women as “bad at math” - like.

So now with have a call to a new mindset under Barack Obama, leader, to a “New Nationalism” even though to date his earlier “global citizen” proclamation and evangelizing have been specifically otherwise.  So now with have with such new drama to new efficiencies and machinations of “made by Obama” servitude or serfdom nearer an oligarchical tirade, political, that such now has not more RACE TO THE TOP but somehow a new dictate to march all to the middle.

It is hard to call him a “fascist” since he keeps “Hillary” around as one that likely would have done nearly or exactly much the same - yet more taggable as of “bad at math” while still of as much global contrariness more to asking Americans to change or appease.  It is concerning that he asks all to now march a “New Nationalism” despite it funny that it comes from “Teddy” Roosevelt and “Bull Moose” hunting pride. 

From Brussels we here doubts sprouting - and from Moscow calls of seeming disloyalty tag for “Hillary.”

Our minds seem their settable time pieces - their new frontiers to a new assimilation for overly efficient marching more of fewer flavors than “more spices or freer teas.”

No,  despite all of Michael Moore’s pda around “capitalism” it is not he that seems a leader from behind of all this.

No, it is better to keep our own time and maintain more currencies - that at least can offer more more jobs in these and future times. 

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