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Hmmm?  To the moon?

An interesting reread?  >>> 

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Michael Gerson in an opinion piece today in THE WASHINGTON POST speaks “Citizens can lose the sense of belonging to a shared national
enterprise.” Today you all may be asking: But what about the Greeks?He
may be in a position to write about this all more objectively than
myself - I don’t know that…

Hmmm?  To the moon?

Obama’s recent upswing in polling has more than a silver lining for Mitt Romney - may get tricky to wear >> President Obama since SOTU has been cleverly not running “against” but “as” a Mitt Romney >>> but how now for Mitt Romney to run against such - to run against himself so represented? 

How now for Mitt Romney to run against a popular and populistized him while actually of the experience to carry himself off - and yet now while positioned to have to be the bad Mitt Romney - the one with the actual experience to say the other Mitt Romney is all lies?

Hmmm?  To the moon?

Aliens are coming!  Aliens are coming!  Aliens might be coming, soon! 

Aliens might be coming and if they do as “friendlies” won’t the first stop at our moon to judge us?

As aliens are coming, may be coming soon - if we are not caring for our moon will they respect us or care about us?


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Posted by: JP HOGAN @ 10:19 am

Michael Gerson in an opinion piece today in THE WASHINGTON POST speaks “Citizens can lose the sense of belonging to a shared national enterprise.”  Today you all may be asking:  But what about the Greeks?

He may be in a position to write about this all more objectively than myself - I don’t know that he is of past opinion pieces as I have been explaining that these socialists now about and the parts so of anarchical encampments should have been marching for changes at no higher than state levels across our country - that we got into much of this economic mess in large part due to new calls for radical new “national enterprise” has been part of my past commentary but with use of different phraseology - so he may be able to be more objective, now.

We were on a good course I have likened objectively to having been a new home or building needing just new maybe Alcoa Aluminum seamless gutters and downspouts installed to get a certificate of occupancy before such a structure and its good foundation to be finally the new and improved economic house, and to a timely call to more local statism intentionally weaker in “national enterprise.”

This was the course we were on after years of careful planning and building to such that all became a mooted option when President Obama and his ushering in of a Presidency too busy in a cover-up for Clintononmics and Clintons’ foreign policies did declare often and loudly regularly that WE NEED A NEW FOUNDATION.  We were ready to recover the economy by my subjective thinking before liberals calls to say “national enterprise” tore down a ready and almost open “new and improved” economic house/building.  We probably should not underestimate how much his efforts to offer a cover-up of Clintons’ combined “fault” corrupted these other statism economic options.

A new romanticism had been being worked to celebrate individuality and self reliance even by states and their government, not just of their special and unique individuals.  We had a state quarters programs among other “national enterprises” helping improve state enterprises not as a single flavored national state enterprise.  It wasn’t all just talk about quarters and coinage - it may actually have been about helping more trust themselves, their neighbors and their communities about a new and improved sense to local exchange rates- their self reliance. 

Much of this deserves a discussion - the overdue discussion though to a back and forth less of Keynesian economics and more of Adam Smith INVISIBLE HAND theories and so of a tricky governance since the magic would be for the “national” to a new “states enterprise” best to be hidden and disguised as much as possible.

Obama this… & Obama that… & Obama did this for you… & Obama saved you again…?

Obama somehow got in the way - some how not only did they sell more selfless governance they dictated to an expectation that they get immediate acknowledgement and praise for such - and even before any “enterprise” actually started to work.  I don’t know about your state government right now, but, we may now be hindered too about them and their tax systems and methods more around consumption and wealth now compromised by the “national enterprise” overreaching also of a time arguably inappropriate due to market trends and consumer interests - our states may now be too inclined to be attention grabbing Keynesians themselves - yet though as of my earlier comments still better to a possible success than centralizing national socialism over writing recently experienced as attempted where the income tax and profit/loss system ill designed for such.  Simply, again, President Obama seems to have gotten in the way.

I have earlier written about how our tax system at our national level is naturally reactive to socialism over reaching as a circuit breaker to breaches through our established walls of freedoms and rights.  It is an easily understandable human behavior to unconsciously want to work less when such as we have all witness ushers forth as a new forced march for all.  You could say that as per tax reform at the national level Democrats and progressives have been providing the strongest arguments for a full revolution and revisionism about our national tax codes - you could say they need it to be changed just so that future attempts to centralized national socialism won’t become defeated before it has a chance just because of predictable human nature and tendencies that become lower tax revenues accidentally and intentionally and maybe by national design in our tax code.

Yes it has been a while since I tried first to explain to so many of these progressives as cared to read that they should have tried to occupy the thoughts of state legislatures and local governance and around intelligible points that a “wealth” or “property” tax basis the only ideologically fair tax method that wouldn’t cause a dangerous economic reduction in production and income, suddenly and naturally, rightfully.

So to a “back in black” keeping to news color of the week this has been both a subjective and objective issuance suggesting that we had too much “national enterprise” and even “calls to service” during Bush years with wars needed because Clintons’ 8 had left their successor few options not more options - that actually markets wanted and needed less “national enterprise” to create or save economic growth.

I don’t know why President Obama tried to kill off the new romanticism on the rise that had a good foundation and nearly finished structure fit to help states all grow a stronger economy.  It does seem to be what he did and by trying to be a Clinton repeat, and with same cast/characters, and so to seconds none of use needed or should have reached for.  We now all have to ask even about bridge spending suggestions to a how now Mr. President since Clintons’ great SURPLUS is still supposed to be great for not spending available funds even on condemned bridges or even failing levies across our country, and many many schools.  And now, unlike then, with you to needing to borrow funds for such since they cut so so much, while saying we didn’t need to spend, spend, spend on so so so much.

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